7+ Facts to know about | Can Pregnant women eat Ice Cream

Hi, I know that lots of foods in pregnancy make you craving, and most of them are ice cream. This time a casting came to your mind, is ice cream right for your baby, or can pregnant women eat ice cream during her gestation?

Well, If your question is can pregnant women eat ice cream, then the answer is yes, but it depends on the type of ice cream.

Don’t think all ice creams are healthy because if you want to know, can you eat ice cream in pregnancy? You must keen to know about can you eat cookie dough ice cream while pregnant? And also excited to learn about soft-serve ice cream in pregnancy safe or not? right.

Ok, before going to the point can I eat ice cream while pregnant, let me clear you some basic things related to it like nutritional profile, fact about craving, and side effects. It helps to decide which ice cream is better.

7+ facts to know to decide can pregnant women eat ice cream or not:

Can you eat ice cream while pregnant?

Yes, mam, it is safe because the ice cream’s primary components are dairy (cream, milk), sugar, and eggs (sometimes), which is harmless to eat while pregnant. 

Though, when eggs and milk are used, they should be pasteurized to reduce bacterial poisoning.

Some flavors also use in ice cream; these are also safe during pregnancy. But it’s important to know the elements and flavors used and whether they are right for you or not.

This means that many people have allergies to certain fruits and nuts. So if you have any issues, it is better to avoid this kind of ice cream.

Moreover, eat small amounts of ice cream as a treat. Intemperance is not a good idea during pregnancy.

can pregnant women eat ice cream

Ice cream also has some nutritional value:

Why is it okay to eat ice while pregnant because of its nutritional profile.

Tell me one thing, can you ever think of its nutritional value? We all eat ice cream for pleasure and achieve some happiness.

According to USDA, 100 grams of ice cream contains 114 mg calcium and 2.8 gm protein. Not only that also holds 24.29 gm carbohydrates, 22.86 gm sugars, and have a lower amount of vitamin A.

Remember, ice cream also contains cholesterol. So always try to maintain its limit.

Okay, before going to the most searchable queries, why is it bad to eat ice while pregnant. Let me clear you that there have some side effects.

Also, we want to share the most exciting point about craving in pregnancy.

Why pregnant women crave ice cream:

Not all pregnant women are craving during pregnancy, but 60 to 90% of women feel they crave during pregnancy. 

Though all the facts are not clear, some research said it might cause a shortage of minerals, nutrition, or inadequate calcium in your body.

Some reports said it’s about hormonal changes in your body or Just because you like ice cream very much.

Craving grows at the end of your first trimester, and during the second trimester, they often peak at some point.

You are now searching for the reason for your craving and now start thinking, can pregnant women eat ice cream or not.

Don’t worry, mam, you can eat but not excessive, maintain its limit, and enjoy your gestation week.

Are you enjoying the article? Ok.

Let’s talk about some serious issues because all things have some good side and bad side. It’s also applicable to ice cream.

Side effects of ice cream during pregnancy:

Some peoples are asking about is it bad to eat ice while pregnant or during pregnancy time.

Yes, if you have the below-mentioned problems and any serious health issues, then the best option is avoiding.

Weight gain:

As you know, per 100 gm, ice cream gives near about 200 kcal. So more ice cream can affect your health, and weight gain are common. Weight gain during pregnancy can cause problems during childbirth.


Preeclampsia may occur because of gestational diabetes, and it also connects with weight gain.

Gestational diabetes also have some effect on your baby like,

    • Blood sugar levels are low after birth
    • Shortness of breath
    • Early delivery

If you have any diabetes problems before pregnancy and looking for can pregnant women eat ice cream, then the answer is no. You can’t.

If you are sensitive to cold, then fever and cough may occur, it can heart your baby, you should limit or try to avoid it for the best result.

Pregnant ladies are sensitive to infections like toxoplasmosis and listeriosis.

That’s why some people ask is it bad to eat ice while pregnant because some ice cream contains raw eggs or unpasteurized milk and eggs. You and your baby may be at risk of infection.

So, always try to limit your consumption and don’t think more about it.

