Top 29+High Protein fruits & Foods for your Healthy Lifestyle

Are you love to eat fruits and looking for a high in protein fruits. Whenever we think of protein, the first thing that comes to mind is protein supplements like protein powder, but do you know fruits also an excellent option for protein. So in this article, we will discuss the best high protein fruits and some healthy vegetables.


Remember that not a single fruit gives you proper nutritional value, so always try more than one or combination of fruit to maintain a daily protein limit.


If you want to go with a new trend, mean low crab but want to maintain a high protein diet and look for weight loss, then fruits are best.


Though it’s not full fill, your protein consumption compares to meat and salmon fish, but fruits are still good enough to maintain your protein diet.


Suppose you are a vegetarian and looking for a protein diet. In that case, high protein vegetables and fruits are excellent sources for you.


Not only fruits but some various healthy vegetables and foods are also present, so let me start from basic like what is protein and what it’s essential.


I know you are keen to know about all these things and excited to see the list of high protein fruits.


Let’s talk about 31+ trending high protein fruits and their benefits.


What is the protein benefits:


Protein is an essential macronutrient for our bodies, and it’s composed of amino acids. It’s good for our muscles, hair, bones, and also for blood.


The research said our old cells required 50 gm of protein to renew the cells and form new cells.


Protein is also suitable for enzymes and hormones and special effects on the skin.


Protein perfect for weight loss because it reduces the ghrelin, which is a hunger hormone, and increases YY’s level, making you feel full.


Also, have special effects which are increase metabolism and improves fat burning.


Now you can decide the value of protein.


What are high protein fruits:


For your proper knowledge, we are finding some best high protein fruits with the right nutritional value. Some people like juicy fruits and some don’t.


If your love is dried fruits, then don’t worry, we are categorized it.


Okay, let’s talk about the top 20 juicy fruits, which are high protein fruits.


1. Mango:


One cup of sliced mango is equal to 1.4 grams of protein. If you calculate its DV, then it’s near about 3%.


I know this is a meager amount of protein, but it’s my favorite fruit and tells me about your mango love in the comment box.


Mango is perfect fruits during hot weather, its so much delicious. You can eat an individual, or you can eat with some dishes.


Some people avoid it because of its sweetness but trust me; It is a natural sugar suitable for nourishing your body.


Mango not only contains protein. It’s a pack of nutrition like vitamins, fiber, magnesium, and much more.


As per the study, 75% of people love mangoes, and if I am not wrong, you are also one of them and enjoy it with your unique dishes.


If this does not suit you, avoid them, and focus on other fruits like guava.


2. Guava:


A standard one cup of sliced guava contains 4.21 gm of protein.


Even I don’t know that a cup of guava may contain much protein. After research, I found that guava is also a high protein fruit.


Though it’s not enough source of protein, always try to eat more fruits whenever possible.


For your kind information, guava contains not only protein but also high in fiber and antioxidants. These are perfect for your body’s nutrition.


I think now you can decide the value of guava protein.


3. Raspberries:


One cup of raspberries contains 1.5 gm of proteins.


It contains lower sugar but higher in fiber. It has an extraordinary capability to fight against free radicals.


If you are looking for what fruit is high in protein, then raspberries are among them because 100 grams contain 1.2 grams of proteins.


You can add raspberries in your breakfast or also used as salads. Believe me. It ultimately creates a healthier breakfast.

high protein fruits


4. Chikoo/Sapodilla:


Chikoo is a common name of this fruit, but you may also know these names like sapodilla and sapota.


If you are looking for a tasty and high in protein fruits, then sapodilla is the best option.


One standard size sapodilla contains 0.7 gm of proteins. Still, we all know that we can surely eat more than five together because it is more delicious and juicy.


Not only does it contain protein, but it also has rich sources of vitamins like A, B, and C. It also helps to weight loss and perfect for digestion.


Chickoo also has a power pack of antioxidants that fight against cancer.


5. Avocado:


Some people think avocado is a vegetable, but the truth is it’s a popular fruit and contains some healthy nutrients.


As per the research, 100 gm of avocados contains 2 gm of protein. You can calculate it another way, meaning 1 cup of chopped avocado contains 2.9 grams of protein.


Avocados contain healthy fat that helps to reduce your bad cholesterol.


