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Hey, are you stuck in a letter game, huh? Or you’re worried about your assignment and looking for a list of food names that start with the letter C.

Now you’re in the right place, where we’re going to tell you all the foods that start with C. These foods are popular in your country or abroad.

You may be confused between foreign foods, and you may not be familiar with them. For this reason, we are divided into different categories. It’s easy to understand.

So, the list of c foods are categorized according to

  • Healthy Breakfast Foods
  • Country-wise
  • Famous Snacks and meals

We did this for convenient reading because I know it’s not easy to remember all names, but I guarantee that these formats will help you memorize more than 100 names.

In the next 10 minutes, you’ll find more than 200+ foods beginning with C names, and it’s not just that we’ve added the food name source for your knowledge.

If someone asks you the name of some food with C, you can say these names without any doubt.

So let’s start our C foods name list.

Breakfast Foods that start with the letter C

Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day. Because breakfast helps you start the day and determines how the day goes.


Because you are eating again after a minimum of 6 hours after eating that night. But if you do not eat in the morning, the time will be longer, which is very bad for your health.

I say more; Research has shown that a healthy breakfast plays a key role in keeping an employed person focused and active throughout the day.

Let’s listed 32 Breakfast foods that start with c-

1. Chia Seeds-

The first breakfast food that starts with c is  Chia seeds. It contains rich fiber and increases your digestive energy.

Others important to have your breakfast is- 

  • Maintain Blood pressure and blood sugar as well.
  • It contains antioxidants daily intake of chia seeds at breakfast to protect from free-radicals.

2. Cottage Cheese-

This is a yummy breakfast food that starts with C. Cottage cheese is an excellent option for taking in breakfast.

It is rich in protein and responsible for enhances metabolism.

Eating an egg daily is the same as eating cottage cheese. So the best option for vegetarians a good source of protein.

3. Cinnamon Toast Crunch- 

Cinnamon toast crunch is the most common and popular breakfast crunchy toast with cinnamon flavor. Crunchy toast with cinnamon makes your day, a perfect breakfast food starting with c.

4. Coffee-

We all know coffee, right! Coffee can be drink in many different ways. My favorite one black coffee in it. Let me know which is your pick?


5. Croissant – 

Bread eat for breakfast. Croissant is a famous pastry throughout all countries, but it’s birth in Austria. 

6. Cherries –

This is a food that starts with Ch. The bulk of the cherry species originate from the Northern Hemisphere, Only ten to 12 are found in Europe and North America. Cherries are under healthy and yummy breakfast that starts with c.

7. Cereals –

A bowl of cereal can energize you for half of the day. Americans’ most prominent healthy breakfast meal is cereals

8. Cold Milk-

Cold milk can promote metabolism. Therefore, it can blaze extra calories.

9. Chocolate Milk-

Jamaica is the birthplace of chocolate milk. Did you know that before?


Chocolate milk contains lots of calcium, proteins, and vitamin D, as well. Delicious chocolate flavor with nutritious milk is perfect for kids.

10. Cornmeal mush-

Cornmeal mush or cornmeal is a pudding that more eats in Africa and Latin America. A delicious breakfast beginning with c.

11. Creamed eggs on toast-

It is most consumed in America. You can say classical American breakfast with white sauce eggs over a toasted piece.

12. Corn Flakes-

It is a healthy breakfast cereal all over the world.

13. Cinnamon roll-

A breakfast food that begins with C and has some cinnamon flavor with its benefits.

What do you want more!

14. Carrots-

Have you ever heard that carrots aren’t orange every time? Yes! Carrots find in several colors the red and yellowish, purple and black.

Carrot contains beta carotene and rich in vitamin A. So it’s good for our eyesight and skin.

15. Cupcake-

The most popular cupcakes are chocolate cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes, peanut butter cupcakes.

16. Cornbread-

It is the most popular and everyone’s favorite breakfast recipe in the United States.

17. Cooked eggs –

If you want to know the food that begins with coo this is the one. One of the best healthy breakfast foods begins with the letter C.

18. Cream cheese- 

Cream cheese is well popular with another name as Schmear. It’s a famous food that starts with the letter C, In New York.

19. Carrot cake-

My favorite recipe is this one The carrot cake. Carrot cake is the traditional cake in England.

20. Cheese omelet-

One of the best and well-known breakfast food that starts with ch. Yummy omelet with melted cheese

21. Cheese sandwich –

This one is my favorite. Also, the food begins with ch. The combination of vegetables or meat and cheese in a pair of bread is simply fantastic and healthy.

foods that start with c

22. Cantaloupe – 

Sweet melon is also known as rockmelon. It’s popular in Australia, New Zealand, Spanspek in North and South America.

