Famous Foods That Start With P 2021- FIGHT LIST

If you’re going to look at foods that start with P and can’t gather all together. Then you come to the correct place.

I already prepare for you according to their names, where they are famous!

Let’s have a look and these all are famous foods that begin with the letter P, From Pumpkin to Pizza, potatoes, Pad Thai, Paella, Pakora and some unknown ones.

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1. Pumpkin FRUIT making so many staple foods dishes
2. Pea fruits soup, vegetable curry or can eat as a stir fry
3. Pizza Italy savory dish
4. Pickle fermented foods
5. Potatoes root vegetables
6. Porridge  great breakfast
7. Prata Indian flatbread as breakfast
8. Pie Greece savory baked dish
9. Poi Hawaii staple food
10. Pear juicy fruit makes jellies and preserves
11. Pork make meat dishes
12. Plaice North German fish dish
13. Plaice North German fish dish
14. Pomelo Southeast Asia citrus fruit
15. Popadom Indian snack
16. Pavlova New Zealand dessert
17. Pine Nut pine family edible seed
18. Pork Pie classic British meat pie snack
19. Prawn seafood several dishes
20. Pininyahang hipon Philippines Shrimp dish
21. Papeda Indonesia popular Staple food
22. Potted Shrimps British dish Shrimps savored with nutmeg
23.  Pala Indonesia Nutmeg
24.  Paniki Indonesian meal roasted Bat
25.  Pannenkoek Indonesia pancake
26.  Pacel Lele Indonesia, Java deep-fried fish( catfish)
27. Pempek Indonesia, Sumatra fried fish pancake
28. Pepes Indonesia meal prepare in banana leaf includes meat, tofu, fish, anchovy, mushrooms
29. Perkedel Indonesia corn fitters
30. Puyunghai Chinese, American Chinese, and Chinese Indonesia egg-based dish
31. Pekasam  South Kalimantan Fermented fish
32. Pallubasa South Sulawesi and Makassar savory, spicy meat soup
33. Pindang South Sumatra and Palembang sour fish soup
34. Pecel traditional Javanese dish  vegetable salad dish
35. Plecing Kangkung Indonesian spicy water spinach salad
36. Panada  North Sulawesi & Manado Tuna stuffed fried dumplings
37. Poke  Hawaii raw fish salad



Let’s start with simple and known foods first.

 1. Pumpkin

Although pumpkin is a fruit, it is more commonly used as a vegetable. It is a fruit that we can eat in many different ways. Such as stir-fried, curry, pie.

2. Pea

Naturally, peas are fruits but use as a vegetable. A pea is a little randomly oriented seed of a pea-pod.

Pea has great health benefits, and You can add pea in your soup, vegetable curry, or can eat as a stir fry.

3. Pizza

Pizza is most often a savory dish in Italy. Pizza is prevalent throughout the world.

The funniest thing is that pizza is available on so many toppings that you have 100 varieties of options.

I know you love pizza with lots of cheese.


4. Pickle

Pickles are fermented foods. Pickle can make from different kinds of items like cucumber, radish, cabbage, raw mango, carrot.

Pickle has a sour and spicy taste, but sometimes it comes in sweet pickles.


5. Potatoes

Potatoes are root vegetables. We can make potatoes in different ways.


6. Peach

Peach is a sweet juicy fruit that looks like an apple. Peach contains vitamins, fiber.


7. Porridge

Porridge is a great breakfast that starts with P, and it has several health benefits.


8. Prata

Prata is flatbread.

food that starts with p- pie

9. Pie

Pie is a savory baked dish and comes in a different form.


10. Poi

Poi is a staple food in Hawaii. Poi prepares from Taro stem.


11. Pear

Pear is a juicy fruit. It has a crumbly, delicate sweet aftertaste and uses it to makes jellies and preserves.


12. Pork

Pork used to make meat dishes.


