9 Fruits that Start with Q in English

It takes 4 hours to find some fruit’s name that starts with Q because there are not many, and I also make sure that nothing is left in this list.

However, you can add unique fruits like Quince to queen pineapple that start with Q in your desserts and add fantastic flavor to your life.

I only came up with seven fruits that begin with the letter Q. Still, I have a long list of Q foods that will improve your letter game and make you stronger than your competitors.

So, please don’t be late; explore it before your competitor.

However, suppose you are a regular visitor. In that case, you are aware that we began this name series and have already competed for the name of a food and are about to complete the name of a fruit.

We published fruits that start with P last week and are now ready to share some helpful information about Q fruits such as color, taste, health benefits, and many more.

Let’s jump into our most exciting part.

Table: Fruit Names Start with Q letter in English

NameTasteFamous In
Queen PineappleSweet fruity India, South America
Quince FruitSourMexico
Querina AppleSweet and tartAnger, France
Queen Anne CherriesMore tart and little sweetUnited States
Quinault StrawberryDelicious sweetCalifornia
Quandong Pleasant taste but a little tartAustralia
QuenepaSweet & SourThe Caribbean
Quittenbaum Sour Mexico
Quararibea CordataCreamy and sweetBrazil, Peru, Colombia

The table aids you in remembering all of the names in a single flash.

If you want to step by step depth information about these fruits, then stay with us.

9 fruits that start with Q

In this list, I also share my all-time best and delicious fruits name that helps you more to explore them.

1. Queen Pineapple Fruit

Queen pineapple is one of the famous fruit in India, especially Tripura, and farmers call the fruit ” Never betrayed fruit.”

The same fruit is popular in South America as a Queen Victoria Pineapple.

Pineapple always gets a special heart from Indian people because of the refreshing taste, and no one can deny that.

Famous In: India, South America

Color: The color of the fruit is a mixture of three colors deep green, orange, and yellow.

Taste:  Strong aroma with a sweet fruity flavor.

Nutrients:  The fruit contains energy, protein, carbohydrate, sodium, natural sugar, etc.

Health Benefits:

The fruit helps your body fight against oxidative stress, and we all know about the harmful effect of oxidative stress.

Pineapple also contains Bromelain that improves your digestion and gives relief from acidic problems.

The fruit also boosts your immunity and fight against cancer.

How to Eat:  If you want whole nutrition without losing anything, then take it raw the flesh is lovely and gives you a fresh mouth.

It is also popular as a juice and is available in jams, chutneys, sherbet liquid, and various other products.

Quince is a fruit that starts with q
Quince Fruit

2. Quince Fruit

Quince fruit is the same as apple and pear, and it’s a very healthy fruit, so just add it to your fruit list.

Famous In: Southwest Europe, Latin America, especially Mexico

Common Name: Sefarjal, Membrillero, Ajva, etc.

Color:  Light green to yellow

Taste:  Sour taste and astringent flavor

Nutrients: Quince fruits are high in dietary fiber, protein, carbs, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, iron, etc.

Health Benefits:  The fruit helps you in weight loss. The fruit is high in antioxidants that help your body to fight against free radicals. Not only that also minimize the risk of digestive issues.

How to Eat:  The flesh of the fruits is very tough, and the taste is sour. That’s why people preferred cooked one rather than a fresh one.

3. Querina Apple Fruit

The Querina apple is a hybrid of three apples: Jonathan, Rome, and Golden, and it ranges in size from medium to large.

Famous In: Anger, France

Common Name: Florina

Color:  Greenish-yellow to darkish red

Taste:  Sweet and tart

Nutrients:  Querina apples are full of nutrients like Vitamin C, K, fiber, potassium, carbs, etc.

Health Benefits:  Querina apples help you to regulate blood pressure that protects your heart. Increases immunity power and improves digestion that helps you in weight loss.

How to Eat:  There is nothing new. You can eat querina apple like any other apple. The flesh is crispy sweet.

