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You are here which means you look for foods that start with m; am I right!  Then you’re in the right place.

Here I’m going to tell you about more than 120+ healthy foods that begin with the letter m, and those are found in a different region.

Some of them may be unknown to you, again some food you know about. I’m going to discuss where they found it and its health benefits.

A lot of foodstuffs begin with m in the world, which never ends. But I will try to give the maximum portion here.

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We’ve sourced and assembled numerous ingredients, recipes, and dishes to help you out, all foods beginning with the letter M.

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Breakfast foods that start with M

Below all listed foods are eaten in breakfast. These foods are healthy and have lots of benefits. 

This is a collection of remarkable breakfast ingredients, which are often served at breakfast. Breakfast is the first meal following a night’s sleep, consumed usually early in the morning before day labor.

Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day.

Further wasting time let’s start:

These are the popular breakfast foods that start with the letter M For kids Special.

1. Muesli (Breakfast and healthy food starting with M)

Muesli is dried oats with nuts, grains, dried fruits including seeds. Before consume it soak in milk or any fruit juice before taking food and eat fresh fruits with it.

1 bowl of Muesli provides 300 cal energy.

Muesli contains lots of health benefits: 

  • It contains high fiber.
  • Fills the stomach for a long time
  • Easily digestible
  • Healthy for your guts.
  • Very good breakfast for a healthy heart.
  • Provide you long time energy.
  • Helps to maintain weight.
  • Most important great cereals for diabetic ones.

2. Monkey bread :

Monkey bread is well known in the United State. The taste is sweet and sprinkled with cinnamon.

This is mainly pastry type bread which has finger-like parts or small pieces of bread-stick together, And the name comes from when the bread picks its like monkey would.

Monkey bread recognizes as golden dumpling coffee cake, Hungarian coffee cake, Christmas morning delights so on.

About 418 calories of energy content per serving.

foods that start with the letter m

3. McMuffin (sandwich start with M)

McMuffin is a sandwich produces by McDonald’s.This is a well-known breakfast food that starts with M, and 1 sandwich provides 300 kcal energy.

This simple breakfast sandwich contains fewer calories and fat than most McDonald’s sausage, bacon, or biscuit options.


  • It almost 2 mg of iron present in the McMuffin.
  • Canadian Bacon present in Muffin maintain cholesterol.

4. Maple syrup: (Sugar substitute Start with the letter M)

Maple syrup does not directly eat for breakfast, it uses as the topping of breakfasts. Maple syrup obtains from the Maple tree.

Maple syrup food benefits: 

  • Maple syrup contains a high amount of antioxidants.
  • Important nutrients like zinc, magnesium, potassium riboflavins, all are present in maple syrup.
  •  This syrup is strongly beneficial for men to increase reproductive health.
  • Maple syrup can boost energy.
  • Maple syrup contains natural sugar which is excellent for heart health.
  • As already said it contains natural sugar so it may control blood sugar levels.
  • a refreshing drink for summer, a healthy drink with letter m.
foods that start with m

5. Margarine Food:

Margarine is mainly produced from highly beneficial plant oils but in case nowadays it mixed up with different food additives, colorants.

Margarine food Benefit:

  • Margarine is high in polyunsaturated fat. It may healthy for the heart.

6. Milk– (Brevarage Begins with M)

Milk is the most common breakfast beverage all over the world & a drink that starts with M.

Benefits of Milk:

  • Calcium present in milk makes bone strong.
  • Boost brain development.
  • Increase memory power.
  • Good for diabetic patients.
  • Maintain weight 
  • Excellent source of protein and almost all vitamins.

7. Manakish : (Famous Pizza starting with M)

Manakish is alike a pizza famous in Levantine food. 

Thyme, ground meat, and cheese are used as topping on it. It is a healthy breakfast that starts with m.


  • Manakish is a good source of antioxidants.
  • Thyme present in Manakish acts as an antiseptic.
  • Contain vitamin A, C, E, K, and omega 3 fatty acids.
  • It contains sesame seeds high in dietary fiber.

8. Mas huni: (Breakfast Meal that Begin with the letter M)

Mashuni is mainly Maldivian Breakfast made of coconut, chili, tuna, and finely chopped onion.

9. Mandoca: ( Morning bread start with M)

Our other healthy breakfast food that begins with “M” is Mandoca.

