22+ Creative & Fun Things to Do While Pregnant and Bored

Hi, mom, feeling bored and looking for fun things to do while pregnant, I know that many things come with limitations because of your baby. Sometimes you may alone, but you have no idea about things to do at home during pregnancy.

It does not only come with limitations. Sometimes we are habituated to listen, don’t do this, don’t eat this. This has some negative impact. So always think and look at what you should do during your precise time.

Some past activities you have enjoyed in the past may no longer entertain you anymore because your baby does not mean there is no fun. Mam, don’t be disappointed.

We are researching and finding 22+ best fun things to do while pregnant and sharing 10+ mamas experience during pregnancy.

We are not only sharing fun things to do when pregnant also cover fun activities for pregnant couples, creative things to do while pregnant, and lots more.

It might be a long post, but after that, you realize yes, I can do it. Although there are some silly things, I know you have an idea of it. So be ready with one cup of decaf coffee and read with us.

Trending 22+ fun things to do while pregnant:

Before telling you 22+ fun activities for pregnant couples, we want to share the top 10 activities from Mama’s experience.

    1. Start a vlog.
    2. Take a babymoon.
    3. Gossip with your baby.
    4. Play cravings game with a partner.
    5. Talk to other pregnant women.
    6. Pregnancy games.
    7. Watch Netflix and amazon prime.
    8. Enjoy a mocktail party without alcohol.
    9. Call your best friend.
    10. Romance and sex.

These are the best things that 75% of mamas are doing her pregnancy time but wait now we will tell you 22+ fun things to do while pregnant. I know you don’t like thirty-one but choose your best options from there.

1. Start a vlog:

Make a video of your own, speak with your baby, tell a story, and just record it. Suppose you do not like to share on social media, then don’t but record it for your future. Its the most common things mamas are doing. I know your phone has an excellent camera and do this.

You can share with your partner and give a surprise through whats app SMS and make his day with a smile.

You can record it and edit it with numerous fun stickers and things that make a smile on your face.

If video is not your love, then write something for your baby, experience during pregnancy, and share others. You also can maintain a dairy with some funny drawings. After that, you can share it with your kid!

2. Name game on social media:

Name game on social media is the most creative things to do while pregnant.

You can write a post for a baby name and share it on social media, and you can join in the comment section. You are finding the name which one is best and why you like this name and any related story about it.

You also participate on other boards and make fun of your story and loveable comment and might find your baby’s best name. You also ask your baby bump he/she like it or not.

3. Play cravings game with a partner:

If your love is a video game, then this is the perfect time for you, play alone or in the squad, or with a partner. Choose a comfortable place for you and enjoy it. 

If you don’t like playing any video games, don’t worry. Here are the solutions to finding fun activities for pregnant couples.

List out of all your craving things and make a call your loved one. Don’t say all things in one day at a time and make fun of it with your loveable partner. This also helps to bond your relationship and alive romance.

4. Draw your belly and take photos:

We all know that painting is an art and a passion for those who are artists. I know you are not an artist, but you can make paint for your belly. You know this is not for an exhibition, so forget about its quality and make fun of it.

This is the most trending fun activity for pregnant couples. So, why not for you? You make it at home too.

Many blogs and youtube videos are there on the internet, so choose your best one and go for it.

Remember, always choose some harmless paint and go crazed.

5. Making someone happy can make you more comfortable:

Studies have shown that inner happiness is the most crucial thing in your life.

We can’t buy happiness but spread happiness. So it’s not necessary to do all things with money. Your loving demeanor can make someone happy, and they can send you some heartfelt greetings.

So, start collecting some good wishes and make you and others happy.

Believe me or not, this is one of the best creative things to do while pregnant.

It works for me; I know it also works for you.

Are you enjoying reading? Ok, let’s talk about some fun activities for pregnant couples.

6. Special dates Planning:

I know during these 10 months of pregnancy, you must have your birthday or your husband’s birthday or any special dates.

Pregnancy is a busy schedule, and we sometimes forget about our select dates. 