4. Queen Anne Cherries Fruit

Queen ann cherries are mostly available in summer. The interesting fact about the trees is that each flower produces one berry.

Famous In: United States

Common Name: Royal Ann

Color: Yellow to reddish pink

Taste:  More tart and a little sweet

Nutrients:  The fruit is high in antioxidants, Vitamin C.

Health Benefits:  Cherries are always best for sleep. Yes, it increases your sleep quality. The fruit also bet for your heart and has anti-inflammatory properties.

How to Eat:  The queen Anne cherries can be eaten raw as well as cooked.

5. Quinault Strawberry Fruit

Quinault strawberry trees bear fruit twice a year, in the summer and late spring.

Famous In: Pacific northwest and also midwest, California

Color:  Dark green to dark red

Taste:  Delicious sweet

Nutrients:  The Quinault strawberries are full-on Vitamin C, potassium, folate, manganese, etc.

Health Benefits:  The fruit is beneficial to heart health, blood pressure regulation, and cancer prevention.

How to Eat:  You can take strawberries fresh in snacks or with desserts. The fruit is also used to make ice cream, jam, jellies, and many more.

However, 7 to 8 strawberries are healthy per day.

6. Quandong Fruit

Quandong is a famous Australian fruit that begins with the letter Q. Whenever you eat the fruit; you get a combination of tastes like peaches, apricots, and rhubarbs.

The interesting fact is you can store the dried fruit for more than eight years. Is it not amazing?

Famous In: Australia

Common Name:  Native peach, Dessert quandong

Color:  Olive green and reddish

Taste:  Pleasant taste but a little tart

Nutrients:  The Quandong fruit contains protein, fiber, sodium, potassium, calcium, etc.

Health Benefits:  As you can see, the fruit is high in nutrients, which help your body fight cancer, protect your heart, reduce inflammation, and boost your immunity.

How to Eat:  You can eat riped textured fruit, which is delicious. You can store the dried ones for future use, like in the tea.

7. Quenepa Fruit

Quenepa fruit has five common names that begin with the letter G, which is why we included it in the G fruit list.

Famous In: The Caribbean, South and Central America

Common Name:  Guinep, Skinip, Canepa, Mamoncillo, etc.

Color:  Outer surface is green, and the inner surface is Orange.

Taste: Sweet & Sour (Combination of lychee & lime)

Nutrients:  Quenepa fruit is full-on nutrients like protein, calcium, iron, phosphorous, Vitamin A, etc.

Health Benefits:  The fruit protects your body from urinary stones, boosts your immunity, and maintains lower blood pressure.

How to Eat:  You can eat quenepa fresh only need to remove the outer green skin and enjoy the orangy flesh.

8. Quitte / Quittenbaum Fruit

The famous name of the fruit is Quince that already been added to this list.

Don’t think I cheated on you. This is a well-known name, and I guarantee you will never forget it. I used different words so that they would be easier to remember.

9. Quararibea Cordata Fruit

Quararibea is a scientific name of Chupa Chupa fruit and the fruit I already explained in Our C fruit list.

Famous In: Brazil, Peru, Colombia

Common Name:  Chupa Chupa, South American Sapote

Color:  Orange Yellow

Taste:  Creamy and sweet

Nutrients:  The fruit is high in iron, calcium, phosphorous, riboflavin, niacin, etc.

Health Benefits:  Best healthy fruits that boost up your immunity and many more.

How to Eat:  You can eat the fruit fresh only need to remove the other portion. The inner flesh is tasty and also hairy. They can become lodged between your teeth.

A final thought on Fruits that start with Q

Quince and Queen pineapple are my all-time favorite “Q” fruits. You can also try it both are healthy and easy to available.

However, I believe you now have a complete list of fruits whose names begin with the letter Q. You will be a pro letter gamer if you remember all of the terms of foods and fruits.

The article is only about informational purposes about names. If you have any severe issues, contact your health care staff and make sure what to eat and whatnot.

Thank you.

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