Expert View on Hibiscus Tea Pregnancy |What if You Drink?

The bright red Hibiscus can catch anyone’s eye. A tart, cranberry-like flavor with lots of health benefits Herbal tea like hibiscus tea. As it has health benefits, most of the mother wants to know is hibiscus tea safe during pregnancy? Also effects of hibiscus tea pregnancy good or bad?

Most of the doctors advise avoiding some herbal tea in the entire pregnancy Because herbal tea contains strong elements which sometimes not good for your gestation time.

Hibiscus tea pregnancy is dangerous. Hibiscus tea can lead to miscarriage by elevates estrogen hormone and causes uterine contraction that stimulates bleeding and blood flow to the uterus during pregnancy. Hibiscus tea also raises body temperature, which is not safe during pregnancy.

Every mother wants to eat herbal and natural during their pregnancy for the baby’s sake. But natural or herbal means they are not always as safe as you seem.

So hibiscus tea is one of them. Although it carries various therapeutic properties, it is not good for pregnancy at all.

So, why hibiscus tea is not safe throughout pregnancy? You should know the major effects of hibiscus tea pregnancy. We will disclose here. So stays with us with one cup of decaf coffee.

Hold on, This is not the ultimate answer, you should check the whole article, there is more information you must know.

Is Hibiscus tea safe during pregnancy?

Hibiscus Tea Pregnancy:

Hibiscus tea is not safe during pregnancy.

Hibiscus is known to control high blood pressure, control cholesterol, and provide a rich source of antioxidants. Therefore, their question is whether it is useful or safe in pregnancy.

As you know hibiscus tea is not safe during pregnancy, it can cause abortion. Let’s move what the effects of this tea are?

Hibiscus tea side effects estrogen:

Hibiscus tea is mainly made from dried flower petals even sometimes its root. But it can affect on estrogen hormone. According to some research studies, Roselle tea can induce estrogen levels, which is not safe in early pregnancy this time it more crucial because fluctuations in hormones can cause miscarriage.

hibiscus tea pregnancy

Uterine Contraction:

Hibiscus tea can cause uterine contraction that stimulates bleeding and blood flow to the uterus. These call “emmenagogue effects” that lead to early labor and bleeding with abdominal cramping related to miscarriage. Besides, this type of miscarriage occurs as continuous abortion.

One study resumed that hibiscus herbal tea can cause maternal malnutrition and delayed puberty, the elevation of body weight, and BMI of the offspring. ( source

All of the above information had seen on rats. Also, it had noticed in some girls who mistakenly drink Hibiscus tea during their pregnancy. Since such research is against medical ethics, and very few studies have been done. So based on this, Hibiscus flower tea not good at all in pregnancy.

Better to avoid it and take other safe and caffeine-free herbal tea. We will let you know which tea is good and beneficial during pregnancy, stay with us for that. Not only tea, but an expecting mother should also avoid hibiscus tea.

Another important is hibiscus tea and pregnancy, if you want to or try to conceive, never take any herbal supplement or tea with hibiscus tea as hibiscus prevents ovulation.

So, if you take a Roselle supplement, your pregnancy does not implant. Since hibiscus has abortion characteristics, it leads to early abortion.

Again, according to they conducted an experimental control trial “rosella with iron tablet significantly increase hemoglobin level of the mother in the second trimester”.

Now you can detect hibiscus reliable during pregnancy or not.

FAQs related to Hibiscus tea while pregnant:

Can I have hibiscus tea when pregnant?

If you have hibiscus tea when pregnant, then it is not a healthy thing you take. As soon as possible, quit hibiscus tea and consult with your doctor. It can cause early miscarriage.

Can pregnant women drink hibiscus tea during pregnancy 3rd trimester?

No matter what time you are, you should never drink Hibiscus tea, especially during pregnancy.

Not just Hibiscus tea in pregnancy, but any herbal tea supplements that contain Hibiscus and any of its tribes, you should never eat.

It’s the same for those who are 38 and 39 weeks pregnant.

hibiscus tea during pregnancy-safe or not?

What will happen if you drink hibiscus tea during pregnancy?

Don’t be afraid if you accidentally drink Hibiscus tea or Rosella tea. Stop taking that kind of tea or supplements and consult your expert immediately.

I’ve been talking about what not to eat for so long, so you should know what tea you can eat or what benefits.

Is tea safe when pregnant?

Yes, tea considers safe when pregnant, except for some herbal tea.

What teas are safe to drink while pregnant?

Safest herbal tea while pregnant list or tea pregnant women can drink:

Most women want to eat natural and herbal things during their pregnancy. There are pros and cons present with herbal tea, during pregnancy some are good others can harm you. Therefore, hence it is advisable to select the right one and enjoys the benefits.

Take these herbal teas while pregnant, drink even post-delivery for extra benefits of lactation:

* Ginger tea:

Ginger tea relieves you from pregnancy nausea and heartburn. The aroma of ginger tea keeps you refresh. It is safe and you can make it on your own. Easy to brew.

