20 Unknown Fruits that Start with D {2021}

Hey, I am here with the list of the most delicious fruits that start with the D letter. I know it’s not easy to find everything in one place, which is why I’m making a list full of information.

According to the Harvest Study, one food or fruit cannot satisfy your nutritional needs; you must eat various foods to obtain adequate nutrition. When it comes to nutrition, not all fruits will be delicious, but you should eat them for the health benefits.

However, if you desire to lose weight or gain weight, or if you wish to change your taste with different D fruits, this fruit list will meet all of your needs.

If you don’t have a moment to read the entire article, just look at our tables and bookmark it. I guarantee that the combination of tests such as sweet, bitter, and sour will be your favorite.

The unique fruits name that you never hear like Dashori mango, Dorshapo lemon, etc.

The taste may be the same, but the fruits have different names; I believe you are familiar with 30% of the names on the list but are unfamiliar with 70% of the terms.

I know you’re excited about this, so let’s get started on our best-of lists.

NameTasteFamous In
1. Duku FruitSweet and sourSouth Asia.
2. Damson PlumAstringentUnited Kingdom
3. Dewberries FruitTartNorthern Europe & America
4. Dates FruitSo sweet Egypt, India, America,
5. Daidai FruitBitterHimalayas & Japan
6. Dekopon FruitSweeter less tartJapan
7. Dragon FruitSweetMexico, Australia
8. Decaisnea FruitSweet & refreshingChina, Nepal, Myanmar
9. Dinosaur Egg FruitExtremely sweetJapan
10. Desert Lime FruitSourQueensland and South Australia

Here we mentioned ten names only who are looking for short answers. If you are excited to know all fruit’s names then here we are.

20 Best fruits that start with D letter (A unique list)

Don’t try all of the fruits at once. Choose one based on your test and check it one at a time. I also share the name of my favorite D fruit. So keep an eye out.

Note: Don’t get foods and fruits mixed up. We’ve already covered the best foods that begin with D, and we’re now ready to share the D fruits list. That improves the quality of your day.

Duku Fruit that starts with d

1. Duku Fruit

Duku is an Indonesian name native to South Asia. The other popular English names are longkong, lanzones, and langsat.

Duku (Snack fruit starts with the letter M) is small, round, and yellowish in color; it looks like small potatoes. The test of the white flesh is sweet and sour.

You can eat duku fruits fresh and raw. They are primarily preferred in snacks as deserts.

The fruits are high in protein, fiber, and vitamins that cure diarrhea, malaria, skin problems, etc.

2. Damson Plum Fruit

Damson is a popular six-letter D fruit native to Europe, primarily found in the United Kingdom. The common name of Damson is jamblang.

Damson Plum Fruit beginning with d

Damsons are tiny, oval plum-like fruits with a unique, slightly astringent flavor broadly used in culinary applications, especially in fruit preserves and jellies.

Damson packs with Vitamins (A, C, K), fiber, and potassium. Damson helps to relieve constipation, protect your heart, maintain blood pressure, and many more.

3. Dewberries Fruit

Dewberries are found primarily in northern Europe and North America. Wild berries are one of the most common names.

Dewberries Fruit starting with the letter d

Dewberries are closely related to blackberries. Dewberries range in color from black to purple. Because of its tart flavor, it is commonly used in the preparation of jam and pickles. You can eat it raw also.

Dewberries are high in Vitamin c and k. Other minerals such as fiber and manganese are also present. These improve both mental and oral health.

4. Dates Fruit

Dates are my favorite fruit, and most of our readers enjoy this D-name fruit as well. The fruit is mainly grown in Egypt, India, America, and Northern Africa.

Date palm fruits are oval-cylindrical in shape and reddish and yellowish in color. The dried dates are so sweet in taste.

dates are the fruit names start with the letter d

Dates fruits are a pack of nutrients like fiber, protein, potassium, selenium, zinc, and many more. It works as a natural sweetener. Enhance mental health and promote natural labor.

You can eat it raw, but you have to eat at least 100 grams a day to get its nutritional benefits.

5. Daidai Fruit

Daidai fruit is native to the Himalayas and is also found in Japan. Daidai looks a small oval-shaped orange. The color of the fruit is greenish to yellowish and bitter.

Daidai Fruit that begin with the letter d

The fruit is not eaten raw, but it is primarily used in medicinal products. It has a strong fragrance. They are mainly used as an expectorant and laxative.

6. Dekopon Fruit

Kiyomi and ponkan bota are citrus fruits, and dekopon is a hybrid of the two primarily found in Japan. Dekopon is popular with a variety of trademark names like Kumamoto, Kinsei, etc.

Dekopon is oval and orange-deep yellowish in color. The test is similar to orange, but it sweeter compares to oranges.

Do you know one Dekopon is good enough for your daily Vitamin C requirements? It’s also a pack of minerals like fiber, protein, potassium. It’s safe during diabetes.

7. Dragon Fruit

Everybody knows about dragon fruits, and it’s native to Mexico, Australia, and Central America. The other name of dragon fruit is pitaya.

The dragon fruit has reddish skin with green scales that look like dragons, hence the name. The inner parts contain mostly white pulp with black seeds. Some fruits also have red pulp, but it’s rare.

When it comes to taste, I can say it’s a mixture of pear and kiwi. It’s sweet.

Dragon fruit is high in nutrients such as vitamin C, protein, fiber, magnesium, etc. These are blood sugar stabilizers that are also ideal for diabetics and have many other health benefits.