When you realize you’re pregnant and make a clear chart of your upcoming special dates during pregnancy.

Make some beautiful plans during these dates and feel free and fresh.

Planning of those dates is one of the best fun things to do when pregnant and bored.

Are you thinking about the best plans for these days then? Don’t worry. We are suggesting some unique creative things to do while pregnant on special dates.

7. Babymoon:

Nowadays, a babymoon is the most popular and trending thing. Some retreats around the world are offering exclusive packages for babymoons.

Remember, some airlines do not allow pregnant women during pregnancy, so make sure of it.

Choose your best month for it because comfort is the essential point.

Always prefer a car and avoid a long journey. It has more advantages then airlines.

Always carry sufficient water because pregnant women are more hydrated than regular.

We think the second trimester is the best option for the babymoon. Prefer a place not so far from your address.

I think this is the perfect plan for you, but before that, I always prefer medical advice according to your health conditions.

Fun things to do while pregnant

8. Planning for a photoshoot:

It is important to create memories and capture moments. So, arrange for an enjoyable photo shoot. Flatten your baby bump, go crazy and click to get the perfect pose of the picture.

You and your child will restore these memories for a lifetime.

We all are love to click a photo, so why not making an album of your pregnancy weeks. You can do all of the things for fun purposes, but I tell you this is one of the best memorable albums you may make.

I know it’s going to be the most memorable album that you can create.

9. Plan a picnic or short trip:

A healthy relationship with the spouse is the precious thing we can give to our coming babies. During this busy schedule, find some ways to fall in love with your partner at some standard time.

You can make a plan for a picnic and spend some quality time. Always choose a short distance and nature-friendly places. I know it depends on the weather conditions, which means its too hot or not because a comfortable situation is perfect for your fun.

Start by creating a list of places you have fun. Studies show that expectations and plans are a big part of the fun of travel.

10. Involve yourself:

Don’t be alone. Always try to do something special for yourself because stress can affect your quality of life whenever you feel alone.

During pregnancy, prenatal yoga is one of the best options to stay fit and relax.

Not only that, but this yoga class also helps to create a bond with other moms because of that, you can easily interact with them with your problems and share suggestions and support.

Do yoga is a regular basis because it prepares your body and mind for your baby.

11. Girl trip makes you happy:

Pregnant women like to be with their girlfriends. So make a plan for a short trip with your girl buddies and cousins. We think the second trimester is the best option for you.

Your girls may have a party where you can usually enjoy chatting, playing fun games, or just gossiping.

These things are helpful for your body and mind, so always try to busy with this kind of fun thing.

12. Spend time with your mom:

Pregnancy is a moment to make friends with your mother and mother-in-law. You can ask them about parenting, also ask your childhood story. Spend time with mothers, go for lunch spend some quality time.

13. Play with your pets:

Playing with pets is one of the best things because you can spend time and never feel alone. Exercise is one of the options like in the evening walk time. You can play a game with your pets.

Dogs have easily smelled your hormonal changes and also observe your mood swings.

Some research said spending time with pets, helps to reduce stress hormone and increase the secretion of oxytocin which helps you feel good.

So, this is one of the best fun things to do while pregnant and bored and have many health benefits in our body.

14. Go a coffee date:

Some women think that during pregnancy, caffeine is a bad option, but research said limited caffeine means no more than 200 mg/day, is a good option.

I know 90% of women loved to drink coffee, so you can plan for an outing and enjoy your evening with some decaf coffee. Yes, Decaf coffee is one of the best options for you because it contains a low amount of caffeine.

15. Decorate the kindergarten:

This room is going to be your favorite room because you spend a lot of time in this room in the future.

Put all these things you must need and design from your heart. Spend time with your hubby in this room and perfectly decor the room.

List all of these things and go to shopping with regular time interval which helps you most during pregnancy to manage your all things and never be bored.

16. Make a music playlist:

Your child is also listening to the song you are listening to. So make a playlist of your favorite music and buy some quality headphones.

