Best Top 5 @ Fertility Tea with Fertility Herbs

Fertility Tea is a tea that can enhance your fertility rate and help you to get pregnant. 

Hearing this will make you think that tea helps to get pregnant, is it possible? And you may also be wondering if the tea will have a side effect after eating?

So here you get you all answer and later you can ask me in the comment box. Stay with us till the end to know the answer to all your questions.

We will discuss all fertility tea in this article.

What is it? What is it made of?

Should it be consumed or not?

Whether to have any harmful effects in the future or not? 

We need to take some preliminary steps, or you can say nourishment of our body before becoming pregnant, especially those who cannot conceive easily.

Fertility helps to do those things, such as maintaining the body’s hormonal balance, increasing the uterus’ working capacity.

But yes, just eating this fertility tea is not the right thing to do to get pregnant.

You have to follow many rules and steps for a healthy pregnancy. We will discuss those at the end of the article.

So what is a fertility tea? What does it do?

As we have already told you, what fertility is, how are these made?

These are a type of herbs that help in hormonal balance.

This tea is specially made for preconception purposes. Once you have confirmed positive with your pregnancy, discontinue this tea.

Fertility tea is generally made up of a combination of five to six herbs. You can buy directly from online stores or amazon or make yourself, but it’ll be challenging to combine all the herbs along.

Though these herbal teas are safe for all women, before buying such teas, check up your body and consult with experts.

This fruitfulness tea act on the hormone system and prepare a productive environment and nourish of the uterus, cervix, and protect the sperm. 

It helps you get monthly cycles, and ovulation the main reason for the conceiving process.

Try to buy natural and organic fertility herbs tea.

Before going to the list, you need to know some information about fertility herbs, boosting fertility.

So when you buy fertility tea from next time, check if these herbs are present or not.

fertility tea with fertility herbs

Natural fertility herbs that boost your productivity:

  •   Chaste berry: 

It plays a huge role in fixing hormonal imbalance. It helps women to conceive. Very good for small children. It is also well known as Vitex Agnus Castus.

  •   Red Clover: 

It is the same as a woman’s estrogen hormone. Red clover mostly acts on uterine thickening that increases the chances of pregnancy.

  •   Ashwagandha: 

Ashwagandha effects on both male and female sexual activity.

It boosts the women’s fertility system and increases fertility.

  •   Stinging Nettle leaf: 

It helps to increase fertility in women.

  •   Red Raspberry Leaf: 

It helps your menstrual cycle and regulates ovulation up-to-date and is essentially requires for pregnancy.

  •   Peppermint Leaf: 

Peppermint leaf is a kind of mind. It is highly effects on stress and anxiety during pregnancy by reducing cortisol and maintain blood pressure.

It can help to digest easily.

  •   Green Tea: 

Green tea contains polyphenols that affect fertility, but excessive eating of green tea can give you side effects.

Again green tea has antioxidant properties that also give you energy and a refreshing mind.

  •   Ladies mantle: 

This is one of the most effective remedies among all women.

It also helps eliminate abdominal pain during periods, heavy bleeding, and other annoying things during menstruation.

This natural herb is one of the most effective herbs to keep girls healthy and normal reproductive system.

A healthy reproductive system means greater the chances of fertility.

  •   Cinnamon:

Cinnamon is the most common kitchen spice. We use it in various ways, and it brings lovely tasty food. Besides acting as a spice, it has a magical power to cure irregular menstruation cycles, which is the primary cause of infertility.

Although it is not a herb, you can say that it is an excellent remedy that protects from infertility.

  •   Tribulus Terrestris: 

Tribulus Terrestris extract main effects on male fertility .it has the potential to increase male sperm count.

Besides that, Terrestris is also increasing fertility in women.

  •   Alfalfa: 

A great number of vitamins, antioxidants, fatty acids, and vital minerals are present in Alfalfa.

Alfalfa enhances female fertility by maintaining the conceptive process and build a good atmosphere for the sperms.

In addition to these, many other natural herbs can boost fertility. Like:

    • Dong Quai 
    • White Peony
    • Milk Thistle
    • Damiana
    • Maca
    • Castor Oil
    • Evening Primrose oil
    • Shatavari
    • Black Cohosh
    • Ginseng (especially for male)
    • Turmeric
    • False Unicorn
    • Wild Yam 
    • Goji Berry 
    • Schisandra Berry 

I think now you have some ideas about productivity tea and its ingredients.

Now we will go to the best fertility tea?/ Are they useful/ Does fertility tea work/ Do they have some side effects?

Our no. one is Pink stork fertility tea has 4.2 stars review:

Pink stork fertility tea is a conception tea with sweet mint and caffeine-free, which is just great for your health.

Pink stork tea contains mainly seven natural herbs, including red raspberry, stinging nettle leaves, and chaste berry, including more.

