59 Foods That Start with D | Healthy Food Starting with D

Are you hunting for foods that start with D? Or stuck in a challenge! No worries. I’ve mentioned some foods with the letter D that the person in front of you doesn’t know about, and you can take full credit.

It’s a very good idea to learn more about the food you consume.

We cover all sorts of food, like Dates to Durian and US to Korean, Indian food name starts with D. In this way, we extend our knowledge of foods such as edible foods, fruits, meals, snacks, herbs, seafood, and even game meats.

We have classified the most exciting part so that you can read them far more quickly.Don’t forget to try our healthy foods list in your daily diet that starting with D.

Let’s start the list of foods with D without wasting time.

What Are Some Healthy Foods That Start With D?

These all are D foods. Some countries have their traditional dish, either fruits or breakfast. I know you can’t try all the foods but first 15 must try atleast once.

I have discussed it all briefly.


Dates are the main food of the middle east countries since ancient times.

  • Dates have been used for wine from traditional times.
  • Dates are a very nourishment fruit. It contains a lot of antioxidants, fiber, and iron, which is very necessary for the body. 
  • Dates have natural sweeteners that can act as sweeteners in various foods.
  • Dates can eat direct from trees or dried, use to make syrup.

2. Dill- 

Dill is a medical herb and is mostly seen in Egypt.

  • Dill contains a full pack of flavonoids, which may reduce cardiac illness.
  • It can reduce the bad cholesterol level.
  • Beside medical purpose, Dill uses in culinary. The dried leaves are used as a flavoring agent and know as dillweed.
  • Dill is more often used in European cookery.

3. Dragon Fruit- 

Dragon fruit aka Pitaya. It is a species of cactus and most prominent in Honolulu. 

  • Dragon fruit is often used for flavoring and decoration in juices and liquors, including “Dragon’s Blood Punch” and “Dragotini.”
  • This bright pink color attracts more than that. Dragon fruit comes in three types- Pink skin with white pulp, red skin with red pulp, and yellow skin with white pulp both have a green spike.
  • Dragon fruit’s flower use as tea.

4. Drumsticks-

Drumstick is rare plant species mainly found in Asian countries like India. 

  • Typically, it is prepared and eaten. It looks like a long stick playing drums; hence this name comes from.
  • It has a green fiber-like shell on the outside and a white flesh-like part on the inside that’s edible. It’s got edible seeds.
  • It is delicious to eat, and not only its fruit so, flowers, but leaves are also edible and beneficial.
  • Drumstick can eat in different ways like – fried, curry, soup. 

Drumstick is also known as Moringa, which is excellent for malnutrition and iron deficiency.

5. Durian- 

Durian is an edible fruit. Durian mainly belongs to Borneo and other parts of Malay.

  • It looks like jackfruit but has a strong fragrance similar to a rotten onion.
  • The yellow part inside is for food, and the outside has a hard shell with thorns.
  • Do you know; so many countries have banned Durian for its smell. Like- Singapore, Japan, Thailand, and Hong Kong ( in public transport).

Did you know that before? Let me know in the comment.

6. Dogfish- 

There are so many dogfish species present in the world. Only two of them are edible. 

  • One is smooth dogfish, and another one is spiny dogfish. 
  • They are popular because they have no bones, only soft flesh, and their juicy taste.
  • A bulk portion of dogfish, use in Europe to prepare fish dishes and chips. 
  • Dogfish contains a high level of selenium and vitamin B6 & B12.

7. Darjeeling- 

Darjeeling is a region of India in the heart of the Himalayas.

  • It’s world-famous for tea. The tea is marked for its taste and aroma. 
  • Tea was named after the place of Darjeeling.
  • If you ever come to India, you must drink this tea.

foods that start with d

8. Dahl- 

Dahl is a staple food in India. Dahl has alternative names like- Dal, Daal, Dhal.

  • Dahl makes with Beans, peas, chopped carrots, and lentils include spices.
  • It is healthy food starting with D. Dal mainly takes with roti, naan, rice, and chapati.

9. Dewberry- 

Dewberry is a fruit name begins with D. These are edible and sweet.

  • It mostly sees in Northern Hemisphere. The exactly look like blackberry and belong to the Rubus family.
  • Dewberry’s flowers use as herbal tea. Dewberry has some names such as as- blue bramble, European dewberry, and youngberry.
  • It is a healthy food starting with D and has many health benefits like- can prevent cancer, contains zinc, and can increase immunity. Also Good for healthy skin.

10. Dumpling-

Dumplings are originated in China. Then famous throughout the world in several names. Like- Mandu in Korea, Momo in India, Nikuman in Japanese.

You can say Chinese food that starts with D.

It is made like a small loaf of bread and filled with numerous materials, and it can eat in different ways like- fried, steamed, or boiled.