8. Decaisnea Fruit

Decaisnea is native to China, Nepal, Myanmar, and eastern Asia. The famous names are Dead man’s finger, blue sausage fruit, blue bean plant.

The fruit is a 10 cm long fluffy greenish-yellow to blue-black capsule follicle. It has transparent, sticky, jelly-like flesh with many flat black seeds. The fruit is sweet and refreshing, but the seeds are poisonous.

9. Dinosaur Egg Fruit

Dinosaur eggs are marketed in Japan. The fruits are a cross between an apricot and plum. 

The famous names are Pluot, plumcots, apriums, etc.

It has a charming interior and a red color, with a speckled surface.

Dinosaur eggs are high in Vitamin C and potassium. You can try it raw or serve it like chutney or sweet sauce with any delicious fruits.

10. Desert Lime Fruit

Desert lime native to Queensland and South Australia. The popular name is Citrus glauca.

It same as lemon in size and color (greenish) and sour in taste. Desert lime can be used in place of lemons in jams and jellies.

Desert lime is high in vitamin c, vitamin E, calcium, and potassium. These are best for our eye health as well as maintaining blood pressure.

11. Durian Fruit

Durian is called the king of fruits found in South Asia. The durian is distinguished by its vast size, pungent odor, and thorny rind. 

Depending on the type, its shape varies from oval to round, the color of its skin from green to brown, and the color of its flesh from pale yellow to red.

Some people find the durian’s aroma to be pleasantly sweet, while others find it strong with a terrible odor.

Durian fruits have lots of nutrition like carbohydrates that fill 50% of your daily need and contain dietary fiber, protein, and sodium. These aid in the fight against cancer germs, blood pressure regulation, and heart protection, among other things.

You can take durian as a juice, soup, or may add in deserts.

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12. Dodder Laurel Fruit

Dodder is mainly found in the Caribbean region, America and Australia. The popular name is Cassytha.

The fruit is oval and greenish, and it’s a seasonal fruit. 

Dodder Laurel is mainly known because of its astringent proprieties and is used in the medicinal industry. It’s treated malaria, diarrhea, itchy skin problems, and many more.

13. Double Coconut Fruit

Double coconut is the same as coconut and is primarily found in Praslin and Curieuse. The famous names of double coconuts are Lodoicea and sea coconut.

The double coconut fruits are edible and have a spongy and fibrous envelope around a hard, nutlike component that is often two-lobed, implying a double coconut.

14. Desert King Fig Fruit

Desert King Fruit is mainly found in Mediterranean countries and also found in northern India.

The text is excellent, and it’s sweet melt in the mouth, and the flavor is intense. The fruit has excellent cold resistance properties.

15. Dangleberry Fruit

Dangleberry is eleven letter fruit that starts with D and is mainly found in the Eastern United States. The common name is blue huckleberry.

The Dangleberry fruit is a delicious sweet-tasty, juicy drupe that is usually blue but can also be black or white.

16. Darwin’s Barberry Fruit

Darwin’s Barberry is not widely known, but it is an edible fruit native to Argentina and Chile.

It’s a summer fruit that has purple-black color. You can make a Jam using this fruit because Darwin’s barberry itself is jelly and bitter in taste.

17. Dracontomelon Fruit

Dracontomelon is mainly found in South-Eastern Asia. The fruit is edible and looks like guava. It’s greenish and yellowish and oval in shape and acidic in flavor.

18. Dabai Fruit

Dabai fruit is native to Borneo, which is the largest island in Asia. The common name is Kembayau.

The exterior skin has shiny black color, with yellow flesh and an oblong seed. The taste is the same as Avocado. You can eat it raw with salt.

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19. Dika Nut Fruit

Dika nut is native to Western Africa and familiar with other common names such as African mango, orogbono, bush mango, and wild mango.

The fruit is roughly spherical, greenish when ripe, and has vivid orange flesh. The stone is thorny and carries one seed.

You can eat the flesh raw. The Dika nuts are processed into jellies, jam, juices, and occasionally wine.

Dika nuts are full of protein, carbohydrates, calcium. You can add it to your diet because it helps in weight loss.

20. Dangyuja Fruit

Dangyuja is our last fruit that begins with the D letter in our lists that are native to Korea.

It is a citrus fruit when it rips deep yellowish to yellow-orange. It comes with a strong, unique fragrant and is slightly bitter.

You can take it with tea that prevents the common cold.

Bottom Line on fruits starting With M

Fruits are always my favorite. Anyone can eat from child to adult. I make a list of D fruits name that is famous throughout the world.

To be honest, you can’t get all of the fruits that begin with D in one place, which is why I mentioned the location; whenever you get a chance to visit, don’t forget to try the fruits.

Always try to eat fresh fruits because they are healthier. If you want to eat it raw, wash it thoroughly.

Enjoy your D fruits diet, and let me know which one is your favorite. Also, don’t forget to check out our C fruits list.


Fruits that Start with D in English?

Popular D fruits name-

Duku Fruit
Damson Plum Fruit
Dewberries Fruit
Dates Fruit
Daidai Fruit
Dekopon Fruit
Dragon Fruit
Decaisnea Fruit
Durian Fruit

Fruits that Start with D in Spanish?

After lots of research, I found two Spanish names.

Apricot — el Damasco
Peach — el durazno

Fruits that Start with D in French?

Two popular French D fruits

Dried cranberry- des canneberges séchées (French)

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