5 Side Effects of Mango During Pregnancy

Mango is a well-known and familiar fruit that has excellent nutritional value. It is safe and nutritious for everyone, but can a pregnant woman eat mango during pregnancy without any risk?

The answer is yes, you can eat, but there are some limitations.

Mango carries essential nutrients that it needs during pregnancy.

You will be amazed at how much a common mango is responsible for getting pregnant. Some research has shown that mango helps enhance male sperm count.

Mango is a powerpack fruit. It contains vitamin A, C, D, and it contains potassium and iron, help you to improve hemoglobin. Mango as a fruit lot of fiber, so it is very beneficial for those who have constipation problems.

A few things on mango are an immune booster and antioxidant, so absolutely beneficial for a pregnant mother’s good health.

Let me tell you, mango is a power-packed fruit for calories and sugar, also includes those who eat mangoes, particularly more mangoes in pregnancy, tending to gain weight and increase sugar levels.

According to ayurvedic science, mango balances three doshas present in the body, and it is supposed to be very rich energized to the human body.

According to Ayurveda, mango, particularly the ripe one, is supposed to have sweet and heaty property, and unripe mango, the green one, suppose to be cooling and astringent properties. Nowhere in ayurvedic sciences is contraindicated or mango should not be eating during pregnancy.

Eating Mango During Pregnancy, Reliable or Risky?

Yes, it is safe during pregnancy. Mango is rich in vitamin C

We sometimes feel nauseous during pregnancy and want to eat sour (khatta) to reduce our nausea. Mango is the safest and most nutritious food from other sour fruit.

So, eat ripe or unripe mangoes in pregnancy is safe.

Mango contains water; hence, it keeps our body hydrated during summer and helps constipation during pregnancy.

On the other hand, mango carries useful nutrients like iron, potassium, vitamin A, B, K, which are essential while pregnant.

During pregnancy, eating mango is quite beneficial, but assure that the mangoes you eat may not chemically ripen.

Chemically ripen mangoes are ripen by the harmful chemical calcium carbide.

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Eating mango during pregnancy safe or unsafe?

Side effects of mango in pregnancy:

Every fruit has nutritional value, but excessive intake of any fruits can have side effects.

As we all know, decrease our digestive ability during pregnancy, so if you take an excessive amount of mango, can lead to :

  1. diarrhea
  2. Loose motion.
  3. Indigestion.
  4. Excessive intake of unripe mango can cause acidity and gastritis.
  5. If you have detected gestational diabetes, you should avoid or take one mango after two to three days. Otherwise, you may increase the sugar level during pregnancy.
  6. Be aware of artificial ripen mangoes that can cause several allergic reactions like mouth ulcer, abdominal cramps, perioral rashes or itching, dizziness, tingling in hands, etc.

These are the bad results of mango in pregnancy.

How many mangoes eat during pregnancy?

If you have gestational diabetics, then you have to maintain the consumption amount of mango during pregnancy. So, it better to consult your doctor.

Otherwise, mild to moderate mangoes can take means two to three mango every day on your diet.

About 55 kcal energy present in 100 gm of mango.

Daily consumption of mango during pregnancy helps increase body metabolism and reduce stress in pregnancy.

Mango produces natural sugar, which is good for your health, especially pregnancy, and gives tremendous energy during pregnancy.

Is mango good during pregnancy?

Most of the mothers want to know mangoes are safe or not during pregnancy.

The answer is yes.

The reasons for eating mango during pregnancy are a good decision; here is why?

  • Mango is a summer fruit known as king fruit. It is a rich source of vitamin C, which helps boost immunity during pregnancy and acts as an antioxidant.
  • Mango contains vitamin A, which helps to fetus brain development and helps in the fetus’s spinal cord.

Vitamin A enhances the visual development of the baby.

  • Vitamin B6 is an essential factor in the growth of the fetus’s brain and spinal cord beside that improve the digestive system of the growing baby. So eating mango during pregnancy is beneficial for the baby and mother.

For the mother, Vitamin B6 helps in morning sickness, reduces nausea, and acidity in pregnancy.

  • Folic acid is the critical factor for the growth of the fetus and brain development mainly, the first trimester. Mango is a rich source of Folic acid; that’s why eating mango during pregnancy is very helpful.
  • During gestation, most of the mother suffering from decreases iron level leads to anemia. Mango is the best source of iron. It improves the iron deficiency of anemic mother and increases RBC.
  • Some mothers suffering from constipation caused by iron supplements, mango is the best natural remedy for constipation during pregnancy.

Mango is the pulpy fruit, and lots of dietary fibers present in mango, which helps digest and constipation.

  • The next nutrient is potassium. Potassium key factor for water level balance in our body and reduces water retention and swelling (edema) during pregnancy.
  • Magnesium mainly acts as an antihypertensive agent means magnesium reduces blood pressure during pregnancy. 

The right amount of magnesium present in mango. It helps to overcome fatigue and insomnia related problems that occur in pregnancy.

  • Being of natural sugar, whenever you are cravings for sweets or cakes mangoes, is the best option instead of artificial sugary sweets during pregnancy.