13. Plaice

Plaice is a fish dish that most prominent in North German.


14. Pomelo

Pomelo is the largest citrus fruit native to southeast Asia.


15. Popadom

Popadom has several names like poppadom,papad. It is an Indian snack that backed flatbread.


16. Pavlova

Pavlova is a dessert magingue with fruit and prominent in New Zealand.


17. Pine Nut

Pine nut has several known names like pinoli in Italy. It has edible seeds and belongs to the Pinus family.


18. Peanut

Peanut is a legume, also named groundnut and goober in the US. Peanut can be used in several ways like- peanut pie, soup, butter, boiled peanuts.


19. Pork Pie

A pork pie is a classic British meat pie that can be eaten at room temperature or chilled. It is typically eaten as a snack. In a hot water crust pastry, a layer of minced fresh pork and pork fat is encased by a layer of jellied pig stock.

Another snack that starts with P is-


20. Prawn

Shrimp are known by several names in different places. Prawn is usually more popular in the UK, Ireland, all these places. The people of Japan eat the most number of shrimp, then UK, US.


21. Pininyahang hipon

The shrimp is made over in coconut milk, tomatoes, onion, pineapple. It is a staple dish in the Philippines.


22. Papeda

Papeda is the popular Staple food in Indonesia. It makes from sago congee or named Bubur Sagu.


23. Potted Shrimps

Shrimps savored with nutmeg. It is a British dish.


24. Pala

Nutmeg in the Indonesian language.


25. Paniki

Paniki is an Exotic Indonesian meal makes from roasted Bat.


26. Pannenkoek

Pannenkoek is a pancake and popular nationwide in Indonesia. It inspired over Dutch pancake, topped with bacon, apples, cheese, and raisins.


27. Pacel Lele/Pecak lele

Another popular meal in Indonesia, Java. It is mainly deep-fried fish( catfish).


28. Pempek

Pempek is a fried fish pancake that has a sweet, tangy, and spicy taste. Popular in Indonesia, Sumatra.


29. Pepes

Pepes is popualr meal in Indonesia. Pepes prepare in banana leaf includes meat, tofu, fish, anchovy, mushrooms.


30. Perkedel/ Perkedel jagung

Perkedel is corn fitters and filled with fish, corn, ground potatoes. Originated in Indonesia.


31. Puyunghai

Puyunghai is an egg-based dish popular in Chinese, American Chinese, and Chinese Indonesia.


32. Pekasam/Pakasam

Fermented fish season with sugar and chili. Popular in South Kalimantan.


33. Pallubasa

Pallubasa is a savory, spicy meat soup in South Sulawesi and Makassar.


34. Pindang

Popualr sour fish soup in South Sumatra and Palembang.


35. Pecel

Pecel is a traditional Javanese vegetable salad dish usually served with peanut sauce.

foods that start with the letter p

36. Plecing Kangkung

It is the most famous Indonesian spicy water spinach salad dish.


37. Panada

Tuna stuffed fried dumplings, famous in North Sulawesi & Manado.


38. Poke

Poke is a raw fish salad famous in Hawaii. Poke is the dish that can eat raw form and also start with P.


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These are all Mexican and South American dishes that start with the letter P

1. Pozole- Pozole is a folkloric Mexican stew.

2. Pan dulce- Popular breakfast in Mexican cuisine. It is a sweet pastry.

3. Pulpo a la campechana- Traditional Mexican octopus meat dish. Octopus gently simmer in garlic, vinegar, and onion.

4. Papas- Mexican Potatoes

5. Pambazo – Dipped fried bread in red Guajillo pepper.

6. Panucho – Mexican snacks, black bean paste with corn tortilla.

7. Picadillo- Traditional Latin American grounded meat dish.

8. Parilladas- Barbeque food.

9. Pernil- Slow roasted pork leg

10. Poc Chuc- Grilled Pork marinated in citrus serve with avocado, rice.

11. Pollo Asado- charcoal chicken

12. Pico de gallo- Sliced vegetable salad

13. Palmier- Mexican sweet, look like an elephant ear.

14. Pambazo – Mexican meat dish and the main ingredient is pork.

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28 different Italian dishes are starting with P

