Fruit that starts with E | 9 fruits never known

I am also a fruit lover like you, and I am always looking for new fruits to add to my favorites list.

I’ve already made a list of fruits beginning with D for you; however, fruits starting with E are more challenging to find due to their scarcity.

All E fruits, from sour to sweet, are well-known in the market, but they are difficult to find all in one place.

If you have no idea about what Fruit starts with E, don’t worry, I’ll tell you some exciting names and their benefits that are super easy to remember.

This detailed article discusses some fruit names that begin with the letter E. 

Not only do we cover English names, but also some Spanish and French names. So go ahead and read the whole thing; I guarantee you’ll bookmark it.

So, without additional ado, here are some of our all-time favorite names that you and your children will love.

NameTasteFamous In
1. Elderberry BitterEurope
2. EmblicaSour, sweet, and bitterIndia, Pakistan, Srilanka
3. Emu BerrySweetAustralia
4. Emu Apple SourAustralia
5. Elephant AppleAstringentSouth Asia & China
6. Eastern Hawthorn FruitAcidicUnited States
7. Etrog fruitAcidicItaly, Greece, Spain
8. Egg fruitSugaryMexico, Brazil, India
9. Entawak FruitLittle nit sweetSumatra, Borneo, Malaysi
10. Evergreen Huckleberry SweetNorthern America
11. Early Gold MangoAromatic and sweetMiami and Florida
12. European pearSweeter & less spicySouth Asia & Eastern Europe
13. Enterprise appleSweet to tartAmerica

15 Names of Fruit that starts with E

Not only should you read the names, but you should also look at the list of benefits that will help you stick to your diet.

Elderberry Fruit that starts with e

1. Elderberry Fruit

Elderberry is a popular medicinal plant mostly found in Europe.

Elderberry, which looks like blackberry, has less flavor and might be bitter in its organic state. It’s deep purple in color.

Elderberry is mainly used in the food industry as a coloring agent. The exciting thing is that its FDA-approved.

 They are also used in jams, pies, wines. That makes your dessert tasty.

The nutrition value of these fruits is also high. It contains Vitamin c, dietary fiber, protein and is high in antioxidants. These minerals boosting your immune system, minimize stress, relieve constipation and headaches.

Most of the people of American loved the prepared Fruit over the raw one.

2. Emblica Fruits

Emblica is a seven-letter fruit that starts with E and is native to India, Pakistan, Srilanka, China, and Malaysia.

Emblica Fruits that start with the lettter e

The common names are amla, Indian gooseberry, myrobalan, and malacca tree.

The Emblica fruit is roughly spherical in shape, greenish in color, and features six vertical lines or furrows.

The Fruit is sour on the first bite. After that, you’ll taste something astringent, bitter, and sweet. In a single fruit, you’ll get a variety of flavors.

Is it not amazing?

Emblica is a superfruit high in Vitamin C and E. The Fruit also contains protein, fibers, and antioxidants.

The fruits have many health benefits like boosting immunity, helps in proper digestion, increasing skin glow, etc.

Some people preferred it to juice. You can eat it raw.

3. Emu Berry Fruit

Emu berry is not so much popular throughout the world because of its irregular seasonality. It’s a rare Australian fruit starting with E.

The common names are Dog’s Balls, Turkey Bush, Diddle Diddle, and Dysentery Bush.

The Fruit is greenish at a young age, and when it ripes, it becomes purple in color. It’s sweet in taste and nothing no much flavor present.

The fruit is safe and can be eaten raw, but it is not particularly productive.

Emu berry fruits have some nutrition like Vitamin C, calcium, iron, dietary fiber, and many more.

It possesses numerous properties, including antiseptic, antirheumatic, and antiulcer properties.

4. Emu Apple Fruit

Emu apple is an eight-letter fruits name starting with E and native to Australia. It’s an edible fruit.

The Fruit is small and purplish in color, resembling a small sour ball.

Emu apple also packs with nutrition like potassium, calcium, vitamin C, and vitamin A. 

These minerals increase the immunity that helps you to fight against cough and cold. Also, cure wounds and relief of headaches.

5. Elephant Apple Fruit

Elephant apples are primarily found in South Asia and China. Dillenia indica is a famous name, but in India, some people called it Chalta.

Elephant Apple Fruit that begins with e

It’s a green color oval-shaped Fruit that is astringent in taste.

What are you thinking? The elephant’s name is because of its appearance. No, the real elephant love to eat this fruit, that’s why the name.

However, You can also eat these E letter fruits. Elephant apples are filled with a mealy, jelly-like flesh that is off-white—primarily used in curry and sour soups.

Elephant apple loaded with healthy fat, vitamin B complex, and proteins that maintain healthy metabolism and increase stamina.

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6. Eastern Hawthorn Fruit

Eastern may Hawthorn fruit is popular is mayhaw but, it’s mostly found in the eastern area of the united states.

The Fruit is small, round in shape, and brown. The juicy fruits are acidic in flavor.

You can also use it as a jam and jellies to preserve the dried fruits for later use.

The Fruit contains sodium, protein, dietary fiber, and many more minerals.

It also has some health benefits such as curing digestive disorders, protecting the heart, reducing chest pain, etc.

