5 Proven Reasons | Why am I craving Vinegar

You maybe hear that craving vinegar is a wired thing and worried about you craving, Right?

Let me assure you that it is neither strange nor unhealthy. Don’t be concerned about your vinegar cravings. However, there are some intriguing reasons for your cravings.

So, the point is why you are craving vinegar?

There are many reasons behind your vinegar cravings such as unbalanced PH level in your body, candida growth, nutritional deficiency, and many more.

No scientific evidence supports the craving and deficiency stats, but some people overcome their craving by full fill their nutritional value.

The rest of the article discusses the reasons for vinegar desires, the health benefits of eating vinegar, whether it is safe to consume vinegar before a period, and many other exciting questions.

We also talk about balsamic vinegar is healthier compare to others. So stay with me.

Let’s jump into our most popular queries.

Why am I craving Vinegar? (Meaning)

Craving vinegar means you want to eat or drink some sour and pungent flavor. Vinegar is full on this taste.

However, there are numerous reasons to support your cravings; however, craving does not always imply that your body requires something or that you are weak.

Some studies support stress, and poor shelf control also plays a significant role in your vinegar desires.

Reasons for craving vinegar

Vinegar contains acetic acid, amino acids, mineral salts, vitamins like B and C, etc. Do you know? acetic acid is responsible for the sour test.

The taste of the vinegar may cause a craving

Do you know? Sour flavor can balance the sweet and salty taste.

Yes, if you eat too many salty and sweet foods, your body may crave sour foods to balance itself out.

Think about your fast food that must use vinegar, and you craved it because of the taste. You love to eat them.

If you have a strong desire for them, you can also include green olives and pickles, which will help to reduce your vinegar cravings.

However, vinegar gives your dishes a variety of flavors. It means love to eat your favorite dishes also because of the taste of the vinegar.

Overgrowth of candida in your body may cause vinegar cravings

Candida is a fungus that grows in our bodies. Candida grows most commonly in the mouth, gut, throat, and other areas.

Candida is not good for you because it causes them to crave sweets, which feeds it even more!

However, it is not good for your stomach and also absorbs your nutrition, making you feel tired.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, coconut oil is the best treatment for candida, and you should also include probiotics such as yogurt, garlic, and so on.

Furthermore, skin problems are common when suffering from candida, and for women, private part itching and redness may occur. Always consult with your doctor and treat it.

Unbalanced PH level may cause craving vinegar

Low stomach acid may cause vinegar cravings because the stomach needs the PH level 2 to maintain a healthy body, and we all know the stomach contains hydrochloric acid (HCL).

The acid kills microorganisms in the food and aids in digestion through the protein breakdown process.

If you have low stomach acid, your body cannot properly kill the existing microorganisms, which slows down your digestion and may cause gastric problems.

In this case, your body wants some high acid foods that’s why craving vinegar is common.

Not only focus on one food add some healthy foods like citrus fruits, lime juice, vinegar containing healthy foods that help your body to maintain the PH level.

Stress and fluctuating insulin levels may cause vinegar cravings

Stress can decrease stomach acid, and low stomach acid is also responsible for stress.

As you know, stomach acid plays a crucial role in your cravings.

According to some reports, hormonal imbalances can cause food cravings. Vinegar cravings may occur if your insulin level fluctuates.

Nutritional deficiency may cause vinegar craving

Some report says potassium deficiency may cause vinegar cravings. Though vinegar contains little amount of potassium. 100 grams of vinegar contains 2mg of potassium as well as sodium.

If you realize that your body needs some healthy nutrients because of your diet plan, then must add banana, broccoli, spinach, green olives, etc.

So, these are the most common cause for your vinegar wishes. Let’s talk about what happens if you satisfy your cravings.

Health benefits of craving and eating vinegar

Vinegar has many health benefits that can give you a healthy life and solve your many health-related problems. Few are mentioned-

  • Maintain your blood sugar and also insulin level.
  • Helps to lose weight by reducing calorie intake.
  • Vinegar also has antimicrobial effects
  • Protect your heart by lowering your cholesterol level.

Why am I craving vinegar before period?

Women craved vinegar or sour foods before periods because of hormonal changes and also changes in serotonin levels.

Some reports suggest that low stomach acid is also responsible for vinegar cravings.

However, do not worry about vinegar cravings before period. You can satisfy it without any hesitations.

Is it ok drink vinegar every day

Most people prefer 5 ml to 30 ml. I recommend you start with a smaller dose. However, if you take regularly means years to years it may cause severe problems like-

  • Digestive problems
  • Throat burns
  • Skin problems
  • Tooth problems

Wrap up on craving vinegar

Craving vinegar is safe and healthy if you take it moderate amount. Too much of it can cause gastric problems, teeth problems, and many more.

If you crave vinegar means your body needs some nutrition, stress, candida overgrowth in the body, unbalanced PH level, hormonal changes may responsible for your sour or vinegar cravings.

Satisfy your cravings while also including some healthy meals in your diet that will assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Craving vinegar and salt are good?

Nothing wrong with that if you eat vinegar and salt. If you crave vinegar after eating salty foods that means your body tries to balance the taste. However, low stomach acid is also responsible for salt and vinegar craving.

Craving vinegar and pickles

Some report says about craving vinegar a pickle means nutritional deficiency. Stress is also responsible for favorite food cravings.

Craving balsamic vinegar

Balsamic vinegar is a safe vinegar that is brown. If you want it, go ahead and get it. Remember that if you consume it raw, your throat may burn and you may experience gastric problems.

craving vinegar and lemons

Vinegar and lemons both are sour. If you crave them it means your body wants to balance some taste. Also, the chance for low acid in the stomach.

Why am I craving vinegar after a workout?

There are no specific reasons behind your cravings. If you take salty vinegar foods because of sodium loss during the workout. Now your body wants to fill the level, that’s why you want vinegar.

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