Mandoca is generally a Venezuelan breakfast. It is also bread. It looks like a ring and eats with butter.

Mandica makes from a blend of cornmeal, water, salt sugar, and White cheese.

10. Mohinga :

Mohinga is breakfast in Burma. 

11. Msemen:

It is a typical breakfast in Morocco.

12. Milk Toast:

As the name suggests, it will have milk and toast. Most Healthy Breakfast Food.

These all are healthy breakfast foods that start with M.

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Now we are discussing:

Snacks that start with m:

These well-known snacks start with M for kids special.

1. Mexican Rice – (Healthy snacks that start with the letter M)

Mexican rice is the most delicious and well-known snack throughout Mexico. You can say healthy snacks start with the letter M.

The rice makes with different ingredients like veggies, meats, mushrooms, shrimp. 

2. Milkshake ( Worldwide popular drink starts with M)

We all know about milk-shake right? A healthy snack that starts with m. There are many kinds of milkshakes. Like- Chocolate, smoothie, coffee, hot chocolate, or milkshake with fruits.

3. Marble cake (Pastry starts with the letter M)

A marble cake is a pastry with a striped or mottled look obtained from a light and dark combinations. 

It could be a vanilla and chocolate pastry blend,

4. Melon -fruit begins with M

Melon is a sweet delicious fresh fruit, with family Cucurbitaceae.

5. Manwich

Manwich is a brand name of packaged sloppy joe gravy with tomato sauce and ground beef.

6. Macaroni (Pasta name starting with M letter)

Macaroni is one type of pasta. It can make in a different style.

7. Marshmallow- (Sweet Snack starting with M)

Marshmallow is a soft spongy type of sweet prepared from gelatin, sugar, and water. Outermost is solid and innermost soft and spongy.

8. Moon pie- (Pie name begining with M)

Moon pie is an American favorite sweet, moon pie combination of two graham cookies with soft marshmallow filling.

9. Moo Goo Gui Pan(Chicken name starts with M)

It is a mix fried of chicken, mushrooms particularly white bottom one, and different veggies.

10. Marinara sauce- ( Sauce name with Initial Letter M)

Marinara sauce is an Italian-American cuisine which makes from tomato, onion, garlic, herbs, olives. 

11. Mango-

It is a deliciously sweet fruit.

12. Meatloaf- Meat dish begins with M letter

Meatloaf is mainly a baked or smoked meat dish, which makes from ground meat with lots of ingredients.

13. Mango jam-

A jam makes from fresh mango.

14. Muffins

A Sweet dessert that starting with M.

15. Macadamia nut pie-

Macadamia nut pie is a Marshall Island common recipe.

16. Mackerel Cake- Fish name starting with M

Mackerel cake makes from fish, and lots of ingredients form a cake then baked or deep-fried.

17. Macadamia Nuts- Australian food that starts with M

Macadamia nuts are native to Australia. It is a nut that has a butter-like flavor with a creamy feel that makes it popular.

18. Mahi Mahi Chowder -Soup that begins with M

It is Mahi Mahi fish with vegetable soup good for diabetic people.

food that starts with m

19. Mandarins

Fruits belong to oranges.

20. Mango juice- Drink name with M

Juice makes from fresh sweet delicious mango.

21. Mango Lassi-

One type of beverage makes from fresh mango.

22. Metheglin – Meals that start with M

Traditional meals with added spices or grasses are metheglin.

23. Milk chocolate-

Milk and chocolate solution.

I add some

Desserts that start with M

1.MarzipanGerman dessert that starts with M.

Favorable in Germany and Italy. Sweet candy recipes.

2. Macaroons

Sweet small size cakes have a nutty flavor.

3. Mashed potatoes-

Boil potatoes mashed and eating with sprinkles of salts.

4. M &M’s- Chocolaty dessert name start with the letter M

It is the most famous chocolaty snack that starts with m actually small m printed on the surfaces of each chocolate.

5. Millet–  

Cereal plant uses to produce flour or alcoholic beverages.

6. MimosaDrinks name begins with M

A mixture of orange juice and champagne.

7. MojitoCuban drink starting with M

It is a popular Cuban beverage. The cocktail usually makes of 5 ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint.

8. Mincemeat-

It is a fusion of chopped dehydrated fruit, refined spirits and seasonings, and beef meat.