1. Pasta

2. Pastinaca- Parsnip

3. Pane- Bread

4. Pandoro – Sweet Italian bread

5. Piza/ Pizza- Originated in Italy. Thinly rolled bread topping with various food items.

6. Panzerotti- It is a Common and savory snack that is deep-fried with mozzarella cheese.

7. Panettone- Swwet bread

8. Pepata di cozze- Italian fish meal

9. Penia- Sweetbread

10. Pancetta- Salted cured pork belly meat.

11. Piada- Italian flatbread.

12. Panzanella- Italian salad

13. Parmigiana- Italian meal that prepares with fried thin slice eggplant in tomato sauce and cheese.

14. Penne- cylindrical-shaped pasta

15. Pollame – poultry

16. Prugna – prune, plum

17. Parmesan Cheese

18. Paddraccio cheese

19. Pecorino romano- Italian hard cheese.

20. Pesce Serra – bluefish, mackerel

21. Panforte- chewy Italian dessert

22. Pasta Fagioli- Unique Italian soup.

23. Pani ca meusa- Sicilian fast food.

24. Panini- Italian sanwich

25. Panna Cotta- Italian swwet thick gelatin dessert.

26. Pepe verde- Green peppercorn

27. Panelle- Italian snacks make from chickpea fitter.

28. Prezzemolo – parsley


More than 25 Snacks that start with P 

 1. Pangsit

A popular snack in Chinese Indonesian cuisine. Pangsit is a fried dumpling serve with sweet-sour sauce and filled with chicken and shrimp.

2. Pho

Vietnamese noodle soup.

3. Pad Thai

Snack and fast food in Thailand. Pad is rice noodles made with fried eggs, tofu, fish sauce, etc.

4. Picarones

Traditional snacks item in Peru, prepare from squash and sweet potatoes.

5. Pani puri

Indian fast foods that start with the letter P. A crispy deep-fried puri served with sweet, tangy, and spicy sauce water.

6. Pie tee

Pie tee crispy thin pastry stuffed with vegetable, prawns, Chinese turnips. Popular in Malay and Peranakan.

7. Pastel

Deep-fried dumplings filled with fish and popular in Indonesia.

8. Pljeskavica

A grilled dish popular in Serbia.

9. Papri Chaat

Papri chaat is the most well-known and popular snack item in Indian street foods. Papri chaat is famous in Bangladesh, Pakistan as well.

10. Porilainen

Hamburger in Finland.

11. Pilaf

King of fried rice popular in Istanbul.

12. Pisang Cokelat

Sweet snacks in Indonesia and Java, makes from banana and chocolate syrup.

13. Poutine

French fries and cheese curd snacks in Canada.

14. Pirozhki

Russian and Ukrainian snacks make from a mixture of a stuffed baked bun.

15. Popiah

Popiah is a spring roll that originates in China and popular in Chinese and Indonesian cuisine.

16. Proben

Deep-fried digestive organs in the Philippines

17. Pav Bhaji

A popular snack item in India. Pav means spongy bread, and bhaji means spicy veggie curry, served with an onion ring, lemon.

18. Pinyaram/panyaram

Sweet cake, traditional in West Sumatra and Indonesia. It makes from rice flour, coconut milk, and black rice.

19. Pai susu

The pastry is famous in Bali. Also named as MIlk pie.

20. Pastel de nata

Egg custard tart pastry season with cinnamon, Popular in Jakarta, the Western part of Europe, and Asia.

21. Poffertjes

Sweet pancake with a spongy texture, traditional Dutch batter treat.

22. Puding sagu

Another sweet that starts with P is Pudding Sago. Poular in Eastern Indonesia and Sumatra.

