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We all love to eat tasty foods and drinks. Whether it’s healthy or not, we just love to eat, and milk is one of them. So, we know that craving is normal but don’t know the causes of craving; that’s why you want to know why am I craving milk? Right.

Okay, a lot of research reveals the harmful effects of milk, and they tell you when milk can harm your body. Some of the research focuses on the benefits of milk. Now that you’re confused about craving milk or dairy products, it’s either good or bad.

Don’t worry. We’re going to solve all your problems and queries in this article. I don’t think you have any doubts about craving milk after reading this article.

Craving milk does not indicate that you have any problems. Your body cannot produce zinc, calcium, magnesium, and vitamins; however, a healthy body requires these nutrients, which milk provides. As a result, milk cravings could be a sign of deficiency.

The other factors also present, points are explained in detail on causes of craving portion.

Here we will tell you about the causes of milk cravings, the harmful effects of over-consuming milk, craving during the period, nutritional benefits. At last, we are suggesting some foods that help you minimize your milk cravings.

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What is craving:

Craving is a strong feeling that you need something like chocolate, food, or drinks.

Now we are going to discuss what are the causes of milk cravings.

What does it mean when you crave milk?

There are many reasons behind cravings. According to the study, the most interesting thing about craving is that some of these nutrients (vitamin, zinc, calcium, etc.) are missing in your diet. Your body desperately needs this.

I also got a question on the forum that is about sudden craving for milk. Frankly speaking, some people love to take sweet drinks, which is the only reason for sudden craving.

Why am I craving milk?

There are no known causes of milk cravings. If you’re wondering what milk craving means, the answer provided below may help clear your doubts.

Cause 1: Am I craving milk because of hunger?

I think the most common cause of milk cravings is hunger. Whenever your stomach gets empty then it signaling for foods because of that reason you can crave. We all know milk contains a rich amount of fat and protein.

If you don’t know, let me tell you the one glass milk contains,

  • Calories: 150
  • Fat: 8 grams
  • Protein: 7.5 grams 
  • Water: 90% 
  • Carbs: 11.5 grams 
  • Sugar: 12 grams 

That’s why the milk in our bodies is so important and easy to digest.

Milk is a complete food, and it easily minimizes your hunger. During craving, if you don’t find a glass of milk, then you can try some protein-based fruits or some dry fruits that can help your craving also. Try this it can support you a lot.

Cause 2: Is milk craving due to deficiencies of calcium or different minerals?

Some report says that our bodies have their own mechanism, and that’s indicated in their own way. You’ve got to recognize their signals. It might help you stay healthy.

As we know, our body needs 22 minerals to help you stay strong and healthy. The most exciting part of it is milk containing 18 of the 22 minerals. You can now understand how essential milk is.

Remember, one standard cup (244 g) of milk contains 305 mg of calcium. One of the biggest sources of calcium in the world.

Some people think, why do I crave milk when I hate it? So it could be a calcium deficiency. Some research has said that this is a signal from our body. If you hate milk, you need to fill it up with other foods and vegetables. It’s not proven, but sometimes it can work for you.

Tell you one more thing, milk is not just a source of calcium. You can fill it with some green vegetables and fruit. But the point is what you’re going to prefer. Just warm and drink or cut, wash, cook, and eat.

In my opinion, you have to try both, but sometimes we have a shortage of time, then you can go with milk. It’s a complete drink with lots of nutritional benefits.

Cause 3: Causes of milk cravings- quench the thirst

There’s nothing here to say about the water. Water is our life, and guesses what? Milk contains 90% of the water.

So one of the causes of cravings can be thirst. If you don’t have a big problem with sugar, you can try ice cream. It satisfies your cravings, too.

If you are tired of your milk cravings, then drink a glass of water. Not only water but there are also many fruits, they also contain water. You can try fruits like oranges, melons, bananas, etc.

If your problem is dehydration, then milk is also a good option. Its also hydrated your body.

Cause 4: Is craving milk increase sugar desire?

Yes, some reports say that craving milk means that your body needs some sugar.

Do you know that? One standard cup (244 g) of milk contains 13 g of sugar. I know you love drinking cereal milk, too. Cereals also contain sugar, which is why they are so tasty. So that’s why you might crave milk, too.

We all love to eat chocolate and chocolate easily goes with milk. You can drink some chocolate milk. When asking me about this, I just say I’m addicted to chocolate milk.

It may be some psychological issue, but craving chocolate milk is one of the desires. Whenever you think about it or see it, your body signals the brain, and you just want to eat it because of its taste.

So one thing your body needs some sugar, or the other thing you just love, that’s why you want it.

So don’t be confused about the fact that your body needs sugar or milk. You’re just going with a glass of milk, and I guarantee you that. 

This minimizes your cravings.

Cause 5: Am I craving milk because of spicy foods?

