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When we listen to the word cravings, we all think it’s about pregnancy, but the fact is there some peoples they also craved certain foods and men also can crave it’s normal.

This article covered the reasons for eggs craving, the benefits of the eggs craving, the desire for hard-boiled eggs, and many more important points.

Let me clear you before starting the article is focused on everyday cravings in men and also covered craving eggs before period. 

So, if you are pregnant and want to know about the desire eggs, in this case, the answer is different check our popular article cravings eggs pregnancy and revealed the gender.

Craving specific foods are entirely normal, and you and I are all craved. Still, if you are craving every day, your body signals something, and you must take care of it.

It seems confusing to you?

Let me clear you, in short, that satisfied your brain to get your questions to answer about why do I craving eggs?

Craving eggs is normal, and it does not indicate that your body is unwell or that it is not working correctly. Eggs are high in Vitamin B12, B2, Selenium, and a variety of other nutrients. These are necessary for good health, but your body can’t produce them. If you craved eggs every day and night, your body was probably deficient in these minerals.

There are many more points that are also a chance of your craving eggs and mentioning some disadvantages of high craving.

So please read it carefully, and I guarantee the eggs substitutes mentioned will minimize your eggs craving.

What does it mean when you craving Eggs?

Craving means you desperately need something to satisfied your body and sometimes your mind. There are no specific reasons for craving foods; it varies from food to food.

Some cravings happen because of your habits, like chocolate milk, and some occur because of deficiency, like milk cravings.

However, suppose you crave eggs day and night. It is probably because of a deficiency of vitamins especially, B12 (Riboflavin) and B2 (cobalamin).

If you don’t know about these vitamins and thinking about how you will get them? Then don’t worry, all are explained in this article.

Causes of Egg Craving

I’ve listed seven powerful reasons that promote egg cravings; see which one is common in your daily life.

1. Have you recently started a vegan diet, or have you begun to avoid nonveg foods.

According to some studies, egg yearning is more common in people on a diet, particularly those on a vegan diet.

There was a specific reason for vegan dieters. Most of the B12 vitamins are found in nonveg foods like beef, chicken, fish, etc.

So, if you have recently stopped eating eggs because you are on a diet, this is one of the most powerful reasons for craving eggs.

However, you desperately need and want to satisfy your egg craving. In that situation, you can switch to an Ovo-vegetarian diet because the egg is a natural food, and there is no harm in doing so.

why am i craving eggs not pregnant

2. Desire egg because of deficiency of Vitamin B12 in your body

Before going to the depth explanation, I want to share the nutrition chart presents in one egg.

According to HealthLine-

  • Folate: 5% of the RDA
  • Selenium: 22% of the RDA
  • Vitamin B12: 9% of the RDA
  • Vitamin B5: 7% of the RDA
  • Vitamin A: 6% of the RDA
  • Vitamin B2: 15% of the RDA
  • Phosphorus: 9% of the RDA

RDA means Recommended Dietary Allowances. Nutrient intake levels determined by the Food and Nutrition Board to be sufficient to meet the known nutrient needs of nearly all healthy people based on scientific evidence.

We all know Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient in our bodies that is high in eggs. The daily value(DV) of Vitamin B12 in one egg is 23%.

Suppose you don’t know what Vitamin B12 is. In that case, the common name is cobalamin, and it is a water-soluble vitamin that boosts RBC production (RED BLOOD CELL).

However, adults (aged 19 to 64) require approximately 1.5 micrograms of vitamin B12 per day. If your body does not get such an amount, then you may be craving eggs.

This indicates you need to eat foods that may fill your daily vitamin B12, such as fish, cheese, etc.

3. Craving eggs because of Selenium deficiency?

Selenium is an essential mineral necessary for our bodies because it produces antioxidant proteins, defends your body from cell damage, and prevents cancer.

In a nutshell, selenium is essential for your body’s proper functioning.

Adult humans need 55 microgram selenium per day, where a pregnant woman and lactating mother needs 60 and 70 mcg.

A standard egg and also a hard-boiled egg contain selenium 13.5 mcg.

The other foods also contain selenium, such as fish, pork, turkey, chicken.

So, if you lack these foods and your body requires this mineral, specific cravings, such as egg cravings, may occur. 

There is no scientific research data on this topic; more research is required.

Are you want to satisfy your cravings without eating eggs at that time, the best foods are brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, baked beans.

These are the readily available and safest vegetarian option if you want to avoid nonveg foods. Remember not more than 400 mcg per day.

However, in the United States, selenium deficiency is very minimum to the people, don’t worry about this.

Further, the primary syndrome for selenium deficiency is-

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Cretinism
  • Mental slowing

If you ever have a problem like this, contact your health care provider right away.

4. Craving eggs because of Vitamin B2?

According to some reports, our bodies have their own system, which is signified in their own way. You must be able to recognize their signals. It could help you maintain your health.

Do you have any idea? Our bodies require 22 minerals to keep us active and healthy. The egg contains 13 major minerals out of the 22 minerals, which is the most impressive aspect.

You can see how vital the egg is now.

Remember, one egg contains 0.2 mg of Riboflavin, and our body needs 1.3 mg in men and 1.1 mg in women per day.

Now you may think the amount is meager how it affected cravings. So make a note that it does not depend on the amount; it depends on daily value.

