Is Banana Good for Pregnancy? 11+ Reasons You Should Eat

Fruits and vegetables perform a significant role in pregnancy, But not all fruits or greens are helpful. So it’s up to you to choose what to eat and how much eat? And our duty is to guide you to the right. So looking at it that way, banana is a very nutritious fruit, but is banana good for pregnancy?

Bananas have a lot of carbohydrates, but does it give bad results in pregnancy? The article will say so with all these things, and we will help you with maximum information. So stay tuned with us.

Banana contains a sufficient quantity of fibers and potassium. Moreover, banana contains iron, which is to maintain hemoglobin during pregnancy.

So eating banana during pregnancy safe or not?

Eating banana during pregnancy safe or not?

So the answer is yes, eating a banana during pregnancy is reliable and beneficial.

If pregnant women eat one banana regularly, it can help to digest and rid of constipation.

As iron present in banana so anemic pregnant ladies can enhance their RBC by simply eating banana regularly.

So in one simple line eating banana during pregnancy is safe and healthy but make sure you take it in a moderate amount.

Is banana good for pregnancy?

Yeah, banana absolutely good for pregnancy. It has several health benefits in pregnancy.

Bananas are a superb root of carbohydrates, fundamental fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6, dietary fiber, Vitamin C, B-complex, and minerals like potassium, magnesium, manganese, calcium, copper, and most important selenium. 

These necessary nutrients are present in bananas, and they help to promote the growth of the baby and keep healthy both mother and unborn baby.

Eating bananas during pregnancy is good in another way, bananas aid from some pregnancy complications.

Now you can recognize, is banana good for pregnancy or not?

But I must say excessive eating can give you bad effects like gestational diabetes. Because banana has a high amount of carbs and has natural sugar so, may cause increased sugar levels.

Banana contains an allergen substance called chitinase, which may cause latex- fruit syndrome. So, those who are allergic to banana avoid eating a banana while pregnant. 

Some fruits like avocados, kiwi, pineapple, chestnut, mango, passionfruit, strawberry, papaya, apple, gourd, celery, tomato, carrot. Thus before eating, ask your doctor about it.

You may think so after hearing these is banana good for pregnancy?

Then the answer will yes, Almost everything has some side effects, but if you want to stay away from them, you need to know its proper application.

So, you also need to know how many bananas can you eat a day while pregnant?

13+ Health benefits of eating banana during pregnancy:

You already know is banana good for pregnancy or not. Now know more about your bananas that make it healthy and appetizing.

So here the benefits of eating banana during pregnancy listed below:

Calcium the bone developer:

Calcium is the main key element to keep your bone strong and help to improve and increase the growth of the unborn one.

About 100 gm of banana contains 5 mg of Calcium, which supports the daily required calcium levels.

Therefore, include banana in your diet.

Protects the baby from birth-defects:

Folic acid or Folate plays an essential role in a newborn baby. It helps build the baby’s brain and spine.

Eating banana during pregnancy can prevent premature birth and lowering the risk of congenital disabilities, plus prevent Folate deficiency.

About 100 gm of banana contains 20mcg Folic acid or vitamin B9.

Protects against anemia:

Some mothers suffer from anemia during pregnancy. Their purpose is to protect themselves from anemia by eating bananas every day. Because bananas contain iron, which diminishes anemia.

Enhance your digestion by Potassium:

About 100 gm of banana contains 358 mg of potassium, and the banana is an excellent source of potassium.

Potassium has great value in our baby, especially in pregnancy major part of potassium helps to better digest and control blood pressure and sodium level in our body.

Is banana good for nausea in pregnancy? 

Most of the women want to know is banana good for nausea in pregnancy? So, here your answer, yes dear. Banana has the power to reduces morning sickness or nausea.

Vitamin B6 called pyridoxine can prevent or cure pregnancy nausea and vomiting. It is present in banana.

Therefore eating banana during pregnancy is beneficial, particularly in the first trimester.