If you want milk regularly, I think you love to eat spicy foods, don’t you?

When we eat some red chillis or some spicy food, our mouth and stomach burn. These burns are caused by capsaicin, which is present in green chilis.

Capsaicin is a chemical found in green plants. And remember that it’s fat-soluble.

Now, are you thinking about how milk and spicy foods are related to each other? Right. Let me tell you that. A standard one cup of milk contains 8 g of fat, and capsaicin is fat-soluble. That’s why we always prefer milk to water.

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When we eat spicy foods regularly, our stomach needs some fat-soluble foods and drinks that help to relieve the burning of chillis.

It becomes our habit because of comfort. That’s why, after eating some spicy food, milk cravings happen.

milk cravings

Cause 6: You are habituated or addicted

If you drink milk daily, it becomes your habit. Your mind gets pleasure. Your brain begins to signal you when you skip it. It’s also a cause of desire.

It’s not a serious or permanent condition, but your mind can get irritated.

Cause 7: Tea and coffee also a reason for milk cravings

I am sure you must be a coffee lover or tea lover. There is no doubt about that. Milk is going with them easily. The taste of tea and coffee has become more powerful because of milk. Some people like to drink tea because of the milk and its creamy texture.

So, I think coffee or tea is also a reason for milk craving.

Cause 8: Am I craving dairy because of its creamy texture?

Craving milk doesn’t mean that you always need a glass of milk.  I just love eating butter and cheese because of its creamy texture. 

They’re so delicious. I just love to eat, and it’s easy to eat some food.

So sometimes the craving for these foods also feels like the craving for milk. Because of the creamy texture of milk, and we all know that milk is the source of it.

Because of a healthy diet, we can’t eat butter or cheese on a regular basis, but we love to eat creamy textures, which is why milk cravings also happen.

Cause 9: Why am I craving milk during runny nose or in headache?

During cold, we are avoiding to eat solid foods, the reason is sore throat but love to eat warm liquids or soup.

Not only that, when we are frustrated or during headaches, we just want a cup of coffee or tea. It satisfied your brain and you feel relaxed. Yes, it happens for caffeine. But we are slowly addicted to also milk.

Because of warm satisfaction, we just want to drink milk.

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Is milk cravings provide benefits or not

Before you know the benefits, I want to share with you the Nutritional facts of Milk.

  • 8 oz of milk contain 8 gms of essential protein
  • As mentioned great source of calcium.
  • 8 oz of milk provides a good amount of potassium.
  • Vitamin D does not get from every food but milk is a major source of Vitamin D.
  • Milk contains a high amount of vitamin B 12 essential for red blood cells.
  • Other vitamin B like – B2, B3 are highly present in milk.
  • 8 oz. of milk can make up 10 percent of the daily niacin supplement.

What are the benefits of drinking milk?

Huge benefits are present in milk, and your milk cravings can bring all health benefits to you.

1. Research has shown that milk cravings maintain carbohydrate levels. And eating dairy products reduces hunger, which in turn reduces the symptoms of obesity.

2. Potassium in milk controls high blood pressure. So good for those with high BP.

3. Calcium plays an important part in making bones strong and long.

4. Many research studies have shown that milk is very effective for all people who have type 2 diabetes. The protein present in the milk maintains the glucose level.

5. Directly or indirectly, milk can reduce cholesterol. 

6. A higher intake of milk and its products can conduct memory power and a healthy brain.

7. Milk contains natural sugar therefore, intake of dairy products can maintain your body fat.

8. One glass of cold milk protects against acidity.

9. Drinking one glass of milk daily can subdue stress.

10. Vitamin A present in the milk makes healthy glowing skin, including increasing immunity.

11. The cooling effect of milk can soothe heartburn.

Coming from the benefits of milk. You probably hunting for more milk. So I prepare the two best alternatives of regular milk ( Oats Milk from Amazon) which are healthy, full benefits of calcium and vitamin D. No bad fat, no added extra sugar. Help a maintenance diet including help in weight loss journey.

Silk Shelf Almond Milk- 50% More Calcium than regular Milk

  • Zero Added sugar
  • 3% good fat
  • Almond, a great source of vitamin E
  • No artificial sweetener use
  • Present vitamin D, Calcium, Potassium
  • 2% daily value of Dietary fibers

Silk is a well-known dairy manufacturer company for more than a decade. They produce different types of Dairy products like milk, butter, cream, etc.

Almond milk cream is one of the best milk manufactures by Silk company. Almond milk contains 50% more calcium than regular milk and pure almond is a great source of Vitamin E.

In additional benefits are- No cholesterol means your milk craving does not elevate fat, cholesterol. In fact, almond milk help in weight loss, maintain protein intake, Vitamin D, 6% daily value of sodium, and most important Dieraty fiber. Almond milk contains 2% of the daily value of fiber.

