Is Gatorade Zero Safe For Pregnancy | 2021

Do you want to sip energy drinks like Gatorade? At the same time, worried about is Gatorade zero safe for pregnancy or not?

While you are expecting, at that time, a mixed feeling comes and goes into mind. Sometimes seem so energetic whereas some moment feels so tired.

A good doctor suggests always drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to maintain the fluid and moisturize. But we don’t like continually simple water. 

Remove the tiredness you need alternative fluid including milk, fruit juice, energy, electrolyte drinks, calories to energize yourself.

Most pregnant women prefer Gatorade as an alternative energy drink and refresh in hot summer. So can you have Gatorade zero when pregnant?

The answer is yes, have Gatorade zero while pregnant in moderate amount. The ingredients are relatively safe and helpful too. 

Today we are here to give a complete answer to you about Is Gatorade zero safe for pregnancy? Include its surprising features, effects on pregnant.

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Can I Drink Gatorade Zero/ Is Gatorade Zero Safe for pregnancy?

Pregnant women should maintain their electrolyte balance. Thanks to Gatorade Zero provide that. 

According to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinic, you can have Gatorade Zero when pregnant But low sugar, low calorie. Gatorade Zero has Zero sugar.

Extra calories or sugar may show Gestational diabetics or increase sodium level and obesity risk.

 is gatorade zero safe for pregnancy

Gatorade Zero and Pregnancy

Gatorade is a sports drink also known as Athletic drinks. The early beverage mixed up of Phosphate, sodium, sugar, Potassium, and lemon Juice.

Gatorade Zero same as Gatorade Thirst Quencher but contains zero sugar. So a moderate amount is safe.


  • Water for maintaining fluid and moisture
  • Salt for electrolyte balance
  • Natural Flavor for flavoring but considered safe in pregnancy according to FDA.
  • Citric Acid for flavor and refreshment.
  • Food color for a colorful appearance 
  • Monopotassium Phosphate for the alternative of potassium.

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When Gatorade Zero While Pregnant is Good?

1.Take Gatorade Zero while pregnant when Nausea.

Nausea is the most common symptom while positive. Drinking Gatorade zero helps to feel better when you have been vomiting and are nauseous.

2. Gatorade Zero is safe for pregnancy when taking substitutes for an electric drink.

Morning sickness or stomach upset leads to loss of body fluid and causes an electrolyte imbalance. Drink Gatorade Zero may feel better.

3. You can have Gatorade Zero if you have high blood pressure.

Sports drinks like Gatorade with magnesium and electrolytes can help control your blood pressure.

4. Have you suffer from constipation! Gatorade Zero may help you in pregnancy.

After you have taken enough fiber yet still suffer from constipation. Electrolytes and fluid imbalance could cause it to deplete. 

Taking a Moderate amount of Gatorade Zero may help in constipation.

5. Gatorade zero is good for pregnancy when you have muscle cramps.

Lower electrolyte leads muscles cramps during pregnancy, Gatorade zero may maintain the balance and aid of muscle cramps.

6. Feeling thirsty all the time but don’t want to drink water, take Gatorade Zero while pregnant.

Getting enough amount of water but still thirsty indicate your body electrolyte imbalance, you need more electrolyte.

7. Can I drink Gatorade Zero when feeling dehydrate?

Yes, if you feel extreme dehydrate- can have some Gatorade and fill the gap.

After knowing your question- is Gatorade zero safe for pregnancy or not. You should know the drawback of Gatorade zero.

  1. An excessive amount of drinking Gatorade leads to Type 2 diabetes or Gestational Diabetics.
  2. Overdrinking of Gatorade Zero may lead to gain weight.
  3. Gatorade may contribute to obesity.
  4. Extreme consumption of Gatorade zero may cause tooth decay.
  5. Gatorade contains artificial food dye, though these dyes are relatively safe unnecessary drinking lead to hypersensitivity.
  6. If you have high blood pressure, skip drinking Gatorade.

How to know you have dehydrated while pregnant?

It is very crucial to know you are hydrated or not throughout the gestation. Most pregnant ladies could not understand whether they are hydrated or experience dehydration.

Dehydration leads to many problems, like-

  • Headaches, 
  • Dizziness, 
  • Vomiting, 
  • lightheadedness, 
  • Frequently muscle cramps
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Fainting feeling
  • Not enough pee
  • Rapid breathing

When you experience such concerns, then Gatorade Zero is the best and consuming get benefits.

5 Alternatives health Drinks Gatorade Zero While Pregnant

1.No Doubt Water- Water is the best fluid to maintain moisture, electrolyte, and is safe for you and the baby. It highly recommends determining is 8 large glasses of water per day.

2. Milk or Dairy Products- Milk is the second-best beverage while pregnant. Milk is a rich source of Calcium, Vitamin D, which are essential for a developing Baby.

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3. Ginger Ale- Ginger Ale helps in morning sickness especially in the 1st trimester.

4. Fruit Juice- Fruits like berries, Apricot, Orange, Mangoes, Pears, Pomegranates, Apples, etc fruit juices help in growing a baby and continue a healthy pregnancy.

5. Coconut Water- Coconut water is relatively safe and beneficial through pregnancy. The naturally sweetened water helps you to refresh and keeps you hydrated.

Difference Between Powdered and Gatorade Zero

Gatorade ZeroPowdered Zero
1. TasteGatorade is zero tastier than Powdered ZeroWhile powdered sweeter than Gatorade
2. Compositiondextrose sugarhigh-fructose corn syrup
3. BenefitsBest energy drink for athletes, The same benefits are given as Gatorade Zero

Final Words Is Gatorade Zero Safe For Pregnancy

I share the complete information regarding Gatorade zero pregnancy safe and quite beneficial. Hence, you can have it while required.

But, always ask your doctor to take such drinks. Avoid foods that can cause miscarriage. Avoid Herbal tea like Hibiscus tea.

If you love coffee and crave coffee, tea make sure caffeine intake. Or try Decaf coffee you enjoy it.

Do you have weird pregnancy symptoms as I had? Then check the unusual pregnancy symptoms and know how healthy you are.

People also ask over the internet

Q1. Is Gatorade zero Safe for Babies?

Some mothers prefer Gatorade Zero to their Children. However, It is not good for their health. Gatorade is made for the athletic person.
I’m pretty much sure your child or baby does not act as an athletic person. So without any reason, children must be avoided Gatorade.

Q2. Does Gatorade zero have caffeine?

No, Gatorade Zero or Any Gatorade drink does not contain caffeine. While Gatorade makes for a substitute for electrolyte drinks, so no reason for present caffeine. You can check the Ingredients present in Gatorade Zero.

Q3. Is Gatorade zero bad for your teeth?

Although Gatorade Zero claims it does not contain sugar till the presence of flavoring agents, other sweeteners may cause tooth decay yet if you consume excessively.

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