Why am I Craving Bananas | 6 Reasons, Benefits

Craving healthy foods and fruits are not bad especially when you craving such nutritious foods as bananas, broccoli, etc.

There was a misconception that cravings only occurred in pregnant women, but cravings are common in men and women who are not pregnant. So don’t be concerned about your desires.

There has been a lot of discussion about food cravings being caused by nutritional deficiencies, but research has not proven this to be true.

But usually, food cravings mean we assumed our bodies needed some minerals or vitamins and that our bodies were trying to tell us with the sign of cravings.

So, the point is why we are craving bananas so much? Commonly, people craved sugary and salty foods. So is it weird or not?

First of all, there is insufficient data to define the precise cause, but we researched various papers and discovered some intriguing points that may apply to your situation.

We found 5 reasons that may be responsible for your craving.

If you’re in a hurry, the short answer to bananas cravings is that there’s a possibility of a mineral deficiency, such as Vitamin B6, fiber, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin C.

However, in the rest of the article, we discussed the causes of banana cravings during pregnancy, before the period, whether it’s okay to eat a banana with other foods, and whether there’s a link between craving bananas and your baby’s gender.

Are you excited to know all these things? So stay with us and read it step by step.

What does it mean to have a banana craving?

In the world 90% of people craving foods and all most all of them craving bananas.

Craving bananas means you can’t stop yourself from eating them. Your mind constantly wants more and more.

These wishes may appear uncontrollable, and a person may believe that they will not be able to fulfill their appetite until they obtain that specific food.

Do you have any idea? The majority of the time, hunger is caused by the mind rather than the body. (In the case of Cravings)

reasons for craving bananas

What are the reasons for craving Bananas?

Craving simply indicates that whatever it was had a cause, no matter how small, big or valuable it is.

In that case, I do one thing: instead of competing for the urges, I pay attention to my body.

Do you know? Most of the time I found it’s about poor self-control.

Okay, let’s go through some exciting points.

Craving bananas because of mineral deficiency

Bananas are fruits that are high in minerals and vitamins and have 100 nutritional benefits.

Bananas are rich in magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and so on.

As a result, there was a chance that the desire was due to a deficiency.

Cause 1: Deficiency of Potassium

Our body needs 1600 mg to 2000 mg Potassium per day where the maximum limit is 3,400 mg.

Serving 100 gm of bananas contains 358 mg of potassium.

Potassium cravings can occur if your body has been deficient in potassium for an extended period.

However, you can satisfy your craving with bananas but not more than 3 at a day.

If you are don’t like to eat more bananas, you can substitute them with other foods like oranges, cucumber, mushrooms, cooked broccoli, cooked spinach, etc.

Do you know mushroom cravings also may happen because of a shortage of potassium?

Cause 2: Deficiency of Magnesium

If you want a healthy body, men should take 400 to 420 mg of magnesium per day, while women should take 310 mg to 320 mg/day.

100 grams of serving bananas contain 27 mg of magnesium though it’s little most of the foods contain that amount of magnesium.

So, if you want to replenish your magnesium levels, you must consume more than three foods. Combination foods are the best way to meet the daily value.

That’s why nutritionists think the shortage of magnesium also plays a role in banana cravings.

Some foods have a good amount of magnesium like avocado, dark chocolate, nuts, legumes, seeds, etc.

Do you know? This is also a vital point for avocado cravings.

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Cause 3: Deficiency of Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C

Adults require 1.3 milligrams of vitamin B6 per day (up to 50 age). Men over the age of 50 require 1.7 mg of Vitamin B6, while women require 1.5 mg.

In the case of Vitamin, C adults need 65 to 90 mg per day where the maximum limit is 2000 mg/day.

100 grams of serving bananas contain 0.4 mg of vitamin B6 and 8.7 mg of Vitamin C.

Now you can see Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C both are high in bananas that’s why some researchers assumed there was a chance of shortage of these minerals.

You can also add some other food to full fill the need for vitamin B6 like peanuts, oats, fish, turkey, etc.

Many foods and fruits contain vitamin C, including citrus fruits, broccoli, black currants, and so on.

Craving citrus fruit is also responsible for the reason.

Cause 4: Shortage of dietary fiber

According to the research, healthy life means need 30 or 38 mg, and women need 21 to 25 mg of dietary fiber.

100 grams of banana contains 2.6 grams of dietary fiber. That’s why you need to eat at least one banana per day.

So, if your body requires dietary fiber and the shortage lasts longer than usual, some research suggests that your body may begin to show signs of cravings.

I recommend that you start with a banana to satisfy your craving and then add some other high-fiber foods like beans, broccoli, apples, and so on.

Taste and smoothness is another reason for banana craving

Believe me or not easy to eat and the sweet taste is one of the biggest reasons for banana desire.

We all know bananas are sweet and one banana can fill your stomach for few hours.

The majority of the lazy people are looking for a quick way to eat. All you have to do is open the skin and eat the flesh. There is no need to pay for additional time.

