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We all love snacks all the time. Talking about kids, they always run for unhealthy snacks.

I allow them to eat because of healthy snacks. Kids love to eat tangy, salty-seasoned foods. Therefore, I make boring regular snacks interesting, yummy, and healthy as well.

Today’s focus on Snacks starts with the Letter A. It’s your turn to become super MAMA.

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5 Kids Snacks That Start With The Letter A

1) Apple with peanut butter

Apple with peanut butter is one of the most favorable snacks that start with A among kids till now. It is one of the most engaging and nutritious snacks for youngsters.

Both the ingredient has their own values related to health. It promotes good health in different ways like as by reducing inflammation, controlling blood and sugar levels.

the plate contain bread spread with peanut butter and fruits like apple, bananas


Apple with peanut butter has many important nutrients such as Fiber, Vit-c, potassium, Vit-K, manganese, copper, etc.

Apples are high in polyphenols and fiber. And it also has the component of an anti-oxidant property.

One of the polyphenols is the helping hand for lowering blood pressure such as epicatechin, it also helps to lower down the diabetes level.

Due to the presence of polyphenols, it helps to prevent the damage of beta cells in the pancreas that helps to produce insulin whereas it reduces diabetes type 2.

It prevents cancer and also promotes good gut bacteria. Apple skin contains flavonoid that boosts the immune system and reduces inflammation in allergic and asthma.

It takes care of bones and protects the stomach against the injury produce by NSAIDs.

If you take these ingredients before sleep it may alleviate your sleep issues due to the presence of tryptophan. so a big no no………

2) Apple cinnamon

Apple cinnamon is that type of snack which is famous among kids’ children of different ages and adults also. Now it becomes a major flavor round the world.

The snacks that children use to like among apple cinnamon is cake pastries etc.

Another example of apple cinnamon is the apple cinnamon tea, is one the seasonal and nutrient-dense beverage.

apple cinnamon snack that starts with a


It is prebiotic and improves gut health, reduces blood pressure. It also helps with cholesterol levels in adults.

Lower blood sugar and type 2 diabetes and also relieve digestive discomfort.

It has calcium, phosphorous, and vitamin c as its main ingredient.

What are the types of apples that use for baking?

The best part about apples is that they can be used for baking. There are Jonagold, Pink Lady, Braeburn, honey crisp, Winesap, Motus, Cortland, and Granny Smith apples, which are most famous for their apple cinnamon, etc.

By this Apple cinnamon water has a great impact on health. It increases energy levels. And it is also a good source of anti-oxidant and flavonoids.

It may reduce cholesterol and heart diseases. And it may reduce pain related to menstrual cramps.

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3) Apple water

The taste of the apple water is very freshly delicious with the slight touch of home apple taste. It gives a hint of airy and light flavor that keeps the aroma and liter refreshment of it.

Apple water helps to lose weight, especially in adults, because it contains high storage of moisture and is low in overall calories and density. All of this content helps to lose weight.


It is a high source of vitamin C, phenolic compounds. It boosts the immune system and also reduces the risk of stroke.

It helps to prevent constipation and whereas improves metabolism. On the other hand, it also heals muscle cramps and hydrates the body against dehydration.


According to the department of agriculture and nutrient database, it is composed of 93% of water, protein, carbohydrate, starch, sugar.

4) Apple Muffin

Apple can be eaten in the form of muffin with the apple flavor, it will be very good for kids. As it is a good source of anti-oxidant.

We all know that apple is good to eat in the morning because it is rich in pectin and fiber present in peels.

The digestive issue arises due to improper sleep and the habit of late eating. In that case, apple is very helpful in balancing bad habits.

It is good for kids to get fruit and veggies in the form of muffins, as it adds nutrition to their food. 

Muffin is a great portable breakfast, tooth satisfier, and perfect sidekick for kids to time pass.


It has different types of fat, protein, and vitamin-like A, B 12, B6, Vit C, Vit D, calcium, copper, niacin, thiamin, iron, manganese, etc.

5) Avocado and tomato sandwich

Avocado and tomato sandwich snack is very healthy for kids because it is a kind of balanced diet. 

Avocado and tomato sandwich has a great source of monosaturated fat, potassium, Vit K. It is mixed with tomato that will give kids a funky taste, and it will find more interesting- if a little bit of cheese is added to it.

The presence of the healthy ingredient -Avocado is a very good source of dietary fiber. TOMATO is 74.9 times much less saturated and less fat than avocado. 

