12 Famous Fruits Start With U | No. 4 Stun You

Exploring new fruits names is always exciting for me because it not only helps you in the letter game and also benefits your diet.

As a result, after finishing the T list fruits, we’re going to share some unusual fruits that begin with the letter U.

We also added a table of fruits that starts with U that helps you easy to remember.

Table: Fruits that start with the letter U

NameTasteFamous In
Uva Tosca GrapeSweet and spicyItaly
Udara FruitSour and sweetAfrica, Nigeria
Usuma FruitSweetKerala, South America, Columbia
Ububese FruitSweetAfrica, Namibia, Zimbabwe
Urava FruitLittle bit sour Northern Australia, East Africa,
Umbu FruitSourBrazil
Uva rare grapefruitSweeter and less acidicItaly
Ugli FruitSweet, tangy, and a little bitterThe Islands of Jamaica
Ugni FruitSpicy guava Chile, New Zealand

This article not only gives you the name also covers their taste, nutrients, and health benefits. So stay tuned to explore all these things.

If you’re stuck between the names of fruits, some well-known foods begin with the letter U. You can look into it.

So, let’s jump into our most exciting part.

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12 famous fruits start with U

I also mentioned my all-time favorite fruits name; check this out if you are confused about what to test and whatnot.

1. Ugni Fruit

 The ugni fruit is mainly growing between March and May.

Famous In: Chile, New Zealand & Southern Argentina

Common Name: New Zealand cranberry, ugniberry

Color: White, purple, and red

Taste:  Spicy guava 

Nutrients:  The fruit contains energy, glucose, vitamin C, sucrose, protein, etc.

Health Benefits:  The ugni fruit minimizes the risk of cancer, cardiovascular problems, and many more.

How to Eat:  The fruit is preferred as a cooked but also used to make some jams and desserts.

2. Ugli Fruit

Ugli fruit does not mean the fruit is ugly. However, it is derived from this word. The fruit, on the other hand, is a cross between a grape and an orange.

Famous In: The Islands of Jamaica

Common Name: Jamaican tangelo, agli fruit

Color:  Lime orange & lime green

Taste:  Sweet, tangy, and a little bitter.

Nutrients:  The Ugli fruit contains Vitamin A, C, potassium, iron, protein, etc.

Health Benefits: The fruit is good for your oral health, especially your gums, and it also protects your heart, among other things.

How to Eat:  The fruit is preferable, mainly in snacks and desserts. You can also add it to your salad.

3. Uva rare grapefruit

Famous In: Italy

Common Name: Bonarda Novarese, Balsamea, Rairon, etc.

Color:  Purple

Taste:  Sweeter and less acidic

Nutrients:  The fruit contains dietary fiber, sugar, antioxidants, etc.

Health Benefits:  The fruit lowers blood sugar levels and protects against various types of cancer, among other things.

How to Eat:  The fruit is a rare type of grapefruit mainly used in red wine preparation.

4. Uvalino Grape Fruit

Uvalino is an Italian grape. One of the rarest fruit that begins with U. The fruit is high in antioxidants and have many benefits.

The fruit is primarily used in red wine. Studies have shown that even a tiny amount of wine has numerous benefits, such as lowering the risk of heart disease, stroke, and many others.

5. Umbu Fruit

Famous In: Brazil

Common Name:  Brazil Plum, Imbu

Color:  Deep greenish to yellow

Taste:  Sour

Nutrients:  The Umbu fruit contains Vitamin C, fiber, iron, antioxidants, etc.

Health Benefits:  Fruit that boosts up your energy as well as immunity.

How to Eat:  Imbu can be eaten raw or cooked, and it is also used in jams and juices. The most popular fruit in rural areas. They use the fruit as a meal replacement.

6. Urava Fruit

Famous In: Northern Australia, East Africa, etc.

Common Name:  Mangrove Apple

Color: Deep green to yellow

Taste:  Little bit sour and similar to quince fruit.

How to Eat: Both the leaves and the fruits of the fruit are edible and can be eaten cooked.

7. Ububese Fruit

Famous In: Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe

Common Name:  Muroro, Dwarf custard apple

Color:  Yellow and reddish

Taste:  Sweet

Health Benefits:  Some people think the fruit helps in relieving cough. More research is needed to conclude health benefits.

How to Eat: Ububese fruits are edible and yummy and typically consumed raw, cooked, or preserved.

8. Usuma Fruit

Famous In: Kerala, South America, Columbia

Common Name:  Peanut butter fruit

Color:  Orange to deep red

Taste:  Sweet

Nutrients:  Usuma fruits contain dietary fiber, saturated fat, sodium, etc.

Health Benefits:  The fruit protects your heart and lowering the blood cholesterol level.

How to Eat:  You can eat fresh the pulp and skin of the fruit. It is also used to make a cake, milkshake, etc.

9. Udara Fruit

Famous In: Africa, Nigeria

Common Name:  African star apple, Agbalumo

Color:  Purple

Taste: Sour and sweet

Nutrients:  Udara fruit is high in Vitamin C and natural Antioxidants.

Health Benefits:  Udara fruit has numerous health benefits, including constipation relief, weight maintenance, and improved digestive health.

How to Eat: You can’t eat the outer skin and seeds. The only edible part of the fruit is milky white flesh.

10. Usakhelauri Fruit

Usakhelauri fruit is native to Georgia, and it is a rare grapefruit used to make red wine.

11. Uva tosca Grape Fruit

Famous In: Italy

Color:  Reddish( The color of wine)

Taste:  Sweet and spicy


Health Benefits:  Drink a small number of wines to reduce the risk of diabetes mellitus and also protect your heart.

How to Eat:  The fruit is mainly used in red wine preparation.

12. Umari Fruit

Famous In: Brazil, India, Indonesia, Iran

Common Name: Poraqueiba sericea 

Color:  Dark brown or purple, yellowish-green, orange

Taste:  Not good (Difficult to explain)

How to Eat:  The fruit is edible.

When it comes to benefits, I think more research is needed.

Wrap up on Fruits starts with U.

If you want some unique taste, don’t forget to add Ugli fruit and Uvalino grapefruit to your diet.

Urava and Ububese are also unique fruits, but health benefits are unknown. If you have any issues, always consult with your doctor before eating.

As you all know, fruits are always a healthy option but never overeat.

I think you must find some unique U fruits name. If yes, then don’t forget to share.

Still, if you have queries, ask me in the comment section. I am always ready to answer.


What are vegetables that start with the letter U?

Famous vegetable names are- Urad bean, Ube, Ulster Emblem Potato, Ulluco, Upland Cress, etc.

Fruit name that starts with the letter U in Spanish?

I only found a name that starts with U-
Grape(English) = Uva (Spanish)

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