27 Unheard Fruits That Start With R in English

As we all know fruits are always a healthy option and you can eat whenever you want.   

If you want to play a word game, you must remember some unusual names, which is why we have already finished the list of Q fruit names and will now tell you about 27 famous fruits that start with the letter r.

In this article, I will not only discuss some easy-to-remember names, but also their taste, origin, and health benefits.

27 unique fruits name start with R

1. Red bayberry fruit

Origin: Japan, Asia

Other names: Yangmei

Color: Red

Taste: Sweet and tart

Nutrients: Vitamin A,Vitamin E,Thiamine

Health benefits: It helps prevent Vomiting, Diarrhea.

How to eat: It can be eaten with fresh, juice or wine.

2. Ramontchi fruit


Other names: Madagascar plum

Color: Dark purple to black

Taste: Sweet

Nutrients: Fiber, Fat, Sugar, Protein.

Health benefits: It can help treat anemia, cure arthritis.

How to eat: Raw, Jellies, Jam.

3. Raisin fruit

Origin: United Kingdom, Australia.

Other names: Kismish.

Color: Brown 

Taste: Sweet

Nutrients: Potassium, Vitamin C, Fiber

Health benefits: Control heart disease, cholesterol level.

How to eat: It can eat raw, cooked, baking.

4. Red banana

Origin: Asia

Other names: Red Dacca

Color: Reddish purple skin.

Taste: Sweet

Nutrients:Magnesium,Potassium,Vitamin C

Health benefits: It helps low blood pressure, improves immunity system

How to eat: It can eat raw, toasted, chopped.

5. Rajka apple fruit

Origin: Ozech Republic

Other name: Malus domestica

Color: Red

Taste: Sweet

Nutrients: Vitamin K, Fiber, Vitamin C

Health benefits: It helps to improve the brain, treatment of epilepsy.

How to eat: It can eat raw,

6. Rangpur lime fruit

 Origin: Bangladesh, India

Other names: Surkh nimboo

Color: Yellowish to reddish-orange.

Taste: Smoky lime

Nutrients: Iron, Calcium, Vitamin C

Health benefits: Reduce inflammation, Improve immunity.

How to eat: It can eat raw, juice.

7. Raspuri mango fruit

Origin: Karnataka, Maharastra, Bengaluru

Other names: Pairi mango

Color: Reddish yellow.

Taste: Sweet

Nutrients:Vitamin A,Fiber,Potassium

Health benefits: Help for anti-cancer, Improved digestion.

How to eat: It can eat raw, juice, Ice cream, jellies.

8. Rambai fruit

Origin: Thailand, Bangladesh.

Another name: Lotkon.

Color: Brown to yellow.

Taste: Mild and slightly acidic

Nutrients: Vitamin, Mineral, Protein

Health benefits: It helps cancer prevention, Improves immunity.

How to eat: It can eat raw, cooked, boiling.

9. Raspberry fruit

Origin: Europe, England, Netherlands

Another name: Rubus idaeus

Color: Red/Purple/Yellow

Taste: Tart and sweet

Nutrients: Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin K

Health benefits: Prevent stroke, heart disease, low blood pressure.

How to eat: It can eat freshly.

10. Rambutan fruit


Another name: Ramboetan

Color: Yellow

Taste: Sweet and creaming

Nutrients:Antioxidant,Vitamin C,Potassium,Vitamin B5

Health benefits: Help for digestive health, Immunity health, Cancer.

How to eat: It can eat freshly, juice.

11. Rough lemon fruit

Origin: Northern China, Burma

Another name: Citrus jambbiri

Color: Yellow

Taste: Tart.

Nutrients: Vitamin C, Fiber, Minerals.

Health benefits: Prevent stone, Promotes hydration

How to eat: It can eat freshly, juice.

12. Redbush apple fruit

Origin: New Guinea, Australia

Another name: Syzygium suborbicular

Color: Red

Taste: Lightly sweet.

Nutrients: Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Potassium.

Health benefits: Help for control diabetes, heart disease.

How to eat: It can eat raw

13. Riberry fruit

Origin: Oceania

Color: Red

Taste: Tart.

