All 24 Fruit That Starts With N in English

It’s hard to remember all of the fruit names at once, especially when they begin with the letter N.

Though there are many names, the majority of them are uncommon. Do you ever hear the words neelum mango, nopales, nungu, and others?

However, we collected 24 fruit names that start with N and created a table to make it easier to understand.

In this article, we will not only discuss the names, but also their taste, health benefits, and nutrients. This information will also assist you in maintaining a healthy diet.

Table : Fruits that start with the letter N

NamesTasteFamous In
Nepali hog plumTartNepal
Natal plumTart/sourish-sweetSouth Africa
Nam Dok mai mangoSweetThailand, Australia
Nere fruitSweetAfrica
Nance fruitSweet to acidicAmerica, Caribbean
Nungu fruitSweet/WateryWest Bengal, Maharastra, Tamilnadu
Naartjie fruitSweet-tartSouth Africa, China
Neem fruitBitterThailand, Srilanka, India
Northern spy appleSweetNew York
Nutmeg FruitCrystallized pearIndonesia
Nectarines fruitSweetChina
Nagami kumquatsour/slightly sweetIndia, Japan, China
Naranja fruitSweet-tartAsia

For those in a hurry, the table only contains 13 names. To know all the 24 “N” fruit’s names, read the rest of the article.

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Famous Fruits that start with N

1. Nuts fruit

Famous in: India, Brazil

Common name: Kaju fruit

Color: Red

Taste: Sweet

Nutrients: Protein, Antioxidant, Vitamin E.

Health benefit: Help to maintain blood pressure, cholesterol level.

How to eat: It can eat freshly also in the boil, jams.

2. Neelum mango fruit

Famous in: Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka

Common name: Totapuri Aam.

Color: Red.

Taste: Sweet.

Nutrients:Vitamin A,Vitamin C,Calcium,Magnesium

Health benefit: Help for improving immunity system, digestive system.

How to eat: It can be eaten fresh and juice.

3. Nashi pear fruit

Famous in: Eastern Asia, China

Common name: Asian pear

Color: Light yellow.

Taste: Sweet

Nutrients: Carbohydrate, Fiber, Protein

Health benefit: Help strengthen bone, maintain blood pressure.

How to eat: It can eat fresh and juice.

4. Navel Orange fruit

Famous in: Brazil

Common name: Citrus sinensis Novel

Color: Orange in color

Taste: Sweet

Nutrients: Carbohydrate, Fiber, Protein, Vitamin C, Citrate

Health benefit: Help to prevent Kidney stone formation, improve the immunity system.

How to eat: It can eat fresh and juice.

5. Nopales fruit

Famous in: Mexico, West indies

Common name: Prickly pear

Color: Red/yellow

Taste: Sweet

Nutrients: Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Calcium

Health benefit: Help for maintaining cholesterol level, Diabetic, Obesity. Also, use as an anti-viral.

How to eat: It can be eaten raw.

6. Nonda plum fruit

Famous in: New Guinea, Australia

Common name: Nonda tree

Color: Yellow-Orange.

Taste: Boiled potato

Nutrients: Fiber, Iron, Carb

Health benefit: Help to prevent heart disease and also minimize the risk of a certain type of cancer

How to eat: It can be eaten raw but have dry.

7. Naranja fruit

Famous in: Asia.

Common Name: Orange

Color: Yellow and red.

Taste: Sweet-tart.

Nutrients: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Fiber, Sugar.

Health benefits: Boosts immune system. It protects against cell damage. Help to heal the wounded.

How to Eat: It can eat directly or in orange juice.

8.  Nagami kumquat fruit

Famous in: India, Japan, China

Common Name: Oval kumquat

Color: Yellowish orange.

Taste:sour/slightly sweet.

Nutrients:Vitamin C,Vitamin A,Fiber,Potassium

Health benefits: Improve from heart disease and cancer, also protect from cell damage.

How to eat: It can eat freshly whole also in salads.

9. Nectarines fruit

Famous in: China

Common Name:Prunus Persica

Color: Dark red /Yellow.

Taste: sweet

Nutrient: Antioxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Fiber.

Health benefits: Help reduce inflammation, Maintain healthy organ functionally.

How to eat: It is best to eat raw.

10. Nutmeg Fruit

Famous in: Indonesia

Common Name: Jaiphal

Color: Grayish brown

Taste: Crystallized pear

Nutrients: Calories, carbohydrate, Fat

Health benefits: Help with liver disease, It’s Oil use for the dental product.