23. Carrot juice-

Healthy lots of vitamin A include C food.

Daily consumption of carrot juice enhances skin glow and boosts immunity and eye health as well.

These are some breakfast foods starting with c

24. Cereal bar- 

The bar contains lots of cereal. 

25. Chorizo- 

It contains essential amino acids which help increase digestion and skin tissue.

26. Cream of wheat- 

Great breakfast food that includes iron, vitamin B6. Best food option for vegetarians and vegans.

27. Cocoa Puffs- 

Easy to eat breakfast for school students. Excellent source of vitamin D and calcium. Eat cocoa puffs with milk

28. Corned beef-

First invented in Ireland, then popular in England.

29. Canadian bacon-

Well popular in Canada

30. Canned beans-

Popular food begins with the letter C in the UK.

31. Chicken and waffles-

Famous in American and African dishes.

32. Cranberry juice- 

A juice may fight against aging problems. Keep heart healthy and Maintain menopausal health.

These are all breakfast foods that start with the letter C. What do think of this list of c foods names? And tell me which breakfast food starting with c you mostly prefer.

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Snacks that start with C

34 Different Snacks that start with C and all are unique. Try these snack foods that start with the letter C and you’ll be amazed.

1. Carrot raisin muffins

2. Carrot and celery with peanut butter

3. Clementines

4. Cotton candy

5. Carrot Raisin muffins

6. Chickpea cookies

7. Chocolate atole

8. Chile and tomato atole

9. Churros

10. Carrot cake

11. Caramel apple

12. Cheesecake 

13. Cucumber cheesecake

14. Crackers

15. Chicken noodle soup

16. Chiclets

17. Caramel corn

18. Chicken dumplings

19. Candied sweet potatoes

20. Chips

21. Candy corn

22. Coffee cake

23. Cannelloni

24. Cheese pizza

25. Cannellini Beans

26. Corndogs

27. Cherry pie

28. Crab Rangoon

29. Cheeseburger

30. Cheez-Its

31. Chicken Wings

32. Crinkle cut chips

33. Chilli hotdog

34. Chicken Nuggets

Above all these snacks that begin with c. How many snacks starting with C, you already try?

Hope you enjoy it.

Snacks that start with the letter D

Our next C food lists are-

foods beginning with C

Spanish foods that start with the letter C 

Do you know there are 42 Spanish foods that start with C, and all popular carry a traditional Spanish savor? Know all Spanish foods beginning with C, what are of the English name of these foods.

1. Café sólo- Black coffee

2. Cigala- Crayfish

3. Calamares en su tinta- Fish dish

4. Cerdo- Pork

5. Carcamusas- A meat dish

6. Cacahuetes- Peanuts

7. Chireta- pudding

8. Cephalopod

9. Cuchifritos- Meat dish

10. Ciruelas- Plums

11. Coca-  Popular Spanish foods that start with the letter c is Sweet Pastry

12. Chorizo– Sausage (spicy one)

13. Cocido– Traditional Spanish chickpea stew

14. Caballa– Mackerel

15. Caparrones– Stew makes from beans and sausage.

16. Choco– cuttlefish

17. Coca-Traditional Spanish pastry

18. Catanies– Spanish dessert

19. Camarones– shrimp

20. Cuajada– Dairy products

21. Cerveza– Beer

22. Cecina– meat sausage

23. Chipiron– small size squid

24.Calamar– Squid

25. Chistorra– pork and beef mixed sausage

26. Cordero– Lamp

27. Canela– Cinnamon

28. Calcot– vegetable

29. Chorizo– Pork sausage

30. Col– Cabbage

31. Cebollas– onion

32. Croquetas de bacalao- Popular Spanish snacks that with C. Makes from seasoned salt cod.

33. Cocido– Chickpeas

34. Centollo– Spider crab

35. Castana– chestnut

36. Calabaza– Pumpkin

37. Cochinillo– pork roast

38. Common ling- fish

39. Conejo con Arroz- Traditional Spanish dish starts from C.

40. Chocolate Caliente- Hot chocolate

41. Cordero Asado-  Roasted whole lamb

42. Cabrales- Blue cheese

Do you know all Spanish foods that start with the letter c?

