Is Okra Acidic or Alkaline? [Lady Finger pH 5.5 to 6.6]

Okra is a flowering plant that is green in color. It is also referred to as a lady’s finger. It is primarily classified as a fruit, but it is also a vegetable. Okra is mainly red and green.

It has a different name in a different country such as –

  • India – Bhindi
  • United States – Gumbo
  • Arabic – Baima.

Okra is a nutritious food, and its pods can be eaten raw. The flavor of okra is most likely sweet or grassy.

There is no relation between healthy foods and acid reflux because healthy foods may cause acidity. Though, it depends on various conditions like which time you prefer, what food are combined and many more things.

So the question is whether okra is acidic or alkaline. Is it good or bad for acid reflux?

Okra is less acidic to near neutral in range, and cooked okra is most preferable.

Is okra acidic or alkaline?

According to the study okra ph range is (5.50-6.60). The ph of okra fruit is near about 7, so it is considered alkaline.

 Mainly alkaline foods are-Fruits, nuts, vegetables, legumes.

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Okra becomes low acidic nature in canning purposes condition.

Hence okra is alkaline food so it can be good for acid reflux.

Is okra bad for acidic reflux?

Acid reflux: It is also known as GERD(Gastroesophageal reflux disease). Here mainly acid is produced in the stomach and moves up to the esophagus. The acid reflux produces heartburn.

Some foods increase acid reflux- coffee, alcohol, spicy foods, fatty food, etc.

PH range of okra is 5.50-6.60, it’s mainly alkaline in nature but low acidic in canning conditions.

No, okra is not bad for acidic reflux. It is good for acidic reflux, it has laxative properties which help remove toxins from the intestinal tract.

Okra is also low in sugar, 100 grams of okra contains only 1.5 grams of sugar. Fruits that are high in sugar take time to digest because that indigestion may happen.

Is okra good for an acidic person?

Yes, okra is alkaline so it can help neutralize the acid reflux in the stomach.

If you are an acidic patient try to avoid that food that increases acid reflux ( such as coffee, spicy food, alcohol, etc.) or consult with a doctor. 

Does okra cause indigestion?

Fructans are one type of carbohydrate which present in okra, which causes diarrhea, gas. o some people are suffering from indigestion.

Can I drink okra water?

Yes, okra water helps in the treatment of the digestive system and diabetes disease.

Raw okra pods putting in the water overnight and drink water at early morning empty stomach.

What happened if you take too much okra?

Normally everyday nutritional requirement of okra for women is 25.2-28gm (19-50 year age) and for men 30.8-33.6 gm (19-50 year age).

After 50 years 22.4 gm/per day for women and 28 gm/per day for men.

If you take too much okra it can produce gas, diarrhea for some people due to present fructans.

 Why is Okra good for you?

In okra present polyphenol, vitamin A, vitamin C. Polyphenol is a micronutrient and a powerful antioxidant, it can also help for brain health.

Treatment of heart disease:

Okra contains a gel-like substance called mucilage. This mucilage help eliminate cholesterol through stools and help maintain cholesterol level in the blood so reduce the heart block.

Benefit for pregnant women:

Folate (vitamin B9) is the main composition of okra, this helps pregnant women and also helps the fetus for brain development.

Healthy diet:

Okra is a healthy food, there present a rich amount of magnesium, folate, fiber, vitamin C, Vitamin A, antioxidants.

Okra can control blood sugar, cancer.

Good for the digestive system:

Fiber is one of the main components of okra that help for good in the digestive system.

Good for the eye:

Carotenoids are good for eye health. In okra present carotenoids such as lutein, zeaxanthin, meso zeaxanthin are good for your eye.

Produce RBC’s:

Folate is present in the lady’s finger which helps to produce RBCs.

Improve immunity system:

In okra present vitamin C which helps improve the immunity system.

Many types of okra fruit are Blondy, Go big, Hill country red, Red velvet, Silver queen, Cow horn. When it comes to health benefits, all have similar effects.


Kidney stone:

Calcium oxalate is mainly causing kidney stones. Oxalate is present in okra in a high amount that can produce kidney stones.


Solanine is a toxic compound that can be at risk for inflammation, joint pain. Solanine is present in some food such as okra, potatoes, tomatoes, etc.

Blood clotting:

Vitamin K helps with blood clotting. In okra rich amount of vitamin K is present. If you eat blood thinner medicine like warfarin, okra can be arrest medicinal therapeutic effects. 

Wrap up on Okar and its nature

Foods and fruits are always healthy but during acidity, you have to manage your consumption.

A limited amount of okra during acid reflux is ok and must add other alkaline foods like avocado, spinach, etc.

Some report says okra contains fructans. If you take an excessive amount during acid reflux, it may cause gas, diarrhea, bloating, etc.

Though this occurs in a small number of people because each of us has a unique digestive system and the vegetable reacts differently.

Remember, the above answer is clearly meant to provide general health information only and is not a substitute for a doctor’s opinion or treatment recommendations.


Why okra is called lady’s finger?

Okra pods are long, elegantly shaped like a lady’s finger.

Which acid is present in the lady’s finger?

Okra or lady finger contains a high amount of folic acid or vitamin B9.

Different between okra and lady finger? 

“Okra” is the scientific name by the united state and “lady’s finger” is the English name.

Is okra prebiotic?

Prebiotic are foods that are good for the gut’s healthy bacteria.
Yes, okra is a prebiotic food that good for healthy bacteria.

 Eating ladyfinger at night is safe?

In okra present vitamin C, vitamin A, fiber, antioxidant those boost for good health. Okra also regulates the digestive system, low blood sugar and okra is alkaline food so it is safe at night.

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