How to eat: Added it to coffee, hot chocolate. Oil is applied to joint pain.

11. Naranjilla fruit

Famous in: America, Costa Rica

Common Name: Lulo

Color: Yellow

Taste: Citrusy

Nutrients: Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium

Health benefits: Help to improve the immunity system, Digestive system. Also, help for relieves stress.

How to eat: It can eat fresh and juice.

12. Northern spy apple fruit

Famous in: New York

Common Name: Spy

Color: Red

Taste: Sweet

Nutrients: Sodium, Carbohydrate, Vitamin C

Health benefits: Help for maintaining cholesterol, diabetics.

How to eat: It is best to eat raw, also eaten with roasted, baked.

13. Neem fruit

Famous in: Thailand, Srilanka, India

Common Name: Neem

Color: Yellow

Taste: Bitter


Health benefits: It’s Antiviral, Antibacterial, Anti-fungal. The oil is used for healthy hair.

How to eat: Ripe fruit is eaten raw. Oil from the seed is used for cooking.

14. Naartjie fruit

Famous in: South Africa, China

Common Name: Satsuma Orange

Color: Yellow and red.

Taste: Sweet-tart.

Nutrients: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Fiber, Sugar.

Health benefits: Boosts immune system. It protects against cell damage. Help to heal the wounded.

How to Eat: It can eat directly or juice.

15. Nungu fruit

Famous in: Gao, West Bengal, Maharastra.

Common Name: Ice apple, Taal

Color: White.

Taste: Sweet/Watery flavor

Nutrients: Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Zinc, Minerals.

Health benefits: Help to prevent dehydration, also help for improving liver and Digestive system.

How to Eat: It is best to eat raw.

16. Nectacotum fruit

Nectacotum fruit is a hybrid variety of apricot, plum, and nectarine. It’s sweet and yellow in color fruit.

It’s help for make jellies, jam.

17. Nance fruit

Famous in: America, Caribbean

Common Name: Nanche, Craboo.

Color: Yellow-Orange.

Taste: Sweet to acidic.

Nutrients: Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Fiber.

Health benefits: Help to maintain heart disease, cancer, stroke.

How to Eat: It is best to eat raw, also eaten with cooked.

18. Nere fruit

Famous in: Africa

Common Name: Locust bean

Color: Dark brown

Taste: Sweet.

Nutrients: Protein, Carbohydrate, Lipid

Health benefits: Help to reduce fever, maintain blood sugar.

How to Eat: Eaten with cooked.

19. Nageia nagi fruit

Nageia nagi is one of the famous N fruits found in japan, china.

It’s common name podocarpus nagi, purple in color. It’s oil from the seed value in the industry.

20.Nam dok mai mango fruit

Famous in: Thailand, Australia

Common Name: NamDoc Mai

Color: Yellow.

Taste: sweet.

Nutrients: Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C. Calcium

Health benefits: Help to prevent scurvy. maintain health disease, cancer.

How to Eat: It can eat directly or juice.

21. Nocera fruit

Nocera is one of the famous N fruits found in the Ragusa, Catania

It’s blocked in color and use for preparing red wine.

22. Newton pippin apple fruit

Famous in: New York, California.

Common Name:Albemarle pippin.

Color: Greenish yellow.

Taste:sweet/slightly tart.

Nutrients: Dietary fiber, sugar, Carbohydrates.

Health benefits: Help prevent cardiovascular disease, diarrhea.

How to Eat: It’s can eating freshly, cooking, juicing.

23. Natal plum fruit

Famous in: South Africa.

Common Name:Carissa/Noem-noem.

Color: Deep pinkish-red.


Nutrients: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium

Health benefits: Help for control blood pressure, cholesterol. Also a good source of iron.

How to Eat: It is best to eat raw. 

24. Nepali hog plum

Famous in: Nepal.

Common Name: Amara.

Color: Green to yellow.

Taste: Tart flavor.

Nutrients: Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Iron.

Health benefits: Help for treatment of gonorrhea, Diarrhea, Malaria fever.

How to Eat: It’s can eating freshly, cooking or dried fruit nuggets.

The bottom line on Fruits that start with the letter N

When you and your opponent share the same names, it’s difficult to win a letter game. That is why you need more stock names.

Tell me that before reading this article, you probably had 5 or 6 names, but now you have 24.

Don’t stop here; we’ve already finished A to Z fruit names, and we’re giving this article after we finish M names.

Do you think this is a valuable article? If you want to learn more about N names, we also have a list of foods that starts with N. Let’s take a look and learn about some more unusual names.

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