Is Spinach Acidic or Basic? (Frozen / Canned/ Creamy)

Spinach is a green vegetable that is high in vitamins and minerals, making it a superfood. It is related to quinoa and beets. Some reports suggest that spinach is the no1 healthiest food.

Spinach has many health benefits but is spinach acidic or alkaline? This thing is important because most people suffer from acidity, and things will worsen when you do not maintain your alkaline diet.

The short answer is spinach is mildly acidic to alkaline because raw and fresh spinach is less acidic, but cooked one is alkaline. You will get a different answer for baby spinach that discuss in the letter section.

However, the article is about spinach and its acidic level, how much is safe for acid reflux, which type of spinach is safe, and many more interesting questions that are asked over the internet.

Is spinach acidic or alkaline?

Raw spinach is mildly acidic because its pH range is 5 to 5.5. Where Cooked spinach is alkaline because the pH ranges from 6.6 to 7.2, and the report states that after digestion, spinach has highly alkaline effects with a pH of 9.

The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. Whereas less than 7 is considered acidic, more than 7 up to 14 is considered alkaline, and 7 is considered neutral.

Is spinach good for acid reflux?

According to pH level, cooked spinach is preferred during GERD rather than raw.

Spinach contains oxalic acid that can irritate your digestive tract and may create gas and stomach problems.

Baby spinach, on the other hand, has less oxalic acid, and cooked spinach also has a low level of oxalic acid, which helps with indigestion. As a result, cooked spinach is preferable for acid reflux.

During acidity, try to skip high protein foods with spinach because protein needs an acidic environment that helps them to break.

Some study says baby spinach is neither going to worsen your acid reflux disease and nor going to improve GERD. It does not improve digestion or slow down the process.

This happens because we all have different digestive systems, and food reacts differently to each of us. That’s why some people get heartburn after eating spinach while others don’t.

Sugar also plays a vital role in GERD because it takes time to digest, but the good news is spinach contains a low amount of sugar. one cup of sugar contains less than 1 gm sugar (approximate 0.75 grams).

Short Note: When you eat something, it passes through the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), which acts as a barrier between the stomach and the esophagus.

If the LES does not function properly, stomach acid can enter the esophagus and cause heartburn and chest pain-like symptoms.

Moreover, I will suggest taking a limited amount of spinach during acid reflux because an excessive amount means you are going to consume a high amount of oxalic acid that may cause kidney problems, vomiting, stomachaches, etc.

Is it okay to eat frozen, canned, or cream spinach if you have acid reflux?

Frozen spinach consists primarily of boiled spinach. After being extracted from the soil, it is heated before being immersed in clod water and frozen.

Frozen spinach is alkaline and ok to eat on acid reflux. It’s more healthy than fresh spinach.

Canned spinach is less acidic and is high in sodium. We generally prefer frozen spinach over canned. However, canned spinach is also healthy.

Cream spinach contains a lot of acidic ingredients like black pepper, cream cheese, and onion, which make the dish more acidic and not recommended for people who suffer from acid reflux.

Is spinach juice acidic?

In general, we prefer raw and fresh juice of spinach which is less acidic, but if you take boiled or cooked spinach as a juice, it becomes more alkaline, and cooked juice is also high in calcium compared to fresh.

Is baby spinach and raw spinach acidic?

As I mentioned, baby spinach contains less oxalic acid, which is why it is less acidic than raw mature spinach.

Baby spinach will not have a significant impact on acid reflux, but raw and fresh spinach can if consumed in large quantities.

Does spinach cause acidity?

Green vegetables are preferred always safe for the body, and spinach is also low in sugar and low in acid. That’s why it considers alkaline food. Fiber is good for the stomach, but too much can take a long time to digest, resulting in gas and bloating.

How much spinach is ok on acid reflux?

I will suggest taking one to two cups is ok during acid reflux. More than that may cause gas, bloating, kidney problems, etc. However, the amount varies from person to person.

Is spinach good or bad for you?

Spinach is counted in superfoods, and it is high in protein, fiber, water, calcium, vitamin C, A, etc.

1. Fiber aids digestion and clears the digestive tract, thereby improving digestive health.

2. The food is high in antioxidants, which protect your body from free radicals and also repair the damage caused by free radicals.

3. Spinach contains nitrates that help to blood pressure which is good for heart health.

4. The food is good for your eye, helps in weight loss and may more benefits.

5. The downside about spinach is may be bad for a kidney if you consume a high amount because calcium and oxalate may play a big role in kidney stones and the food is high in these two minerals.

The food is also high in vitamin K1 that is not good for some people in certain conditions. So make sure about consumption and always consult with your doctor if you take any medicines.

Wrap up on spinach and their nature

Spinach is green leafy vegetables, and most of the green vegetables are alkaline.

Spinach is acidic to alkaline in nature, and its pH varies from 5 to 7.2. Raw spinach is less acidic, and cooked one is alkaline. 

Where frozen spinach is more healthy and recommended during GERD but creamed spinach is not because it may worsen your symptoms like heartburn.

Spinach is high in oxalic acid, overeating may cause stomach problems, kidney problems, etc. Always consult with your dietitian before you add it to an everyday meal.

Take spinach with alkaline or less acidic dishes such as lentils, rice, and so on, and try to avoid high protein fruits and foods such as eggs, milk, broccoli, etc.

Remember, the above answer is clearly meant to provide general health information only and is not a substitute for a doctor’s opinion or treatment recommendations.


Is cooked spinach acidic or alkaline?

Cooked spinach is more alkaline, with a pH of 6.6 to 7.2 and a low level of acid.

Which acids are present in spinach?

Spinach contains mainly two acids
Oxalic acid
Folic acid

How do you make spinach less acidic?

Boil the spinach for at least a few minutes to reduce the oxalate content, and drink plenty of water.

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