* Peppermint tea:

Peppermint tea is likely safe in pregnancy. Peppermint tea relieves you from gastritis, pregnancy nausea, morning sickness, etc.

* Decaf coffee:

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* Rooibos tea :

Rooibos tea is likely safe during pregnancy. It considers the best tea for pregnancy and recommended herbal tea. It looks like black tea and enhances digestion while you are pregnant.

What herbal teas should you avoid when pregnant?

Herbal tea to avoid while pregnant:

Herbal tea contains strong medicinal properties. Drinking herbal tea is very beneficial for the body, but it plays the opposite role during pregnancy.

List of herbal tea to avoid while pregnant:

  • Raspberry leaf tea:

Raspberry leaf tea can uterus contractions and induce labor. Therefore, it can consume from second trimesters. This tea is traditionally applied in late pregnancy to make birth and Nutrition suitable for breastfeeding.

Avoid caffeine intake: Coffee is not safe in pregnancy.

  • Green tea:

A large amount of caffeine is already in green tea. 

 It can reduce folate absorption, which is an important element for a pregnant lady.

  • Oolong tea:

Oolong tea contains too much caffeine. Thus this is not good when pregnant. Excessive intake of caffeine cause early birth or low weight birth also grows irritable bowel movements.

This tea used to treat anemia since traditional time but unsafe during gestation.

  • Lapsang souchong tea.
  • Nilgiris tea

Is rosehip and hibiscus tea secure during pregnancy?

Hibiscus is not safe when you are expecting. Specially 1st trimester. Although the whole gestation period is very delicate, the 1st trimester should be very careful, Because at this time, starting from the baby implant, the baby starts to grow. So 1st trimester A must be very caring.

But in the case of raspberry tea, it is likely safe but including hibiscus not good to go. It is better to avoid it.

No dear, avoid such teas contain hibiscus and its tribe.

Is that ok to take tea while pregnant?

Yes, while you are expecting it is ok to drink tea for refreshes. But there is some condition you should follow:

  • Avoid teas that contain caffeine.
  • Avoid herbal teas
  • Ask your doc for better advise
  • If you have some medical condition, then herbal teas can cause side effects, so make sure you consult with your expert.
  • Drink safe pregnancy teas and avoid unsafe ones.
  • Exclude those teas that are dangerous for pregnancy.
  • If you drink any tea, check its ingredients(like hibiscus) to see if they are safe during pregnancy.

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Herbal teas that cause miscarriage

These herbal teas that cause miscarriage should avoid during pregnancy:

  • Green tea or matcha tea
  • Lichee tea
  • Anise tea.
  • Barberry tea
  • Chamomile tea
  • Ginseng tea
  • Hibiscus tea
  • kava tea
  • lemongrass tea

Is hibiscus tea acidic?

Yes, hibiscus tea slightly acidic in nature. That why it has a tart flavor.

Drinking black tea while pregnant

Black tea is likely safe, but make sure the consumption rate, does not consume too much black tea.

Otherwise, black tea has the property to reduce stress and overcome pregnancy tiredness.

Maximum 200 mg of caffeine is enough for pregnancy days, and 2 cups of black tea are enough a day.

Hot tea while pregnant

Hot tea is safe and remembers that whatever tea is, make sure safe for you and your baby and check the caffeine intake.

Did I drink lemongrass tea while pregnant? 

Lemongrass is not good for any pregnant woman. Lemongrass contains citral and myrcene, two compounds that hurt the uterus. Even it can cause miscarriage. So, if you think you can drink lemongrass during your days, Dear, never try this.

Is it good to drink hibiscus tea during your period?

Asymmetrical periods can be affected by multiple factors. For example, changes in the hormones estrogen and progesterone can disrupt the regular cycle of the menstrual cycle.

Hibiscus affects estrogen as well. This means that consuming hibiscus tea can cause menstruation regularly.

Inducing menstruation may be beneficial to some women.  For example, if you have an irregular period or have a bad period cramp, hibiscus tea helps a lot. 

Hibiscus also affects estrogen. This means that drinking hibiscus tea can actually induce menstruation.

Thus Hibiscus has an emmenagogue character, and it can stimulate blood flow to the pelvic and uterus.

Is it ok to drink Hibiscus tea while breastfeeding?

No, Studies conducted that hibiscus tea is safe and good during pregnancy include breastfeeding.

Wrap on Hibiscus tea pregnancy:

Just because of herbal and natural, doesn’t mean, it gives you superb or expecting results in pregnancy.

Herbal teas extract from its root, leaves, flower sometimes even stems. So they contain a variety of compounds like tannins, alkaloids so on.

These compounds sometimes not suitable when you are expecting.

Like hibiscus flower tea pregnancy, is not a good choice as well as not beneficial.

So before taking any herbal tea, check the ingredients lists, any of them says harmful for you, skip that tea and drink it like ginger tea or normal tea.

Eat a healthy diet like protein, DHA containing food include mushrooms in your diet.

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Written by: Saikat Bera ( Asst. Prof of Pharmacology)

Reviewed By: Dr. Subha Das ( MBBS, MD)

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