23. Pasty

Pasty is the most popular fast food in the United Kingdom. A pastry dough baked and filled with vegetables and meat.

24. Punugulu

Indian deep-fried rice, urad dal ball.

25. Putu mangkok

Traditional sweet coconut cake snacks in Indonesia are filled with palm sugar.

26. Petis

Javanese prawn sauce.

27. Pepito

Sandwich in Venezuela

28. Peremech

Meat filling deep-fried pastry in Russia.

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food that begins with the letter p

9 best pasta that starts with P

29. Perciatelli- Like lean a hollow stick

30. Penne – A cylinder-shaped hollow noodle with sloping edges

31. Pasta al ceppo- Sheet pasta

32. Pipe rigate- Look like a grooved pipe

33. Pici- Thich, bent, hand-rolled pasta originated in Tuscany.

34. Pappardelle- wide long ribbon pasta

35. Piombi- Pearl shaped pasta

36. Pillus- Very thin ribbon pasta, Most common in Sardinia.

37. Paccheri- Large tube pasta originaed in Campania.


Q1. What foods start with the letter P in Sri Lanka?

From the century, Srilanka has staple food of boiled rice and fish curry or meat curry. Besides this, they have some side dishes as well.

The top 8 Sri Lanka dishes that start with the letter P are

1. Paal Soru – Paal soru is milk steamed rice. The rice is boiled into coconut milk until it becomes a thick porridge.

2. Palm toddy- Palm toddy is an alcoholic beverage prepared from palms.

3. Pittu/ Puttu- Pittu or puttu both are the same difference in regional based. Puttu is a cylindrical shape breakfast prepared with rice and coconut milk.

4. Patty- Patty is a snack, mainly a round flattened burger.

5. Pachchaperumal- Traditional rice recipe. The rice has rice burgundy color.

6. Polos- Most popular green jackfruit curry.

7. Parippu- Most common dal curry.

8. Pol Sambola – Pol Sambol is a Coconut dish usually take as a side dish. Coconut plays a supreme role in Sri Lanka cuisine for hundreds of years. Coconut flesh is simply ground with onion, chili, lime juice, salt, and sometimes Maldive fish.

These are all staple and native foods of Sri Lanka that start with P.

Q2. What are some grains that start with P?

Grain is tiny, firm, dry seeds harvested for human or animal nutrition, with or without an associated hull or fruit covering.

 1. Pearl Millet- Pearl Millet is a warm season cereal that is a type of Millet widely grows in West Africa.

2. Proso Millet- Proso is another warm season cereal known as red Millet, White Millet, Kashif millet. It is widely grown in North China.

3. Pulses- Pulses are belonging to the pea family. It primarily prefers human consumption.

4. Peanuts- Peanuts are groundnut has lots of edible seeds.

5. Pigeon Pea – Pigeon pea belongs to the Fabaceae family and widely use n Jamaica.

6. Poppy seeds – Poppy seeds obtain from the Opium poppy. Legal permission requires for the cultivation of poppy.

Q3. What vegetables start with the letter P?

 9 Vegetable names that begin with P

1. Pare- Bitter gourd ( in Indonesia)

2. Parsnip- Roots vegetable

3. Pepper green, red, yellow

4. Potatoes

5. Peas- Seeds

6. Pumpkin

7. Pūhā

8. Pak Choy- Chinese leafy vegetable

9. Pitogo- Cycas riuminiana

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Q4. What beverages start with the letter P?

 Five drinks that start with the letter P

1. Pópo – Mexican cocoa-based drink.

2. Pignoletto- italian wine

3. Prosecco- Italian white wine

4. Pozol- Mexican drink prepared from fermented corn and cocoa.

5. Pulque- Mexican alcoholic drink makes from the fermented sap of agave plant.

Q5. What is a fruit that starts with P?

