Healthy Foods That Start With A (2021) Ethnic & Breakfast

Are you finding foods that start with A, then you are absolutely in the right place.

Here Next 5 mins you’ll know the maximum number of A foods from different countries. Some are national, and some are ethnic foods.

The only good part of being healthy is food. 

I have discussed Healthy, Ethnic Foods that begin with A. I hope you like it. Please let me know in the comments.

These all are somewhere to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, even snacks.

Foods that start with a like – Apricot, Aloo Parata, Aloo gobi, American cheese, Arepa, Artichoke, etc.

To know more, check below the list of A foods.

Best Healthy foods that start with A

1. Apple- Use as breakfast and healthy fruit that starts with A.

Health benefits- 

  • Apple makes a healthy gut.
  • Helps you for weight loss
  • Present lots of good nutrients.
  • Apple is for a healthy heart
  • Good effects in lowering the blood pressure and bad cholesterol
  • Increasing digestion
  • Increase immunity 
  • Very good for type 2 diabetics patients
  • Apple contains antioxidants thus can prevent cancer
  • Helps in Alzheimer’s 

2. Apricot- use as breakfast

Health Benefits of Apricots- 

  • Apricot has antioxidants, thus promotes immunity and eliminate free radical from the body
  • Apricot helps to increase health gut
  • Keep your body hydrating
  • Has a good effect on liver function, makes your liver healthy
  • Very good for skin and eyes.

3. Aloe vera- Aloe vera has tremendous health benefits. You can eat it as juice.

Benefits of aloe vera

  •  Aloe vera contains antioxidants
  •  Numerous nutrition 
  •  Has antibacterial properties
  •  can heal wounds
  •  good for skin
  •  Affect on dental plaque
  •  Daily consumption of aloe vera juice can overcome old constipation problems.
  •  Good for diabetic patients

4. Acai- Acai mainly belongs to the berry family.


  • Helps to increase brain function.
  • Keep your heart healthy
  • contains high fiber, thus increase digestion 
  • Acai berries have anticancer properties
  • Reduce bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol

5. Almond- 

Health benefits of almond

  •  Almond boost brain function
  •  Almonds carry a significant amount of vitamin E, which is good for the skin, eyes.
  •  Can help to reduce sugar level
  •  Almond milk is good for the skin and reduces wrinkles
  •  Almond contains a tremendous amount of magnesium and fiber with proteins

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6. Avocado- A food use in breakfast


  •  Avocados contain a large amount of potassium.
  • High fiber contains avocado can help to overcome constipation problems and improve gut health.
  • May helps in lowering the cholesterol level
  • to keep away the heart from cardiac illness
  • Helps to maintain weight

7. Asparagus- healthy breakfast food that starts with the letter A.

  • Asparagus contains high fiber and folic acid
  • Rich source of potassium and vitamin A
  • Asparagus may help in better eyesight

8. Anchovies- It is a super healthy food that begins with A.

  •  Anchovies contain a high amount of omega3 fatty acids. 
  •  Keeps heart-healthy and away from cardiac illness
  •  Helps to reduce the chances of stroke.
  •  Maintain cholesterol level

9. Anise- Anise or call star anise mainly as a spice.

Health Benefits-

  •  Anise has antifungal properties
  •  Has anti-inflammatory properties
  •  May help in depression patients
  •  Maintain sugar level
  •  Improve digestion and healthy gut
  •  Anise tea can help to overcome insomnia
  •  Anise can keep away bad mouth
  •  Anise can enhance libido.
  •  Helps to the regular menstruation cycle

10. Acorn Squash- This A food best for type 2 diabetic 

other benefits- 

  •  Acorn squash rich source of magnesium, potassium, and vitamin C
  •  Vitamin c can help to boost immunity
  •  Potassium keeps maintaining hearth function
  •  Antioxidants in acorn squash help eliminate free radicals from the body

11. Amaranth-

Health benefits –

  •  One cup of amaranth contains 19% of selenium
  •  Amaranth helps you to weight loss
  •  Rich source of iron
  •  Increase immunity
  •  Contain a high amount of antioxidant

12. Artichoke- breakfast food that begins with the letter A


  • Artichoke is packed with several beneficial nutrients.
  • Helps to lower the bad cholesterol
  • Has an anticancer effect
  • Benefits for type 2 diabetic patients
  • Enhance the digestive system

Are you tried any of the above A foods before!

