Why Am I Craving Orange Juice (During Pregnancy)

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Craving orange juice during pregnancy or in period’s time it’s not bad. We all know that craving like fruits and juice is a common thing. Sometimes craving oranges at night may happen. Don’t worry, and this is a regular thing.

You may think, like others, wishing for citrus fruits during pregnancy means it is a girl child. But trust me, there are No approved research is done.

Craving orange juice indicates a deficiency of vitamin C and minerals in your body. Cravings for oranges can relate to digestive issues as well as hormonal changes. Orange cravings reveal other factors like stress, mood swings, or a desire for citrus fruits.

Remember that a lack of nutrients does not imply a lack of desire. This article goes into detail about the various reasons.

Now you have any queries regarding it, like why am I craving orange juice or craving citrus during pregnancy. Right?

If you are curious about all of this, then hold on and let me clear you step by step. I clear almost all doubt related to ORANGE Craving and listed the best Orange juicing machine so you can juice out on your own and it is more likely healthy.

Let’s start from the basics.

Craving oranges meaning

Some people are confused about cravings. It means you can’t control yourself to avoid when you think of food or something.

The same things happen with oranges. You can crave it during your pregnancy or in your period. During pregnancy not only crave oranges happened also crave mango, Honey, etc.

Though this is not bad, sometimes orange cravings are quite reliable with digestive problems.

Don’t forget to check some unusual symptoms show in pregnancy that common and exciting.

Craving orange juice while pregnant

There are no perfect reasons for craving orange juice while pregnant. It’s all about hormonal changes that affect your lifestyle.

Sometimes you may notice that your favorite fruits become nauseous, and sometimes changes in taste and smell occur. Your preference may change with that.

It is normal to drink orange juice, but during pregnancy, it’s more delicious because of its taste, but we always refer to avoiding added sugar. You can enjoy its natural taste that is perfect while pregnant.

It’s about loving your food or fruits and satisfying the mind. Do you know it has tremendous benefits in pregnancy? Let’s talk about that.

Components of oranges:

We all know oranges contain a rich amount of vitamin C and other minerals like folate, thiamine, calcium, potassium. These minerals are very important to healthy living.

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benefits of craving orange juice

Benefits of Orange Juice in Pregnancy

The best weapon is vitamin C, which is perfect for a fight against germs and increases immunity.

According to the American clinical nutrition study, Orange not only contain vitamin C, yet it also helps to fulfill vitamin D daily value in adult.

I know you got your answer regarding why am I craving orange juice during pregnancy? But do you know oranges contain potassium? It is perfect for maintaining blood pressure, especially during pregnancy.

1. Increases immunity:

Oranges contain vitamin c and other nutrients; these are perfect for immunity. Not only for you, but it’s also perfect for your baby.

Sometimes allergies occur during pregnancy, but oranges help reduce these problems. Orange juice also contains zinc. We all know the importance of zinc-containing foods.

2. Perfect for skin:

Oranges also have antioxidants. It helps to prevent acne and gives you smooth skin. It helps to get rid of your skin tan.

3. Constipation:

One of the best benefits of orange juice in pregnancy is constipation, and it’s a common problem for all women.

It has a rich source of fiber and cellulose; This helps to cure constipation.

4. Perfect for your unborn baby:

Orange juice is a mixture of nutrients and contains folic acid and vitamin B6.

Some studies conducted eating this type of fruit increases the brain of the unborn baby and developing a healthful placenta.

Don’t overeat because it contains folate and may be responsible for your baby’s excess weight.

I think now you can decide the importance of orange juice in pregnancy. Now you thinking how many oranges are ideal during pregnancy, right? Let me say.

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Looking for fresh orange juice? Here is the best one

Ocean Spray 100% Orange Juice– Pack of 48


  • Vitamin C
  • Minerals
  • 100% pure Orange juice
  • Zero Fat
  • Zero added sugar

In your daily busy schedule, sometimes you may have to make juice for lack of time. But orange juice is a very beneficial juice as it contains Vitamin C which gives you strength for daily activities.

So here you can get a pure natural zero added sugar with no fat orange juice. Ocean Spray is a very well-known brand for their healthy products, you might hear before.

Suppose you don’t like daily orange juice and try something alternative taste then here is the Tropicana juice combo (from amazon) of Orange, apple, and fruity melody.

Craving orange juice on period

Some research said that during periods estrogen levels are high. It’s also responsible for increasing the hunger hormone “Leptin.” That’s why, during the period, all women are love to eat their favorite things.

Craving is actually a magical thing because whenever we saw it, we are excited about it. If we do not eat or drink, that it’s not satisfying your mind and always thinking.

As per the new study, during the period, depression may occur. That’s why cortisol levels are increases. During this time, citrus fruit cravings may occur.

Ghrelin hormones also responsible for food cravings because it also increases hunger and increases your food consumption. Especially sweet types of fruits.

But our suggestion is to avoid added sugar with orange juice and enjoy the natural sugar during your period.

If you want to replace orange juice with something else, try milk. Milk cravings are also common in 70% of the population.

So, I think these are the common causes of craving orange juice on period. So what you think about this, let us know in the comment box.

Amount of oranges during pregnancy

As per the study’s maximum dose during pregnancy, 85 milligrams equal an average of three-piece of oranges.

Not to eat excessively. It may cause acidity. If you take any other vitamin C-containing fruits, then maintain them. It is best to ask your expert during pregnancy.