 17 Fruits that start with the letter P

1. Pisang- Banana ( Indonesia)

2. Peach

3. Pomegranate

4. Pointed gourd- Green color Belongs to vine family and similar to squash, cucumber but its use as a vegetable.

5. Peanut

6. Pawpaw

7. Papaya

8. Passionfruit

9. Persimmon- Edible fruit

10. Pineapple

11. Pineberry

12. Pomelo– Citrus fruit tastes like sweet grapefruit.

13. Plum

14. Packham Pear

15. Peperoncino- Belongs to Capsicam annuum. It is something hot peppers refer to in Italy.

16. Peperone- Italian sweet pepper.

17. Pimiento- Heart-shaped chili.

Q6. Meals beginning with P

 1. Pindi Chana- spicy Punjabi meal

2. Panipuri/phuchka- Combinationation of Spicy, tangy snack in India

3. Pork with bamboo shoots- Pork prepared in bamboo shoots in Nagaland.

4. Pot Roast

5. Pooran Poli – Traditional Maharashtrian stuffed bread meal item.

6. Panjiri- Popular meal in Punjab

7. Puliyodharai- South Indian rice dish

8. Pulao- saffron based rice dish

Q7. What meat starts with P?

 1. Pachamanca- Traditional Peruvian meat dish

2. Pachola- Mexican beef meat but originated from the state of Jalisco.

3. Pamplona- Uruguay grilled stuffed meat dish

4. Polbo á Feira- Traditional Galician Octopus meat dish

5. Pastramă- Romania’s delicious meat dish

6. Pyeonyuk- Korean thinly sliced boiled meat.

7. Peremech- Pastry meat popular in Volga Tatar and Bashkir.

8. Pljeskavica- Grilled meat, Popular in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

9. Potjevleesch- French meat dish

10. Pytt i panne– Norwegian chopped meat dish

11. Pringa- Popular in Spanish cuisine

12. Pukala- Newar cuisine.

13. Pork- Main meat should pork

14. Poultry- Main meat comes from the chicken.

Q8. Name some foods that start with P and end with E

  • Porridge
  • Pytt i pannePickle
  • Potatoes
  • Pie
  • Plaice
  • Pacel Lele
  • Poke
  • Pozole
  • Pork Pie
  • Pan dulce
  • Pane

Q9. Name some foods that start with P and with L

    • Pozol
    • Pastel
    • Pernil
    • Pecel
    • Perkedel
    • Pizelle

Q10. Name some foods that begin with p and end with y

  • Pepperberry
  • Pepper jelly
  • Parsley
  • Poppy
  • Pork belly
  • Pork Jerky
  • Payday
  • Pillsbury

  • Foods that Begin with POP- Popiah, Popcorn, Poptart, Poppy


  • Foods that begin with the letter PO- Pork, blood soup, Potjiekos, Potato Gulasch, Porridge, Pot brood, Potted shrimps, Pork pie, Poulet aux noix, Potato bread, Pomelo, Pomegranate, ETC.


  • Foods that Start with PH- Phutu, Phaletshe, Phuchka, etc.


  • Foods that Start with PA- Papaya, Parika, Pastilla, Pakora, Pastry, Pap, Passionfruit, Pawpaw, Pam poenkoekies, Pakhala, Pastitsio, etc.


  • Foods that Start with PEL- Pelau( Caribbean food.)


  • Foods that Start with PI- Pickles, Pizzelle, Pie, and mashPizza Cuban, Pineapple, Picadillo, Piperade, Pineberry, Pikliz, Pies, Pizza


  • Foods that Start with PAN- Panjiri, Paneer tikka masala, Pandoro, Panjeeri, Panforte, Pani puri ,Panocha

  • Foods that Start with PEN-  Penne, penuche

Last but not least, I countered maximum P foods names and solved some FAQs as well.

Here I have done today. Let me know how the experience of these foods that start with P; give me a comment.

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