7. Etrog fruit

The etrog is also a famous fruit starting with E and is mainly found in Italy, Greece, Spain.

Etrog fruit beginning with e

The Fruit has the appearance of a huge, oval lemon with a thick, rough rind. 

The pulp is yellowish with many seeds and, as previously stated, has a pretty acidic taste.

The etrog fruit has many medical properties like cure nausea, digestive problems, bad breathing problems, etc.

8. Egg fruit

Egg fruit is an evergreen fruit that starts with the letter E and is found chiefly in Mexico, Belize, India, Brazil, and United States.

Egg fruit starting with e

The other popular name of egg fruit is yellow sapote, canistel, and cupcake fruit.

Most of the egg fruit is oval and orange-yellowish in color. It’s sugary in taste and has a neutral flavor.

The flesh is edible and contains beta carotene and vitamin A. The fruits protect you from vision loss.

9. Entawak Fruit

Entawak is also a seven-letter fruit that begins with the letter E and is mainly found in Sumatra, Borneo, Malaysia.

The other famous name of the Entawak Fruit is Mentawai. It’s similar to jackfruit and breadfruit.

The Fruit is longitude in shape and brown-yellowish in color. The favor is the same as a pumpkin. It isn’t easy to explain.

The fruits contain which is edible that is an orange-red color. You can also eat the seeds with salts.

10. Evergreen Huckleberry Fruit

No, I am not cheating with you. I found it’s on Wikipedia that the scientific name is Vaccinium ovatum which is native to northern America.

The other popular name is winter huckleberry and California huckleberry.

The Fruit is a small round black in color and sweet and tasty.

You can eat it raw because it’s sweeter compare to blueberries.

The Fruit is mostly used in jam and jellies. If you love to eat something with bread, then you can preserve it.

The evergreen huckleberry is high in Vitamin C. It has several health benefits, such as lowering cholesterol, curing peptic ulcers, and preventing eye disease.

11. Early Gold Mango

If you think mango and early gold mango are the same things, you’re mistaken. Mango is a seasonal fruit, whereas early gold mango is available all year.

The Fruit is primarily be found in Miami and Florida.

Early gold mango fruit is oblong in shape and yellowish in color and contains a seed. The Fruit is aromatic and sweet, as same as mango.

It’s an edible fruit, and you can eat it raw.

The Fruit is high in antioxidants that protect you from dangerous free radicals.

12. European pear

One of my favorite fruits begins with the letter E and is indigenous to South Asia and Eastern Europe.

The common name is Common pear.

The Fruit is curved and cylindrical in shape, and the color is a mixture of reddish and yellowish. When it comes to taste, I can say it is a little bit spicy and sweet.

European pear is high in Vitamin C, K, fiber, potassium, and many more. You can add it to your healthy diet without any hesitations.

The health benefits are-

  • Reduced risk of diabetes
  • Have anti-cancer properties
  • Have anti-inflammatory properties

13. Enterprise apple

Enterprise apple is the last Fruit on our list that starts with the letter E.

You will be amazed after seeing the Fruit. It’s reddish and looks like the same as an apple, but the enterprise apple is brighter.

It’s round in shape, and the flavor is mildly tart with a rich, spicy undertone.

The apple is grown in experimental stations like Indiana, Illinois. But mostly, apples are coming from Kazakhstan.

It’s a healthy fruit you can eat it fresh.

Enterprise apple is free from cholesterol and fat but loaded with vitamin C.

The fruits help in digestion and maintaining cholesterol levels.

14. Eggplant

Some people think eggplant is a fruit because it’s coming from the flower. But frankly, it’s a vegetable that is added to various recipes. It’s edible in raw, but no one prefers it.

I assume you also loved it’d cooked version.

15. Endive

I got on the internet that some people added Endive in the list of fruits that start with E. It’s a popular leaf vegetable, but you can eat it raw and cooked.

Endive is high in protein and fiber. The vegetables help in release stress and also maintaining lower blood pressure.

I already covered this type of information in our E foods list.

Wrap up on Fruit that starts with E

Fruits are always a healthy and perfect option for your diet. I covered almost all famous fruits name that starts with E.

Now you have a perfect list of fruits name that bit your competitors in the game.

However, if you know anything else about the E fruit list, please leave a comment and tell me which one is your preferred.

You should look through our fruits list category if you’re looking for other fruits with names that begin with a different alphabet.

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Q1. What is some name of fruits that start with the letter E in English?

The name of E fruits list-

Elderberry Fruit
Emblica Fruits
Emu Berry Fruit
Emu Apple Fruit
Elephant Apple Fruit
Eastern Hawthorn Fruit
Etrog fruit
Egg fruit
Entawak Fruit
European pear
Empire apple

Q2. Fruits that start with E in Spanish?

The most interesting thing about the Spanish language is that most spellings start with E and L. Let me show you how-

Fig (English name)- el higo (Spanish name)
Coconut – (el-coco)
Date – (el-dutil)
Entawak fruit- Fruta Entawak

Fruits that start with E in French?

Let’s check some interesting French fruits name-

Emblica- Emblème
Emu berry-Émeu Béry
Eggfruit- Fruit d’oeuf
Elderberry- Sureau

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