Nutrients: Manganese, calcium

Health benefits: Help for treating Alzheimer’s disease, cancer.

How to eat: Jams, chocolates

14. Red huckleberry fruit

Origin: North America

Another name: Red bilberry

Color: Red

Taste: Tart.

Nutrients: Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Potassium.

Health benefits: Help for improve iron deficiency, produce new red blood cells.

How to eat: It can eat raw, dried, mashed.

15. Rocha pear fruit

Origin: Portugal

Another name: Pear Rocha

Color: Yellow

Taste: Moderately sweet

Nutrients: Copper, Vitamin K, Protein

Health benefits: Help for control cardiovascular disease, low blood pressure.

How to eat: It can eat freshly, cooked.

16. Red mulberry fruit

Origin: America, Nebraska

Other name:Morus rubra

Color: Pink to red

Taste: Tart/Sweet

Nutrients: Vitamin C, Iron, Potassium

Health benefits: Help to promote brain, liver, Digestive.

How to eat: It can eat freshly.

17. Red delicious apple fruit

Origin: Peru, United States

Another name: Red delicious

Color: Crimson red

Taste: Sweet

Nutrients: Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C

Health benefits: Prevent cancer, blood pressure

How to eat: It can eat raw and juice.

18. Rosigold mango fruit

Origin: South Florida

Other name:Mangifera indica

Color: Yellow/Orange-red

Taste: Sweet

Nutrients: Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin K

Health benefits: Help to maintain cholesterol, eye health, diabetes

How to eat: It can eat raw and juice.

19. Rock melon fruit

Origin: New Zeland, South Africa

Other name:Cantaloupe

Color:Light green/golden

Taste: very sweet

Nutrients: Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Beta carotene

Health benefits: Help for treatment of Asthma, Blood pressure.

How to eat: Sweet salad, Melon salad, Melon soup

20. Red currant fruit

Origin: Europe

Another name: Ribes rubrum

Color: Red to pink

Taste: Tart

Nutrients:Potassium ,Vitamin K,Vitamin C,Anti oxidant.

Health benefits: It can help as Antiviral, Antiseptic, Anti-inflammatory 

How to eat: It can eat raw.

21. Rollinia fruit

Origin: Brazil, Peru, Argentina.

Another name: Biriba

Color: Yellow

Taste: Soft and sweet

Nutrients: Iron, Vitamin C, Calcium, Vitamin A

Health benefits: Help for improving teeth and bone health, Immunity power.

How to eat: It can eat freshly

22. Rhobs el arsa fruit

Origin: Morocco

Color: Yellow

Taste: Acidic

Nutrients: Vitamin C, Fiber, Potassium.

Health benefits: It can help water and acid balance in the body, heart disease

How to eat: It can eat freshly

23. Rosehip fruit

Origin: Africa, Asia, Europe

Another name: Dog rose fruit

Color: Red to orange

Taste: Acidic

Nutrients: Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5

Health benefits: Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, improve the immune system.

How to eat: It can eat fresh or cooked with sugar.

24. Red mombin fruit

Origin: America

Another name: Jocote, Hog Plum

Color: Dark red to yellow

Taste: Acidic

 Nutrients: Amino acid, B-complex, Vitamin C, Iron

Health benefits: Strengthens the Immune System, Relieves Spasms, Improves Digestion.

How to eat: It can eat freshly, snacks, jams, boiled.

25. Red Spanish pineapple fruit

Red Spanish pineapple is another variety of pineapples that starts with R and is famous in the west indies, Mexico.

The fruit is light yellow in color but sweet. You can enjoy it freshly.

26. Ripley pineapple fruit

Ripley pineapple is one of the famous R fruit. The fruit is reddish-green that sweet and mostly used to jam. It can help treatment for the immunity system, cancer.

27. Roja Espanola pineapple fruit

Roja Espanola pineapple is another variety of pineapples that starts with R. The fruit is yellow-Orange in the color that sweet.

The bottom line on fruits that start with R

I am sure you must find some unique names that you may never hear.

However, if you want to learn more names, you should look at our food names that begin with the letter r.

If you stick to our foods and fruits list, I guarantee you’ll give your competitors a run for their money in the letter game.

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