Tomato is high in beta carotene and alpha-carotene than avocado. It has a good source of Vit C.

Whether it is good or not

According to one of the journals of nutrition, avocado with salsa boosted the absorption of lycopene and carotenoids in tomatoes.

Avocado can be made with a combination of egg, salad, soup, mayonnaise.


It has folate, niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, zinc, selenium, etc.

The calories can be maintained in a good balance when it is added by bread, onion, cucumber, and other veggies.


1. Agave syrup

Agave nectar As a sweetener, it is also referred to as “maguey syrup” or agave nectar. Agave has different species like agave tequilana and also agave salmaiana. It contains 56% of fructose as a sweetening property.

It is beneficial for the skin because it has anti-bacterial and anti-aging natural properties. It also has saponin, an anti-inflammatory and immune system boosting agent.

It has a flavor similar to pure cane and sugar slightly sweeter with honey.

Is Agave syrup better than honey?

The presence of calorie is same from both end and have the nutritional value, But honey is better than agave syrup because it has the high property of anti-oxidant.


The presence of fat, carbohydrate, potassium, sodium, protein, calcium, cobalamin.


It helps to prevent depression and also helps to overcome heart diseases. It helps in metabolism.

It has a low glycemic index, so in diabetes, it helps to control blood sugar.

Agave syrup has more fructose than regular sugar. It has a higher risk of causing negative health effects– This may lead to an increase in belly fat and fatty liver disease.

2. Apple Bonza

The apple bonza is one of the most famous Australian apples. It is medium size, flavored, red apple grows in mid-season. The word bonza means “first-rate” also “excellent”. It is an Australian word.

It grows in a small area with little rainfall area in Batlow. It is a kind of good pollinator with delicious taste. It has a sweet flavor that can take as a salad.

It helps to metabolize the sugar. The excess amount of dietary fructose is associated with a high risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases.


It has high contained Fructose, calcium, phosphate, etc.

Others Party Snacks that Begin With A

1. Apricot, Apple red fuji, Apricot

2. Arugula, Asian greens, Avocado spread

3. Asian noodles, Arborio rice, apple Jonathan

4. Asafoetida, Auberge, Apple sundowner

5. Avocado oil, apple granny smith

6. Apple golden delicious, Asparagus, almonds

7. Arame, Apples Braeburn, anchovies

8. Apple jazz, apple royal gala, aniseed


1. Alfa alfa sprouts 

It is one of the immature shoots of the plant. It does not use for any culinary purpose because the leaves are quite bitter in taste. It is extremely prone to carry foodborne illnesses.


It contains the nutrients such as calories, fat, protein, fiber, sugar, carbohydrate.

It is very tender and grassy having a chlorophyll taste that stands as a great topping for sandwiches and toast as well. 

The taste of it is unmistakable pea-like and can withstand stir-frying with some other cooking method.


It is used for kidney, bladder, and prostate conditions that to increase the level of urine flow. 

It also helps to treat increased cholesterol, asthma, upset stomach, and bleeding disorder that is termed to be known as Thrombocytopenic Purpura.

Side effect 

These alfa alfa sprouts are safe and full of nutrition and may cause side effects in some people due to the content of high fiber that can cause Gas, Abdominal discomfort, Diarrhea.

Is it good for liver health?

By the presence of saponins, alfa alfa can cause a decrease in cholesterol levels. It helps to form new cells in the liver by inhibiting all the enzymes present in the liver. 

Manganese is present in high doses that help to reduce blood sugar by increasing the production of insulin.

2. Artichoke 

It is also known as globe artichoke. It is one of the edible foods of the plant that consist of flower that look like a bud.


It has a high content of potassium, folate, magnesium, vitamin C, fiber. It also contains calories, fat and also sodium, and carbohydrate.


It helps to improve digestion. It also helps in Bowel syndrome. It may decrease the bad cholesterol and helps to increase good cholesterol.

It also helps to improve blood pressure. In liver disease, the people suffering from the non-alcoholic fatty liver are also remained helpful by eating this food.

Others Healthy Snacks starting With the Letter A

1.   Abalone

2.   Ahi tuna

3.   Acorn squash

4.   Akee

5.   Anchovies

6.   Apricots

7.   Arugula

8.   Almonds

I hope you enjoy all the information about A snack names. Those are only a few. I’ll come with the whole A TO Z snacks series.

Prepare healthy snacks for a healthy family.

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