Know # Does Alcohol Affect Pregnancy Test Before You Regret

I know some women are like to party and enjoy lots of drinks even when trying to conceive. Then the first thing that came to mind that Does alcohol affect pregnancy test among all ladies.

Almost all of these thoughts come from those who like to drink or have become addicted to drinking. So, it would be great if you quit drinking before planning for conception.

Alcohol affects pregnancy test or not, but it has a great effect on sperm count and fertility. Alcohol can quickly absorb into your bloodstream and remaining its effects about 12 to 48 hrs after taking alcohol.

The main factor of pregnancy test is your HCG levels, which are to determine your pregnancy test.

If you are drinking alcohol before pregnancy tests, one question appears in your mind, does alcohol affect a pregnancy test?

And your answer is here, alcohol does not affect your pregnancy test, but related factors may affect your result. Are you excited to know how indirectly alcohol affects a test, then stays with us?

Does alcohol affect pregnancy test:

The answer is no, it doesn’t, but indirectly it may show some effects.

The main factor affecting a pregnancy test is your HCG levels. HCG is a hormone responsible for determining pregnancy. It is increasing when a sperm fertilizes an egg.

Once pregnant, HCG doubles day by day, which helps us to confirm. Alcohol has not anything to do with being pregnant test.

As you understand, alcohol doesn’t directly affect the pregnancy test but has an indirect effect. If you have an interest and need to recognize those factors, Follow us.

does alcohol affect pregnancy test

Indirect effects of alcohol:

1. You drink alcohol, get drunk, and don’t know if you’ve had sex. Sperm can survive in your body for about 5 days after intercourse. If you are not aware, a pregnancy test can come to fail.

2. Some women drink more water for its bitterness if they want to drink alcohol.
This increases body fluid. Too much fluid can dilute HCG in the urine. For that result, it will not be accurate.

3.Overconsumption of alcohol may lead to dizziness, headache, and anxiety, which affect pregnancy.

4. Excessive buzzing can confuse you with early fertility symptoms. Yes, alcohol can show morning sickness, fatigue, dizziness, nausea the same as the early signs of pregnancy call it false.

5. If you are drunk, you can’t read the proper instructions on the pregnancy test, and it doesn’t give you the correct test result.

6. If you take a pregnancy test after drinking alcohol, you may not remember the exact result.

7. If you continue to drink alcohol before and after conceiving, the chances of getting pregnant are reduced. Most of us know that drinking alcohol reduces the count size and motility of the sperm.
Even drinking can reduce sperm quality, which leads to a pregnancy test.

8. Several researches have shown that excessive drinking reduces the affection and sexual desire of both men and women.

FAQs on alcohol and pregnancy facts:

What can affect a pregnancy test result?

  • Alcohol itself can affect a pregnancy test but indirectly.
  • Certain medicine causes a false pregnancy test. Such as antihistamines drugs, anticonvulsants drugs, anti-anxiety, and diuretics drugs leads to a false alarm.
  • Chemical pregnancy: No particular cause for this is unknown. However, when an egg is fertilized but not implanted, the reason is thought to be either for the Uterus. Such as fibroids, scar tissue, and the unusual shape of the Uterus. This is known as a false positive.
  • Another reason for  ectopic pregnancy. Recent miscarriage or abortion. HCG can persist in the blood and urine for up to 6 weeks of pregnancy termination. Thus lead to an effect on a pregnancy test.
  • Test kit error or user fault.
  • More likely, you haven’t read Proper Instruction.
  • In the spontaneous miscarriage, some pregnancy tissue eliminates, and some remain, hence cause HCG elevated.
  • Certain clinical conditions like PCOD, kidney disease, UTI, ovarian cancer, or pituitary problem these are more likely to give a false-positive result, though you’re not pregnant.
  • If you under some fertility medications, fertility medicines cause HCG levels to increase, which improves your proper ovulation and makes a mature egg. This is another reason for a false-positive sign of pregnancy test.

NOTED: if you have experienced these signs and you more likely sure about your pregnancy. You should go and get a check-up Ultrasound. It will give a further accurate result.

  • Evaporation lines: Sometimes, the evolution line of a home pregnancy kit comes out on its own. That is also called false-positive fertility.

What not to do before getting a pregnancy test?

    • Avoid taking too much liquid or water. It can dilute HCG in the urine.
    • Avoid alcohol.
    • Urine will take for home pregnancy tests in the early morning to avoid the rest of the day.
    • Do not stress out before taking a pregnancy test.
    • Don’t urinate directly on the kit. It can be a mess.
    • Avoid taking the wrong drugs. If possible, contact and get some advice from your expert.
    • Take some time, then go for the test, don’t do it, hurry.
    • Do not take the test too early. Give some time; an egg can fertilize properly.

Can coffee dilute a pregnancy test:

After hearing your answer, “does alcohol affect pregnancy test,” you may have a question, can coffee dilute a pregnancy test?

Your answer is no, coffee does not affect your pregnancy test, and HCG is the main matter. But it looks to have an indirect effect.

How? I’m saying.

Excessive coffee or soda intake can increase your thirst, which will cause you to drink lots of water. This can cause dilute HCG in the urine.

We are considering that caffeine is not very good for our health. So it is better to reduce or stop it before you are conceiving or planning.

If you like coffee so much, you can have caffeine-free, which is called decaf coffee. It is great for a pregnant woman as well as our health.

How long after drinking water, I can take a pregnancy test?

First, you should take your test early in the morning. That gives you an accurate result.

Avoid drinking water if you are supposed to test because water produces urine, and too much water in urine means HCG can dilute it.

Normally, When you are already pregnant, your body’s HCG level is very high; it comes positive whenever you can test.

But this is the 2 month of pregnancy or later. But it is not possible to detect during early pregnancy. So it would be best if you looked forward to a few times.

A pregnancy test 10 to 12 days after missing the period gives good results.

Our view on Does alcohol Affect pregnancy tests?

As you already know, alcohol does not affect your pregnancy test. The main thing is thE HCG hormone. After confirmation of your pregnancy, you should cut down or stop to alcohol.

Alcohol might not affect the test, but it highly toxic for the fetus. Alcohol can cause stillbirth, and too much consumption lead to miscarriage.

So now say goodbye to alcohol and stay healthy.

Thank You.

Written By: Riya Paul ( Asst. Prof. of Biotechnology)

Reviewed By: Saikat Bera ( Asst. Prof of Pharmacology)

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