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Mushrooms are immensely prominent for their enlivening flavor and plethora of health benefits, and they are high in vital nutrients But is it safe to eat oyster mushrooms while pregnant?

Mushrooms are high in vitamins and minerals and make an excellent addition to any diet, whether soup, pizza, or risotto. Mushrooms are safe during pregnancy.

There are over 50000 varieties of edible mushrooms available. 20 of them are absolutely delicious such as King Oyster, Oyster, White Button mushrooms, etc.

However, all of them are not safe to consume during pregnancy. So, before reaping the benefits of oyster mushrooms, learn more about them and whether they are safe for you or not.

Oyster mushrooms are good, safe, and healthy as well during pregnancy. Oyster mushrooms contain a key component such as vitamin D, which is very necessary for baby growth while pregnant. Oyster mushroom loads with the goodness of nutrients – vitamin B Complex, high antioxidants, essential dietary fiber, low carbs, iron good fat, and high protein content.

Today’s article only covered King oyster, Oyster mushrooms like- ” is oyster mushroom good for pregnancy or not’/ “Can you eat oyster mushrooms while pregnant then what the benefits and side effects?”

So stay with me to get to know more about oyster mushrooms during pregnancy.

If you interest in Mushroom’s effects on pregnancy, I have a complete expert opinion.

Oyster Mushrooms During Pregnancy

Pleurotus ostreatus is the bio name of oyster mushrooms. These are the most common edible and delicious mushrooms in any healthy dish.

Oyster mushroom knew as Oyster fungus, Hiratake, or the grey oyster mushroom.

If you’re expecting and enjoy oyster and king oyster mushrooms, you’re probably curious if it’s safe for you and your baby.

So, Can you eat Oyster mushrooms during pregnancy?

Let me clear you with a simple and straight answer, Yes you can eat Oyster mushrooms. oyster mushrooms are safe and healthy for an expecting mother. Although, you have to cook well to eat.

Oyster mushrooms contain some of the vital nutrients like- Vitamin D, Iron, Minerals, Low carb, etc.

the pregnant lady cutting veggies and oyster mushrooms to eat healthy food

Is Oyster Mushroom Good For Pregnancy?

Yes, there are 40 varieties of oyster mushrooms including king oyster. It is good to consume when you’re pregnant but not in raw or undercooked conditions.

The goodness of Oyster Mushrooms during pregnancy

1. You need vitamin D for better Bone health

Oyster mushrooms are the only foodstuff that is an incredible source of Vitamin D among all foods. In order, vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption in our system. So due to the presence of a large quantity of Vitamin D. Oyster mushrooms help you and your unborn child toward strong bone health.

2. You Need lots of immunity power while you’ve become a mother.

Yes, it is right; you need lots of energy and immunity power this time. According to health experts, most would-be mothers fall ill because of a lack of nutrition and low immunity. ( Here are some foods that can increase immunity in a natural way)

So, for you and your baby, add oyster mushrooms to your diet. Again According to Healthline, oyster mushrooms carry a substance called “pleuran” which has immune-modulating properties, antiviral and antibacterial effects.

3. Vitamin B complex is essential for pregnancy, and oyster mushrooms carry these a significant amount.

An unborn baby needs niacin(B3), riboflavin(B2), and folic acid(B9), thiamine(B1) and Pantothenic Acid(B5). These essential B vitamins are involved to endorse and helping the use of the energy from your food to promote healthy skin, digestion, and also the nervous system.

4. You eat Oyster Mushrooms when pregnant because of Iron.

During pregnancy, you need more iron, than a normal adult. Do oyster mushrooms are the best alternative yummy source of Iron.

Iron is the major element for producing hemoglobin in our bodies. According to Health care studies, the most mother leads to Anaemia due to iron deficiency. Oyster or King Oyster mushrooms contain a significant amount of iron.

So, you should take oyster mushrooms in your daily routine.

5. Oyster Mushrooms leads to blood to regulate while pregnant

As previously mention, Oyster mushrooms carry a huge amount of Iron. Iron helps maintain oxygen levels in our blood and eliminate foreign matter.

6. Oyster mushrooms may help maintain Blood Glucose levels.

Increase glucose level while pregnant is a common factor but not yet competent for the child. Oyster mushrooms contain beta-glucans which are fibers that retard the carbohydrate digestive process and absorption (Source).