I’m sure you’ve become more used to the procedure, which is why you’re constantly craving bananas.

Craving bananas because of your emotions

Yes, emotion does play a role in craving because there are two types of hunger: physical need and emotional need.

Physical need like you have to eat because of energy like carbohydrate or salt after exercise. Emotional needs like chocolate, chips, etc.

Bananas are naturally sweet and nutritious. So your body most likely requires one, if not two. If you wish for more, it must be for your emotional needs.

In this case, I will suggest you satisfied your craving with other healthy foods.

Craving Bananas during pregnancy

Banana cravings and eating a banana during pregnancy are completely safe. In fact, bananas are on the top of the list of fruits to eat during pregnancy.

First of all, bananas are high in Vitamin B6, C, fiber, potassium, etc. Fibers protect you from constipation, and Vitamin B6 reduces morning sickness.

The fruit gives much-needed energy and is also beneficial to women suffering from anemia. The fruit helps in the increase of hemoglobin levels.

However, one to two bananas are safe during pregnancy if you don’t have any diabetes issues.

Craving bananas when pregnant boy or girl?

Please keep in mind that no approved research can tell you which foods you crave based on your gender.

It’s all about fun things where women tell their stories about pregnancy. In fact, I also started a fun game during my pregnancy and started collecting data from the would-be mother.

My data and some moms assumptions are shown in our articles-

However, at the time, I couldn’t find any data to tell you about any link-ups, or the data didn’t co-relate with each other.

After much research, I found an article that was done on England where Fiona Mathews told:

“We were able to confirm the old wives’ tale that eating bananas and thus having a high potassium intake, as well as a high sodium intake, was associated with having a boy.”

Craving Bananas before the period is safe or not?

Craving bananas are safe in your period or before period. You can satisfy it without any hesitations.

Because of hormonal changes (Estrogen & Progesterone), women prefer to eat sweet foods before their periods; in this case, bananas are a healthy option.

Bananas are a perfect mood booster because of their creamy sweet taste. The fruit also reduces the chance of bloating and improves digestion.

So don’t be concerned about cravings, and don’t think you have any issues that are causing them.

Craving bananas and peanut butter is it safe?

Eating bananas and peanut butter are safe. You can eat it as a snack. 

Bananas are high in carbohydrates that give you instant energy for your work, where peanut butter that high in protein that holds your energy for the long run.

By the way, if you eat more peanut butter and do not burn calories, you will gain weight. So be mindful of your consumption limits.

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Craving bananas and milk is it safe?

Milk and bananas are both healthy foods, but they should not be consumed together.

Consuming bananas with milk can reduce Agni, cause inflammation, and cause sinus congestion, colds, coughs, and allergies.

They disrupt your digestion and are responsible for digestive problems.

Cravings for both foods are healthy, but limit them to a period that allows your body to maintain its health. Always take these certain time intervals.

So combined banana and milk are not safe to try to avoid. Otherwise craving milk and being satisfied is a healthy option.

Craving bananas and strawberries is it safe?

Acid and sour fruits, in general, do not pair well with sweet fruits.

However, in that case, you can take bananas with strawberries because both are high in nutrition. Strawberries are rich in antioxidants where bananas are potassium, magnesium.

The smoothie is tasty and gives you full energy after taking at snacks.

However, always take organic strawberries which are more healthy compare to non-organic.

Strawberry cravings are more responsible because of the taste or emotional attachment. So, when taking it with bananas, always limit your consumption.

Health benefits of eating Bananas

Bananas contain many healthy vitamins and nutritions. You can eat whenever you want. It’s healthy in any situation. 

We mentioned some popular health benefits below.

  • Help to keep blood sugar levels in check.
  • Improve digestion
  • Helps you in weight loss
  • Protect your heart and also improve kidney health
  • High antioxidants protect your body from free radicals.

I believe you now have a clear understanding of banana cravings and how satisfying they can be.

Wrap up on craving bananas

Banana cravings and eating fruits are completely safe. Numerous factors may contribute to your craving, such as nutritional deficiencies, poor self-control, emotional attachment, and so on.

Two to three bananas are safe per day. Though more than that not dangerous but overeating may cause some problems.

So, satisfy your craving with bananas and enjoy your healthy life.

If you still have any questions regarding your desires ask in the comment section. We are always ready to answer that.


Why am I craving Potassium?

If your muscles are tired or if cramps occur, this indicates that your body requires potassium. If this is the case, you are most likely in need of potassium.
If you feel you craved potassium try to full fill it with healthy foods like bananas, broccoli, etc.

Is eating 3 bananas a day too much?

No, not at all. However, bananas alone cannot meet your daily potassium requirements. Technically possible, but I would advise you not to exceed 3. Bananas are the best, but no more than three per day.

Is satisfied craving for bananas are bad?

Craving bananas and satisfied them with bananas are always healthy. Try to avoid acidic and sour foods and fruits.

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