Is Natural Sugar Good For You: The Truth That Blows Your Mind

We all know about Sugar and its related facts.. Nowadays, Sugar is an essential part of our daily life. No more wasting your valuable time, Straight to the point is natural sugar good for you or not.

Then the answer in short, yes. But there are some facts and criteria you have to maintain in your daily life for your excellent health.

Fruits and some foods contain natural sugar and some essential nutrients, which are great for our health. Mainly natural sugar is a mixture of glucose, sucrose, and fructose.

These sugars are digested slower in our body and give energy for a long time.

The above answer in short for those who have no time for this article. But those are still interested in all queries regarding natural sugar and its related factors. Go ahead and read with us.

Believe me or not, after reading this complete article, you are eligible to determine that it is natural sugar good for you or why is refined sugar bad.

What is Sugar :

Sugar is a micronutrient and it’s a type of carbohydrate. It provides energy to our whole body.

Sugars are mainly two types

  • Monosaccharides
  • Disaccharides

Monosaccharides contain glucose, galactose, and fructose. Disaccharides contain sucrose, lactose, and maltose.

Natural Sugar :

Fruits and greens are the primary sources of natural sugar, and they contain fructose, glucose, and sucrose.

Dairy products like milk are the primary source of lactose. And maltose mainly found in germinating grains.

When we talk about natural sugar like glucose and fructose, honey is the rich source of that.

For our explanation purpose, we are divided natural sugar in two ways:

  1. Fresh fruits
  2. Dried fruits

Natural sugars vs Refined Sugars :

Natural sugar is easily found through nature like fruits, vegetables, and milk.

Refined sugars are a cube of processed sugar, those are used for sweetening purposes like in coffee or making some delicious fruits like cake, chocolates, etc.

An increasingly significant difference between sugars as a health concern is whether they occur naturally in fruits, vegetables, and dairy foods, or whether they are added to sugars, grains, and beverages during production, processing, or preparation.

Sugary refreshments are the best source of added sugar within the diet, followed by desserts and grains like ready-to-eat cereals.

If you are practicing any type of added sugar or refined sugar, it affects your weight, and if you continue to overdose on it, it can lead to heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Origin of added sugar :

Are you looking for health problems caused by sugar, then these are the sources that slowly ruin your life.

  • Soft drinks
  • Sugars
  • Candy
  • Cakes
  • Cookies
  • Pies
  • Fruit drinks
  • Ice cream
  • Sweetened yogurt
  • Sweetened milk
  • Cinnamon toast
  • Honey-nut waffles

Because of Sugar not eating fruits, Don’t do this :

Natural sugars are befalling naturally, and it’s perfect for your health.

However, are prepared added sugar can lead to weight gain.

As previously said that there are two different natural sugar are present.

  • Fructose (In fruits)
  • Lactose (In milk)

You know the sugar’s primary difference is found in the candy bar, and the sugar is found in apple.

These are different because the candy bar contains added sugar, and apple contains natural sugar.

According to the nutritionist, natural sugar is perfect for your health, don’t worry about this. But you have to worry about your added sugar, which is dangerous to you.

Protein or Fiber is the crucial factor for natural sugar :

If you are thinking that is too much fruit bad for you or is natural sugar bad for you, then you are wrong.

When you consume fructose and lactose. You also consume other nutrients with them, which is perfect for your immunity.

The research said that these nutrients help maintain your blood glucose levels, limiting you from feeling hungry soon after eating.

Specifically, the protein within the case of lactose, and fiber within the case of fructose.

Fiber is a critical factor especially in fruits because fruits not only contain fiber also contains other nutrients. It slows down our body’s absorption process.

This means your body has longer spent the glucose and fructose as fuel, before being stored as fat. Fiber also helps the body feel charged, So you can’t reach for more sugar.

Added sugars are vacant calories :

We all know that added sugar is a processed sugar like syrup. We are using syrup for sweetening purpose in-home made foods or once they are being made.

Now you think this type of sugar is right for you,  but frankly speaking, they are not suitable for your health because those are processed sugar, not natural.

Added sugars don’t bring other healthy nutrients. They’re simply empty calories and don’t give any benefit to your body.

There are some health problems caused by sugar(added sugar) like weight gain. Research says most people feeling stressed because of weight gain.

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That’s why a doctor and nutritionist always suggest eating an orange rather than drink a glass of orange juice.

We all know orange juice contains added sugar, but an orange contains natural sugar.

Effects Of Sugar To The Body:


Glucose is usually mentioning as blood glucose or blood sugar and maybe a molecule that’s crucial to live because it provides energy to the cells in our body.

Our body makes glucose from carbohydrates like whatever you eat rice, bread, sugar, etc.

