Can Pregnant Women Drink Gatorade ? 11+ Facts For You

If you search for is Gatorade for pregnant women safe? Then you probably know about Gatorade. Maybe you drink Gatorade, now you are pregnant and want to know can pregnant women drink Gatorade? And excited to know is it ok to continue it.

Simply say, Gatorade is safe while pregnant, but you need to know a few risky things before drink.

If you want to know what kind of risks are related to Gatorade for pregnant women, follow the article.

Gatorade was formulated in 1965 for athletes. Most of the electrolytes lost due to their hard practice.

So researchers made an energy drink for them, which is later known as Gatorade. This is an athlete’s energy drink, though Gatorade for pregnant women is safe, yet I don’t think you need it for your hydration.

Yes, this is genuinely a pregnant woman who needs lots of extra energy during her gestation, but there are lots of options available to energize you while you’re expecting.

Gatorade for pregnant women is not a good thing.

Let’s take a look at how Gatorade work:

As already mentioned, Gatorade formulates in 1965 for athletes. So this is an energy drink with lots of sugar, salt, and lemon flavor. The original Gatorade taste that time like simple lemon water with lots of energy.

This drink firstly gives a trial, and they recognized a significant difference between who is taken and who is not. And that’s where it started.

In the opening, it was totally in the US market then slowly spread globally. The G2 ride from Gatorade is quite famous and revered all over the earth.

Now Gatorade is the preeminent sports beverage in Korea and Australia including, CA, Mexico, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, etc.

Though it is famous among sportspeople, including ordinary people, prefer their energy drink.

In the early stage, the Gatorade drink comes in two forms of powder and liquid with two flavor lemon-lime and orange.

Then comes with different flavors like fruit punch, citrus cooler, cherry rush, kiwi, Mandarina, and strawberry.

The G2 ride from Gatorade is quite famous and beloved all over the globe. An electrolyte beverage contains 50 kcal energy and 14 kcal carbohydrates with zero protein, fat. Minerals like potassium and sodium are present—potassium about 30 mg and sodium 5mg.

These are present per 590ml of the original Gatorade. The original Gatorade was formulated on oral rehydration therapy.

This is a little history of Gatorade.

Now you ask, can pregnant women drink Gatorade?

No matter how safe it is, it has added sugar and preservatives. While drinking at regular times may not work, alcohol while pregnant can be unsafe. The disadvantages are:

  • As it contains extra sugar may lead to gestational diabetes.
  • Gatorade contains potassium and sodium as electrolytes, which are not good while excessive intake during pregnancy. Weight gain is expected.
  • Since pregnancy, time is not overworking, so extra calories help raise cholesterol.
  • If you think you will drink Gatorade during pregnancy, choose low sugar with low calorie.
  • Sugar-free Gatorade contains artificial sugar called sucralose or acesulfame.
  • The good thing is that Gatorade does not contain caffeine.
  • If you think you can eat it to hydrate and motivate yourself, then the other option should be chosen. Drink like normal water or normal lemon water is the best.

Now you can decide can pregnant women drink Gatorade or not, right?

Is Gatorade good for pregnancy nausea?

Most of the women are suffering from morning sickness. Nausea and vomiting are prevalent throughout pregnancy. That’s why they lost their electrolytes and want to take electrolyte powder or liquid.

They think Gatorade can help from nausea. There are no such studies that have been found Gatorade can help pregnancy nausea. But it is not acceptable to take extra electrolytes from Gatorade. It can cause electrolyte imbalance.

Pregnancy safe juice

Pregnancy safe electrolyte drinks:

  • Filtered Water
  • Pasteurized milk and homemade fruit juice
  • Herbal tea
  • Like coffee, then you can drink decaf coffee.
  • Always try to drink a homemade smoothie. They are the best for nutrients
  • Drink Lemonade
  • Drink coconut water can relieve your morning sickness.

Now you have a clear idea about what to drinks during pregnancy besides water. Right?

It’s ok to drink Gatorade while pregnant, but if you want some special drinks, I always prefer a homemade smoothie. This is my favorite one.

Note: Although some herbal tea is safe in pregnancy, like turmeric tea, ginger tea, etc.

Always try to avoid the below mention of herbal tea, these are not safe during pregnancy.

  • Hibiscus tea
  • Lichee tea
  • Ginseng tea
  • Chamomile tea
  • Aloe vera tea
  • Green tea
  • Kava tea
  • Barberry tea
  • Anise tea
  • Lemongrass tea

Are you thinking to drink herbal tea? Before that consult with your doctor.

FAQs related to  Gatorade for pregnant women:

1. Sports drinks during pregnancy:

All sports drinks are not safe during pregnancy. Sports drinks contain extra electrolytes and extra sugar that is not safe in pregnancy.

In my opinion, if you energize yourself, try to choose alternative drinks. Like filtered water. Pasteurized milk, fresh homemade juice, and so on.

2. Best healthy drinks for pregnancy:

Though no research found that Gatorade bad for health or maybe it affects, it can vary individually. You can drink the below drinks that’s are best during pregnancy.

1. Citrus drinks: 

I think citrus drinks are the best healthy drinks for pregnancy, especially in the first trimester because it reduces motion sickness and nausea.