7. The oyster mushrooms are packed with abundant antioxidants.

Antioxidants help enhance healthy and full-time pregnancy. Antibodies directly associate with micronutrients include copper, magnesium, selenium, and zinc. ( you may interest in zinc-containing foods, here is my list)

These micronutrients help in fetal growth, preeclampsia, etc. Moreover, antioxidants maintain your body sugar during the third trimester.

8. Oyster Mushrooms benefit in pregnancy to reduce the risk of cardiovascular issues.

Oyster mushrooms contain large amounts of good fiber, which helps to keep bad cholesterol at bay and lowers the risk of heart disease.

In addition. Plant fiber is very good at enhancing the digestive system, promote gut health.

oyster mushrooms during pregnancy safe or not

9. Get rid of constipation problems while pregnant with oyster mushrooms.

Constipation is a common as well as discomfort issue those 38 weeks due to a lot of hormonal changes. An irregular bowel movement and hard stool can cause abdominal pain, that quite risky and painful.

Oyster mushrooms have the most fiber-containing among all mushrooms, near about 4% of the daily value per 100 gm.

The dietary fiber present in oyster mushrooms helps the stool bulkier and cures constipation.

10. Other significant nutritions of Oyster Mushrooms

A handful of oyster mushrooms or one cup of oyster mushrooms carry 28 calories of energy, 1g fat, and 3gm of daily protein. ( Do you want some protein-based food during pregnancy here is the list.)

  • Potassium- 361mg fulfill 10% of daily value.
  • NO trans fat
  • Iron- 1.33mg
  • Dietary fiber- 2.4gm
  • Vitamin D- 2mcg
  • Calcium- 3 mg

These are the benefits of oyster mushroom for pregnant women but here is some limitation.

Every food or fruit, whatever you eat at this time, has some limitations and never crosses that amount. At the same point, Oyster mushrooms also have a limited amount.

How often can a pregnant Lady eat mushrooms?

Food users advise that not more than 200-250g be eaten and not more than twice a week in the morning.

Side effects of taking an excessive amount of Oyster Mushrooms pregnancy

If you’re taken an excessive amount of Oyster mushrooms then here are some side effects that occur-

  • Experience a hypersensitive effect to the spores
  • Stomach Upset
  • Abnormal abdominal pain
  • Diarrhea

Precaution should take when taking oyster mushrooms while pregnant.

  • The oyster mushrooms should clean and wash properly
  • There is no rotten part present in the oyster mushrooms
  • Know the source, that is important for a would-be mother.
  • Don’t eat expired oysters. Check the packet accurately. Check there is a date mention or not, otherwise skip that one.
  • Cooked well, until mushrooms become tender and soft.
  • Don’t ever eat undercook or raw oyster mushrooms
  • Don’t eat if you’ve allergic to it, avoid magic, wild and medicinal mushrooms

Variation of oyster mushrooms during pregnancy

All types of oyster mushrooms are edible during pregnancy. Among them, king oyster mushrooms are more prominent.

Others like-

  • Indian Oyster Mushroom or Phoenix
  • Pleurotus cornucopiae
  • Golden Oyster Mushroom
  • King Oyster Mushrooms
  • Florida Oyster Mushroom
  • Pearl oysters
  • Blue Oyster
  • Elm oyster mushrooms

Note- These mushrooms look like oyster mushrooms should definitely avoid when you’re expecting-

  • Jack-O-Lantern bright orange color looks like Oyster mushroom
  • Ivory Funnel seems like Elm oyster mushrooms
  • Ghost Fungus is similar to oyster mushrooms but blooms in dark (it has bioluminescent traits.)

Final Thought on Oyster Mushroom During Pregnancy

Oyster Mushrooms are not one of the food items you must ignore during your pregnancy. However, when you consider adding them to your diet, you have to remember those few things.

Craving Oyster Mushrooms can bring a healthy lifestyle. Keep my precaution and limit the intake of oyster mushrooms during pregnancy. Follow the simple steps can be safe as well as healthy for you and your child.

I have some suggestions, there is some fun activity that can more memorable your this special time. I already tried, now it’s your turn.

For further more details you can ask your doctor, they know perfectly.

I hope my answer satisfies you. If you want to know more, then check this article- Craving cucumber while pregnant reveals Boy or girl.

Hope you enjoy this article and enjoy your maternity time.

Thank you. Stay safe and happy.

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