5 Yummy Fruits that start with X in English

In the world there are not many fruits that start with X. It does not mean there are no fruits.

Frankly speaking, I never know any fruit’s name before writing this article.

However, the X fruits list going to be very short because I only found 5 names that begin with the letter X.

If you are our regular visitor then you must know we have already done the W fruit list.

I promise that if I come across any additional names beginning with X, I will update this article.

Table: Fruit Names that start with X

NameTasteFamous In
Xarello FruitSour, sweetSpain
Xinomavro FruitAcidic, sweet, and sourGreece
Ximenia caffra SourZambia, Uganda, Kenya
Xylocarpus GranatumCheese-like tasteAfrica, Asia
Xigua FruitRefreshing SweetChina, Brazil, Turkey,

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If you love to explore more about X fruits then stay tuned, this article covers their colors, taste, health benefits, and many more.

So, let’s jump into our detailed portion.

5 Unique fruits that start with X

Xigua Fruit

Xigua is a Chinese name for Watermelon fruit.

Famous In:  China, Brazil, Turkey, Iran

Common Name: Makataan, Tsamma

Color:  Green, Black with yellow marking. The flesh of the fruit is red, though some varieties have yellow and oranges flesh.

Taste:  Refreshing Sweet

Nutrients:  The fruit is high in nutrients. It contains water, fiber, carbs, magnesium, potassium, Vitamin C, A, B1, etc.

Health Benefits:  Xigua fruits have many benefits-

  • It will keep you from experiencing any dehydration symptoms.
  • Lowering the blood pressure level that eliminates the hypertension risk.
  • Promote digestive health that helps you in proper digestion
  • Boost immunity and also give you healthy skin.

How to Eat: Eating watermelon is the best for health and it’s up to you which will you prefer.

The flesh of the fruit is tasty, and people eat it fresh after cutting. You can prefer the juice also.

Xylocarpus Granatum Fruit

Xylocarpus Granatum is our first fruit obtained from mangrove trees, and it’s an evergreen tree.

Famous In:  Pacific Islands, Africa, Asia

Common Name:  Puzzlenut tree, Cannonball mangrove, 

Color:  Greenish yellow

Taste: Cheese-like taste.

Health Benefits:  The whole tree barks to fruits are used in traditional medicine.  Used to treat diarrhea, fever, inflammation, etc.

How to Eat: The fruit is generally eaten raw.

Ximenia caffra Fruit

Let me clear you one thing that is Ximenia is an edible fruit.

Famous In:  South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, Kenya, and so on.

Common Name:  The fruit has lots of local names like sour plum, American plum, Spanish plum, hog plum yellow plum, etc.

Color: When unripe, the fruit is green, and when ripe, it turns yellow to orange.

Taste: Fruits have a sour taste that is refreshing.

Nutrients:  Ximenia Caffra contains Vitamin C, potassium, protein, iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, etc.

Health Benefits:  The fruit is popular because of its anti-aging effects, also have moisturizing properties, improve blood circulation, and many more.

How to Eat:  The fruit is eaten fresh. To get the best taste, left the fruit in cold water. When the fruit soaks the water then remove the skin by pressing a hand.

To make porridge, the remaining pulp is combined with pounded tubers.

Xinomavro Fruit

Xinomavro is a famous grapes fruit that begins with the letter X.

Famous In: Greece

Common Name: Xynomavro, Popolka, Mavro Naoussis

Color:  Deep blue to black

Taste:  Acidic, sweet, and sour

Health Benefits:  THe fruit may protect you from certain types of chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer. 

Also helps your body to maintain lowering blood pressure which protects your heart.

The fruit is also beneficial to eye health, as well as reducing stress and anxiety and improving mood health, among other things.

How To Eat:

The fruit is mainly used to make expensive wines. You can eat it also fresh.

Xarello Fruit

Xarello is one of the famous white grapes varieties that originated in Spain and it’s a popular Spanish name.

These fruits are specially cultivated for wine preparation. The taste is quite difficult to explain because you get a mixture of tastes like lemon, pears, apricots.

However, wine is a healthy option if you take it limited. It protects your heart.

Wrap up on Fruit that starts with X

As you may know, there are not many X fruits names, but for a healthy diet, always choose Xigua, Ximenia Caffra fruit.

If you love to take wines then must taste that wine made with Xinomavro fruit. It’s expensive but the taste is awesome. Remember never to drink too much.

Fruits are always best if you take them according to your diet plan. Never overeat anything that can harm you.

So, what are your thoughts on this X fruit list? Are you familiar with all of them, or is this something new to you?

Please let us know in the comments section. If you have additional names, please include them as well. That is something we are looking forward to hearing.

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Remember that you can’t get all of your nutrition from a single fruit. You must combine them in some way. So, choose it based on your body’s needs.

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If you lose the game anyhow but I promise he or she never forget about your game-changing moves.


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