Why am I craving Cinnamon |Reasons may shock you {2021}

Cinnamon Craving does not have a particular cause, but people are wondering why am I craving cinnamon all the time. Is this bad or good?

Until a year ago, I was crazy about eating cinnamon rolls, cakes, coffee, and gain weight too. 

Thanks to Lot -there is a way the madness has stopped for my sincerity. I’ve been able to overcome the cravings in my mind in 6 ways.

No worries, I suggest at the end of the article. It helps you too.

Anyway, we come back to Cinnamon Craving. If you savor Cinnamon Craving like me, you need to know the reasons behind it.

Craving cinnamon because- the level of carbohydrates in the body has decreased, wanting to eat sweet foods, if there is too much tension, not getting enough sleep, for the taste of Cinnamon, if there is magnesium deficiency. The cinnamon desire for all these reasons.

Let’s know more info about does body that craves Cinnamon.

Why am I craving Cinnamon? Is there a sign of any Nutritional Deficiency?

After so much research that there is no particular cause to tell about why you’re craving Cinnamon. But here is a twist.

Cinnamon has linked to regulating blood glucose. Cinnamon is rich in carbohydrates and 53% daily value dietary fiber.

A minimal amount of fat and a fair amount of protein is present in raw Cinnamon.

So your craving might link to these nutrients though there is no evidence for it.

Now come to the possible reason why I am craving cinnamon.

1. Craving cinnamon may signal your disturbance of blood sugar.

Cravings for Cinnamon can indicate that the body needs help to control insulin and blood sugar levels. 

These disorders may potentially be indicators of significant health conditions such as hepatic insufficiency or diabetes.

Multiple studies indicate that Cinnamon can regulate blood sugar, particularly useful for persons with type 2 diabetes.

2. Why am I craving Cinnamon because You love sweets.

Sweet craving is the most common food desire among people. A sweet pastry with Cinnamon can make the day; conversely, Cinnamon rolls and candies are frequently preferable sweets.

Cinnamon powder is used in versatile ways, including baking, smoothie, meals, tea, coffee, etc.

When craving too much for sweet, therefore, Cinnamon comes to mind for its taste.

According to the American Diabetes Association, a survey of 60 patients with TYPE 2 diabetes conducted over forty days revealed that the blood glucose level decreases by 18-29 percent using Cinnamon.

3. Why do I crave Cinnamon because of deficient in Magnesium.

It believes that Cinnamon has magnesium. It helps maintain magnesium levels in our body; if you are deficient in magnesium, Cinnamon cravings can be high.

4. Craving cinnamon means -you need carbs

Carbohydrate is the principal source of body’s energy. Carb is the fuel for vital organs includes the heart, brain, kidney, etc.

Because of the high calorie and is responsible for weight gain, we skip or minimal carbohydrate intake. Craving occurs when there is an insufficiency in carbohydrates.

You want to eat more sugar or sweets on behalf of carbs—cinnamon candy and cinnamon pastry help to maintain the craving.

why am i craving cinnamon

5. Too much stress can increase cinnamon craving

Too much work pressure or other living stress makes us more anxious. More you stress, increase the tendency for sweet.

Excessive stress wants some coffee blended with Cinnamon that can reliably supply comfort. Thanks to carbohydrates help in release serotonin.

Serotonin is responsible for happiness. Your brain wants you to be happy.

Moreover, overeating cinnamon can cause heartburn, blotting so take alternative options to relieve stress.

Or, try Seven blossom tea, one tea that can relieve tension and create peaceful sleep.

6. Check out your Mood when craving cinnamon

Do you crave Cinnamon just after you’re too angry? Or any emotional situation?

Then it is normal to have craved for Cinnamon. You know too much anger causes a decrease the serotonin. By consuming Cinnamon, your anxiety level becomes low and calm down.

In addition, Overeating cinnamon can gain weight to avoid and make calm down; try Chamomile tea. Organic, Tasty, and easy to make.

7. Possible mineral deficiency may lead to a craving for a cinnamon roll.

Cinnamon is a rich source of Calcium, Iron, and vitamin K. Insufficiency of these minerals leads to desire cinnamon rolls.

Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Craving cinnamon can aid in many health benefits and cure some chronic diseases.

1. Cinnamon has tremendous health benefits. I have cinnamon tea before bed. It helps in sleeping, Regulates blood glucose levels, increases immunity.

2. A small portion of Cinnamon oil apply to nether regions may increase libido activity.

3. Cinnamon has antifungal and antibacterial properties that may help in yeast infection.

4. Cinnamon may significantly affect lowering glucose levels.

5. It helps to release from digestive issues.

6. By suppressing hunger, Cinnamon can help to lose weight.

Does Cinnamon Help With Craving?

Cinnamon plays a crucial role in overcoming sugar cravings. Yes, we most have sweet crave and excessive eating of sugar, no doubt of weight gain.

Taking a small amount of Cinnamon every day with a meal, tea, coffee whatever you prefer can control the urge to be sweet.

Again, Cinnamon has a naturally sweet and flavourful aftertaste. Hence it may be an excellent substitute for sugar in tea, coffee, cakes.

As a result, sugar intake might decrease and healthily maintain weight.

Final Word for Why am I, Craving Cinnamon

Cinnamon is sweet, spicy aftertaste, yet it helps in a different way like reducing stress, maintains a mood, help in sleep, controls sugar intake, and so on.

Overeating cinnamon can be bad for you like-

  • Lead to Liver Damage
  • Can increase the risk of cancer (source)
  • Cinnamaldehyde is present in Cinnamon which has an allergic reaction and shows mouth ulcers.
  • As you know, Cinnamon helps control blood glucose levels. Therefore, too much consumption can lead to hypoglycemia.
  • Dry Cinnamon can irritate the throat, lungs and causes difficulty breathing.

You may realize how a Cinnamon can be helpful, and too much can be dangerous.

How to Control craving cinnamon if it becomes too much?

It is hard to control craving but not yet impossible.

1. Take frequent healthy snacks.

2. Get enough sleep with Lemon balm tea.

3. Distract yourself by doing anything like cooking, reading.

4. Take proteinate food.

5. Drink a glass of water while craving occurs.

6. Chew sugar-free gum.

7. Eating only a tiny portion while craving.

This way, you can overcome or can control your cinnamon cravings.

People also Ask these Questions may help you- 

Q1. What does it mean when your body is craving cinnamon?

1. The level of carbs in the body has reduced,
2. You want to consume sweet foods, 
3. You’re stressed, 
4. You are not getting enough sleep, 
5. Simply you like the taste of Cinnamon, and 
6. Maybe you are magnesium deficient. For all of these reasons, the cinnamon craze.

Q2. What does Cinnamon do to the body?

· Cinnamon helps to control blood sugar levels in the body.
· It can help to fall sleep
· Cinnamon may help in weight management.
· Cinnamon can vanish acne marks.
· Cinnamon effects on insulin resistance
· Help in increase immunity builds up.
· Help in control body temperature.
· Fight against infections.

Q3. Does Cinnamon Curb Craving?

Yes, Cinnamon is highly effective in curbing the craving for sweets.

Q4. Is Cinnamon a Natural Appetite suppressant?

Yes, Cinnamon acts as a natural appetite suppressant.
Cinnamon is a sweet spice obtained from the inner bark of Cinnamomum.
Cinnamon use as flavoring, condiments, savory meals, and essential oil.
Two types of Cinnamon are available– Cassia and Ceylon. Cassia is spicier than Ceylon.


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