Banana good for constipation during pregnancy:

In the case of many people, it seems that is banana is good for constipation during pregnancy? 

The answer is yes. Bananas are not only for pregnant women but also helpful for normal people.

Banana is a magnificent source of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber can stimulate bowel movements and act as a stool softener.

About 6 gms of fiber present in a medium-sized banana. Fiber with potassium helps to get rid of pregnancy constipation and promotes digestion. 

Banana helps to develop the nervous system of the baby: 

As already mentioned, banana is an excellent source of Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is essential and vital for the nervous system of the unborn one.

Regular eating banana during pregnancy, especially in 1st trimester, where the brain and spine are growing, play an important role.

Banana good for heartburn during pregnancy:

Acidity and heartburn both are common during pregnancy. Most of the ladies confused while taking a banana; is banana good for heartburn during pregnancy?

The yellow color means ripe banana can reduce heartburn while greens are not.

So, eating banana during pregnancy can reduce acidity, and thus, it enhances bowel movement; therefore, it can help in gastritis also.

It can protect stomach walls. Those who have a good stomach do not have any digestive problems.

Bananas contain many vital minerals, essential for breastfeeding moms.

It is advisable who are suffering from heartburn during pregnancy to avoid taking caffeine, alcohol, and chocolate.

During pregnancy eating banana is good for baby’s skin?

A large quantity of vitamin C present in Banana. In addition to vitamin C in bananas, vitamin A also presents in large quantities.

Vitamin C act as an antioxidant, increase immunity, and maintain healthy glowing skin where Vitamin A repair skin tissue, heal stretch marks and help to grow new tissues.

During pregnancy eating banana is good for the baby as well as the mother’s skin. 

For better brain development

It is a very important part of pregnancy, the development of the baby’s brain.

Most parents think, how can a newborn baby develop a good brain?

So no worries, eating a banana every day will improve the development of the child’s brain. Because bananas contain omega 3 and omega 6, which can develop the brain.

Act as an Energy enhancer:

Most women get tired very early in pregnancy, bananas are a great fruit for them.

The carbohydrates in bananas eliminate this feeling of fatigue in an instant.

These carbs are mainly monosaccharides, such as fructose, glucose, and sucrose that provide energy. They act like energy enhancer.

They are all-natural sugar, which boosts your energy instantly in pregnancy.


As a banana rich source of vitamin C, Vitamin C has an antioxidant quality.

An antioxidant removes toxin substance from our body also reduce free radicals. This is how our body is protected from germs and boosts the immune system.

Increase your appetite:

Some pregnant women lose their appetite. Bananas help increase their appetite, and since it also reduces nausea during pregnancy, it helps them to eat.

Prevent edema & swelling:

Many women have swollen legs and itchy hands in the second and 3rd trimester.

For them, one banana a day is the best ingredient.

Stress removal:

Banana is a natural stress buster. Stress is very common in pregnancy.

How the day will go, how it will be, much more goes on in the mind of a pregnant mother.

Although taking this stress, do not give good results. Bananas work very well to overcome stress and anxiety.

So, these are all healthy parts of a banana. Now you realize how beneficial it is to have a banana in your daily diet.

If you know how useful bananas are, then you can know how many bananas you can eat to get these benefits?

is banana good for pregnancy

How many bananas can you eat a day while pregnant?

Eating banana in a moderate amount. However, it contains sugar and carbs, which may lead to gestational diabetes.

1 to 2 medium-sized bananas will great for your health benefits.

You can just eat it or smoothie it with a fruit salad.

Our view on banana good for pregnancy:

Banana very important during pregnancy, it has several important nutrients like potassium, carbs, fiber which are essential for a pregnant lady.

Banana can find anywhere .it is low in cost.

But there is a certain situation where you should take care of it like it has an allergic property, those already have gestational diabetes banana can increase their sugar levels.

So ask your experts for it how to consume or the alternative way.

Besides that, you can eat a banana during pregnancy.

If you benefit from eating bananas, let us know in the comments box.

Thank You.

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