16 Names of Fruits that start with Z (in English)

What would you say if I asked you how many fruits begin with the letter Z? Close your eyes and tell me about the names that came to mind.

It’s not more than five. Am I right?

However, there are more than 15 fruits that start with the letter Z, Yes, all of those are fruits, not foods. If you’re looking for foods beginning with the letter Z, I have a list of those as well.

Zucchini is the most common fruit that starts with Z but did you ever hear about Zill mango, Zabergav, Zalzalak fruit.

I understand that uncommon names are difficult to remember, which is why I created a table of easy-to-remember names.

Table: Fruits that start with the Letter Z in English

NameTasteFamous In
ZarzamoraSweetSpain, Mexico
ZapoteJuicy sweet and slightly grittyCentral America, The Caribbean
Zestar AppleSweet and TangyUnited States
Zweigelt AppleFruity and tartBritish Columbia, Hungary
Zierfandler GrapePretty sweetHungary, Austria
Zinfandel GrapesSemi-sweet and tartItaly, California, United States
Zante CurrantSour and sweetGreece
Zhe FruitSweet and TartEast Asia
Zalzalak FruitTart and astringentNorth America, North Africa, Asia
Zig Zag Vine FruitTangy and sourMalaysia, Queensland
Ziziphus FruitSweet and SourNorthern China

This article not only covers the fruits’ names, but also their nutritional value, health benefits, and how to eat them, which will help you decide whether including the fruit in your diet is beneficial or not.

16 Unique Fruits That start with Z

I also mentioned my all-time favorite Z foods that help you to choose the tasty fruit.

1. Zwetschge Fruit

The fruit looks like a grape though it’s added in palm categories.

Famous In: Europe, Northern Hemisphere

Common Name:  Prune plum

Color:  Red, black, purple, red, yellow

Taste:  Sweet

Nutrients: Zwetschge also contains Vitamins, potassium, iron, fiber, etc.

Health Benefits:  The fruit is beneficial for those who have chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, etc. However, the fruit also maintain blood pressure, 

How to Eat:  You can eat the fruit raw. If you want more juice from the fruit, then make sure that the fruit is ripening.

2. Zucchini Fruit

Famous In:  Northern Italy

Common Name:  Summer squash, Baby Marrow

Color:  Green, yellow, and orange

Taste:  Slightly bitter and sweet

Nutrients:  Zucchini fruits are the powerhouse of minerals. I just mentioned a few highs in calcium, magnesium, Vitamin A, C, Omega 3 fatty acid.

Health Benefits:  Zucchini fruit minimizes the risk of heart attack, stroke and also maintains blood sugar level, cholesterol level, and many more.

How to Eat:  The most interesting thing about the Zucchini fruit is all parts are edible. You can take it raw as well as cooked.

3. Ziziphus Fruit

Famous In: Northern China

Common Name: Indian Zuzube, chunks, Indian Plum, Chinese apple

Color:  Green and yellow

Taste:  Sweet and Sour

Nutrients:  Ziziphus fruit contains Vitamin C, protein, potassium, etc.

Health Benefits:  The fruit promotes liver health, boosts up the wound healing process, and many more.

How to Eat:  You can take the fruit fresh as well as dried.

4. Zig Zag Vine Fruit

Famous In:  Malaysia, Queensland

Common Name: Uvaria leichhardtii

Color:  Saffron

Taste:  Tangy and sour

Nutrients:  The zig-zag fruit contains protein, carbs, fat, etc.

How to Eat:  The fruit is mainly used to make sauces and is used in various cooked dishes.

5. Zalzalak Fruit

 The English name of Zalzalak fruit is Hawthorn.

Famous In:  Northern Europe, North America, North Africa, Asia

Common Name:  Whitethorn, May tree, Thornapple

Color:  Reddish yellow

Taste:  Tart and astringent

Nutrients: Zalzalak fruit contains polyphenols, fiber, etc.

Health Benefits:  The fruits increase immunity, boost up digestion, protect your heart, reduce stress, and many more.

How to Eat:  You can take Zalzalak fruits raw as snacks and also preferred in desserts. Dried fruit is also used to make tea and many more.

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6. Zabergav Reinette Apples

The Zabergav Reintee apple is a German variety that is also popular in the United States.

The fruit is browsing green and sweet. If you want a more crispy and sweeter taste then store it in a cold place.

However, the flesh of the apple is tasty and sweet, but the skin is very hard.

7. Zhe Fruit

Famous In:  East Asia

Common Name:  Cudrang, Kujibbong, Silkworm thorn

Color:  Red

Taste:  Sweet and Tart

Nutrients: Zhe fruit contains protein, dietary fiber, sugar, fat, iron, etc.

Health Benefits:  The fruit maintains lower blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol, reduces the risk of cancer, and many more.

How to Eat:  People enjoy eating breakfast in the morning, such as oats, cereals, salads, and so on. Just add the fruit to your favorite dish.

Remember never over-eat the fruit because it may cause diarrhea, bloating, etc.