The tea gives you a natural and regular cycle to maintain your ovulation. The process is responsible for conceiving. 

They claim that it is made by excluding gluten, dairy, soy, fish nuts, and GMOs ( genetically modified organisms ).

So, if you want this before that, please consult with your experts. If they suggest you take it, you may take it; otherwise, you can avoid it.

If you are breastfeeding or have some medical condition, you should avoid this pink stork tea.

It is advisable to all that if you have a regular cycle and are healthy, then check up your body and know the actual reason and consult your doc.

Our next best productivity tea no. two is Modest Earth Baby Maker Tea:

It has a 4.8 of a 5-star review.

This fertility tea is 100% organic and healthy for conceiving.

The ingredients are including Red raspberry, alfalfa leaf, nettle, peppermint, and so on.

This is an excellent tea for conception and package with vitamins and minerals.

Our next one is Secrets of Tea 

Get pregnant fertility tea is available in four flavors.

This is caffeine-free and with organic herbs, including vitex, red raspberry, ladies mantle, and more.

The herbs present in the secrets of tea are boosting your fertility.

Number four: The Organic Spearmint Herbal Tea & The Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea

Both can increase fertility and safe for health.

Organic spearmint tea has a significant element of spearmint leaves with the required vitamins and minerals.

The Organic Raspberry leaf tea contains Red raspberry leaves.

Both are preconception tea. Regulate hormonal balance and keep your reproductive system healthy.

Number Five: Make your herbal tea with these ingredients:

Red raspberry leaves, green tea, nettle leaves, peppermint, and red clover mix these ingredients all together and make a tea. Just put into hot water and wait for 4 to 5 minutes, or you can take it with ice as ice tea.

Then you good to go. Take you and give your partner as well.

FAQs on Fertility Herbs: 

@ Do all these get information about teas you may think does fertility tea work /or are these tea really work?

So, the answer is there are no magical remedies or have no scientific proof. Still, the herbs present in the pregnancy tea have significant fertility and male fertility ( basically sperm count).

If you think you want to try once, be sure to have no previous medical condition or any medical issue present.

These are the herbs that mention in traditional Chinese medicine, and most of the cases, they have a good and positive effect on fertility. 

We can’t depend on this fertility so much. Before that, we have to take some initial steps to supply nutrition and proper oxygen and blood to our body.

If you maintain your physique well, this pregnancy tea will have the most effect.

@ When should we not take this productivity tea?

As per the mechanism of fertility tea, they act on ovaries or our body’s reproductive system.

These are not prescribing medicine and have no FDA approval, but as per the research study, it is advised that they have some medical condition, or breastfeeding mother, taking birth control pills, they should avoid it.

Our suggestion on boosting your fertility:

In addition to eating fertility tea, we need to focus on some things that will increase our chances of conceiving and keeping our body healthy. Before taking anything always consult with your experts.

It can be said that a man or woman cannot do much with their fertility.

If anything, you need to have a healthy lifestyle and regular sex.

# Woman fertility boosters:

    1. Eat foods loaded with antioxidants
    2. Eat a more prominent breakfast
    3. Withdraw trans fats 
    4. Lower intake carbs if you have PCOS [Natural sugar contain foods]
    5. Eat more fiber 
    6. Swap protein sources
    7. Pick high-fat dairy
    8. Add in a multivitamin
    9. Get physical exercise
    10. Experience your relax time
    11. Skip the caffeine intake
    12. Try for a healthy weight
    13. Maintain your iron levels,
    14. Avoid excess alcohol
    15. Natural supplements,
    16. Maintain a Healthy Diet and Weight
    17. Say No to Stress
    18. Cut down the Cigarettes,
    19. Sex around your cycle and use ovulation tests
    20. Keep having sex regularly,
    21. Check your Folic Acid,

# Male fertility boosters : 

    1. Take D-aspartic acid 
    2. Regular exercise
    3. Get sufficient vitamin C, D
    4. Relax and through away your stress
    5. Try Tribulus Terrestris
    6. Take fenugreek supplements
    7. Get adequate zinc [ High Zinc foods]
    8. Consider ashwagandha
    9. Eat maca root
    10. Restrict your alcohol intake.
    11. Get sufficient folate.
    12. Belong a healthy lifestyle.
    13. Add enough Antioxidants to your diet
    14. Have Regular Sex
    15. Watch out your Soy consumption
    16. Eat More Greens.
    17. Avoid Toxic Chemicals in the Workplace

These are the things both of you should maintain and proceed with your daily life. 

And you get a fantastic result and become a parent, your dream comes true. Want to experience amazing pregnancy time try these methods, you’ll be amazed.

If you get any results from our research let us know in the comment box.

Thank You.

Written By: Riya Paul ( Asst. Prof. of Biotechnology)

Reviewed By: Saikat Bera ( Asst. Prof. of Pharmacology)

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