Fresh avocado is creamy in nature and spicy with menus. So, without any hesitation, you can affix to your daily routine.


6. BlackBerries:


When we think about fruits with protein, then definitely blackberries come in mind, and it’s one of the best high in protein fruits.


As per the study, an average of 100 gms of blackberries contains 1.4 gm of protein. If you take standard one cup of blackberries, it contains near about 2 gm of protein.


It contains protein and has some rich sources of vitamins like C, A, E, K, and more essential minerals like anthocyanin, calcium, magnesium, iron, etc.


Blackberries also contain antioxidants that fight against free radicals.


So always try to get fresh blackberries from the market and add your breakfast. You can mix it up and cream them, which is also great to eat.


You can now determine the importance of blackberries and learn how we need high protein fruits in our daily lives.


7. Oranges:


As per the study, 100 gm of orange contains 0.9 gm of protein, and an average orange fruit contains 1.2 grams of protein.


Do you know orange can absorb sugar and maintain your sugar intake? So orange is perfect for diabetes patients.


Although oranges contain a small amount of protein, they try to maintain cholesterol levels in your body. It also has calcium that is perfect for bone health.


8. Strawberries:


Strawberry is one of the protein-rich fruits but not in abundance.


100 gm of it contains a 0.7 gram of proteins, and you can also say a 1 cup of sliced strawberries contains 1.1 gm of proteins.


If you think this tiny fruit is not good enough for a healthy lifestyle, then you are wrong. These fruits contain vitamin C, not only that, but it’s also great in fiber and antioxidants.


Strawberry is a complete package of nutrients that help you reduce blood pressure, increase good cholesterol levels, and protect the heart.


So, add it to your breakfast, or you can take it in the afternoon session for a healthier lifestyle.


9. Bananas:


Per 100 gm, bananas contain 1.1 gm of proteins means a medium-sized banana contains 1.3 gm of proteins.


No evidence suggests that bananas can affect your body weight. If you love to build muscle, then banana is an excellent option.


So, you can take it whenever possible, like in breakfast or before exercise time. You can also include peanut butter for a better test.


Remember, never eat bananas at night, especially after dinner. It can affect digestion.


10. Cantaloupe:


Are you love to eat melon, then cantaloupe is your favorite one.


The report said that every 100 grams of cantaloupe contain a total of 0.8 grams of protein, which means that a standard 1 cup of cantaloupe contains about 1.3 grams of protein.


It has a rich source of vitamin A and vitamin C. Its also packed with minerals like potassium.


Some research said it’s full of fiber, which helps maintain hunger; that’s why it’s perfect for weight maintenance.


This fruit is good for diabetics patients. A perfect option that you can take with breakfast or as a juice.


11. Kiwi:


If you love to eat kiwi, don’t worry about protein because kiwi is also a fruit with most protein.


Per 100 gm, kiwi contains 1.1 gm of proteins, or you can say 1 cup of sliced kiwi contains 2.1 gm of protein.


Did you know that kiwi contains vitamin K, which is half of your daily limit? Also, there is vitamin C and E, which means kiwi is compact with vitamins.


It also contains minerals and nutrients like potassium, fiber, antioxidants, etc. These are perfect for our health.


If you have sleep deprivation, then you can take it at bedtime. Kiwi helps you sleep better and longer because it contains serotonin, which helps you a lot.


Remember, kiwi is perfect for an empty stomach. It detoxifies your body and gives whole day energy. That’s why kiwi is ideal for a healthy lifestyle and which also fruits with protein.


12. Apple:


Apple is low in protein, but it is a delicious protein fruit.


Per 100, gm apple contains 0.3 gm of protein, and a medium-sized apple contains 0.5 gm of protein.


Apple also contains vitamin B1, B2, B6, and vitamin C and minerals like fiber, potassium, etc.


Apple good for our metabolism and heal heart health. Physicians recommend it for healthy bones and skin.


So, you can take it as a salad or in juice. Perfect for afternoon snacks.


13. Grapes:


Grapes are a sweet fruit with low protein contains. It does not help you to build muscle but perfect for maintaining a healthy diet.


Per 100 gm, grapes contain 0.6 gm of protein. The average quality grape contains about 0.7 grams of protein.


Grapes also contain antioxidants, and we all know the importance of antioxidants. We also previously discuss it. If you need more positive results, you need to eat 2 cups of grapes per day.


