53+ Food That Starts with Z in English (2021 edition)

When you already step into this post, you’re probably wondering, “What are some food that starts with Z?” Or, without Zucchini, is there any food present that begins with Z!

Yeah! There are indeed so many Z foods out there. But, needs some effort to find out.

That’s a tedious procedure. As an example, open all other pages and read them one by one, and at the end, you’ll only find 10 to 15 already known food names.

Here you go. I have put in all the effort & find out 50 unique food names for you. All you have to do is; simply go through the article and enjoy the Z foods list names like Zhe fruit, Za’atar, Zuppa, and Zucchini.

You might be an unfamiliar 83% of names. So stay in tune with me if you’re eager to know.

The exciting thing is, I have prepared a simple table for easy to remember.

After getting the entire article, you’ll be able to know over 50 unique food names that begin with the letter Z. This is my last post on the foods name series. Hope you enjoy it. Check trendy foods that start with M complete list.

Let’s the light turn on.



Zig Zag vine is a fruit native to Eastern Australia, New Guinea, Queensland, etc. 

Zig Zag Vine aka Uvaria leichhardtii belongs to vine family. 

The orange fruit has a delightful zesty orange flavor and is used to make gourmet food, gravies. Alternatively, you can transform your regular fruit salad into a fantastic salad, dessert, and yogurt.


Za’atar is my second most signature spice that starts with Z and comes from exotic Arabic Cuisine.

Za’atar is the most convenient condiment in all Arabic kitchens. It’s a mixture of wild mint leaves, sesame seeds, dried sumac, oregano, thyme, marjoram, and other spices.

It tastes like a tangy, nutty, strong herbal essence.

Za’atar mostly use in Pita( yeast flatbread common in the Mediterranean dish).


It is a German cookie with a star shape and flavoring with orange, cinnamon, and almonds.

zimtsterne star-shaped cookies start with z


Zizania latifolia, also known as Manchurian wild rice, is a species of wild rice. It is native to Asia.

Zizania belongs to the Poaceae family, which are grasses, cereal, bamboo. This wild rice is mostly seen in wetlands and very rare but common in China.

Zizania can make as pudding, sweetened rice, and regular steamed rice. This rare wild rice is expensive and has more nutritional value than the normal one. The rice contains a high amount of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and protein.


I have a sweet food that begins with the letter Z is Zabaione. It is a sweet Italian make with sugar syrup and egg yolks.

This foaming-like dessert serves with beverages, puddings, and other foodstuffs.


Zuppa is a soup dish from Italian cuisine. It has a creamy, luxurious cheesy texture. 

The soup makes with vegetables, potatoes, bacon, Italian sausages, and cheese. Zuppa is quite a thick creamy stew that has a great combination of bread and meals.


Zucchini Dal Tadka is Indian food that starts with Z. Dal means lentils. It is a thick lentil stew makes with Zucchini and adds mustard and red pepper spice.


A breakfast meal that starts with Z is Zwimback. Favorite European sweet bread.


Zrazy is a delicious meat dish that starts with Z comes from Poland and Ukraine kitchens. Zrazy tastes like crazy, and it looks crazy. The meat rolls over different fillings and braises until becoming tender.

The way meat’s cut looks like a paper leaf, and the filling ingredients are mushrooms, herbs, and horseradish. Zrazy serves with potatoes and rice dish.


Zebrafish are tiny, fat-soluble that are commonly maintained in aquariums as pets. Fish can be consumed as anchovies. You may have them alone or with marinara sauce to add a little additional flavor.


Zhi Hun Gen is a famous Chinese noodle dish which makes from Tapioca, a root plant. The starch of Tapioca uses for making the dough of the noodles and has a chewy texture. The dish uses cabbage, scrambled eggs, etc.


Zinfandel is a drink that begins with the letter Z in this list. It is mainly red wine that obtains from the Fruit name itself and names as Zinfandel.

Zinfandel is an excellent combination of grilled red meat.


Zopf is a bread that looks like a brade. A healthy breakfast food that starts with Z. Zopf is traditional bread in Austria, Swiss, and Bavaria breakfast table.

The upper skin of the bread is so shiny and glassy because of brush egg yolk before it bakes. The inner part fluffy soft feel. Zopf is good to go with butter and jam. A perfect breakfast for Sunday.


Another soup dish begins with the letter Z. Zurek in vogue in Poland. This classic Polish meal makes from fermented cereals like Rye and Wheat.

The soup’s consistency is quite thick and creamy has a sour to the acidic aftertaste. Zurek commonly makes with cereals, half-boiled egg, chopped bacon, and relish with fresh herb.

It is good to pair of fried potato and bread.


Zest is the externally pigmented portion of the citrus fruit peel, which is utilized as an aromatic. For use as flavoring, scrape the colorful outer portion of the skin.


Chinese rice noodles dish makes with dim sum and rollover youtiao.


Zakuski is a Russian snack that starts with Z. It may use as a starter also.

Zakuski was supposed to make for casual visitors in separate rooms. The appetizer makes with Smoked fish, waxy potatoes, caviar, pickles, sausage, and many more.

You get a good idea of Zakuski if you know Spanish tapas.  These dishes may be cold foods or hot foods. Every food item should enjoy, traditional way with a vodka shot.


Zoque is another Spanish food that begins with Z. It is mainly a soup dish that comprises red veggies, tomato, carrot, and carrot.


A cheese often uses in Spanish dishes, and the cheese makes from sheep milk.


Zesta is so prevalent for its salty snacks. It can use in soup, or you can crumbs it and use it as a chicken coat for more crispy tender.