8. Zante Currant Fruit

Famous In:  Greece

Common Name: Corinth raisins, 

Color: Reddish Black, Dark brown

Taste:  Sour and sweet

Nutrients:  Zante currant fruits are the powerhouse of nutrients and I can say you will get maximum nutrients from this fruit-

  • Vitamin C, E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Iron, Zinc, Folate, Dietary Fiber, etc.

Health Benefits:  After knowing the nutrients you can guess how important the fruit and there are more than 25 health benefits I mentioned a few.

  • Increase immunity
  • Strengthen your bones
  •  Reduce stress and anxiety

How to Eat:  You can take zante currants as a raw. I love the fruits with salads and also go with deserts.

9. Zinfandel Grapes Fruit

Zinfandel is a popular variety of grapes that start with the letter Z.

Famous In: Italy, California, United States

Common Name: Primitivo

Color:  Purple, sky blue, black red.

Taste: Semi-sweet and tart

Nutrients:  Zinfandel fruit contains fiber, protein, calcium, potassium, etc.

Health Benefits:  The fruit aids in the prevention of chronic disease, the maintenance of a healthy heart, and the control of blood sugar levels.

How to Eat:  The fruit is mainly popular as a wine grape. However, you can eat it fresh also.

10. Zierfandler Grape Fruit

Famous In:  Hungary, Austria

Common Name: Spatrot

Color:  Red, Purple

Taste:  Pretty sweet

Nutrients:  The fruit mainly contains potassium, iron, fiber, protein, etc.

Health Benefits:  THe fruit is good for the heart, minimizes the risk of diabetes, helps in weight loss, and many more.

How to Eat:  Like other grapes, the fruit is also used in wine preparation. You can take it fresh.

11. Zweigelt Apple Fruit

Zweigelt is a famous Austrian grapefruit that start with Z. Do you know? Most expensive wines are made from this fruit.

Famous In: British Columbia, Hungary

Common Name: Blauer Zweigelt, Rotburger

Color:  Dark blue

Taste:  Fruity and tart

As previously stated, the fruit is used in the production of wine. We are all aware that a small amount of wine is beneficial to our health.

12. Zestar Apple Fruit

Famous In:  United States

Common Name: Minnewashta 

Color: Deep red, Yellow, or Greenish

Taste:  Sweet and Tangy

Nutrients:  The fruit contains carbs, protein, Vitamin A, C, etc.

How to Eat: The Zestar apple is best eaten fresh, but it can also be used in a variety of salads, baked goods, desserts, and sauces, desserts.

13. Zwangtah / Zongchak Fruit

The name of the fruit is unique for you because It’s a local term. You may familiar with the Yongchak fruit.

Zwangath is a famous Manipuri fruit. Other famous names are Stink bean, bitter bean, etc.

The fruit is mostly used in savory and sweet dishes.

Zwangtah fruit is beneficial to treat diarrhea, smoking stress, hangover, constipation, etc.

14. Zapote Fruit

Famous In: Central America, The Caribbean

Common Name:  Sapodilla Plum, Sapota

Color:  Greyish yellow color(outside) and the flesh is reddish

Taste:  Juicy sweet and slightly gritty

Nutrients:  Zapote fruit contains Vitamin C, iron, potassium, protein, etc.

Health Benefits:  The fruit is best for increasing immunity, eye health, also promoting brain health, etc.

How to Eat:  Simply peel off the skin, eat the juicy flesh, and discard the fruit’s seeds.

15. Zarzamora Fruit

Zarzamora is a fruit name in Spanish that begins with the letter Z. It’s known as a Blackberry in English.

Famous In: Spain, Mexico

Common Name:  Caneberry, Blackberry

Color: Black and purple

Taste:  Sweet

Nutrients:  Zarzamora fruit is high in Vitamin C, K, dietary fiber, etc.

Health Benefits:  The fruit helps to maintain blood sugar levels in your body, improve digestion, boost energy, support brain health, and many more.

How to Eat:  This is one of my favorite fruit and I love to eat fresh or you can add it to your salads.

16. Zill Mango Fruit

The last but not least fruit on our list is the zill mango. If I come across any more names, I’ll add them to the list.

Zill mango is a seasonal fruit, ripens between May to July in Florida.

The fruit is dark red and yellow in color, with a strong aroma and a sweet taste.

You can the fruit like other mangoes. It’s delicious.

Wrap up on Fruits that start with Z

If you want to increase your nutritive benefits, add Zucchini, Zapote, and Zante Currant to your diet. All of the fruits on our list are nutritious, but these are particularly tasty and sweet.

Remember fruits are always healthy but never overeat. It also has side effects if you overeat them.

However, you can’t find all fruits in a single place you have to explore a new country.

I think now you have a strong list of words compare to your competitors. I’d like to request you bookmark this website for future reference before your letter game.


What are Vegetables that start with the letter Z?

I found three famous vegetables that start with the letter Z-

Zebra Eggplant
Zizania Latifolia

What are Spanish Fruits that start with the letter Z?

Spanish fruits name are-

Zarzamora = Blackberry
Zarza = Loganberry

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