11. Dolphinfish-

Perhaps you think the name speaks of dolphins at first. No, it’s another fish; it only fits the dolphin name. 

  • Dolphinfish is also known as Mahi Mahi and Dorado. It has golden in color with green, blue, and yellow spots on it.
  • The name Mahi Mahi originates from Hawaiian Polynesian, which means strong.
  • Mahi-mahi is one of the most rapid fish development. Delicious to eat.

12. Deer meat-

Deer meat, or venison, is an excellent and nutritious beef substitute. 

It can prepare in several ways, ideally low in fat. Most popular in the United States.

13. Duck-

Do you know China is an enormous duck meat eater?

  • Duck meat or duckling meat both are the same species.
  • Duck meat can eat so many countries in the world in various ways.

14. Dahi Vada-

Dahi Vada is Indian food (snack). Dahi means a card, and vada is deep-fried lentil dough. 

  • The deep-fried lentil dough and soaked into the card. 
  • The taste of Dahi vada is sweet and tangy.

15. Dark Chocolate-

We all know dark chocolate. Right!

But do you know dark chocolate has so many unknown facts like-

  • Belgium is the best chocolate maker in the world.
  • Dark chocolate can boost brain function and help to healthy vision.
  • It has the potency for increased HDL, which means good cholesterol, thus regulate a healthy heart.
  • Dark chocolate can take away your anger and frustration in an instant because it releases dopamine into the brain. Dopamine is the happy hormone.
  • About 50% and 55+ men and women highly prefer dark chocolate.
  • Dark chocolate is as much a sweetener as it is healthy food to beginning with the letter D.

Did you know that before?

16. Donut- 

Donuts or doughnuts are the same. The ring shape soft and fluffy sweet snack that starts with D. 

Let’s talk about interesting facts about Doughnut or donut .whatever you say- 

Canada is the world’s biggest donut consumer.

Every year on the first Friday in June, the United States celebrates National Doughnut Day.

17. Dim sum- 

It is a traditional Chinese dish that starts with D. Dim Sum indicates the point of the heart.

It is native to Canton, China.

Dim Sums fills with vegetables, meats, prawns. 

You can say it snacks take with tea in the morning and evening. The Dim Sum also means spending time with friends and making relationships stronger.

18. Daikon

Japanese radish. This means it is a vegetable with a large white juicy root.

  • Daikon comes in black and yellow color as well.
  • In the Japanese language, Daikon means large root. There are just 18 calories in 100 g daikon. 
  • Daikon grows under cold air temperatures. The root has a mildly acidic and tangy flavor with a crispy feel. 
  • Daikon tea is commonly used to help with digestion after a meal. You can eat Daikon as raw or cooked or make it into a pickle.
  • It contains a high amount of phosphorus and potassium, with vitamin C, E, A. 

19. Danish Pastry-

Danish Pastry is traditional in Viennoiserie but originated in Denmark.

Sweet and puffy Pastry can make your time.

20. Damson-

Damson is a fruit that belongs to the Europian Plum family, mainly used for jams, jellies, and drinks. 

It’s small in size and comes with mainly purplish-black. There are also white and yellow colors.

21. Dalgona coffee

Dalgona coffee mostly famous in Korean. Now well known in most other countries.

22. Dandelion green- 

This is a delicious wild green leaf. It has several health benefits. 

Dandelion has numerous health benefits and eats raw and salad.

23. Deviled Eggs-

This is an appetizer that begins with the letter D.

Deviled egg originated from Rome.

The boiled yolk mashed with mayonnaise and mustard, then put back into the white boiled shell.

Also known as mimosa in France, kaszinótojás in Romania, others stuffed eggs, Russian eggs, dressed egg, etc.

foods that begin with d

24. Daiquiri-

This is a drink that starting with D.This drink was reportedly created during the Spanish/American War by an American mining engineer, Jennings Cox, in Cuba.

Another variety of Daiquiri is Hemingway Daiquiri.

25. Dolma-

Dolma is originated from turkey, which means stuffed or filling. 

These snacks form from vine leaves, which are stuffed to a single bite in the combination of rice, veggies, and seasonings.

There are many dolma variations in different countries, such as – seafood dolma, fruit mix dolma, veggies dolma, meat dolma, etc. 

26. Decaf-

1st decaf coffee came from German. 

Decaf coffee is much like standard coffee, except for caffeine removal. 

In fact, in the Western diet, it is the only largest antioxidant element. 

Decaf coffee will protect against mental deterioration due to age. 

Can decrease heartburn.

27. Drunken Prawns- 

This is another Chinese meal that begins with D.

Freshwater shrimps are using for this recipe. The shrimps eat either steamed or raw.

This is the most popular dish throughout China, and the dish is prepared in different ways in different places.

The shrimp are soaked in alcohol to enhance their taste.

