29 Prodigious Fruits that Start with L

Aside from lemon, how many fruits begin with the letter L are there in the world?

You’ll be surprised to know that I discovered 29 fruits that start with L, 20 of which I guarantee you’ve never heard of but still exist.

However, if you are a regular visitor, in that case, you are probably aware that we have already completed fruits that begin with the letter KToday we will share some famous and unique names that start with the letter L.

This collection will expand your horizons and tantalize your taste buds. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new favorite fruit on this list!

I this article, I am going to give a table of information for easy to understand and after that covering details of each fruit that starting with L.

Table of Fruits name that starts with the letter L

The table only has 13 names, but our article has 29. We only mentioned a few unusual names here.

NameTasteFamous In
Lucuma FruitSweetBolivia, Peru, Chile
Lychee FruitSweet, aromaticIndia, China, Japan
Lime fruitTart, acidic & little sweetMexico
Limeberry fruitVery SweetSoutheastern Asia, Philippines
Lakoocha fruitSour, tangy & sweetSoutheast Asia
Lanctilla MangoVerry SweetUnited States
Langsat fruitSweet, tangy & sourSoutheast Asia
Lingonberries fruitSourAsia to North America, Europe
Lilly pilly FruitSweet-tartAustralia
Limequat FruitBitter-sweetFlorida, Japan, Spain, Malaysia
Lardizabala FruitSweetCentral and southern Chile
Le conta pearJuicy sweetGeorgia
Laranja FruitSweet-tartIndia

Add on! If you want to discover not only fruits but also food names, check out our list of L foods.

Let’s jump into our most exciting part.

31 Fruits that start with L

In this list, I also mentioned my all-time favorite l fruits name, so stay tuned.

1. Lapithkiotiki Lemon Fruit

It is a type of lemon that comes into our l fruit list.

Famous In: Cyprus

Common Name: Cyprus lemon

Color: Yellow

Taste: Sour

Nutrients: Fiber, Vitamin C

Health Benefits:  Helps to lose weight and also detoxify our body.

How to Eat: You can take it in drinks like sharbat, tea and also add as many desserts for strong flavor.

2. Lucuma Fruit

Famous In: Bolivia, Peru, Chile

Common Name:  egg fruit

Color:  Outer is green, and flesh is yellow

Taste:  Sweet

Nutrients: Fiber, protein, carbohydrates, sugar

Health Benefits: Lucuma fruits protect you from cancer and also minimize the risk of type 2 diabetes. Fruits clear your digestive system.

How to Eat:  Lucuma fruits are preferred fresh the only edible part is flesh. The fruit I also used as a sugar substitute.

3. Lablab Fruit

Famous In: Africa, India

Common Name: Hyacinth bean, Indian bean

Color:  Purple

Taste: Quite difficult to explain

Nutrients:  Protein, fat, carbohydrates, Vitamin A, etc.

Health Benefits:  Promotes your brain health and also improved digestion.

How to Eat: You can eat the fruits if they are boiled. Leaves are edible when raw as well as cooked.

4. Lychee Fruit

 I think every Indian favorite fruit is litchi that starts with the letter L.

Famous In: India, China, Japan

Common Name:  Litchi

Color:  Pinkish white

Taste:  Sweet, aromatic

Nutrients: Carbs, sugar, fiber, protein

Health Benefits:  Litchi helps to protect your heart from a variety of diseases, as well as cancer and diabetes.

How to Eat:  Ripe litchi is best to eat raw. You only need to remove the skin and eat the flesh. The fruit is also used in soft drinks.

5. Loganberry Fruits

Famous In: Santa Cruz, California

Common Name: James Harvey Logan

Color: Dark red

Taste:  Acidic, sweet, and tart

Nutrients:  Loganberry high in fiber, manganese, and Vitamin C

Health Benefits:  Perfect fruit for your healthy heart and eyes.

How to Eat:  Loganberry is eaten fresh and is also used to make jam, jellies, pies, other desserts, etc.

6. Lime fruit (Worldwide famous fruit begins with L)

Famous In: Mexico

Common Name:  Key lime, Kaffir lime, Dessert lime

Color:  Yellow & Pale green

Taste: Tart, acidic & little sweet

Nutrients:  Fiber, vitamin C, calcium, iron, etc.

Health Benefits:  Lime fruit helps weight loss, fight against cancer, improve digestion level, and many more.

How to Eat:  You can eat it raw but limited. You may add lime juice to water and tea. There are several ways to make lime.

7. Limeberry fruit

 Don’t be confused between two L fruit. The lime and Limeberries are different.

Famous In: Southeastern Asia, Philippines

Common Name:  Sweet lime

Color:  Red

Taste:  Very Sweet

Nutrients:  Potassium, sodium, sugar

Health Benefits:  The fruits help relieve dandruff, skin disease, treating diarrhea, and many more.

How to Eat:  Limeberries are edible at raw. The fruits are also used in jam, jellies, and many more dishes.