You can easily find some of your baby’s behavior which song is like or not. Talk to your baby bump may your baby also love of your playlist.

Music has the power to change your mood because, during pregnancy, mood swings are common. Your favorite music can quickly reduce your stress also help to sleep and give a new day.

So, listening to favorite music and feel free is one of the best things to do at home during pregnancy.

17. Telling hubby to view your bump:

Your partner always ready to spend time with you, but sometimes he did not find the perfect time for this because of your busy schedule.

You can ask him to read your bump, and he loves it, sometimes baby can give a response with a kick, and believe me this is an unbelievable thing you can do with your hubby.

It will be a fascinating moment for your husband.

So during your pregnancy time involve your partner with your work because sometimes he also feels alone, so always try to your romance alive and give your hubby some unique feelings and enjoy your pregnancy week with him.

This is one of the best fun things to do while pregnant and make a memory.

18. Photo recollections during pregnancy week:

A pregnancy album usually covers your whole pregnancy period when you initially approved your gestation until the day your child was born.

Include all of your fun things like how to inform your husband about your pregnancy and captured all the surprising moments, make a plan for shopping for you and little one, and grabbed all these things. Especially the decorating nursery.

Decorate your pregnancy scrapbook sheets with some unique things like notes and pictures of some greeting cards. You can hold the memories permanently and nurture them whenever you desire.

This is one of the most trending fun things to do while pregnant or feels bored.

19. Try a different recipe for lunch or dinner:

Cooking is the safest option during pregnancy, if you are alone in the home and feeling bored, then you can be made some new recipes for your loved one.

We all know homemade foods are always good for you but try to maintain meet free diet.

Though it varies women to women, some moms believed that cooking is great because they loved it and enjoy it. Some are considered booking the best restaurant and going for dinner and spend some time is excellent.

So it’s up to you. If you love to cook, then this is one of the best fun things to do while pregnant and enjoy your pregnancy week.

I think you enjoy reading. Ok, move to the next point.

20. Say yes to sex during pregnancy:

You may not be in a good mood because of your mood deprivation, but research said during pregnancy, sex is perfect for your body.

So choose your best position and keep the romance alive in your life.

21. Dancing:

Dancing is entirely safe and fun for pregnant women. For the best part, find an outdoor dancing class and feel free to dance. You can also join your partner. You can crank the song at a party.

This is one of the best fun things to do while pregnant. Don’t blast what you should like, blast what you want! Just feel free and raise your hand and enjoy the rhythm. You can do it in your living room, in your balcony, or any party.

22. Shopping:

Shopping is one of the best fun things to do while pregnant and girls are love to do at any time. Your body now changes and you need some new dresses, and you have to avoid some of your regular attire.

This shopping can varies according to weather is it summer or winter. Not only cloth some unique things you also have to buy so make a list of it.

Ok, let’s talk about some special activities.

Things to do while pregnant in summer:

    • Attend some outdoor yoga class.
    • Make some outdoor movie plan.
    • Appointment for a spa.
    • Do some pregnancy massage.
    • Practice a new relaxation method.
    • Support your craving, especially ice cream.

Creative things to do while pregnant:

    • Please write a letter to your child so that you can’t wait to see him or her.
    • Cast a belly on your stomach.
    • Finding a name for the baby.
    • Try some new colour combinations on hair and nail.
    • Talk with some mamas and make a new friend.

Our best suggestion on fun things to do when pregnant:

We all know pregnancy week is a crucial time and very difficult to adjust the time but never forget your doctor’s appointment.

Do all things and incredibly fun things but never cross your limit and always think for baby.

Avoid all those things that cause miscarriage or harm your baby.

Don’t be stressed and never allowed negative thinking on your mind. Always try to make fun of all these things and enjoy your pregnancy week.

If you know more about Fun Things To do while Pregnant, please let us know in the comments. And share the article on social media

Thank you.

Written By: Riya Paul ( Asst. Prof. of Biotechnology)


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