9. Mayonnaise-

Mayonnaise Aka mayo, is a dense cool sauce uses in sandwiches, burgers, and a lot of foody recipes.

10. Meat

Meat is the flesh of either animal-like- beef, pork, goat, sheep or bird-like turkey, hen. Meat contains a high amount of protein, fat, and vitamin.

11. Meatball

Meatball is made from meat and eats steam or deep-fried.

12. Metang

Indonesian Fruit use for wine, jam, and stew.

13. MaafeAfrican soup begining with M

African soup makes from peanuts and meats with veggies.

14. Malva pudding-

African pudding makes from apricot.

15. Mandazi-

African fleecy fried bread 

16. ManduFood that starts with M for kids.

Korean snacks fill with veggies, meat, or mushroom.

17. Moimoi

Nigerian bean pudding.

18. Merguez

African mutton or beef spicy sausage.

19. Mince Pie

The mixture of dried fruits.

20. Medoc

France Red wine

21. ModakFood that begins with M for kids

Indian Sweet

22. Momo –

For me, Momo is the best M food. It can be sweet or spicy snacks that fill with either meat or vegetables. 

Appetizers that start with m.

1. Mclntosh– Apple

2. Medlar– small apple-like brown color fruits, available in winter and cultivated from the Roman period.

3. Merlot– dark blue color wine grape

4. Mescal– Mexican beverage

5. Mead– Alcoholic beverage

6. Miso– Japanese foods made from fermented soybeans,

7. Mocha– Beverage contains milk, chocolate.

8. Mochi – Rice cake filling with icecream.

9. Moussaka– Potato dish

10. Mulberry– FRUITS, you can eat raw that begins with M.

11. Mutton– meat

12. Marmalade– Sweet dish makes from fruit juice and peels with added sugar.

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Spicy foods that start with M:

Let’s jump to something spicy dishes that also initiate with the letter M.

1. Mirchi Bajji :

This spicy food starts with Fmouse snacks in northern India. This is a spicy snack made from chili and chopped coriander, ginger onion serve with tomato.

2. Masala Puri:

Masala puri is famous all over India. Masala puri is made of crushed puri and spicy sabzi.

I only find these two spicy foods that start with M, if you know more than this, please tell me in the comment box, so I can add another spicy food that begins with M.

Mexican foods that start with m:

There is so much Mexican food present in the food list that begins with the letter m.

1. Mollete: Mexican bread begining with the letter M

Mollete is native Mexican bread. Which is an inexpensive and healthy breakfast throughout Mexico.  Cheese and serrano peppers are topping on the surface.

2. Mole sauce:

A fruit, chili pepper, nut, and spice marinade sauce that includes black pepper, cinnamon, cumin.

3. Machaca- Meat begining with the letter M

Machaca is dried meat. The meat uses either pork or beef.

4. Moranga-

Moronga is Mexican cuisine besides that it is famous in Cuba, Central America, and Colombia. It is a sausage. Seasoned with lots of spice, herbs like oregano, mint.

5. Mancha manteles- Meat dish that starts with M

Mancha is another Mexican food that starts with m. It is a dense broth made of meat, chili veggies, and fruits.

6. Memela-

Memela is one type of pancake made of Masa and coated with various ingredients on it.

7. Menudo- Soup start with the letter M

Menudo is one type of soup, another name is pancita. Menudo is made of cow’s tripe with red chili pepper base including onions, lime, and oregano.

8. Mixiotes – BBQ start with M

Mixiote is a barbeque Mixiote is a barbeque M food typical in central Mexico. The meat is chicken, mutton, lamb .pork, and rabbit including thyme, bay leaves, cumin, and clove.

9. Mole de olla-  Soup meal start with the letter M

Mole de olla is a traditional soup popular in entire Mexico. The soup makes from zucchini, green beans, meat, and lots of veggies. The name mole indicates a variation of sauce and vegetables.

10. Molotes- Appetizer that start with M

Molotes mainly eat as an appetizer in Mexico. It is made of corn masa and blended with mashed potatoes. And fills with various ingredients.

11. Mole poblano

Mole poblano is the national dish of Mexico. 

Above all are Mexican foods begin with m and also check our Mexican food list with Letter P. If you have any food you know, please let us know in the comment box below. 