13. Allspice- Allspice is a combination of pepper, cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

Health benefits- 

  •  Improve digestion
  •  relieves stomach upset
  •  Has anti-inflammation properties
  •  May help to relieve pain

14. Alfalfa- Best healthy food that starts with the letter A.

Health benefits of Alfalfa-

  •  Alfalfa is especially effective at lowering cholesterol levels.
  •  It holds a large quantity of vitamin c and folate
  •  Good for body
  •  Contain low calories, thus maintain weight.

15. Arugula- Another name is Rocket, belonging to the Brassicaceae family.


  •  Arugula has large quantities of calcium.
  •  Affect on blood clotting process
  •  Rich source of folate and vitamin C and vitamin K.
  • Although it has a bitter taste key for immunity boosting
  • Rich source of antioxidant

16. Asian Pear

17. Adzuki Beans

18. Albacore

foods that start with A

Breakfast foods that start with A

19. Aloo paratha- Indian breakfast bread which boiled mashed potatoes, coriander leaves, green chilies, and garam masala.

20. Arepa- Popular breakfast food that starts with A. Arepa makes from corn, maize flour, and cooked by baked fry.

21. Ackee and saltfish- A food is Jamaica’s traditional breakfast recipe. 

22. Apple dumpling-Apples are rolling in the dough of buttery crescent and wrapped with a mix of sugar and butter with cinnamon flavor.

23. Anadama Bread- Popular breakfast food in New England.

24. Avocado tomatillo breakfast tacos- Great breakfast recipe that begins with A.

25. Avocado almondaise toast- Perfect breakfast for the summer season with creamy Avocadoes.

26. Avocado Toast with egg- Simple, easy to make breakfast that begins with the letter A. Mashed avocado and egg with toast can make your morning.

27. Apple Crisp Oatmeal Squares- Another quick and easy to make breakfast recipe, simple apple, oats, and flavor with cinnamon, make a square shape.

28. Apple juice- Simply makes juice from fresh apples.

29. Apple cinnamon crunch overnight oats

30. Avocado and egg brown rice bowls

Ethnic foods that start with A

Ethnic foods are the most common and well popular throughout the world.

Ethnic food was created to foster food culture in the country and abroad and preserve tradition. Like- American, Mexican, Chinese, Korean, Indian, Italian, French 

Ethnic foods gain a lot of prestige by respecting each other’s ethnic cuisine around the world.

Most popular ethnic foods that start with A in the world are listed below. I divided them according to their country food lists.

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American foods that start with A

31. Amish friendship bread

32. Apple crisp 

33. American generic parmesan

34. Ambrosia – fruit salad

35. American cheese

36. Adobe bread

37. Anadama bread

38. Angel food cake – American famous spongy texture cake.

39. Apple dumpling- Pastry filled with apple.

Indian Foods that start with A

India is a fusion of cultures from different countries. So there is a list of different foods available in this country. 

One of them has a remarkable taste of its own and has a history. So here’s a part of our list; hopefully, you’ve tried it once, or if you haven’t tried one of them.

Here the list of Indian foods that begin with the letter A.

40. Aloo Matar- Curry of potatoes and peas

41. Attu- Attu is a popular breakfast recipe in India’s South part, especially in Andhra Pradesh, known as Dosa.

42. Attukula Attu- Poha dosa with tomato chutney.

43. Anarsa – One of the popular snack food that starts with A. Anarsa is popular in Maharastra and Bihar, a sweet snack and makes from jaggery, rice, poppy seed, and ghee.

44. Amritsari kulcha- Popular flatbread in Amritsar, Panjab. The bread is filling with mashed potatoes, coriander leaves, green chilies.

45. Amriti with rabdi- Sweet dish

46. Aloo gobi- Vegetable dish makes with potatoes and cauliflower.

47. Amritsari fish- Most popular fish dish in Amritsar.

48. Amriti- Amriti is a flower-like dessert that originated from Mughal time. Now the most popular dessert in Rajasthan.

49. Avial – Most popular Indian food that starts with the letter A. A food that is well known in Kerala is mixed vegetable curry.

50. Aloo methi- It is a vegetable dish which mixture of potatoes and fresh fenugreek leaves, 

Eat either fry or curry.