28. Dragon Noodles

Dragon noodles originate from China. They give this name from its long appearance. 

Dragon noodles mostly eat every year at their Longtaitou festival.

29. Daim bar-

It’s basically an appetizer and originated from Sweden.

30. Dum Aloo-

Dum aloo also Alur Dom are the same. Most popular Indian recipe. 

This makes in different ways in the other region, but the common part is that, or the main ingredient of Dum aloo is potato.

Potatoes are cut evenly into big and medium pieces and then curry with onion, ginger, garlic, and some other spices. It eats roti, naan, chapati, fried rice, and polao.

31. Demitasse

Exceptional coffee in Turkey. It’s a solid black coffee with no cream or sugar.

32. Dosa-

Dosa is South Indian authentic breakfast starting D.

It is a thin type of pancake whose main ingredients are rice and black grams.

Though Dosa contains a high amount of carbohydrates and protein, it has no extra trans fat.

It serves with coconut chatni and vegetable curry, which is called Sambar.

33. Dilkush – 

Dilkush means happy heart. It is an Indian snack, a sweet pastry filling with coconut flakes.

34. Droewors-

Typical African meal that begins with D, which includes beef sausage.

35. Dabberlocks- 

It’s an Edible algae.

Dabberlocks are the most popular foods in the North Atlantic, Greenland, and Ireland. Do you know it’s a staple food of these countries?

36. Dango- 

Japanese dumpling. It is sweet in taste and made from rice flour, and round in shape.

37. Doenjang Jjigae-

Famous Korean bean soup. It tastes like miso and makes from fermented soybeans. Miso checks our M food list.

38. Dotorimuk- 

Famous Korean side dish Dotorimuk. It is nutritious makes from acorn starch. 

39. Dulce de leche- 

Popular Mexican food makes from sweetened milk.

40. Daylily- 

Edible flower sees in China. China cultivates daylily as crops.

41. Dandan noodles- 

Chinese foods beginning with D. Dandan noodles with spicy sauce originated from Sichuan. Also known as dandamian. 

42. Dongchimi-

This is Korean white radish. Dongchimi is a vegetable that starts with D and uses for summer kimchi.

Name some Italian foods starting with the letter D

The most challenging thing to list here is you can’t put all of them. Otherwise, our food list will be more than 1000.

Please tell us in the remarks if we skipped your favorite recipe.

43. Digestivo-  It’s Italian drinks that take after a meal.

44. Ditalini– Italian small cylendrical pasta.

45. Dobos of Trieste- Famous Italian dessert/ pastry. 

46. Donzelle– Deep fried roll in olive oil.

47. Dolce– Dessert recipe

48. Diavolollo– spicy pepper

49. Dindo– turkey

Indian Foods that are begging with the letter D

50. Daal baati churma- Popular in Rajasthan, mainly vegetarian dish.

51. Debeli– Indian fast food that starts with D. The food includes boiled, mashed potatoes with the masala.

52. Double ka mitha- Sweet recipe. Bread crumbs fry in ghee include milk and sugar.

53. Dhup Pitha– Sweets in Assam.

54. Doi/ Dahi– Curd – for more foods start with C 

55. Dhoka– grind mung dal or lentils and make a batter and then shape them in square and deep-fried, either eat as snacks or make into the curry.

56. Dhokla– It’s an Indian sweet and salty snacks.

57. Daal Puri- Famous in Bengal dough filling with lentils or dal.

58. Doodhpak– Sweet makes from dairy and nuts.

59. Dal makhni- The main key ingredient is lentils, which also call kali dal.

60. Dal tadka- Well famous dish in the north Indian region. 

FAQS on Foods that begin with D

Q1. Name some foods that start with D and end with K?

  •  Doodhpak
  •  Dotorimuk
  •  Dabberlock
  •  Duck
  •  Drumstick

Q2. Name some food brands that start with d

  •  Domino’s Pizza
  •  Dewey’s pizza
  •  Doritos
  •  Del Monte canned goods
  •  Denny’s
  •  DR Pepper
  •  Davanni’s pizza
  •  Dentyne
  •  Dippin’ Dots
  •  Digiorno
  •  DQ
  •  Del Taco
  •  Dion’s pizza

So here your all D foods list. Maybe this will help you with your challenging game. 

Few more foods are remaining, such as – Doughboy, Dragee, Demerara, and Dowdy.

More food with D is the name we can’t cover all the chains. Maybe the names of some of the foods you know are omitted, so you can imagine how many more there are.

All of the above have some health benefits, and all of them are staple food in some countries. 

If you want more foods that start with D, comment to me below and tell me which one is your favorite and which one you want to try.

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I think you are enjoying this article. Is it not? If you find it helpful, then share it with others.

Thanks for reading.

Written By – Saikat Bera ( Asst. Prof Of Pharmacology)

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