15 Exotic Pink Fruit Names List (Images)

Do you have any idea about pink fruit names and their benefits? Most people can’t tell more than 5 pink fruits (barely). 

Today I’m coming with 15 Pink fruits names list from Topical to spikes pink fruits.


pink dragon fruit benefits

1. Tropical Pink Fruit- DRAGON FRUIT/ PITAYA

Dragon fruit, aka PITAYA, is indigenous to America and is cultivated in Mexico, South America, Colombia, India, Tropical and Subtropical regions, the Caribbean, the Philippines, and Malaysia. 

Dragon Fruit may three types depend on their flesh White. Pink and yellow. All have black tiny seeds.

The outer skin or the peel is a semi-hard leather-like texture, and the flesh is juicy, soft, and sweet creamy.

Selenicereus undatus is one of the Dragon Fruit species which contain white edible flesh. Most common Dragon fruit. Pink skin with White slush.

  • Selenicereus costaricensis contains pink to reddish flesh.
  • Selenicereus megalanthus contains yellow skin with white flesh, rarely available.

Pink Dragon Fruit has lots of health benefits 

  • Lower cholesterol Keep your heart healthy
  • The antioxidant that keeps away free radical
  • Dragon fruit contains natural dietary fibers that keep your gut healthy by improving digestion.
  • The antioxidant increases immunity.
  • Prebiotics present in Dragon fruit.
  • Magnesium- 18% DV, Calories-136, which help to maintain weight and improve your weight loss journey. 

2. Exotic Pink Fruit- YANGMEI FRUIT

Yangmei is the most expensive popular exotic pinkish-red Chinese fruit around the world. It is a mixture of sweet and tart flavor- that only emerges in early summer in Shanghai, China.

Yangmei, aka Yumberry, Chinese Berry, Chinese Bayberry, etc, looks like a cross between a raspberry and lychee and tastes like a mixture of pomegranate and cranberry.

Yangmei is also a fruit that starts with the letter Y. The binominal name is Myrica Rubra belongs to the Myricaceae family. It is native to eastern Asia.

Other names– Pinyin, Cantonese, Yamamomo, Japanese Bayberry, Red Bayberry, Yumberry, Waxberry, Chinese Strawberry.

Yumberry eats either raw flesh, dried or canned. Yumberry contains more vitamin C than more than Orange.

Yangmei contains high Potassium, Manganese, Vitamin B6. For almost 1000 years, it has been utilized in traditional Chinese medicine.

Yangmei is called Korean Black Pear, which is more expensive than Gold.


3. Pink Fruit with Spikes- RAMBUTAN 

Rambutan is medium size tropical pink spike fruit native to Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Southeast Asian countries including, Philipines.

Rambutan is a Malay word that means- “Hairy” owing to its hairy coating.

Rambutan has spikes hairy shell outside, and white juicy flesh inside. It is an excellent fruit for weight loss.

Rambutan has high in Iron, low cholesterol. It can prevent Cancer.

Rambutan Nephelium lappaceum belongs to the Sapindaceae family.

Other Names– Chom Chom, Vai Thieu, Ramboutanier, Shao tzu, Ser Mon, etc.

Available in – Native Countries, Cambodia, Burma, 

pink fruit lychee

4. Tropical + Spikes Pink Fruit- LYCHEE FRUIT 

Lychee is another tropical pink fruit that starts with the letter L. It is a tall evergreen tree- mostly seen in India, Srilanka, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and surrounding regions.

Litchi Chinensis belongs to the Sapindaceae family, native to Fujian and Guangdong, China.

Lychee flowers are blooms springs, and the fruits arrived early summer. The unripe Lychee is green and comparatively small in size. 

The unripe fruit bears deep brown to light brown single seed, the flesh is incomplete, white, and too tart to eat.

The ripe Lychee, which is later turned into a pink to deep pink colored fruit, has spikes. The outer shell is inedible; the inner pulp contains seeds. The white flesh is juicy, with a sweet, mesmerizing flavor.

You can eat raw Lychee or make juice, jam, jelly, a cake from Lychee fruits.

Lychee contains more than 68% of water, 42 % of carbs, and almost zero fat. It has a rich source of vitamin C.

8. Juicy Pink Fruit With Green Skin- GUAVA FRUIT

One of the most trendy fruits on the list is Guava. Guava generally sees white inside with lots of seeds, but Pink Guava is not always common.