Now jump to Mexican Foods that start with C

These are all Mexican foods that begin with c and famous in Mexico. Check 29 Mexican foods that start with c

1. Cheesy Mexican cauliflower rice

2. Churro Chips

3. Chamoyada– Sweet and spicy ice cream drink.

4. Cemitas– Sandwich bread roll

5. Chiles en nogada- Vegetable food dish begins with the letter C.

6. Chilaquiles– Mexican breakfast food that starts with C.

7. Chicken EnchiladasChicken dish

8. Chia Fresca- Mexican beverage

9. Charales– Small fish

mexican food that starts with c

10. Chili Cheese crunch wrap

11. Chimichanga– Mexican deep-toned burrito

12. Champurrado– Chocolate atole

13. Caldo de camaron – Mexican dried shrimp soup.

14. Chorizo- Pork sausage

15. Camote– Sweet potato

16. Chile Relleno- Vegetable dish.

17. Curtido– Mexican fermented cabbage pickle

18. Café de olla- Mexican classical coffee mixed with cinnamon

19. Carne asada- grilled beef

20. Coctel de camaron- Prawn cocktail

21. Cabrito– Mexican goat dish

22. Cochinita pibil- a Mexican pork dish

23. Chapulines– A meat course

24. Chamoy– Popular Mexican C food sausage.

25. Camarones al Mojo de Ajo-  Mexican seafood dishes.

26. Caldo de Pollo- Chicken stew

27. Caldo de queso- Most demanded cheese soup.

28. Chocolate brownie

29. Coyotas– Traditional cookies

What Italian foods start with the letter C

49 Italian foods that begin C 

1. Capra e Fagioli- Italian soup that starts with C.

2. Cacio- cheese

3. Cioppino- Seafish soup

4. Cacciucco- Fish soup

5. Caffe- Coffee

6. Calamaretti- Squid

7. Cannella- cinnamon

8. Capellini- Thin pasta

9. Camomilla- Chamomile

10. Carbonara- Italian famous pasta dish that beginning with C letter.

11. Cappalunga- Razor clam

12. Cacciucco- Fish stew

13. Cappon Magro- A seafood dish starting with C.

14. Carote- Carrot

15. Cacciatore- A meat dish begins with C.

16. Caviale- Caviar

17. Capocollo- Traditional prok dish

18. Champignon- Button mushroom

19. Carne pizzaiola- Meat dish with pasta

20. Cibo- food

21. Coda Alla vaccinara- A vegetable meat dish

22. Ciliege- Cherries

23. Ciabatta– Italian white bread

24. Cocco- coconut

25. Colomba Pasquale- Bread

26. Crescentina- bread

27. Conchiglie- Shell pasta

28. Calzone- Italian pizza

29. Crudo- salami

30. Cannelloni- Italian pasta

31. Caponata- Eggplant dish

32. Chestnut pie

33. Caciocavallo- Italian cheese makes from cow’s/ sheep’s milk

34. Caprino- Goat cheese

35. Carrozza- cheese sandwich

36. Cannoli- Famous Italian pastry that starts with c.

37. Chiacchiere-  Known as Angle wings. 

38. Crostata- Italian pie

39. Caffe Americano- Italian coffee

40. Caffe macchiato- Espresso

41. Caffe latte- Italian coffee

42. Condigiun- Salad

43. Ciccioli- Cold pig’s feet meat

44. Coppa- Boiling Sausage

45. Carciofi- Artichokes

46. Cavolfiore- Cauliflower

47. Ceci- Chickpeas

48. Cetrioli- Cucumber

49. Cipolla- Onion

What are 19 foods that start with C

Looking for 19 foods that start with C? Below all foods are healthy. Found different places. Here you go with foods that begin with the letter c.

1. Carrot – Vegetable

2. Clams– seafood

3. Corn– vegetable/ grain

4. Cabbage– vegetable

5. Cheese– milk product

6. Coleslaw– One type of cabbage

7. Cashew – Nuts look like kidney

8. Chicken– Meat

9. Cucumber– fruit beginning with c

10. Chocolate

11. Caraway– Spice

12. Cassiri– Drink

13. Chakli – Indian snacks

14. Cereal– Breakfast dish makes from grains

15. Chickpea– Edible gram belongs to the Fabaceae family and rich source of protein.

16. Caviar– salt-cured roe of the family Acipenseridae

17. Cabernet– Red wine

18. Cardamom– Spice

19. Cayenne– Belongs to the bell pepper family. 

10 Meals that start with C


We prepare 10 delicious meals that start with c.

1. Callaloo– A Caribbean meal that starts with C.

This soup contains lots of leafy green veggies with sweet coconut milk, including dumplings, chopped onions and hams, and meat.


2. Ceviche– Another meal that begins with C and most prevalent in South America. This dish includes raw seafood and sea fish.


3. Caldeirada- This one is a Portuguese meal that begins with the letter C.Soup makes with fish, tomatoes, potato, and shellfish enhance the taste.


