Capsicum VS Bell Pepper VS Paprika | 9 true difference

Many people are confused between Capsicum, Bell Pepper, and Paprika in their life. Both are different in their species to taste.

Although, Capsicum and Bell Pepper look the same where Paprika is different from them. All native to separate places.

Today we cover 7 real truths of Capsicum VS Bell Pepper VS Paprika and their benefits.

CapsicumBell PepperPaprika
Native AmericaMexico, Central, South AmericaNorth America, West Indies
Main FruitVarients of CapsicumPowder form of red pepper
Sc. Name Capsicum L.Capsicum annuumCapsicum annuum L.
Eat Raw, CookCook, SaladSpices
Use- Food, MedicineCulinaryCulinary, Defence,
Nutrition- Vitamin C, A, B6, B2Vitamin C, K, EVitamin- A
Variations 20-258 Different color3 types
Scoville Scale 0- 3M+0-100250-3000
Capsaicin depend on varientsLowMedium
Capsicum VS Bell Pepper VS Paprika

Different Facts About Capsicum and its Nutrition 

Capsicum is a fruit of the flowering plant Nightshade that belongs to the Solanaceae family. The five main varients are known to all. 

The word Capsicum is derived from Latin and Greek works combination.

Capsa is a Latin word, means “Box” and κάπτω kapto is the Greek word, means Gulp.

Scientific Name of Capsicum- Capsicum L.

  • Capsicum annuum– native to the Caribbean, north-south America, southern America
  • Capsicum baccatum– Peru, South America
  • Capsicum chinense– native to America, southern Brazil, Bolivia
  • Capsicum frutescens– native to South America, Central America
  • Capsicum pubescens- native to Guitarreo Cave, Yungay Province, Peru, Bolivia

Capsicum is native to America different regions. The Capsicum has more than 20 to 27 species and more than 50000+ cultivars.

Although, Capsicum is worldwide popular as Bell Pepper, Chilli Pepper, Paprika, Jalapeno, and Capsicum.

Capsicum now grows across the world as per its demand. China is the country that cultivates the largest number of Capsicum per annum, about 49.93% of total cultivation, followed by Mexico, Turkey, Indonesia, etc.

Capsicum is the main fruit of any pepper variant that is a fruit and has the chief compound, Capsaicin, that is responsible for the pungent taste or hot taste buds.

The higher the Capsaicin amount higher the pungency and spiciness. 

Other names- Chilli, Pepperoncini, Bell Pepper, Sweet Pepper, Shimla Mirchi, Hot Pepper, Paprika, Umbrella Chilli, Tōgarashi 


  • Capsicum rich source of Vitamin C and Vitamin A, following Vit- B2, B6, Niacin, Folate, Riboflavin, etc.
  • Capsaicin is the main principle compound, has several therapeutic effects like anti-inflammatory
  • Capsaicin affects body metabolism. It increases the metabolism of the body and helps to maintain weight loss.
  • Capsicum contains a high about of vitamin C, which is responsible for boosting immunity and skin nourishments.
  • High vitamin A helps to healthy eyesight.
  • Capsicum consumption can relieve menopausal symptoms.


Paprika is a condiment, fine grinding powder of sweet and light hot red pepper that belongs to the Capsicum annuum family.

So talking about what exactly is Paprika?- Paprika is a spice that use various cuisine to enhance the spiciness, redness, and taste.

Variations of Paprika

There are two types of Paprika- Hungarian and Spanish Paprika. 

But based on taste and hotness/Pungency- Paprika has three types- 1. Basic/regular Paprika, 2. Hungarian Paprika, and 3. Spanish Paprika.

Hungarian Paprika

Hungarian cuisine is popular for its spiciness and mixture of spices. Hungarians love to eat spicy food in their meals.

Hungarian Paprika native to Hungary and specially found their condiments. The Hungarian Paprika is availabe by different standards a very Bright red color, Delicate, Strong, Nobel Sweet, Rose, Semi-Sweet, and Spicy.

Among those Szegedi Paprika is famous, and it comes sweet and hot type.

Kalocsi Paprika is another widely use Paprika, that has semi-hot and sweet.

Basic/ Regular Paprika

Basic or Regular Paprika find throughout the World in every cuisine. It is also red in color, has mild pungency. 

Regular Paprika is used in deviled eggs, potato salad.

Spanish Paprika

Another name of Spanish Paprika is Pigmenton. It has three variants include mild, moderate, and high pungency.

Is Paprika spicy or not?

Yes. According to the source of Paprika, it can be sweet or spicy too.

Use of Paprika

Paprika is used in several areas

  • Culinary- Making a different delicious dish, sausages, stew, rice, meat, etc.
  • Paprika contains Carotenoids, that are responsible for pigmentation like red, orange, yellow, etc.

Paprika has only vitamin A that is about 21% of Daily value and supplies 6 calories.

Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper named from its bell-like shape belongs to the Capsicum annuum family. 

Bell Pepper is the only species that does not produce Capsaicin, responsible for spiciness that’s why Bell Pepper scores almost zero on Scoville Scale.

Other Names– Sweet Pepper, Capsicum, Shimla Mirch, etc.

Varients– There are more than 7 varients availabe for bell peppers including Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, Orange, Brown, White, Lavender, etc.

Use– Bell Pepper is widely used in the diverse menu. From stuffed bell pepper to grilled bell pepper.

Nutrients– Bell Pepper has no fat, rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin B6. 

China is the largest production country in the World.

What is the Difference Between Paprika and Bell Pepper and Capsicum?

1. Capsicum is the chief fruit of any chili family, Bell Pepper and Paprika are variants of Capsicum.

2. Capsicum Scoville Heat is 0 to 3M+, where Bell pepper score is 0to 100, and Paprika score is 100 to 1000.

3. Capsicum Capsaicin presents low to high

Bell Pepper Capsaicin is present near zero, Paprika contains medium.

4. Capsicum, Bell Pepper can consume both raw or fruit form, but Paprika is only used as a condiment.

5. Capsicum is an English word, where Paprika is derived from Hungary first.

Final Words- Capsicum VS Bell Pepper VS Paprika

Capsicum is a flowering plant, and Capsicum is a fruit, it has more than 25 varients and 50000+ cultivars, Bell Pepper and Paprika one of them.

Capsicum when become bell shape and large it calls Bell Pepper. Bell Pepper is known in the US, Canada.

The rest of the world is Capsicum, Paprika is a powder form of one of the red capsicum variants, which produce in Hungary and Spain. So Papprika mostly tastes Hungarian and Spanish Dishes.

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