Resveratrol is one of the primary nutrients in grapes that can provide health profits.


It’s also good for the heart. You can enjoy it at late-night snacks.


14. Apricots:


If you are looking for fruits with the most protein, then apricots are the perfect one because per 100 gm, apricots contain 1.4 gm of protein. You may say 1 cup of sliced apricots contains 2.3 gm of protein.


Apricots also contain Vitamin A and C. Also high in potassium. 


Its also contains flavonoids, which are an antioxidant that helps to protect against diabetes and heart problem.


Some research said it helps in metabolism that supports indigestion.


So, if you want to maintain your diet and fight for weight loss, you should add apricots to your diet. It’s not only high in protein but also contains other minerals that make you healthy.


For better taste, you can eat with some nuts and cheese. 


15. Peaches:


Peaches are one of the safest high in protein fruits with proper nutrition.


Per 100 gm, peaches contain 0.9 gm of protein, but for your explicit knowledge, a medium-size piece contains 1.4 gm of protein.


Did you know that peaches contain zero cholesterol and a superb source of fiber along with healthful nutrients?


Peaches also contain catechins, which are flavonoids that help to increase metabolism and burning calories. That’s why it aids in weight loss.


Peaches also a good immunity booster because it contains beta carotene, which is also perfect for the eye.


So, you can eat with other high protein fruits in combination and maintain your healthy life.


16. Pineapple:


Pineapple also contains proteins but not in rich amounts. Per 100 grams, pineapple contains 0.5 gm of protein, and 1 cup sliced pineapple contains 0.9 gm of proteins.


Pineapple is good for digestion because it contains a combination of a digestive enzyme called bromelain. It also helps break down proteins.


Pineapple is also high in vitamin C and thiamine, which helps produce happy hormones and boost your energy. 


Pineapple also has manganese, which is perfect for sexual health.


So, add it to your fruit salad. You can drink it as a juice.


17. Fig fruit:


Whenever you think about high protein fruits and vegetables, you can’t skip fig fruits. 


Per 100 grams, fig contains 0.8 gm of protein.


Do you know it’s a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals?


If you love to eat sugar, then fig fruit is high in natural sugarand fiber. It also contains potassium, iron, magnesium, and calcium. 


Yes, it also contains antioxidants along with vitamins K and A.


Now, you can decide how important the fruit is. You can eat whole fruits.


18. Plums:


One cup of sliced plums contains 1 gm of protein. So, it’s a fruit high in protein.


Plums are rich in natural sugar and contain fiber and antioxidants—these help lower cholesterol levels and reduce the chance of heart disease.


It’s high in minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium. These are good for a healthy body.


This fruits also defend the liver damage because of its most potent ingredient called polyphenols.


Are you looking for weight loss, then plums are great options. Without any doubt, you can add your diet.


19. Durian fruit:                                                           


Durian fruits are rich in protein but its more famous because of its smell.


A small durian (602 gm on average) contains 8.8 gm of proteins.

It contains vitamins A, C, and antioxidants. It also includes minerals, iron, and calcium. 


These help to lower cholesterol levels, fight cancer, and be useful for heart disease. These minerals help lower blood sugar levels.


Some countries have banned these fruits because of the occurred smell of this fruit.


If you are pregnant and looking for high protein fruits, then always consult your doctor before eating.

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high protein fruits


20. Cherries:


Per 100 gm, cherries contain 1 gm of proteins.


Cherries also contain vitamins and minerals, which is good for your health. It supports weight loss because of low calorie and a healthy metabolism.


21. Lemon:


I know lemon is a popular fruit with numerous health benefits. 


Whenever we make high protein fruits and vegetable list, always add lemons to this list. For every 100 grams, lemons contain 1.1 grams of protein.


Vitamin C and fiber are the main components of lemon. It decreases the chance of heart disease, perfect for digestive problems and kidney stone removal.


It is perfect for weight loss. For the best results, you can add lemon juice to hot water.


You can now get some fresh ideas about what are high protein fruits and what is not.


Are you enjoying reading? Okay, let’s move to the next point, that is what high protein dry fruits are?


Best high protein dry fruits:


There are several high protein nuts on the market, but we are talking about the top four dried fruits in protein.