4. Chahan– This one is the most famous Japanese meal, fried rice.


5. Congee– Congee is rice porridge; Chinese foods that start with C


6. Cheonggukjang– Korean soup makes from fermented soybeans.


7. Cachupa– Cachupa one is an African meal beginning with C, which is a soup makes from meat and bean.


8. Chakchouka– It a vegetarian meal that begins with C.


9. Carne guisada– Caribbean beef stew takes as lunch foods that start with c.


10. Chueotang– Korean meal soup makes from Loach ( a freshwater fish). 


These all meals that beginning with C. Do you know any of them?



Q1. Which four-letter food starts with C?

  • ·  Corn– Vegetable
  • ·  Clam– Seafood
  • ·  Ceci– Chickpea
  • ·  Coca– Traditional Spanish pastry
  • ·  Crab– Seafood
  • ·  Curd– Diary product
  • ·  Chai– tea


Q2. What fattening food starts with c and has five letters?

  • ·  Cookies and doughnuts
  • ·  Commercially processed foods
  • ·  Crackers
  • ·  Chips
  • ·  Cheese
  • ·  Cottage cheese
  • ·  Coldstone’s PB&C shake
  • ·  Cinnabon’s Caramel Pecanbon
  • ·  Chili onion fries
  • ·  Chocolate banana but shake


Q3. What are the fruits that start with the letter C?


Below top fruit beginning with c

  • ·  Cucumber– edible juicy fruit
  • ·  Crab apple – this apple use often in cooking
  • ·  Cherries- Mainly red in color, small round shape, Cherry is the fruit that starts with C 6 letters
  •    Cashew– fruits that start with c 6 letters
  • ·  Clementine– sweet orange
  • ·  Cantaloupe– Round, sweet melon
  • ·  Calamansi– Round shape, greenish-yellow color
  • ·  Capulin cherry- black in color
  • ·  Carob fruits– this fruit look like pea and brown in color
  • ·  Cashew apple- Tropical fruit
  • ·  Camu Camu berry- Sour in taste, rich in vitamin C
  • ·  Chokecherry- Native to North America, bitter taste
  • ·  Cloudberry- Similar to raspberry
  • ·  Cluster fig– Edible fruit eat either raw or pickle
  • ·  Coconut– Belong to the palm family
  • ·  Cocoplum– Native south Florida
  • ·  Cranberry– Usually used as jam, juice, jelly

Q4. Which foods start with c and end with e?


  • ·  Custard-apple
  • ·  Clementine
  • ·  Cashew apple
  • ·  Cantaloupe
  • ·  Chayote Fruit
  • ·  Cabbage
  • ·  Cake
  • ·  Calzone
  • ·  Celtuce
  • ·  Coffee
  • ·  Chocolate
  • ·  Caramel apple
  • ·  Chocolate cake
  • ·  cheese
  • ·  Cheesecake
  • ·  Cajon pea
  • ·  Canape
  • ·  Cayenne

These are all foods that begin with c and end with E


Q5. Name some dinner foods that start with C


These are all mouth-watering classic dinner foods that begin with the letter C.

  • ·  Chuck roast
  • ·  Cheese potluck macaroni
  • ·  Chicken potpie
  • ·  Chicken broccoli casserole
  • ·  Creamed peas and potatoes
  • ·  Creamy bratwurst stew
  • ·  Cheesy turkey meatloaf
  • ·  Cheesy ham chowder
  • ·  Cheesy clams chowder
  • ·  Chicken cordon
  • ·  Chicken fried rice

Q6.  Name some drinks that start with the letter c

Drinks that start with the letter CCider- Fermented apple juice, Cocktail, Curacao Punch, Carrot Juice, Caipirinha, Cloister

Q7. Name some vegetables beginning with the letter c

These are the 10 vegetables beginning with C

vegetables that start with the letter c

  • Cabbage
  • Celery
  • Chinese Mallow
  • Chaya
  • Chili Pepper
  • Chicory
  • Caraway
  • Celery Lettuce
  • Cress
  • Collard Green

Q8. List of meat that starts with c

 These are the meat that starts with C- Chicken, crab, catfish, Caviar, Cat meat, Carp, Clams, Crab Roe, Crocodile.

Wrap On our Healthy Foods that start with C

Above all are foods beginning with the letter C. Now you, enjoy your food as alphabetically series.

As I divided them according to Country cuisine therefore you may know their alternative names.

I think you enjoy the article. If you want to know others’ word lists, here is the full list of B foods.

If we missed out on any food, then inform me; I’ll add and comment below which one is your favorite food name starting with C!

I hope this will help you.

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Written By: Riya Paul ( Asst. Prof. Biotechnology)

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