Complete Guide:Weird Unusual Early Pregnancy Symptoms A Checklist

Pregnancy is a condition that helps to make all mothers happy. Male sperm enters our body about 100 million times and helps to fertilize the egg inside us. A checklist of unusual early pregnancy symptoms that give you a positive result.

The sperm can survive for about five to six days after entering our body, and it only takes 24 hours for the egg to be fertilized. 

You can’t get pregnant right after conception. It is beneficial when we think about it and get pregnant at the right time. Even after you have been pregnant number of times, you don’t know that you are expecting. Some signs are going to tell you that you are going to give good news.

So here I’m going to talk about a Complete guide on Unusual Early Pregnancy Symptoms that let you can know whether you’re pregnant or not without any home pregnancy test.

So, let’s get started now


A complete guide on unusual early pregnancy symptoms a checklist:

How do you understand unusual early pregnancy symptoms, these signs must be weird and sound strange, but these are all true, trust me.

Weird early pregnancy symptoms before missed period:

If you are keen to know these things, you have to learn various things like,

*By Observing Your Vagina:

Vagina, man! Who’s looking at her vagina for early pregnancy symptoms? Right!

But this is true when your egg already takes place there are hormonal changes in your body. There may be changes in the vagina that we do not notice or may overlook. 

You don’t know until the first few weeks if you’re suddenly pregnant. There are, however, certain signs that your doubt about your pregnancy is clear if you notice. One of these is vaginal change.

*Vaginal Discharge Color or Discharge in Early Pregnancy:

It comes from a vaginal discharge because of a few reasons. It turns white sometimes, or it turns yellow sometimes. But if you get pregnant, then the discharge comes out with a dense and distinct smell, including a sticky feeling.

Vaginal discharge can sometimes increase to the point where you feel that you may have urinated in your pants. Yes, maybe you’re surprised to hear, but that’s true.

Putting pressure feel like pee on your pants for a few reasons (like sneezing, coughing, or laughing). Isn’t that really strange?

*Vaginal Smell: 

Feeling Dirty; It is also a fact due to some hormonal changes are taking place in our body, the vaginal smell may notice. This is one of the examples of wired pregnancy symptoms. No matter how much we are cleaning it.

*UTI infection:

This is one of the most unusual early pregnancy symptoms. 


Spotting or light bleeding can confuse you with your period, and it happens when you have an embryo implant.

This sign is most common in the early signs of pregnancy missed period, and you think it is your period comes out.

Do you see any of these signs in you? Can’t see any vaginal signs, don’t worry, follow up, there’s a lot more of those symptoms coming up.


Very early signs of pregnancy before a missed period, bloating is common. Stomach Bloating due to elevation of progesterone. Creat gas and indigestion. Thus, resulting in uncontrol farts and burps.

*Brittle Nails: 

It has been observed in many girls that when they are positive, their nails suddenly break and become very brittle.

*Your desire to have sex:

The desire for sex decreases. Some hormonal changes and mood swings may reduce libido. But this is very rare in case.

Observe your Face and Mouth:

*Gums Bleeding:

What, a little shocked to hear that? Thinking about it, am I kidding? Even if you have never heard of it before, yes, it is an unusual weird early pregnancy symptom.

So what is the relationship between gum bleeding and pregnancy? 

For those who are in the early stages of motherhood and may not take care of their teeth, this is for them – gum bleeding can be noticed because many hormones go up and down during this time.

However, there is nothing to fear if you have any of these symptoms, consult a doctor about your problems.

*Excessive Thrust:

You might be very thirsty at this time. It feels like your face’s getting dry all the time. It might also feel like you are dehydrating. Indirectly arid because it is diarrhea.

*Sudden Acne:

Most of the moms have seen acne on their face, chick, and chin. Even some ladies are seen, it comes out as chest acne and arm as well.

People who do not have acne at a young age will have acne in early pregnancy. This is one of the weirdest early pregnancy symptoms. 

*Hair growth:

Hair growth due to hormonal changes. Sometimes with so much hair growth, it seems that our beard has come out in our face.

*Black Patches:

During pregnancy, blackish spots create surrounding the neck side, even in underarms.

*Dark circle:

A dark circle has seen because of sleeplessness.

If you’re worried about this point so don’t worry too much, these are just for nine months then clear automatically after your delivery. 

However, among these, there is a good point. And that’s the glow of Pregnancy. Let there be some discussion about it.

*Pregnancy Glow:

Maybe you heard somewhere; pregnant women glow like a gradient diamond.

Trust me, man. It’s a time when you will want to be very happy. Your mind is going to blossom like a flower.

In addition, this effect will manifest itself as a glimpse of pregnancy or pregnancy glow.