Let’s talk about some flavor which indirectly can affect.


If your preferred taste is strawberry or mint chocolate flake, you can indulge your desire without any problem.

But if you love to eat coffee-flavored, you might be thinking about it because, during pregnancy, more than 200 mg/day of caffeine is not suitable for your health.

So, If you take any caffeine with other foods, check your caffeine use and limit it.

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Remember that there are significantly more calories and sugar with coffee ice cream.

Okay, I know you get some idea regarding can you eat ice cream in pregnancy or not, but you might be thinking about can you eat cookie dough ice cream when pregnant. Right?

Okay, let’s talk about that.

Can you eat cookie dough ice cream while pregnant?

Some research said cookie dough ice cream doesn’t contain any mixture of raw eggs, so it’s safe, but some flavors are artificially made using coconut oil or applesauce.

Anyway, before taking any brand, please check its contains egg or not. Otherwise, you can go for it.

The problem of raw eggs:

The chance of infection is Salmonella, a germ found in eggs. The problem arises when ice creams are prepared from raw eggs.

The problem of milk:

Also, an infection may occur like listeria; this happens because of unpasteurized milk.

Not confusing any more in short, if you are looking for can you eat cookie dough ice cream while pregnant, then yes, you may if those are not containing any raw eggs or unpasteurized milk.

So before buying, make sure it and enjoy your cookie dough ice cream.

Now you can get a clear concept about your queries that can you eat cookie dough ice cream when pregnant, right?

Let’s talk about soft-serve ice cream in pregnancy is safe or not.

Soft serve ice cream in pregnancy:

Soft serve ice cream also the safest option, but some precautions must be taken not to be infected by hazardous bacteria.

If you have any health issues or some allergic problems, then consult with your doctor before taking any ice cream.

Ok, here also the fear is listeria.

The research said pregnant women are affected more compared to non-pregnant women.

The infection can lead to stillbirth, miscarriage, premature delivery, or infection of the infant.

Soft serve is made with pasteurized milk, which is perfect for pregnant women, but the problem is that listeria grows from machines delivered from soft-served ice cream.

However, there is a chance to be contaminated with listeria, so the best option is to avoid the local place and visit the branded and secure place.

Hard serving ice cream prepared from pasteurized milk is an absolutely secure way for you during pregnancy, not only pregnancy; you can enjoy it any time.

Suggested for soft serve ice cream pregnancy:

Proper sanitation and disinfection of soft serve machines can help block the listeria infection and get the disease from its relatively low.

The outcomes are so critical, and it may be an excellent choice to stay on your safe side just to evade soft-served ice cream throughout your pregnancy.

Ok, I think you get some point about soft serve ice cream pregnancy and its related queries.

Is it ok to eat ice while pregnant or in pregnancy time?

Yes, it’s ok, but it may vary individually depends on her health conditions.

Generally, ice not harms the human body. Excessive intake can affect your quality of life.

Though it does not also prove that cold water could affect the baby, don’t worry and enjoy your pregnancy days.

Is chocolate ice cream good for pregnancy?

Yes, you can eat chocolate ice cream during pregnancy, but make sure it’s producing in healthy conditions and maintains proper hygiene.

Our suggestions on can pregnant women eat ice cream:

Previously discussed all these things, but make a short note for the best result during pregnancy time.

Soft serve ice cream in pregnancy good, but always maintaining its quality is difficult.

So, our best suggestions are withdrawn soft serve and fried ice cream to prevent the risk of infection.

Even handmade ice creams are not harmless for pregnancy because they make applying raw eggs.

It is best to buy your ice cream from a branded store and check the label before eating.

It is best to eat ice cream in pregnancy as long as you eat it infrequently and always choose the best brand.

If you want to know how much ice cream is best for you, then consult with your dietitian and maintains it.

Always choose healthy foods and try to avoid those things that can affect your healthy lifestyle.

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Thank you.

Written By: Saikat Bera (Asst. Prof. of Pharmacology)

Reviewed By: Riya Paul (Asst. Prof of Biotechnology) 

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