Mango during pregnancy third trimester:

Eating mango during pregnancy in the third trimester is relatively safe.

In your third trimester period, the baby needs more energy, and you need more calories.

Mango is a rich source of natural calories, and mango during pregnancy third trimester is excellent and safe. Still, it would be best to take care of some points like mango only grows in summer, so avoid mango in other seasons.

  • Avoid artificial ripen mangoes; they ripen by calcium carbide, which has terrible side effects during pregnancy.
  • Always wash mangoes properly after when buying.

FAQS Mango in pregnancy:

Mango during pregnancy first trimester:

Mango in pregnancy is safe, but excessive mango consumption produces heat, which is not right in the first trimester.

In the first 3 months, fetal growth depends on the womb.

As we know, mango is safe and has a ton of good and essential nutrients, so take a moderate amount of mango is healthy during the first trimester.

Mango during pregnancy second trimester:

As per FDA eating mango during pregnancy is safe and nutritious. But whatever you eat, always ask your physician first.

They provide what we should avoid and what should eat.

To know more what should avoid during pregnancy can decrease the chances of miscarriage

Raw and ripe mango both contain an almost equal amount of nutrients and help digest easily, maintain water levels, reduce hypertension, and help in constipation occur pregnancy, again help increase RBC level, and so many related factors are there.

So eating mango during pregnancy second trimester healthy for you and your baby but be assured that they are must be organic.

Is Mango Good for conceiving?

Ok, this question is going to interesting. So here is your answer;

All citrus fruits are the richest source of vitamin C. They’re a potent combination of potassium, calcium, and folate vitamin B that enhance your chances of getting pregnant by improving ovulation and producing a proper healthy atmosphere for eggs to fertilized.

Mango is one of them contain a high amount of vitamin C. 

You should try for one seasonal citrus fruit each day for better results.

Now come to male: A high amount of zinc present in mango promotes male fertility by progressing sperm counts and motility. More important, higher sperm counts and motility means greater chances of conception. Be sure the mango must be organic, not artificially ripen, try to eat seasonal mango.

Now you get your answer mango good for conceiving or not?

Try these recipes which are healthy during pregnancy:

1. Mango Chutney :

First, you need these ingredients : 

one ripe or half ripen mango, peeled and finely chopped.

Half tsp of coriander seeds.

Half tsp of fennel seeds

Half tsp of cumin seeds.

Half inch cinnamon.

5 to 7 pieces of seedless dates finely chopped,

6to eight pieces of almond and Raisins.

One tsp ginger is finely grated.

Salt and added sugar as per your taste or, instead of sugar, use jaggery healthy during pregnancy.

Let’s start the method:

First, take a pan and roast all seeds, cinnamon mentioned in medium heat until the magic aroma fragrance come out.

Then, add chopped mango, dates, almond, and raisins stir them well in low heat and cover for one minute.

Then, add grated ginger and jaggery and salt as per your taste, stir well and cover the fan for one to two minutes.

Maintain the heat at low temperatures. Then stir the mixture until it gets a paste and thick consistency.

Now ready to eat homemade mango chutney. If you want to store it for a longer time, use an airtight container, and keep in the refrigerator.

2. A perfect healthy mango smoothie for pregnancy 

This is the easiest to make a smoothie.

First, you need these ingredients : 

One ripe mango

four to six leaves spinach

Greek yogurt

Orange juice

and some chia seeds(optional)

let’s make the smoothie:

Blend all ingredients very well into a blender and ready to eat, you can add some ice cube.

The goodness of smoothie:

Spinach contains folic acid and iron, which necessary during pregnancy. Orange is a citrus fruit that has an antioxidant property, which reduces stress keeps you calm.

A protein present in greek yogurt, keep your digestive system healthy, boost your immunity needs during pregnancy, and present calcium help bone strong. 

Our suggestion for eating mango during pregnancy:

As you already know, eating mango in pregnancy is going to be healthy and safe, but before eating any mango, note these points and try to avoid such things.

Mango is safe during your pregnancy, but all mangoes are not.

Mango is generally cultivated and naturally grows in summer, but nowadays, mangoes are available for the whole year. those are mainly hybrid, but an artificial process ripens 90%, the agent call as calcium carbide use for ripen mango.

Calcium carbide is a poisonous component that includes arsenic and phosphorus.

Eating of these mangoes can cause dizziness, sleepiness, headaches, dizziness, mouth ulcers, and tingling in the hands. So only prefer mangoes that naturally matured.

Wash the mangoes thoroughly and peeled very well before eating.

How to distinguish artificially ripened mangoes:

  • Possess a black powdery or greyish-white coat
  • Carry a garlic-like smell
  • Seem ripe but raw and hard inside
  • Artificially mangoes are tasteless and have a less shelf life and occur black patches on the skin.

Thus, avoid this kind of mangoes, if possible, eat the organic one and stay healthy.

In short, all those mango lovers you can enjoy the mango but with taking the required precautions.

Thank you.

Written By: Riya Paul ( Asst. Prof. of Biotechnology)

Reviewed By: Saikat Bera ( Asst. Prof. of Pharmacology)

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