16 Names of Fruit that Starts with Y | Except Youngberry

To be honest, I had no idea about Y fruits, and after researched I found 17 fruit that starts with Y, and after tasting them, I fell in love with two of them: Yellow watermelon and Young mango.

The name Y fruits not only helps you win the latter game, but it also provides you with a healthy lifestyle because most of the fruits are high in nutrients.

However, if you already bookmark this website, then you know that we already completed the X fruits list and are ready to share some unique Y fruits names.

The table below has been specially designed to assist you in remembering the simple way.

Table: Fruits That Start With Y

NameTasteFamous In
YoungberryTart and sweetAustralia, United States
Yatay PlumSweetBrazil, Argentina
Ya Pear Sweet deliciousNorth China
Yellow SapoteSimilar to a hard-boiled eggMexico, Brazil, United States
Young MangoSweet, tangy, acidic.United States
YangmeiVery tart to sweetChina
Yuzu FruitSour, tart, bitter, acidicChina, Japan, East Asia, Australia
Yellow Watermelon SweeterAfrica
York Imperial AppleSweet and less tartVirginia, Pennsylvania
Yucca FruitSweet and nuttyThe Caribbean
Yellow Passion FruitSweet & AcidicFlorida, California, Hawai

We will not only tell you the names of the fruits in this article, but we will also tell you about their nutritional value and health benefits.

If you love to explore more, then foods that begin with Y helps you to learn new names.

17 Fruit that starts with Y

I’m also sharing the names of my favorite fruits, which will allow you to try new things without hesitation.

1. Yumberry / Yangmei/ Yamamomo Fruit

 As you can see in the title it has three common names that start with Y.

Famous In:  Eastern Asia, China, Japan, Korea

Common Name:  Waxberry, Chinese bayberry, Chinese strawberry

Color:  Red to dark purple

Taste:  Sweet and sour

Nutrients:  The fruit contains folate, Vitamin A, C, E, etc.

Health Benefits:  The fruit promotes digestion and clears all hard-to-digest foods in the stomach. Also, maintain blood sugar levels that protect your heart from various diseases.

How to Eat:  Technically, you can eat the fruit raw, but it’s difficult to find in the market. It can be consumed as a juice, dried, or in other forms.

2. Yunnan Hackberry Fruit

Yunan Hackberries is similar to other cherries it’s small and orange or deep red.

The fruit is not juicy compare to other berries, and it has a sweet taste.

It’s very hard to eat raw that’s why processed food (paste) is more tasty, nutritious.

3. Yellow Guava / Yellow strawberry guava Fruit

Famous In:  India, Mexico, Central America

Common Name:  Lemon guava, Common Guava

Color:  Yellow

Taste:  Little floral and fruity. When the fruit is unripe it’s sour.

Nutrients:  The fruit contains fiber, protein, carbohydrates.

Health Benefits:  The yellow guava fruit has many health benefits like it regulates blood pressure, improves eye health, promotes digestive health, minimizes menstrual pain, and many more.

How to Eat:  The yellow guava seeds and flesh both are edible. You can take it raw and also you can add it to your salad.

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4. Yellow Passion Fruit

The difference between the yellow and purple passion fruits are-

  • Yellow fruit has less juice
  • The yellow fruit is more acidic

Okay, let’s talk about other portions of the yellow passion fruit.

Famous In: Florida, California, Hawai

Common Name:  Sour passion fruit

Color:  Light Yellow

Taste:  Sweet & Acidic

Nutrients:  The fruit contains Vitamin C, A, potassium, iron, fiber, and many more.

Health Benefits:  The fruit is beneficial for the heart, increases immunity, and also reduces anxiety, stress, etc.

How to Eat:  You can eat passion fruit flesh when it is fully ripe.

5. Yemenite Citron Fruit

Yemenite citron is also known as dry citron.

Famous In:  Israel

Common Name:  Temoni Citron

Color:  Gree, Yellow, Yellowish orange

Taste:  Sweet and less bitter

Nutrients: Yemenite Citron fruit contains Vitamin C, B, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, etc.

Health Benefits:  The fruits help to increase immunity, prevent cancer, maintain blood pressure, protect you from a digestive problem, and many more.

How to Eat:  The edible part of the fruit is juicy flesh you can take it fresh.

6. Yucca Fruit

Famous In: The Caribbean and Americas (Hot & Dry part)

Common Name: Mandioca, Yuca brava, Maniot

Color:  Green and brown (outer side) & white inside

Taste:  Sweet and nutty

Nutrients:  Yuca contains Vitamin C, A, fiber, phosphorous, etc.

Health Benefits:  The fruit increases immunity, reduces the risk of cancer, and also improves digestion.

How to Eat: People enjoy eating Yuca fruit after it has been cooked.

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7. York Imperial Apple

Famous In: Virginia, Pennsylvania

Common Name: johnson’s fine winter apple

Color: Red

Taste:  Sweet and less tart

Nutrients:  York Imperial fruit contains dietary fiber, sodium, carbs, and natural sugar.