Then our body sends that glucose into the bloodstream because our cells require energy that originated from glucose.

When glucose is released into our bloodstream, then blood glucose level increases and our system regulates it by releasing insulin, which helps to improve the transfer of glucose from the blood into our cells for energy.

All the cells that require energy are packed with glucose. The rest of the glucose stores inside the liver and muscles as fat for later uses.


If you want to figure out the effects of sugar moving the body, you must minimize refined sugar.

Fructose is usually mentioned as fruit sugar, and in contrast to glucose, can only be metabolized by the liver. Meaning it doesn’t provoke an insulin response.

More fructose in your body can harm your health. If you eat excessive fructose, it’s converted into fat and stored in your body.

So fundamentally, we are doing exercise to burn our fat. When we eat excessive refined sugar, excessive sugars (glucose and fructose) are stored in our bodies as fat.

But when you eat natural sugar like fruits, these things are not happening because of its fiber and other nutrients.

I think this is the appropriate answer to your first query that is natural sugar good for you or not. Next, move to the other points.

Lactose :

We all know lactose is a natural sugar found in dairy products.

Whenever we eat some dairy products, which contain lactose and go into our body, Lactose goes into the small intestine, and an enzyme includes this organ called lactase.

Lactose is converted to glucose and galactose with the help of the lactase enzyme. Those are the simple sugars.

These simple sugars are easily absorbed in the bloodstream and give us energy.

If you take a standard milk packet and read the label carefully, you will notice that packet contains a little sugar.

You might be thinking this is free sugar. But this sugar is natural.

If you are taking any type of flavored milk, then you can check this label is different from others. It contains added sugar with lactose.

That thing also happened with yogurt. Yogurt also contains lactose around 5 ml or 1/3 of a tablespoon per 100 grams. Any more amount of sugar than that’s going to be the attached sugar which WHO is assigning to.

These are the answers to your queries’ effect of sugar on the body. If you do not get please tell us in the comment box. We are always ready to help you.

Ok. Are you with me? Then go to the next point, which is the most exciting part.

About Dried Fruits Health Benefits :

We all know about fresh fruits, but we are thinking about health benefits regarding dried fruits.

Information about dried fruits is hugely contradictory.

Some say it’s a nutritious, healthy snack, while others pretend it’s nothing better than candy.

But our research contains a justification answer which helps you to decide about is natural sugar good for you, especially in dried fruits, or is natural sugar bad for you.

Are Dried Fruits Contain More Sugar :

If you are looking for dried fruits, then resins and prunes are most beneficial. Because they last for an extended time, and they are significant origins of fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

But if you compare both dried fruits and fresh fruits with their nutritional value, you will see dried fruits contain more sugar and calories than fresh fruits.

But research says dried fruits and fresh fruits contain the same level of sugar and calories. Then you think how is it possible right?

Then here the proper justification for your question.

When the fruits are dehydrated, they do not produce more sugar, but they lose there quantity or physical size.

Therefore the problem is how you weigh the grains before you analyze them, am I right?

Amount loss = Liquid loss :

First of all, fruits are dried using a particular dehydrator, or fruits will be drying using the natural temperature like sunlight.

Therefore the fruits/nuts are executed when most of the water evaporated.

So the essential thing is the loss of fluid means loss of unique size. So when a folded, juicy grape becomes a dried, skinned raisin, it becomes much smaller.

An equivalent thing occurs when any fruits or grains are dehydrated or when plums are shriveled into prunes.

When you compare fresh and dried fruits by volume, then you will always find more sugar and calories within the dried fruits.

But if you examine them piece by piece, the sugar and calories will be about an equivalent.

For instance, 80 grams of sugar in a cup and a cup of raisin grapes contain about 15 grams or less.

Twist it into calories, and you will see that a cup of grapes has about 100 calories. and so a cup of raisins has more than 434 calories.

Is natural sugar good for you

What do you think should dried fruits avoided? 

Ok if you confused, then I can share my opinion with you. May I?

Keep kerosene, raisins, dried blueberries, dried apricots, and apple chips so useful and more sustained than fresh fruit. And they are multipurpose.

  • You can make a salad with your favorite things like dark greens, dried cranberries, fresh apple slices, and a little cheese.
  • For a fresh and healthy breakfast, hot steel-cut oats add dried fruit.
  • Also, try some salads with your families like pear, spinach, and raisin.

Some fruits and vegetables are essential for a healthy diet. Some vitamins, such as vitamin C, perhaps more fresh fruit, minerals, and fiber material throughout the drying process tend to persist, so there is no necessity to avoid edible/dried fruits.

But if you’re watching your weight, you will need to stay an eye fixed on serving sizes and calorie counts.