Pink Guava contains a rich amount of Vitamin C than four times extra than Orange, this Pink flesh Guava carries a high amount of Lycopene.

Pink Guava contains fibers and helps in Diabetes. So it is low glycemic index fruit. 

The Pink Guava Native to Peru is now found in many tropical, subtropical regions. 

Except for Vitamin C, Pink Guava is also responsible for essential Vitamin B complex, selenium, zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium. Also, help to increase immunity.

pink lady apple

9. Pink Lady Apple

One proverb always shares- “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”- Pink Lady Apple actually works this point.

Pink Lady apple is a cross of Australian Lady Williams apples and American Classic Golden Delicious. The result comes out of the form of Pink Lady Apple.

The taste- Pink Lady Apple has a perfect combination of sweet and tart with a crisp bite. 

Pink lady Apply slowly oxidize, so if you are cut off and left for the open place it turns brown very slowly than other apples.

Pink Lady Apple is used in versatile ways like juice, sauce, salads, snacks, etc.

Pink fruit philippines- Sampinit

10. Pink Fruit Philippines- SAMPINIT FRUIT

The exotic pink fruit, Sampinit, is nothing but a wild Raspberry farmed in the Philippines.

Sampinit is slightly acidic and tart flavor, small in size than normal raspberries. The color of Sampinit is dar pink.

The real Sampinit season is January to April. The dark pink fruit Sampinit goes from tender chicken to Sweet dessert brownish.

11. Pink Grape Fruit

Pink Grapefruit native to Barbados, available all almost all countries. Pink grapefruit has bright orange to yellow thick skin and inner pink flesh.

The taste of Pink Grapefruit is acidic and bitter, helping in weight loss. Scientific Names: Citrus paradisi

Other Name- The Forbidden Fruit


Lilly Pilly Berry is native to Australia. The scientific name for this variety is Syzygium luehmannii. Lilly Pilly Berry has the most unique flavor, a perfect mixture of Cinnamon, Cloves, and Lime.

Lilly Pilly Berry looks like a small pear shape with strong pink vibrant color. The interiors are cottony and close, related more to a Pear. It has an amazing aroma.

Other Popular Names of Lilly Pilly Berry are Cherry Satin Ash, Cherry Alder, Ribeery, etc.

13. ROSE APPLE – Tropical Pink Fruit

Rose Apple is round to oval-shaped, small in size. It’s crunchy, fruity, and tastes a lot like an apple. 

In the unripe condition, Rose Apple is vivid green in color, after mature the green color turns into waxy pink color.

All because Rose Apple skin is a waxy texture, hence it refers as Wax apple. Rose Apple is available in Huwai, India, Malaysia, Jamaica, and Ecuador.

Other Names of Rose Apple are Plum rose, Malabar Plum, Wax Apple, Pomarrosa, Malay apple, etc.


14. A Citrus Pinkish Red Chinese Fruit Name -POMELO

Pomelo comes under grapefruit. Pomelo is juicy pink fruit with green skin. It has lots of juice vesicles where the fruit juice is stored.

You can have it either in raw form or juice. Pomelo contains more than 90% water and negligible fat, rich in vitamin C.

Pomelo has several common names like Shaddock, Jabong in Jamaica, Jambola in Hawaii, and West Bengal Batabi Lebu.

pink grapes

15. Pink Grapes

Pink Grapes AKA Pink Muscatel is one of the species of Muscatel. Pink Grapes are ornament plants, a bright rosy-pink color skin with delicious taste.

Pink Rose is seedless, grow in U.S. Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Zones 4 through 8.

Bottom Line for Pink Fruits

I included all types of pink fruit names like pink fruit with spikes, Chinese Pink fruit, Exotic to tropical, seedless, single seed, black seed with white flesh, etc.

Hope you enjoy the all pink color fruits that you want and their names with pictures.

Q1. What fruit and veg are pink?

Here are 9 vegetables that are Pink in Color-
1. Beet
2. Radish
3. Heirloom Tomatoes
4. Rainbow Carrots
5. Rhubarb
6. Pink Radicchio
7. Swiss Chard
8. Ornament Cabbage
9. Banana Squash

Q2. What fruit is pink in the middle?

Pink grapes, Pink Grape, Pomelo, and exotic pink fruit Philippines Sampinit.

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