If you have read this far, then keep reading, because more weird early pregnancy symptoms are coming for you.


These days you may have a bitter taste experience. Maybe loss the taste or flavour of every food will be like bitter. This is under weird pregnancy symptoms in the first trimester. Or, sometimes taste like a tart for acidity.

Look at your boobs:


Your soft breast feels hard, tender, and painful sometimes. Areola becomes darker in colour; the nipples look like a crack field. Sometimes a colourless liquid comes out.

Your boobs are becoming more decadent and fuller. Blood flow to the breast increases during early pregnancy because of which the veins of the breast are clearly visible.

During gestation time, the levels of oestrogen and progesterone increase, which causes a sensation in the breasts, thus causing tingling in the breast.

*Strange feeling in the stomach: 

It has seen most of the women feel pain in their early pregnancy week before missed period.

Sudden hair growth occurs below your stomach and lower abdomen area. 

Itching and stretching happen in your stomach area. Lower abdominal pain feels along with stomach pain.

Let’s move on to the next point in the very first week of pregnancy. 

If you are already the mother of a child; then maybe the symptoms are familiar to you, but if this is going to be a first-time mom, then you will find them a little weird. 

*Radical changes in the body:

Unusual Body shape changes are noticeable in early pregnancy symptoms. 

One of the most prevalent signs of early pregnancy symptoms in the first trimester is hair growth in the lower abdomen and not just in the lower abdomen but near the back of the pregnant woman, under the jaw, sudden hair growth in the armpits.

Sudden weight gain is one of the signs of Unusual Early Pregnancy Symptoms.

Do you see any of these symptoms in you? 


Sensitive times during pregnancy where you may be allergic to anything you know, such as flowers, flower pollen. Understand how you have allergies? 

If you sneeze even if you have your favourite flower, then you know you are allergic to that flower, or if you eat any food of your choice, but your whole body is suddenly itching.

Then you will also think that you are allergic to it. Due to a radical hormonal change in the body causes sensitivity, it leads to allergies. You don’t have to worry, consult with your doctor.

So our best advice is that when you are allergic to all these things, you should avoid it for a few days and it will be very healthy for your child.

*Repeatedly going to the bathroom: 

Repeatedly going to the bathroom is also an early pregnancy symptom. Maybe you are spending most of the day in the bathroom. You feel like you are getting pee, but it is not happening.


Do you have constant constipation? Constipation also occurs when you have the right amount of fiber.

*Early pregnancy symptom of diarrhea: 

Every time you have indigestion or slight changes in your body, you get diarrhoea and frequent bowel movements. It’s very sensitive.

It is usually seen one week after symptomatic pregnancy conception.


Feeling dizzy, You may feel like all the things in your home environment are unsteady. Still, it can overcome when you become a mother.


You will want to eat again and again. Yes, you may be diet conscious, but you will get a lot of hunger at this time.

*Not being hungry: 

Not being hungry is also considered an early pregnancy symptom, sometimes due to a drastic change in the urge to eat or anorexia.

unusual early pregnancy symptoms a checklist

*Closing the nose: 

When you wake up, you see that your nose is closed or you are doing something, and suddenly you see that the nose is clogging.

*The nose is not stuffy:

Sometimes raw water comes out of the nose. Yes, it may sound dirty.

As seen in some cases, blood comes out of the nose for the rapture capillaries.

*Hair becomes thinner:

Yes, many women have seen hair loss due to hormonal changes in the body, and hair becomes very thin. There is nothing to be afraid of it.

*Healthy Hair:

Being take a healthy diet may make your hair healthy and strong.


Pregnancy nausea is most common; it may feel all coming out but not.

Other hidden pregnancy signs:

    • Morning sickness
    •  morning tiredness.
    • Easily tired
    • Restlessness
    • Shorting breath
    • indigestion
    • Gestational diabetics
    • Thyroid 
    • High pressure
    • Weird cravings
    • Mood swing
    • Sleepy 
    • Moles 
    • Back pain
    • Headache
    • Drooling or salivation
    • Hot Flashes 
    • Vivid Illusions 
    • Missed your period
    • Leg cramps

Weird Pregnancy symptoms first trimester:

Everyone knows about common and familiar symptoms, and that has seen most of the pregnant mom.

Pregnancy is an unexpected happiness. All early signs differ in each pregnancy. 

I’ll tell you the five weirdest pregnancy symptoms in the first trimester.

Pregnancy symptoms week 3 :

  • Vaginal discharge:

After your conceive, and successful egg implantation, vaginal discharge comes out in a stinking and gluey way.

  • Hot flashes:

After ovulation, body temperature gradually rises until your next period.