It means some minerals need a higher amount for your healthy body, and some want a lower amount.

However, eggs are not the only source of vitamin B2; there are so many foods like dairy milk, cheese, yogurt, beef, chicken breast, and many more.

If you enjoy eggs, satisfy your craving with no more than two per day while also including other foods in your meal.

The below-mentioned symptoms indicate the deficiency of Riboflavin-

  • Skin disorders
  • Edema in the mouth & throat
  • Hairloss
  • Hyperemia

5. Craving eggs also happen after eating spicy foods?

Some people crave eggs after eating spicy foods because they have a unique texture not found in other foods.

Eggs are divided into two parts: the white part, which has a savory flavor, and the yellow part, which has a sweet and tangy flavor. However, it varies in fried eggs.

6. Craving eggs because you may be hungry

Eggs provide a satisfying feeling of fullness to your stomach.

The eggs contain healthy fat and protein that satisfied your stomach, and you can work up to 3 to 4 hours.

Because of that reason, bikers, campers, or hikers always prefer to carry eggs and milk; these are complete foods and have all nutrients that are needed to perform your body.

Nowadays, we are habituated with small foods that are easy to eat and give us more time to stay strong. If you are in the same phase, then you need to think and change your lifestyle.

7. Craving eggs because of Vitamin D deficiency

Yes, there was a chance of craving because of the shortage of Vitamin D.

According to research, two boiled eggs (100 gm) contain 6.83 mcg of Vitamin D, and adults need (19 years to 70 Y) 15 mcg per day.

If you are craving day by day, there was a maximum chance of deficiency of Vitamin D.

You can satisfy this craving also other foods like salmon, cod liver oil, tuna, mushrooms, and orange juice.

Do you know? Because of the deficiency, mushrooms craving and orange juice yearnings also happen.

why am i craving hard boiled eggs

Benefits of eating eggs during craving

Cravings are two types; one is healthy cravings, and the other is bad cravings. In this scenario eggs, craving is good for you, and it’s a healthy superfood. 

Lots of benefits present if you satisfied your craving with eggs but not more than two per day.

  • Increase Red Blood Cells in your body
  • Promotes brain energy
  • Immunity booster
  • Playing a significant role in weight loss
  • Enhance good cholesterol level
  • Decrease bad cholesterol level
  • Give you a healthy skin
  • Improve your mood

Disadvantages of craving eggs

If you are regularly taking eggs, it’s fine never over more than one or two. In this field, few case studies are found that mentioned few side effects of eggs.

  • Eggs are linked to a raised risk of colon cancer.
  • Consume more eggs also double the risk of diabetes.

Craving eggs before period is it normal?

Craving anything before periods is normal, and you can blame it on your hormones in this case (estrogen and progesterone). 

These are the ones to blame for your egg craving.

Yes, eating eggs is safe before the period. It would be great if you had more energy to boost your health during this period, and eggs have all the essential nutrients.

If you have a sensitive stomach, which means that gas and irritation are common for you, avoid hard-boiled eggs because they may cause more gas and bloat.

Suppose you’re wondering what foods to avoid during the period. In that case, the worst are spicy foods, alcohol, salty foods, red meat, coffee, etc.

Is craved hard-boiled eggs good?

We mainly preferred three types of eggs hard-boiled eggs, soft-boiled eggs, and fried eggs.

When you compare them, the best one is hard-boiled eggs rather than two. Reasons are mentioned below-

  • Hard-boiled egg contains fewer calories compared to fried eggs.
  • Hard-boiled eggs are better over soft boil because of unhealthy bacteria like Salmonella.

So, if you craved hard-boiled eggs, eat them for breakfast because they provide you more energy, and you prefer them over others.

Is it reasonable to craving eggs at night?

Is it challenging to say craving eggs at night is good or bad? Because there is no specific data. But if you look at the nutrients facts, we all know eggs produce heat in our bodies.

So, eating eggs during summer times, especially at night, can disturb your sleep. ( to avoid insomnia try SEVEN BLOSSOMS TEA)

Wrap upon egg desires

So, at last, we can say the main three reasons for your craving eggs is probably your deficiency of Vitamin B12, D or skipping nonveg foods.

However, craving for a short time is common; nothing worries about this, but if you crave every day, that means your body is signaling something, and you have to recognize it.

In that case, always consult with your doctor and check up on your body for convincing results.

Furthermore, if the craving isn’t going to harm you, go ahead and indulge; otherwise, skip it and find a substitute for those foods.

If you have any other cravings and want to know the solution feel free to comment. I will answer you as soon as possible.

So please pay attention to your body; the egg it’s begging for could be a cry for Riboflavin.


  1. Craving tuna and eggs are good?

    Craving eggs and tuna are also good for your body. You can take it for breakfast because both are low calories and low fat, and most interesting, easy to cook, which saves your time.
    Know craving tuna while the pregnant boy or Girl

  2. Craving eggs and cheese is good or bad?

    I recommended avoiding eggs and cheese combined because both are high protein foods, and protein takes more time to digest. It can irritate your tummy.
    If you have a craving for eggs or dairy products, try to avoid them or substitute other healthy foods.

  3. Craving eggs and toast?

    Cravings eat, and toast is good, especially if you take it for breakfast. That gives you total energy to start your day.

Thank You.

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