Why am I Craving Green Olives? | 6 True Reasons

Craving green olives is not a weird thing. If the cravings are new to you, then there was something behind you.

Cravings and eating Green olives are both safe and nutritious. Not only are olives healthy, but a desire for healthy foods is not a bad thing.

So the question is, why do you crave green olives, and who is to blame?

There is no approved research when it comes to craving green olives, but if you want to excuse something, you must blame your personal taste, your habits, and sometimes stress.

If you’re looking for a nutritional deficiency, consider a lack of iron, monounsaturated fat, or vitamin E, all of which are plentiful in green olives.

The rest of the article covers the exact reasons for your green olive cravings, how to overcome the situation, the health benefits of eating green olives, and many exciting queries.

What does craving green olives mean?

Craving olive means your body wants to eat more than your body needs.

However, green olives are salty and bitter. So there was a chance of shortage of salt though some research thinks it means iron deficiency.

Green olives are high nutrition, so there are many reasons behind your desire. Let’s find out some logical statements.

Reasons for craving green olives mean

Some of us suspect craving is caused by deficiencies, while others believe it is wholly due to emotional connection. So, let’s look for some evidence to back up your desire.

Cause 1: Craving green olives because of taste and your habit

Olives are paired with many dishes, which may be your favorite. No one can deny the delicious taste of green olives.

So whenever you eat this, your brain release dopamine that makes you feel happy and wants more of it.

If you’re used to eating olives and suddenly stop for any reason, then it must be your poor shelf control.

In short, olives add a delicious burst of flavor to your dish, which may clarify why you yearn for them!

If you want too much of it, add green olives to the salad to reduce your consumption, or substitute with a mixture of capers, mushrooms, salty vinegar, and so on.

Cause 2: Nutritional deficiency may be behind your green olive wish

Green olives are high in calcium, monosaturated fat, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, etc. So, whatever the reasons behind your cravings just add them to your diet.

High chance of shortage of healthy fats behind green olives cravings

Green olive is high in monosaturated fat that is the most crucial healthy fat.

100 grams or 37 pieces of serving green olives contain 11.5 grams of monosaturated fat.

Most of us reduce our intake of fat-containing foods to lose weight. However, not all fats are harmful. When you don’t eat any fat in your diet, your body craves healthy fats like monosaturated fat.

If you’ve recently changed your diet, there’s a chance you’ve run out of fat-containing foods. So take a look at your diet and add some healthy fat foods like olive oil, avocados, nuts, and so on.

Iron deficiency may cause green olives yearnings

As you know green olives contain iron and serving 100 grams of it has 0.49 mg of iron. Where our body needs 8.7 mg (men) and 14.8 mg (women) per day.

Though it’s a little amount some studies report a shortage of iron responsible for your green olive cravings.

If you think your diet is lacking in iron, include a few iron-rich foods such as spinach, red meat, shellfish, and so on.

Cause 3: Dehydration may cause green olives craving

I know you have a busy schedule, and you drink only when you are thirsty, which is why your body is dehydrated.

So, dehydration also causes green olives cravings because the food contains 80% of water.

Green olives, as you may know, are salty. So, if you crave salty foods, it could be because your body is dehydrated.

To overcome this situation drink more water and add some watery fruits like watermelon, pineapple, etc. 

If you don’t take it seriously, it may create some serious problems. So just identify your cravings and satisfy them.

Cause 4: Stress may behind your green olives craving

I know some of you don’t take it seriously, but please rethink.

Stress is responsible for your lack of sleep, when we are unable to sleep properly, we become more hungry and seek out easy-to-eat foods such as wish potato chips or delicious foods such as green olives.

So believe me or not stress plays a big role in your favorite foods wishes.

If you believe that your emotions, such as anger or stress, play a role in your green olive cravings, there are numerous options to help you overcome stress. Only a few are mentioned –

  • Sleep minimum 7 hours per day
  • Spend time on exercise and meditation
  • Read some interesting 
  • Spend time with your family and loved one
  • Eat healthy foods and drinks

Health benefits of eating or craving green olives

Whether you carve green olives or not, you should include them in your diet because they have numerous health benefits.

  • Green olives are high in healthy fats and low in cholesterols that improve your heart health.
  • The foods also contain antioxidants that protect you from cancer and also reduce inflammation.
  • Increase bone health
  • Helps you in weight loss

Is too much eating green olives safe?

Excessive eating of green olive oils may show some severe side effects like

  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • Increases the risk of heart disease
  • Weight gain

If you take it in a moderate amount, then it’s safe and healthy.

A final thought on desires for green olives

As you can see, if you crave green olives more than your body does, it could be a matter of personal preference. If your craving is sudden or new, your body may require some healthy fats, iron, or other nutrients.

However, you can satisfy it, but not to excess; otherwise, you will gain weight rather than lose weight.

Don’t depend on one thing to get the exact amount of nutrition. Add more foods and fruits to your diet too rich your body’s needs.

I think you must get your answer regarding your green olive cravings. Don’t miss the few interesting queries that ask over the internet.


How many green olives are safe to eat daily?

You can take 50 to 85 grams of green olives, and it’s safe. Excessive consumption may create severe side effects.

Why eat green olives before going to bed?

Healthy fat-containing foods are preferred as nighttime snacks or before bed because they can maintain you fuller for longer periods of time while also helping to maintain your blood sugar level.

Which olives are healthier green or black?

Black and green both are best in their point of view. It’s up to you why you want to consume.

Green olives are best for increasing your vitamin E levels, but black olives are best for adding olives to your meals and dishes. Choose it based on your needs.

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  1. This is so interesting because for the last 7 months I have had a serious craving for green olives. A serious craving to the point of eating them straight outta the jar. I have eaten so man jars of them in the last months I really was getting worried because I knew it had to mean sometihing was going on. Well yesterday my annual bloodwork came back showing that I am anemic iron deficient, just above the transfusion mark. I had bloodwork done 7 months ago and there was no anemia or iron deficiency.

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