Suppose you are thinking about the time like what time is best for consumption. Then don’t worry, you can add easily to your diet because of no issues found in a vacant stomach.

orange craving pregnancy

Craving oranges at night

Believe me, craving orange juice at night is an emotional thing, and it’s also happened to me.

As per the study, sleep deprivation occurs in some adults, and sleep is also a perfect reason for food cravings. Some people are experiencing good sleep after eating oranges at night. Though there is no relation, it’s a good psychological factor.

Oranges craving is perfect for health rather than craving fast foods and sweets.

If you have any sleep problems and face regular eating problems at night, you can eat oranges before sleep. It may work for you. You can try it.

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Hand and Automatic Citrus Juicer

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Vinci is a well-known brand from China. Vinci manufactures various home appliances to make a better and easy lifestyle.

About Vinci citrus juices, It runs neither power nor battery. The whole process is run by automatic sensitive technology.

You not only use orange juice, the juicer support any citrus fruits small to large size. Vinci citrus juices carry two pulp filters which separate the pulp according to the size and concentration.

The most interesting fact about Vinci automatic juicer is, you don’t need to use your hand. Just cut the lemon and place it into the squeezing section.

Vinci automatic citrus juicer is easy to use, easy to operate, and easy to clean include dishwasher friendly.


  • Interchangeable filters can sieve any particles
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  • Dishwasher free so juicer can get clean easily.


  • Body material is plastic

Zulay Professional Citrus Juicer


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  • Rubber feet stays

Zulay fruit juicer is a professional in this industry, and the juicer can squeeze out every drop of your fruit without breaking it.

However, Zulay is easy to use, needs minimum pressure to perform. It is a hand-press juicer so no worry about a power cut.

In addition, don’t worry about security because the lower part of the juicer made with rubber feet protects you and the juicer from sliding or falling.

Zulay citrus juicer is easy to clean, you only need to separate the parts and the dishwasher does the rest job.


  • Not only for orange but can use any fruits
  • Fruit juice without seeds
  • Stainless steel and heavy-duty cast iron body
  • Easy to clean


  • have to use two hands, one in base and another in leaver

Our view on craving orange juice during pregnancy or in the period

We all know the importance of pregnancy week and are always concern about our health. Food choices also are limited because they come with pros and cons.

Though craving oranges or orange juice are good but always consult with your doctor because you may have other problems like acidity, I think consulting is the best option, especially in pregnancy.

Oranges are excellent for you and your unborn baby, but you may read this article about things not to do during pregnancy if you are more conscious about this.

Craving oranges are good, but if you think craving foods are also healthy, then the answer is no because some foods contain caffeine, but maximum caffeine is also not suitable during pregnancy.

Some people crave ice cream, so it’s not bad but comes with a limitation. I know you also love to eat ice cream then this is for you.

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During my pregnancy, I also craved orange juice, chocolate, and various other foods. Still, after a check-up, my doctor said it was just my thought process. Nothing is wrong with your body.

So, don’t think craving means there are some problems. Just enjoy your time and never overeat anything.

So, that’s all for today. I hope you’re enjoying the reading. If you find any helpful information regarding craving orange juice, please share it on your social media.

you can share your opinion and any doubts, drop questions in our comment box.

craving orange juice

Q1. Why do I like orange juice so much?

Whenever you eat an orange, you consume both the roughage and the juice. This delays your body’s ability to absorb the sugar in the juice. The sour (citric acid) after-taste in juice minimizes the overlord of sweetness.

Q2. Is craving orange juice mean low magnesium?

According to research, the first sign of low magnesium is fatigue, nausea, and weakness. Some researchers believed that chocolate cravings indicate a magnesium deficiency.
Still, we believe deficiency of minerals is one of the causes of craving citrus, and magnesium is one of the best minerals.

Q3. Is craving orange juice mean low iron?

There is no evidence that a lack of iron causes craving juice. Although, some research suggests that meat cravings support your body’s iron deficiency.

Q4. What mean by craving vitamin C?

Oranges contain vitamin C, which boosts our immunity and helps us fight infection. As a result, we believe that a strong desire for orange juice may indicate that our body is fighting germs.

Q5. Why am I craving lemon juice?

According to the study, those suffering from low deficiency anemia crave orange juice the most.
This is not an approved reason, and craving lemon does not necessarily indicate that you have any problems. It could be a psychological issue.

Q6. Are you think orange juice makes you tired?

Some people experience tiredness and believe it is due to the consumption of orange juice. Then let me tell you that it’s not because of oranges, but because your body requires minerals, especially magnesium.
So, if you get tired easily, try to eat magnesium-rich fruits and vegetables.

Q7. Why am I craving fruit?

Some of us feel sudden cravings like fruits, vegetables, etc. It means your body needs some minerals that help you to boost your immunity power.
This could be one factor because there is no approved research. It varies from man to man.

Q8. Craving oranges while pregnant:

Craving oranges is good, but if you drink it, then always prefer pasteurized orange juice. This is perfect during pregnancy. Oranges are popular because of their nutritional value like vitamin C, calcium as we previously said.
If you want to maintain a diet, then always consult with your doctor.
Sometimes we swallow oranges seeds and are worried about it, right? Don’t worry. No researches have found that it is harmful during pregnancy. But there is a chance of choking it, so be careful with that.

Q9. Why do I crave orange juice after drinking?

wrong. It may aggravate your stomach acidity. Do you really crave then it is your habit and for the best drink for hangovers. You can go for tomato or bananas juice.

Thank you.

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