Raisins: Raisins are mainly dried grapes.

The research said that eating resins is good for health which helps to

  • Elevate blood sugar control
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Maintain blood cholesterol
  • Also, reduce inflammatory markers

These are the factors that contribute to fighting against type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Dried fruits contain natural sugar; here are some statistics.

  • Raisins: 59%.
  • Prunes: 38%.
  • Apricots: 53%.
  • Figs: 48%.
  • Dates: 64–66%

For your knowledge, the sugar content of about 22-55% fructose. As a result, the adverse health effects of eating lots of fructose can be.

What fruits are highest in sugar :

1.Litchis :

Litchis contain 15 gm of sugar per 100 grams.

2.Mangos :

Mangos contain 14 gm of sugar per 100 grams.

3.Pomegranate :

Pomegranate contains 14 gm of sugar per 100 grams.

4.Cherries :

Cherries contain 13 gm of sugar per 100 grams.

5.Bananas :

Bananas contain 12 gm of sugar per 100 grams.

6.Oranges :

Oranges contain 9 gm of sugar per 100 grams.

7.Kiwi fruit :

Kiwi fruits contain 9 gm of sugar per 100 grams.

8.Grapes :

Grapes contain 16 gm of sugar per 100 grams.

9.Pears :

Pears contain 10 gm of sugar per 100 grams.

10.Apples :

Apples contain 10 gm of sugar per 100 grams.

DISCLAIMER: The upper analysis is an average data; it may vary from fruits to fruits.

Now you start to think is natural sugar good for you. Then the answer is always yes. This sugar comes with nutrients and it’s good for your health.

What fruits are lowest in sugar :


Olives contain 0 gm of sugar per 100 grams.


Avocados contain 0.7 gm of sugar per 100 grams.


Cranberries contain 4.7 gm of sugar per 100 grams.


Starfruit contains 4.0 gm of sugar per 100 grams.

5. LEMON :

Lemon includes 1 to 2 gm of sugar per 100 grams.


Raspberries contain 4.4 gm of sugar per 100 grams.


Blackberries contain 4.9 gm of sugar per 100 grams.


Strawberries contain 4.9 gm of sugar per 100 grams.


Casaba melon contains 5.7 gm of sugar per 100 grams.

DISCLAIMER: This stat is approximate, may be very some fruits to fruits.

If you think about your weight and finding the answer is natural sugar good for you, then these fruits are best for your health.

Data source: USDA food data central

Is natural sugar good for you in pregnancy time :

Sweets and sugar are an essential thing for our daily lives and also in pregnancy time, but it’s limited. Never cross your maximum limit.

Eating sugar during pregnancy is good? 

Yes, nowadays, craving sugar during pregnancy is ordinary. You can eat sugar whenever you want, but you have to maintain it’s quantity.

Keep in mind that if you have any diabetes problems or any gastrointestinal problem,  you have to be extra careful regarding sugar intake.

In the market, there are many refined sugars present like candy, cake, chocolate, etc. These are also added sugar contains zero nutritional value.

If you are addicted to that, then this is the perfect time to exchange with natural sugar like vegetables, fruits, etc.

Natural sugar is the only healthiest option for you and your family.

I think this is the answer to your valuable queries is natural sugar good for you during pregnancy time.

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The safe amount of sugar during pregnancy :

There are no standard references for sugar intake during pregnancy.

Sugar is ideal for you to accept your metabolic rate, blood sugar levels, and weight depend on.

In any case, sugar used in a single day is limited to 25 grams or less good.

Excess sugar can affect your pregnancy :

Added sugar means only vacant calories that separate your nutrition. Nutrition is the most needed thing during pregnancy. Now we are going to discuss the effect of sugar intake during pregnancy.

1. Supports Pregnancy Symptoms :

Pregnancy symptoms like heartburn, mood swings, and vomiting becomes worse because of excessive sugar intake.

2. Nutritional deficiency is a crucial fact :

Foods mainly craving sugar during pregnancy is normal.

However, if you prefer sweeter than the other dishes, but not to excess, beware of added sugar, empty calories, and nutritional deficiencies contribute to weight gain.

3. Creates fatigue :

We all know excessive sugar is a good source of empty calories without nutriment.

These include sucrose, a temporary spike in blood sugar creates, which makes you inactive and tired.

4. May increase the risk of Preeclampsia :

Preeclampsia occurs because of taking an excessive amount of sugar in pregnant women.

This problem has only one solution to reduce sugar intake as soon as possible.

Is coconut sugar good for you :

Another name for coconut sugar is coconut palm sugar. Coconut palm sugar too a natural sugar. It’s the dehydrated sap of coconut palm.