Health Benefits:  The fruit is best for weight loss and also promotes digestive health.

How to Eat:  You can eat York Imperial apple fresh in snacks and also goes with desserts.

8. Yellow Watermelon Fruit

 Yellow watermelon means the flesh of the fruit is yellow, where most of the watermelons are red.

Famous In: Africa

Common Name: Yellow Crimson Watermelon

Color: Greenish from outside and yellow or white inside

Taste:  Sweeter

Nutrients: Yellow watermelon contains Vitamin C, A, iron, potassium, calcium, dietary fiber, etc.

Health Benefits:  Yellow watermelons help you to fight against cancer, are perfect for weight management, improve heart health, and many more.

How to Eat:  The fruit can be added to salads, desserts, and is also popular as a refreshing summer drink.

9. Yuzu Fruit

Famous In:  China, Japan, East Asia, Australia, etc.

Common Name: Citrus Junos

Color:  Bright green to pale yellow

Taste:  The taste of the fruit is mixed between lemon, lime, and grapefruit. (Sour, tart, bitter, acidic)

Nutrients:  Yuzu fruit contains Vitamin A, C, fiber, protein, etc.

Health Benefits:  The fruit protects your cell from damage, improves blood flow, may protect you from cancer, and many more.

How to Eat:  The fruit juice is mainly used to add some flavor to cooked vegetables.

10. Yangmei / Yamamomo Fruit

Famous In: China

Common Name:  Yumberry, Chinese strawberry, waxberry, etc.

Color:  Deep red, purple

Taste:  Very tart to sweet

Nutrients: Yangmei fruit contains Vitamin A, C, phosphorous, iron, selenium, etc.

Health Benefits:  The fruit aids in the cleaning of your stomach and intestines, as well as the health of your eyes and heart.

How to Eat:  You can eat it fresh but wash the fruit before eating.

11. Young Mango Fruit

Famous In: United States

Common Name:  Tebow

Color:  Green to yellow, red, orange

Taste:  The mixture of sweet, tangy, acidic.

Nutrients:  The young mango fruit contains Vitamin C, protein, folate, dietary fiber, etc.

Health Benefits:  Young mango fruit increase your digestive health, also maintain the health of your hair, skin, and so on.

How to Eat:  You can take it like other mangoes. Eaten fresh or add it to your salad. Also used to make jam, jellies, etc.

12. Yellow Sapote Fruit

 The fruit is also added to our C fruits list because of another famous name that is Canistel.

Famous In:  Mexico, Brazil, United States

Common Name:  Cupcake fruit, Canistel

Color:  Orange Yellow

Taste: The taste is similar to a hard-boiled egg. It’s difficult to explain.

Nutrients:  The yellow sapote fruit contains Vitamin C, A, selenium, phosphorous, etc.

Health Benefits: The fruits minimize the risk of diabetes, cancer, also protect your heart and eye, and many more.

How to Eat: You can eat it raw only need to remove the seed and scoop the flesh with a spoon and taste it.

13. Ya Pear Fruit

Famous In:  North China

Common Name:  Japanese pear, Korean pear,

Color:  White to yellowish color

Taste:  Sweet delicious

Nutrients:  The fruit contains fiber, carbohydrates, protein, etc.

Health Benefits:  The fruit has anti-inflammatory properties, boosts immunity, protects against cancer, and many more.

How to Eat:  You can eat it fresh only need to cut it and add it to your salads.

14. Yatay Plum fruit

Famous In: Brazil, Argentina

Common Name:  Jelly Palm

Color:  Yellow, orange, red, purple

Taste:  Sweet

The trees that produce edible fruits and provide health benefits are very similar to palm fruit. However, more research is required to determine the exact benefits.

15. Youngberry Fruit

Famous In:  Australia, United States, South Africa, Newzealand

Common Name: Rubus caesius

Color: Red and purple-black

Taste:  Tart and sweet

Nutrients:  The fruit contains Vitamin A, C, potassium, protein, sodium, etc.

Health Benefits: The fruit is perfect for wound healing, improve digestion, good for eyesight, and many more.

How to Eat: The plant’s berries are consumed fresh or used to make juice, jam, and other recipes.

16. Yen Ben Lemon Fruit

Yen ben lemon is a famous fruit in New Zealand and it’s a true lemon that begins with the letter Y.

When it comes to taste, appearance then it’s all same as regular lemon. The skin of the fruit is thin and has fewer seeds.

A final thought on Fruits that starts with Y

So, now you are fully confident after knowing some unique names right?

Preparation is always important before participating in any letter game, which is why we are creating names for all foods and fruits that not only begin with Y but also have an alphabetic list.

Don’t forget to check out other names like fruits W.

My advice is to try new fruits whenever possible, but if you have any serious problems, consult your doctor.


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