51. Aloo Tikki- cheap and famous Indian street food snacks that begin with A.

52. Aloo Shimla Mirch- Curry of capsicum and potatoes.

53. Amti – Maharashtrian curry dish 

54. Ada- Ginger

55. Alu Pitika- Boiled and smashed potatoes with grilled veggies.

56. Apple halwa- Sweet dish makes from apple.

57. Ariselu- Sweet dish, popular in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Mexican Foods that start with A

58. Aguachile- Famous Mexican snacks that begin with the letter A. Aguachile is a seafood dish.

59. Ajo- Garlic

60. Arroz poblano- Well known Mexican green rice dish with poblano.

61. Arroz con Leche- Rice pudding 

62. Albaricoque- Apricot

63. Albóndigas– Meatballs

64. Achiote– Mexican cuisine makes from a blend of several spices.

65. Apio- Celery

66. Adobo – Mexican chicken or pork recipe.

67. Abobora- Pumpkin

68. Arroz con pollo- Mexican mixture of chicken and rice recipe.

69. Albahaca- Basil

70. Antojitos- Most popular snacks in Mexico.

71. Aceituna- Olive.

72. Alfajor- Caramel cookie.

73. Almendra- almond

74. Atole- Mexican beverage.

75. Aporreadillo- Traditional Mexican meat dish.

76. Ancho-dried poblano chile peppers 

77. Arroz a la tumbada- Rice dishes 

78. Aguamiel- Fermented food made from Aguamiel plant

79. Azucar- sugar

80. Asadero- mild soft cheese

food that starts with a

Italian Foods that start with A

This is a compilation of Italian cuisine. Over centuries Italian cuisine has evolved. Every region of Italy has its own specialties in regional cuisine. 

Usually, the Italian menu, with antipasto, primo, Secondo, and sweets desserts, is arranged in much the same way throughout Italy. 

Traditional Italian cuisine and foods include a selection of snacks, pasta, risotto and pizzas, soups, and delicate meat and fish meals. 

Below is a list of popular Italian food, classic Italian cuisine, well-known Italian traditional dishes, Italian staples. 

To more about Italian foods that begin with the letter A is given below:

I hope you glad to know.

81. Armelin- apricot

82. Ai Frutti di mare- This is a seafood pizza famous in Italy.

83. Anguria- Watermelon

84. Acquacotta- Italian food that starts with A is Acquacotta is a soup.

85. Anice- Anise

86. Asparagi- Asparagus

87. Arancia- orange

88. Ananas- Pineapple

89. Acqua- water

90. Agghiotta di lumacha- Another great Italian food that starts with A this is delicious snail soup.

91. Affettati-Cuts Meats

92. Alla matriciana- One of the most ancestral Italian food that begins with A is noodles with pasta sauce.

93. Anisette- Italian cookies

94. Agrumi- Citrus fruit

95. Asiago- cheese

96. Alloro- Bay leaves

97. Agliata- This is a popular A food, is mainly garlic-based sauce.

98. Acqua Pazza- Fish recipe

99. Asprigno- Sour food

100. Arancini- Rice ball

101. Arrosticini- Roasted meat 

102. Agnolotti- Pasta filling with either meat or veggies.

103. Aglio- Garlic

104. Agro- lemon

French Foods that start with A

Many A food belongs to the French food family. Certain dishes have been recognized as part of national cuisine, and others are known to be part of regional cuisine.

There are also slices of bread, cold cuts, vegetables name and desserts, which are described respectively. 

105. Ail- Garlic 

106. Aneth-Dil

107. Ananas- pineapple

108. Avoine- Oats

109. Asperge- Asparagus

110. Aubergine- eggplant

111. Axoa- Popular french dish makes from tomato, onion, and veal mashed together

112. Angel wings- Most popular sweet french food that starts with A is Angel wings.

113. Abdelavis- Melon

114. Aligot- potatoes grind with tomme cheese

115. Algue- edible seaweed

116.Agrume- citrus fruits

117. Andouillette- Sausage makes from pork.

118. Aiguillat- Dog Fish

119. Aioli- Garlic sauce

120. Acajou- Cashew

121. Amande- Almond

122. Arachide- Peanuts 

123. Avocat- Avocado

124. Aligot- mashed potatoes include cheese

125. Abricot- apricot

Are you know some of them? If yes, then notify us in the footnote section.

Spanish foods that start with A

126. Arroz Rojo 

127. Atún – tuna.

128. Allioli- garlic sauce

129. Anchoas- anchovies

130. Arroz- rice

131. Ajo- Garlic

132. Almendras- almond nuts

133. Almeja- clams

134. Abulon- abalone

135. Albahaca- basil leaves

136. Albondigas- Meatballs

Bottom Line on Foods that start with the letter A:

All of the above foods have some health benefits. I hope you can give it a try once you visit.

Let us know in the comments which ones you already ate and which ones you like and want to eat again.

To find out more, look at our foods that start with B and 

In it, I tried my best to highlight different food items to see. 

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