As for my recommendation, if you really die for milk craving try this one or oats milk.

These are the benefits, now excessive intake of milk also lead to some disadvantages

Disadvantages of Milk Cravings

1. Maximum of 2 glasses of milk can give you benefits but more than 2 glasses of milk can cause lactose tolerance.

2. According to “ The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” they conducted a study and as a result, high consumption of dairy milk can cause prostate cancer risk.

3. Extreme consumption of milk can cause acne.

4. Excessive intake of a dairy product can cause increased sodium levels.

So what do you think your craving milk good or bad, actually it fully depends on you how much you intake per day. Whatever every food must contain pros and cons the difference is how much should intake for the health benefits.

So, these are the most causes of milk cravings. Let’s talk about:-

Frequently asked questions

Milk is an element that contains practically all kinds of vitamins and minerals. But apart from this, milk is a great source of Calcium. Calcium is responsible for growth, and good bone density makes you stronger.

Q1.Craving milk on period what does it mean?

During this period huge hormonal changes occur in our system. It may cause stress, cause of hunger, cause depression, and cause of happiness.

So the weirdest situation is craving food like milk during or before your period. Is this ok?

or, the sign of danger?

So, here I am telling you about craving milk before a period is completely ok and healthy. This is the hormonal sign of either a lower level of carbs in your body or you may stress out.

So, whenever your craving starts you may eat or drink milk to filling your craving.

craving milk during pregnancy- cause

Q2. Craving milk when pregnant:

Craving is normal during pregnancy, and it’s safe if you do not overeat.

Calcium deficiency may cause milk cravings during pregnancy. 

Another is we love to eat during pregnancy, caffeine consumption is also limited means in normal life you can drink 4 to 5 cups of coffee but during pregnancy, it is not more than 200 mg of caffeine. Because of that, we focus on some healthy drinks and milk is the best one.

Remember, if you don’t keep your limits. It could harm your baby. 

According to the New Zealand medical journal, it can affect the brain growth of your baby.

So, our suggestion is to focus on low-fat milk and try to avoid whole milk because whole milk has saturated, and it’s not good for your health.

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Q3. Is craving milk is a sign of pregnancy?

If you think that craving milk is a sign of pregnancy, it’s wrong. 

There is no approved research paper on this subject. But a lot of women share their experiences with us. In the early stages of pregnancy, we found 10 out of 6 of the cravings for dairy products. 

Although some research shows that the cravings for milk mean a shortage of calcium, and the craving for fruit means a shortage of vitamin C.

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Q4. Why am I craving chocolate milk?

Chocolate milk cravings before bed are common. Chocolate is high in magnesium. Some studies found a deficiency of magnesium is a sign of craving chocolate milk.

However, there is no approved research on that. It’s a case study.

If your body has sufficient nutrients and you crave chocolate milk, it means you love to eat sweets, and it’s a psychological thing.

Q5. Why am I craving yogurt?

You know well that craving means desire. It does not mean your body has some problems, but some studies have found that calcium deficiency is familiar to those who want yogurt.

So, eat according to your health because some yogurt contains some unhealthy fat those are not good for your health.

Q6. Why do I crave milk after drinking?

Milk can satisfy your drinking because of sugar and fats. These are stimulating reward center that presents in our brain.

From our view, better to avoid milk or dairy products after drinking alcohol. Here is the full guide on what to eat after drinking too much alcohol.

Q7. Why am I craving dairy products?

Some research found dairy products have some essential nutrients like vitamin A, B12, and other minerals like zinc, magnesium, calcium, etc.

If you feel too much craving, it’s mean your body has some deficiencies. It’s not to tell all desires to happen because of shortages.

This is the reason for craving dairy products.

why am i craving milk

Q8. Do pregnant women crave milk?

Yes, it’s a well-known fact that most pregnant women crave dairy products. Don’t be concerned, but remember not to overeat.

Q9. Why does milk make me thirsty?

According to research, the mixture of protein, fat, and sugar helps hydrated, and milk has all of them.

Q10. Why am I craving milk? Is it a sign of diabetes!

There is no approved research on milk cravings and related diabetes. But it’s the fact that, with too much sugar up and down, you may feel starvation that doesn’t mean you have diabetes.

If you have diabetes and start to want milk, check your blood sugar levels before drinking milk and consulting your doctors.

Final Word on why am I craving milk

After all of the above discussion, we can say it. Craving milk is safe, but not to overeat.

There are many reasons behind cravings and all the reasons not for you. It varies from man to man.

I don’t think that craving is a serious problem, and it depends mainly on your lifestyle. If you or your loved one are not satisfied with this, consult your doctor.

If you find any helpful information regarding why am I craving milk then share it on your social media and tell others.

Thank You


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