  • Want to urinate repeatedly, Abdominal cramps, headaches:
  • Due to hormonal changes and internal reactions, there are headaches and abdominal cramps.
  • Spotting, bloating, nose bleeding, gum bleeding.
  • Dizziness: Feel like your surrounding area and all things spinning together.
  • Sensitive to the smell.
  • Weird Cravings start five to six weeks after conceiving.
  • Fatigue and tiredness.


Q1. A sudden cold early sign of pregnancy meaning; good/bad?

Being pregnant is a very exciting journey for a mom and dad.

Some strange symptoms appear in the early stages of pregnancy, some of them are common and quite good, but some of them are not good.

After your ovulation and conceiving, your body temperature may elevate throughout pregnancy up to 5 to 6 weeks.

What does it mean to feel cold during pregnancy? Does this sign indicate good or bad?

So is sudden feeling cold in early pregnancy normal?

There are three answers; you have to understand your’s case.

i. If you have a history of miscarriage, then a sudden cold feeling is not a reliable sign.

ii. Hormones are responsible for elevated body temperature.The reason behind Cold feel with morning sickness.

iii. Infection: The infection can cause a sudden cold. It is an early sign of pregnancy.

Q2. What are the unusual early pregnancy symptoms while breastfeeding?

Many women think they can not be pregnant or the chances of getting pregnant are less while breastfeeds.

But is it true? No, chances of getting pregnant when breastfeeding is possible. 

Most of the ladies do not menstruate during breastfeeding. Thus they do not use any protection. So, it is possible to get pregnant, no matter how much Prolactin present.

Better to use protection.

So here are the six unusual symptoms of pregnancy during breastfeeding:

  •  Languor

It is normal to pain when a baby breastfeeds, but if the pain remains after complete your baby feeds means you have another good news is coming on the way. 

  • Again experience morning sickness and nausea.
  • Abdominal cramps.
  • Similar signs of early pregnancy.
  • Production of milk gradually decreasing while you have a good diet.

Q4. Pregnancy symptoms week one after conception.

After your conception, it takes a minimum of five to six days to the whole process of implantation.

The symptoms generally start after implantation of the egg, but as per this time, many sexual hormones take significant changes. Hence few early pregnancy signs can notice like 

  • Bloating/ spotting.
  • Abdomen cramps
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Quick tiredness.

Q5. What this means: Cervical mucus early pregnancy 

The early detector of pregnancy is an increase in cervical mucus. The cervical mucosa becomes thicker and more creamy after conception. This is how it will stay until you have lost your time.
If you punch, or itchiness, or sorrow around a vagina, you may also experience stinging.

Q6. Clear discharge during early pregnancy; What does it mean?

A clear watery discharge during early pregnancy is quite normal and nothing too much-worried matter about it.

It quite often in your entire pregnancy but a negligible amount.

The discharge contains dead cells and tissues. At the end of your day, the discharge becomes more intense, leading to labor.

But the point to be noted: If the water or discharge amount becomes increasing along with your days then consult with doctors.

Q7. What does early pregnancy discharge look like?

The early pregnancy discharge looks like water with a creamy texture; with a stinking smell, and not similar to your typical period day’s discharge don’t mix it.

As per the experts, this discharge is called leukorrhea, dead cells, and tissues of the vagina.

Early pregnancy discharge has its benefits – it maintains the healthy bacteria within your vagina and birth canal. It protects your baby and you from any UTI infection.

But too much is not safe so when it becomes too much then on normal days consult with your doctors.

Stay healthy and eat a healthy diet like proteins, mushrooms, fruits.

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Stop taking alcohol while confirming alcohol.

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Our view on the unusual early pregnancy checklist:

According to our Heal Health experts, Early Pregnancy Symptoms, and Pre-Period Symptoms are very similar. So many mothers are confused even after conceive and are confused as to whether they are actually pregnant or not.

When you see unusual Early Pregnancy Symptoms; So you can do a home pregnancy test.

Suppose it gives a positive result. There are many things you need to look for to keep your baby healthy, and even take care of your health for the next nine months.

So our health experts have a lot to tell you which one to eat? Check out what you shouldn’t eat and share with the person around you who is going to be a mom.

May your baby be healthy and have a smile on your face, with full-time pregnancy.

Many times accidents happen without our knowledge, you check it for those accidents,

21+ Things to avoid during pregnancy that cause miscarriage*

I hope you see a doctor regularly. If not, then consult with your doctor. If you have any other questions, you can join us.

After reading the whole checklist, now you have an idea of unusual early pregnancy symptoms. You may have many questions. Just ask in the comment section.


Which of the following is the case with you? Or, do you have any new strange signs; Share with us.

Thank You

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Written By: Riya Paul ( Asst. Prof. of Biotechnology)

Reviewed By: Dr. Subha Das( MBBS; MD)

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