Italian foods that start with m:

In the Italian kitchen, There are so many pretty foods are present. All dishes are so yummy, and amazing carry a unique Italian flavor. Take a quick tour of some Italian food dishes that begin with the letter M.

1. Mozzarella di bufala- Soft white cheese

2. Minestra- Soup cover with risotto, pasta.

3. Mela –Apple

4. Manzo-beef

5. Mortadella- ground pork with black pepper.

6. Minestrone- veggies soup

7. Maccheroni- dried pasta

8. Melanzana-eggplant

9. Maccarello -mackerel

10. Maiale– pork

11. Maracuja – Passionflower

12. Melagrana – pomegranate

13. Moscato -NUTMEG

14. Moscardino – tiny octopus

15. More -blackberries

16. Miele -honey

17. Menta -mint

18. Mais -corn

19. Malfatti – gnocchi 

20. Mazzafegati– pork sausage including the orange peel, raisins, and pine nuts.

21. Marrone– Chestnut

22. Millecosedde– dried beans soup with wild mushrooms and veggies.

Potluck foods that start with m

These five potluck foods are beginning with the M letter.

1. Mediterranean couscous: 

Mediterranean couscous is a salad that provides proteins and essential phytonutrients. 

2. Mashed potatoes and chicken :

It is the best potluck foods start with – its serve with mashed potato with grilled chicken

3. Mashed root veggies : Potluck food that starts with M for kids

It is a delicious healthy food made from mashed vegetables’ roots. The veggies like carrot, onion, beet, roots use.

4. Mustard delights: Spicy food that begins with the letter M

mustard delight is a sauce made from mustard. the mustard delight use in various recipes like dipping sauce with grilled chicken, fried chicken grilled fish.

5. Monster cookies: Food you can eat raw that starts with M

Monster cokes are the best potluck food it is made from peanut butter and choco chips. 

Now come with some vegetables that start with m:

foods that start with m

12 Vegetable name initial with M letter

1. MushroomsEdible fungus starting with M

Mushrooms are edible fungus that contains a high amount of antioxidants, vitamin D, and B complex.

2. Mustard:

Mushtardsare edible seeds. Use in several recipes and fried.

3. Mustard greens:

Mustard green is the green plant of the mustard.

4. Mung bean:

Mung bean is known as green gram or maash.

5. Morel mushrooms:

Morel mushrooms are edible fungi that look like a honeycomb. Morel mushroom is a great source of iron and vitamin D.

6. Moth bean: Turkish vegetable begins with M

Moth bean is also popular as Turkish gram which is rich in protein.

7. Mozuku:

Mozuku is edible algae common in Japan.

8. Molokhia: Egyptian vegetable starts with M

Molokhia is famous in Egypt. It green family from corchorus olitorius. This vegetable is bitter in taste.

9. Malabar spinach:

Malabar spinach is not similar to spinach it mainly uses as a vegetable in a variety of dishes. The stem and leaves are using edible vegetables.

10. Mangetout:

Mangetout is edible-podded peas.

11. Manoa lettuce :

Manoa lettuce is an edible veggie that great source of antioxidants and vitamin c. They are generally fat-free and cholesterol-free veggies. good for the heart.

12. Mashua:

Raw mashua tuber is bitter because of glucosinolates, but after boiling, or freezing conditions bitterness can reduce.


Q1. What are the Best M foods?

I think all are the best. But best foods means which have some health benefits, tasty- so in that scenario,

  • Milkshake,
  • Mushrooms,
  • Mango,
  • Maple syrup,
  • Muesli,
  • Melon,
  • Meat,
  • Meatballs, etc these are the best M foods.

Create your own best M food list and send me. I would love to see it.

Q2. What meat starts with M?

  • Marbled meat- red meat contains lots of fat muscles.
  • Mutton- Goat meat
  • Meatball: Grounded meat form like small balls and eat either steam or deep-fried, formed with a wide variety of meats, including lamb, pork, and beef.
  • Meatloaf: A cooked dough of ground meat.

Q3. What are fruits that start with M?

