7 Untold Facts about Ugni Fruit| Never heard before

Ugni fruit aka Ugni Molinae native to Chile. The plant belongs to the Myrtaceae family. Ugni berry is also a famous fruit that starts with the letter U.

Myrtaceae family belonging plants are woody and carry essential oils.

Ugni Fruit is known by different names like- Chilean Guava, Strawberry Myrtle, Ugniberry, Tazziberry, etc.

Although Chilean Guava is native to Chile, which is where the name comes from, it is also seen in Argentina and its adjacent regions, New Zealand, Australia, etc.

The Spanish name is Murta. The tree of Ungi Berry comes under Shrub height about 30 to 170 cm tall and 1.5 cm broad.

Talking about the Ugni Flower consists of white to pink petals and lots of stamens.

The flower is small about 1 cm, and hangs down like a bell.

The Ugni Fruit is red, white, and purple in color, look like a berry. Ugni fruits are small in size about 1 cm. The pick-up time is March to May means Autumn season.

Ugni Molinae is an ornamental plant, and Ugni fruit was the most preferable fruit of Queen Victoria in 1844.

Murata fruit is used in making Jam, dessert- the common Murta Con Membrillo Dessert, and Savory German cake. (Kuchen)

Murta Con Membrillo is Chile’s most popular and traditional dessert. Chilean Guava and quince are boiled in sugar.

Table: Ugni Molinae

NameUgni Fruit
Binominal NameUgni Molinae
AppearenceUgni fruits are small red color, flowers are white to pink
TasteA perfect combination of the tangy and sweet gesture
Popular NamesChilean Guava, Murta, MUrta berry, Tazziberry, Strawberry Myrtle
Native toChile
Available inNew Zealand, Australia, South America
UseMaking Jam, Jelly, Desserts, Muffin, Cake, Flavoring agent
EdibleLeaves take a substitute for tea and seeds are coffee
BenefitsAntioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-cancer properties
Side effectsVomit, Bloating, Stomach Ache

Other Well Known Names of Ugni Fruit

Chilean Guava, Murta, Strawberry Myrtle, Tazziberry, Chilean Guava Myrtle, Muria, and Temo.

What does Chilean Guava taste like?

Chilean Guava tastes like Strawberry. The fruit seems to have a delicate flavor, similar to Strawberries, although with a hint of acidity. The Murta seeds are extremely tiny.

Ugni Molinae Cultivation

The Ugni Molinae is native to calm late Spring to Early Summer temperature and thrives in conditions- that is moderate during the day and cooler at night. 

Besides Chilean Guava Native, it locations where temperatures consistently exceed 80-85 degrees. If air has moderate humidity grows well indoor.

Murta Fruits grow best in partial shade, with adequate shelter from the hot afternoon heat. It grows well in wet, well-drained topsoil with a light acidic pH soil. Murta Fruits have the precise scale of the tangy and sweet mixture.

Murta berry benefits

Berries are generally demandable because of their antioxidant properties. Murta Berries edible fruits in Chile, Australia, New Zealand, and surrounding countries.

Ugni fruits, AKA Chilean Guava, grow in a specific climate. But are cultivated outside of their native region for their taste and health benefits.

Although there is not a huge data available for the benefits of Murta fruits. Still, one research study shows that numerous phytochemicals present have health benefits.

  1. Present of high-level Beta-Carotene. Beta- Carotene is an antioxidant that maintains skin health, rejuvenates skin, protects the skin from UV rays.

Beta-Carotene has anticancer properties, reduce risk of certain cancer like lung, breast, etc.

Beta Carotene may improve cognitive function, reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Per 100 gm Ugni Fruit contains about 5-8mg Vitamin C.

Other health benefits like 

  • Antiallergic,
  • Antiplatelet,
  • Antimicrobial, 
  • Anti-inflammatory, etc.
  • Help in autoimmune disease.

What does Ugni fruit taste like?

Ugni fruit tastes like strawberry, that’s why any commercial product has strawberry flavor has made from Ugni fruit.

Is Ugni edible?

Yes. Ugni is Edible. The edible parts are fruit, leaves, and seed. Some say Ugni is a Vegetable. So No. It is not.

How do you eat Murta berries?

Murta berries can eat either in raw form or cooked like dessert, cake, etc.

Make delicious Icecream from Murta berries, Muffins, like flavor.

It has an absolutely delicious flavor like a wild strawberry. 

The leaves of Chilean Guava use for tea. You can say substitute of tea.

Ugni Molinae seeds can take as a coffee substitute.

The seed also prefers to make traditional liqueur Murtado.

How long does Chilean Guava take to fruit?

In the middle of the year, Each Ugni fruit plant can bear approximately 2 pounds of small red Chilean Guava fruits. 

Following that, crop yield will grow by 1 kg per year.

Make Ugni Molinae Flan 

Ingredients you need

  • Granulated Sugar -6 cup
  • Flour -30 cups
  • Butter- 6 cups
  • Egg- 1
  • Baking powder- 40 tsp
  • Ugni berry- 5 cups
  • Almond extract- 12 tsp
  • Orange liqueur- 2 tbsps
  • Lemon zest- 1 tsp
  • Egg yolks- 2
  • Salt- 6 tsp

Take a large bowl, put butter and sugar and blend well.

Take another container, add eggs, flour, baking powder, salt whisk the mixture.

Then mix butter mixture and flour mixture until any lumps or air release.

Grease all over a pan and pour the mixture all together, then season with lemon zest and Ugni berries.

Make Ugni Fruit Smoothie

Make Ugni fruits smoothie at breakfast or take as snacks.

Blend all together with Banana, Milk, Ugni Fruits, orange juice, etc. Add ice cube for a cold smoothie.

For Vegan or non-dairy- blend with spinach, Ugni fruits, and vegan yogurt. Topping the Smoothie with Muesli. A perfectly healthy and tasty breakfast smoothie.

Make Ugni Fruit as Salads

Ugni fruits have a nutritional value ranging from antimicrobial properties to anticarcinogenic properties.

Make a fruit salad with strawberries, avocado, vinaigrette, spinach, and Ugni fruits.

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