I know this time is very crucial for you and your family. Lots of things come with limitations. So you can drink lemon and orange drinks with hot water or ask the physician to maintain a healthy life.

2. Pasteurized or hot milk:

If you are looking for dinks that helps both of you, then milk is perfect for you. We all know the benefits of milk, and don’t worry about it. Milk contains all the necessary nutrients that good for our body. It’s also has a rich source of nutrients and vitamins.

Those are not like to drink dairy products or milk; then, almond milk is one of your’s best options.

If you think about what to drink during pregnancy besides water, then I guess these answers help you. Is not it?

3. Can you drink Powerade while pregnant:

According to brand information, Powerade is safe to drink while pregnant, but it is best for you to always consult your health care staff before using it.

A small amount of Powerade is healthy in pregnancy. Some women have leg cramps due to electrolyte imbalance. Powerade also relieves leg cramps.

Can pregnant women drink powerade

Powerade for pregnancy nausea:
Powerade can help with nausea or morning sickness. Fresh lemons are also a good option for nausea during pregnancy.

4. Drinks to avoid during pregnancy:

We have to maintain it for a healthy pregnancy week. First thoughts that arrive at the brain, that are fruit juice.

Fruit juice: We all love to maintain a diet but do you know unpasteurized fruit juice can harm your baby. So the best option is trying to avoid these drinks during pregnancy.

Alcohol: If you are an alcohol lover, then try to avoid it during pregnancy. However, some research said alcohol does not affect pregnancy tests but alcohol also a cause of miscarriage and stillbirth.

Related article: How alcohol affects pregnant test

Coffee: Caffeine is not suitable during pregnancy, but if you are a coffee lover, don’t worry; decaf coffee is perfect as per the study, not more than 200 mg caffeine per day.

Some research said that ice tea is also not suitable during pregnancy because sometimes it contains more sweetener or sugary material, which harms your healthy body. You have to avoid unpasteurized milk and fruit juice during pregnancy.

5. How many is Gatorade per day safe to consume during pregnancy?

As per the study, pregnant women need to consume 2.37 liter Gatorade drinks per day, and during breastfeeding, you have to increase this consumption to about 3.84 liters.

6. Is it wrong to mix Gatorade and vodka/alcohol?

No, is it not bad because, according to a study Gatorade not toxic alcohol, any poisonous effect. So you can mix it, but it’s not suitable during pregnancy time.

If you think can pregnant women drink Gatorade with alcohol, then the answer is obviously no.

7. Craving Gatorade while pregnant:

Craving Gatorade doesn’t mean that your body wants it. Sometimes we love the taste that’s why we want it. Some Gatorade contains a lot of sugar. So maintain it.

Some research said that during pregnancy, the metabolic rate is increases as well as vasodilation. That’s why your body is getting hot. This is one of the reasons for craving Gatorade while pregnant.

8. Is Gatorade safe for pregnant with diarrhea?

Diarrhea is a common symptom in pregnancy. You need to hydrate because the water is removed from your body.

Gatorade may worsen because it contains a lot of sugar, and
we all know that sugar is not good during diarrhea and vomiting.

9. Is Gatorade safe during pregnancy?

Gatorade pregnancy-safe, but there are also some side effects.
So during pregnancy, always try to consume those foods and drinks that have no side effects.

Bottom Line:

Pregnancy is a vital time, and a lot of food and activity needs to be maintained throughout pregnancy.

I know that pregnant women can drink Gatorade, but to be honest, try to avoid it or take it one or two times. Although research is limited, more research is needed to justify the answers.

So, drinking Gatorade while pregnant is not always a good choice.
There are a lot of healthy drinks out there. Add them to your diet and enjoy the week of pregnancy.

10. Side effects of Gatorade during pregnancy:

Gatorade lovers are always happy with the yes answer. So, whenever ask you about can you drink Gatorade while pregnant? You share this knowledge including these conditions.

  • Weight gain
  • Elevated risk of Gestational diabetes
  • Hypokalemia
  • Indigestion

11. Can Gatorade give you diarrhea?

As per the research, Gatorade is good during diarrhea. We all know fluid is suitable during diarrhea.

12. Gatorade while breastfeeding well?

It’s ok to drink Gatorade while breastfeeding. But take only a small amount because it contains a high amount of sugar and salt.

Our view on Gatorade for pregnant women:

Although Gatorade safe, I’ll advise you to ask your doctor if they agree, then go for it. Otherwise, avoid it and try to maintain the upper fresh drinks list during pregnancy, do not take it into the freezer and repeat over the week.

Avoid cold drinks, unpasteurized milk, unfiltered tap water, energy drink, and most importantly, alcohol.

I know you may be tired about to list out and don’t. So you may try something new like fun things to do during pregnancy, or you may check out all the useful things you have to avoid during pregnancy.

I believe this knowledge encourages you a lot. If you have any suggestions regarding can pregnant women drink Gatorade, then tell us in the comment box.

Thank you.

Written By: Riya Paul ( asst. prof. of Biotechnology)

reviewed by: Saikat Bera ( asst. prof. of Pharmacology)

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