  • Mango
  • Melon
  • Mandarin Fruit
  • Maprang Fruit
  • Macadamia fruit
  • Mammee apple
  • Mangaba fruit
  • Manila tamarind fruit
  • Maqui fruit
  • Marula fruit
  • Melinjo fruit
  • Mock strawberry fruit
  • Mora de castilla fruit
  • Mountain soursop fruit
  • Muscadine fruit
  • Morinda fruit
  • Miracle fruit
  • Maypop fruit
  • Marionberry fruit
  • Marang fruit
  • Manoao fruit
  • Mangosteen fruit
  • Mamoncillo fruit
  • Melonpear
  • Mulberry
  • Mayan nut
  • Munjal Fruit
  • Marang seeds

Q4. Apple Names that Begin with M

More than 7000 varieties of apples out there include beginning with the M letter.

I listed only the best 10 apples names that start with M.

 i. McIntosh- It is grown in September’s late mid-season. A sizeable, brilliant red apple originated in Ontario, Canada.

McIntosh is a sweet, crisp, juicy, pure white flesh commonly use to making Pie or normally eat. A popular cold food, apple is common in UK, US, Australia, and North America.

ii. Melon Apple- Melon apples are high-grade apple originated from Connecticut. The apples are medium in size and yellow skin.

iii. Mother Apple- Another known name of Mother Apple is “American Mother.”

The apples are yellow with a brilliant red half-cover and have carmine crimson over stripe. The flavor of the apple is balsamic with a touch of vanilla. A frost-resistant late-flowering variant.

iv. Mutsu Apple- Mutsu apples are a crossbreed of “Indo apples” and “Golden delicios”, first seen in Japan.

Mutsu apples are widely used for eating purposes and name “Crispin” in the United States.

v. My Jewel Apple- Another crossbreed apple from California and Watsonville. These are coming from Golden Delicious and Winter Banana hybridization. These are yellow.

vi. Melrose- Melrose is a classic farmed apple species that was created in Ohio.

Fruit that’s been flattened to a large extent. The skin had a yellowish-green color that was flushed and stained dark crimson with rusty patches.

The flesh is firm, gritty, and delicious, with a creamy white color. The flavor is slightly acidic. Excellent culinary and dessert skills. It’s best after Christmas when the delicious fragrance emerges.

vii. Merton Beauty- Mid-season apple with sweet-smelling and aniseed essence.

viii. Macoun- Macoun apples are hybrid of Jersey Black and Mcintosh apple. These are high-grade apples that have a similar fragrance to McIntosh. The skin is so polished and dark red.

ix. Mollies Delicious- These culvers have grown mainly in August native to New Jersey.

x. Melba apple- Melba is a crimson red color cultivar that originated in Canada.

Q5. Healthy Snacks that start with M.

Some healthy snacks list beginning with M –

  • Milkshake,
  • Melon,
  • Mango Juice,
  • Mexican rice,
  • Macaroni,
  • Marshmallow,
  • Mochi,
  • Mango Jam,
  • Mackerel cake, and
  • Macadamia nut, etc.

Q6. Herbs that start with M

These are some herbs that start with the letter M and have some health benefits as well. Include-

Mace- Mace, Myristica fragrans, a spice obtains from the dried rind of Nutmeg fruit. Mace has a somewhat warm flavor and a nutmeg-like aroma. It is used to flavor bread, meat, and many fish dishes, sauces, and vegetables and store and pickled.

Marjoram- Marjoram, Origanum majorana belongs to the mint family. It is also known as sweet marjoram. It is usually used for culinary seasoning. Marjoram has a slightly aromatic and robust flavor.

Mint– Mint is used for its aroma.

Mustard– Mustard seeds are mainly three-color black, white, and brown. Both seeds and powder are used as a spice, and it has a strong, pungent aroma. More often used in fish dishes.

Mahleb– Mahleb, Prunus mahaleb belongs to cherry faily. Mostly use in greek, Turkish cuisine.

Q7. What is pasta that starts with M?

These five pasta name Begins with M- Mafalde, Maccheroni alla molinara,Maltagliati, and Macaroni Pasta.

Q8. Name some Diet Foods that start with M

The top five healthy diet foods beginning with M must include your meal.- Meats, Milk, Melon, Mustard, Muesli, etc.

Conclusion on foods that start with M:

These are the foods that start with M, some of which I just give here.

There are thousands of other foods that have started with M.

Let us know if you like it.

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Written By: Riya Paul ( Asst. Prof of Biotechnology)


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