22. Prunes:


Prunes are one of the best high in protein dry fruits because per 100 gm of prunes contains 2.2 gm of protein.


Prunes also high in fiber and vitamins. It also contains potassium—this helps strengthen your muscles, mainly maintaining cholesterol levels and blood pressure.


Always try to avoid prunes at night as they contain high fiber and low water. Its may occur digestion problem like gas, cramps.


It mainly contains a sweet called sorbitol, which causes problems when you eat a lot of it.


23. Dried cherries:


As per the study, 1/4 serving cup, dried cherries contain 0.5 gm protein.


While it is not high in protein, you can balance it with your food mix.


Dried cherries contain calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, and essential vitamins A, C, and E. We all know the importance of these ingredients for a healthy life.


24. Golden raisins:


Golden raisins are not rich in protein. As per the study, per 1 ounce serving golden raisins contains 1 gm of protein.


It contains flavonoids and antioxidants. Also, have rich in sugar and calories, but these are good for digestion and bone health.


Don’t worry about its sugar part. It’s a natural sugar.


You can add it to your snacks but not in an excessive amount.


25. Dried apricots:


Dried apricots are the most popular high protein dry fruit because it contains 3.4 grams of protein per 100 grams.


Dried apricots also packed with nutrients that help in cell growth, perfect for bone health, good for vision, and increase our immunity.


It’s also suitable for constipation patients.


So, these are the best high protein dry fruits. You can choose it as your choice and add fruit mixture to your diet.


Above all are high protein fruits, but if you are aware of your protein intake, do not avoid these high protein vegetables.


High protein vegetables:


Let’s talk about the top three high protein foods that must be added to your diet.


26. Jackfruit:


Jack fruit is one of the best high protein foods because 100 grams of jack fruit contains 1.5 gm of protein.


This fruit is suitable for those looking for high protein fruits and vegetables because a ripe jack fruit is delicious, and you can eat without cooking. On the other hand, you can cook fresh green jack fruit as an alternative to chicken.


Remember, though; Using it as a chicken substitute does not compare with the protein substitute. Its sole purpose is to taste.


Jackfruits also contain vitamins, minerals, potassium, and fiber. These are good for our immune system and maintain a healthy diet.


Keep in mind that jackfruits are high in natural sugars. It can raise your blood sugar levels. So, never overeat.


27. Tomatoes:


Tomatoes are common vegetables and quickly get in the market.


Per 100 grams, tomatoes contain 0.9 gm of protein, and whole large tomatoes contain 1.6 gm of protein.


We all know the benefits of tomatoes, but there is a problem: it also contains malic acid and citric acid. If you overeat, it can cause stomach and heart problems.


28. Edamame:


The most popular and one of the best high protein vegetables is edamame.


You may be shocked because per 100 grams, edamame contains 11 gm of protein, and one standard cup contains 17 gm of protein.


Edamame also beams compact with minerals. Some research said it also contains antioxidants kaempferol and its help in weight loss.


29. Almonds:


Some people think almonds are fruit, and some say its vegetables, but we count in nuts. Whatever it is but believe me, its a powerhouse of proteins.


Per 100 grams of almonds contains near about 21.15 gm of proteins.


Though protein in almonds is high, it also contains some useful minerals, which reduce bad cholesterol levels and increases good cholesterol levels.


So, this is the best nuts for protein, and you can add your diet chart.


Our view on high protein fruits: 


Now you have a big chart list of those high protein fruits and vegetables.


Fruits are always the best option for your health, but you have to maintain its consumption because sometimes overeat can affect your health like digestion, heartburn, etc.


Before eating any fruit, if you have diabetes, always consult your doctor because some fruits contain extra natural sugar that affecting your health.


If you are a pregnant woman and looking for high protein fruits, you can read this article as a knowledge purpose. Before decide to eat, ask your physician its good for you or not.

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If you like to eat fruits, add some zinc-containing fruits, which are equally crucial for your body.


So, add fruit to your healthy life and always stay fit and healthy.

If you know any other healthy fruits that contain protein, please inform us in the comment box, and if this article helps you with your quarries regarding high protein vegetables and fruits, then share this article and help others.

Thank You.

Written By: Saikat Bera ( Asst. Prof. of Pharmacology)

Reviewed By: Riya Paul ( Asst. Prof of Biotechnology)



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