Coconut palm sugar also contains some quantities of fiber, minerals, and antioxidants. The high sugar content is higher than any potential benefits.

Most people know about two sugars

  • White table sugar
  • Corn syrup

The research said that coconut palm contains inulin, where some other sugar does not contain any type of nutrition or a little bit.

Inulin for a particular fiber can be beneficial to the body,  improve intestinal health, and reduce glucose exploitation.

It is noteworthy that the beneficial compounds, but the amount may be less critical and they get a healthy dose of sugar a person should drink plenty of coconuts.

Keep in mind that Coconut sugar is still more than the number of calories and sugar, eating a lot of extra energy consumption, resulting in significant quantities, thereby potentially increases the weight.

I think the above paragraph gives an overall idea regarding your queries that is coconut sugar good for you or not.

Let’s move to the next point; this quarries also part of your question is natural sugar good for you, then the point is

Is cane sugar good for you :

In your kind information, 70% of sugar comes from sugar cane.

Cane sugar is an excellent source of minerals if we do not take enough to get health benefits.

We all know cane sugar contains mainly two ingredients, water, and sugar. 

If you searching for is sugar cane juice good for you, then the answer is yes. Cane sugar contains a rich source of antioxidants. It helps to fight against germs and boost our immunity.

It’s also a great source of magnesium, calcium, and iron. These are good for dehydration.

Sugar cane juice helps to treat kidney stones, urinary tract infections, and any kidney-related problems.

Sugar cane juice also good for the liver, tooth decay, and bad breath.

Cane sugar decreases bad cholesterol. Unhealthy weight gain occurs in our body because of bad cholesterol.

The good part is sugar cane juice not contain any type of cholesterol, not only that it also helps to fight against bad cholesterol, which helps to weight loss.

I think this is your answer to your question is cane sugar good for you.

Best Natural Sweetener For Your Good Health :

After your perfect quarries “is natural sugar good for you”,  you are thinking how to cut down the excessive refined sugar.

Then here is some best sugar list, which is good for your health.

These sugars are very low in calories, also low in fructose, but the taste is great.

1. Stevia is the best :

If you look to sweeten something, then stevia is your best choice because stevia is natural with no calories of sweetener.

The various sweet compounds are present in stevia leaves, and it contains mainly two components for sweetening purposes.

One is rebaudioside A, and others are stevioside. These are sweeter than normal sugar.

Some people did not like stevia because of its taste. Though the taste varies depend on the individual brand.

Then you need some experiments to determine which taste is best for you.

2. Erythritol also a good one :

If you are looking for some kind of natural sweetener, which is good for you then erythritol is one of them with meager calories. Like per gram contains o.24 calories.

The most interesting part is that it absorbed from the intestine to the body; however, it remains unchanged from the kidneys.

It’s good for your health, but excessive amounts can cause some digestive issues. It’s also good sugar alcohol.

If you like sugar, then this is good because is neither has excellent benefits nor has bad effects.

If you are a sweet lover and looking for is natural sugar good for you then you can go with that.

3. Yacon syrup :

Yacon syrup also an uncommon sweetener.

This sugar, especially for women those are interested in weight loss.

Nowadays, it becomes more popular than the others because it has a healthy effect on weight loss.

Yacon syrup contains a high level of fructooligosaccharides, which act as a soluble fiber that supports healthy bacteria in the intestine.

It may affect your digestive system if you regularly contain excessive amounts of it.

4. xylitol :

Xylitol also a sugar alcohol. It contains more calories than the erythritol, per gram contains 2.4 calories.

If you have any dental problems, then xylitol is perfect for your dental health.

It does not increase your insulin level in your body.

When it comes to side effects, it can cause digestive effects if you do not maintain its limit.

I think these are the best-marketed sweeteners which are good for your health rather than other sugar.

These contain natural sugar, and you know the answer is natural sugar good for you or not.

Our suggestion on is natural sugar good for you :

Sugar is good for you and also good for your health. But it depends on how to take it.

If you take any natural product, then natural sugar is good for you, but if you take excessively refined sugar, it destroys your healthy life.

One of the last things to remember about these discoveries about sugar is to empathize with yourself.

Some products may contain some sugar, but that’s fine. Try to avoid it if you are extreme.

If your health is perfect, you can take those foods. These foods contain 5 grams of sugar per 100 grams.

I know it’s difficult to cut down sugars easily, but as a start, be kind to yourself and take a sensitive approach.

I believe this helps you.

That’s all for today. I think you get the answer to your all queries related to is natural sugar good for you or is cane sugar good for you.

If you find any relevant statistic related to your search is natural sugar good for you, please share this newsletter on your social media platform and help others.

Written By : Saikat Bera ( Assit. Prof. Pharmacology)

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