Zoodles are nothing but a noodles dish. Wanna, try to eat your kids healthy and yummy as well! Here Zoodles brings up. It makes from Zucchini.

Yes, Zucchini should be cut in a very thin, similar to noodles. Then simply stir fry with some spice, add seafood, meat. Drizzle some olive oil over the Zoodles. Try this recipe. Kids will love this.


Zander, Sander lucioperca is freshwater fish that belongs to the Ray-finned fish family.

It is slightly blackish and a popular game fish. Zander is the most prominent member of the Ray-finned family. Zander, about 39 inches long and can be 20 kg of weight.

It is the most famous and worthwhile fish in Europe. Since it has such a delicate flavor, it may make in various ways like stew, curry, grill, or take a side dish with rice.


Traditional Chinese noodles mix with sauce.


It is a cake produce by a Hostess company in America. The soft chocolate cake is filled with marshmallows.


Zaalouk is one of the best Moroccan side dish food that starting with Z.

It makes it so unique because garlic, tomatoes, and eggplant lie in olive oil and spices. You can have it with loaves of bread or take it as a side dish with your meal.


In the series of Z foods, there are so many unique dishes are present. Zampone is one of them. It is a sausage that makes with pork, white wine, cinnamon, nutmeg, and spicy pepper.  It is a good combination with any sweet dish and rice. 


Zapote is a latex-making tree that use to make Chewing gum.

The Zapote freely grows in Peru, Europe, and Some American countries. The fruit of Zapote seems like avocado and tastes like fig. It can use a refreshing drink during flowering and late fall.


Many Z foods are present in Chinses cuisine. It is a meat dish that makes from the smocked duck.


It is a traditional cuisine of china but originated from Zhejiang province.


Want some dessert that also starts with Z. You have Zuccotto. Zuccotto originated from Italian Cuisine. It is an ice cream cake.

Zuccotto seems like a half-cut pumpkin; hence its name comes from  You can add your favorite flavor like chocolate, strawberry, vanilla to make a more delicious taste of Zuccotto.


Nothing compares with the swiss potato salad. 

Zinguenersalat comprises potatoes, cheese, eggs, and some french touch. It often makes bacon and salami for a more rich taste.


Zarangollo is a classical Spanish dish and makes from zucchini, potatoes, onion, and scrambled eggs. It usually eats as a snack meal and easy make snacks.


Zalewajka is a traditional Rustic stew makes with potatoes, sour rye, and Polish sausage.


Zucchini, Cucurbita pepo belongs to the Cucumber family.

Other names are Summer squash, baby marrow, Courgette, etc. They are green but sometimes yellow and orange. Zucchini consume worldwide. It uses in different ways to make dishes. Boil, steam, stir fry, soup, noodles, etc.


We have pastry here, which beginning with a Z letter. Zeppole is an Italian pastry or deep-fried sugary balls.


As shown in its name, the Zero candy bar is a candy bar that makes with lots of peanuts, almonds and is coated with white chocolate. It is one kind of energy bar.


Zerde is a rice pudding with adding saffron for its color. It is a popular dessert in Turkey. Zerde usually makes to celebrate festivals.


One alternative available at KFC is the Zinger burger. It is a burger, deviating from the typical beef burgers; the zinger burger of KFC uses chicken rather than beef.

The deep-fried crispy golden brown chicken breast lies between two bread and include lettuce, cheese and spread over Mayonnaise. The burger serves more often with coleslaw, tomato sauce, and french fries.


Zoni is a typical Japanese soup comprise of mochi, spinach, carrots, chicken, etc., to prepare the soup. 


Ziti is a slender tubular pasta with a texture. This pasta is well-known for its baking and casserole use. Bake your ziti pasta in a tomato meat sauce to make this classic meal.

You can add mozzarella cheese, sausage, herbs, etc.


Traditional steam rice cake from China. The sticky rice wrap well in bamboo leaves and stuff with luscious ingredients.

It is also known as rice dumplings, make to celebrate the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival.

42. Zomerfruits

The word Zomer seems like summer. In dutch, zomerfruits refer to those fruits are naturally grow in the hot summertime.

They make salad from all of those fruits. The fruits include mango, cherries, squash, peaches, melons, and berries.


Do you put any sandwich names on your Z foods list? Then, note down the name Zapiekanka. 

Sliced with grated cheese and a different blend, this sandwich is made like pizza. This sandwich has an open face. It is then cooked under the broiler. Zapiekanka is native to Poland.


Zarzuela is a Spanish shellfish pot dish based on tomatoes. It prepares using crustaceans, pork with fresh herbs. 

The seafood options for this letter z food are typically shrimp, mussels, and calamari. The seafood dish is flavored with almonds or almond paste, which adds a rich, nutty flavor to the soup. If ever eager to go to Spain, make sure to try this recipe at least once.

What is a fruit that starts with Z?

1.ZHE FRUIT- The fruit native to East Asia and similar to berries. Zhe fruits marron red in color.

2. ZIERFANDLER FRUITS- Grapes native to Austria and use to make white wine.

3. ZINFANDEL FRUITS- Use to make red wine.

4. ZWETSCHGE- Sweet Oval plum fruit.

5. ZIG ZAG VINE FRUIT- Native to Australia.


7. ZILL MANGO- Native to Florida.

8. ZUCCHINI- Fruit cum Vegetable.

These are all fruits that start with Z.


Are you exciting to try one of them? It’s pretty fascinating when you eat next time and know all details about that food. 

Foods that Start with Z are all unique and taste from each other. My favorite Zucchini is a veggie and Zarzuela sausage. 

What’s will be yours? Let me know. Do you know any Z food names then comment to me to add them to read another one?

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