8. Lakoocha fruit

Famous In:  Southeast Asia

Common Name:  Monkey fruit, monkey jack

Color: Green to pale yellow

Taste: Sour, tangy & sweet

Nutrients:  Protein, calcium, phosphorous, etc.

Health Benefits:  The fruit increases liver health and also reduces hair loss and skin diseases.

How to Eat:  Lakoocha fruit can be eaten raw. However, some people used pickles and chutney.

9. Lanctilla Mango Fruit

Famous In: United States

Common Name: Mangoes

Color: Reddish green

Taste:  Verry Sweet

Nutrients:  Protein, carbohydrate, vitamin A, etc.

Health Benefits: Lanctilla mango helps to regulate blood pressure and also protects your skin from various diseases.

How to Eat: The flesh of the mangoes can be eaten raw. You can prefer it in a jam, jellies, etc.

10. Langsat fruit

Famous In: Southeast Asia

Common Name:  Duku, Lanzones, Longkong

Color: Dark yellow

Taste:  Sweet, tangy & sour

Nutrients:  Protein, vitamins, dietary fiber, calcium, etc.

Health Benefits:  The fruit helps to treat cold and fever. It also helps to reduce inflammation.

How to Eat:  Langsat fruit is preferred fresh and raw, also used in pickles.

11. Langra Mango Fruit

Famous In: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan

Common Name:  Banarasi Langra

Color: Green

Taste: Sweet

Nutrients:  Vitamin C, A, Iron, calcium

Health Benefits:  The fruit is beneficial during weight control, boosts your wound healing, and many more.

How to Eat:  The fruit can be eaten raw; also, people preferred cooked versions like chutney.

12. Lingonberries fruit

Famous In: Asia to North America, Europe

Common Name:  Cowberry, partridgeberry

Color: Bright red to Dark red

Taste: Sour

Nutrients: The fruit is high in zinc, protein, calcium, vitamin C.

Health Benefits: Maintaining a healthy diet that helps you lose weight also promotes eye and heart health.

How to Eat:  You can eat lingonberries, either cooked or raw, also used in jams.

13. Lilly pilly Fruit

Famous In: Australia

Common Name:

Color: Violet, pink-red

Taste:  Sweet-tart

Nutrients:  Calcium, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamin C, etc.

Health Benefits:  brightening your skin also has anti-aging properties and many more.

How to Eat: Lilly pilly fruit is used in green salads, also used to make chutney, jellies, jams, etc.

14. Limequat Fruit

The fruit is cross between two K fruits are kumquat and key lime.

Famous In:  Florida, Japan, Spain, Malaysia

Color:  Yellow-green to yellow-orange

Taste:  Bitter-sweet

Nutrients:  High in Vitamin C

Health Benefits:  Limequat helps to control fever also minimize the risk of kidney stones and many more.

How to Eat: You can use the juice in the various cocktail. Most of the people preferred the cooked version.

15. Lemato fruit

Lemato is also a hybrid fruit. The fruit is a cross between lemon and tomato that produces lemato that starting with also L letter.

Further, the fruit is new to the market and in the testing phase. Is it not exciting information?

16. Lippens Mango fruit

Famous In: South Florida

Common Name: Golden Lippens

Color:  Green to yellow

Taste:  Sweet

How to Eat:  Like other mangoes, you can eat Lippens mango raw.

Health benefits and nutrients are almost the same as other mangoes already mentioned above.

17. Lardizabala Fruit

Famous In: Central and southern Chile

Common Name: Coille, coguil

Color: Green

Taste:  Sweet

Nutrients: Lardizabala is high in protein, fat, carbs, etc.

How to Eat: The fruits have been eaten both ways, raw and cooked.

18. Lemons Fruit

Lemons are the most popular worldwide fruit that starts with the letter L.

Famous In: Spain, Italy, Greece, etc.

Common Name:  Citron, Citrus limon

Color:  Green & Yellow

Taste:  Sour

Nutrients:  Water, protein, fiber, Vitamin C, etc.

Health Benefits:  Lemons are best during weight loss. The fruit also protects your heart and also fights against cancer, and many more.

How to Eat:  You can take various ways like in drinks, cocktails, tea. Also, preferable in desserts. You can take it as raw; the fruit is also best during a hangover.

19. Lapsi fruit

Famous In: India, China, Japan, Nepal

Common Name:  Amrda, Lepchipoma

Color:  Green to yellow

Taste: Sour & tart

Nutrients:  Protein, calcium, potassium, sodium

Health Benefits:  The fruit is the best energy booster.

How to Eat:  Peoples are love to eat fresh but also used it to make paaun, titauraa. The people also love cooked one.

20. Loquat Fruit

Famous In: China, Japan

Common Name:  Pipa, Naspli

Color:  Yellow to red-orange

Taste:  Sweet & slightly tart

Nutrients: Loquat fruit is high in protein, vitamin B6, fiber, etc.

Health Benefits:  The fruit boosts up your immunity system and protects your cells from various damages.

How to Eat:  You can eat this juicy fruit raw; you only need to remove the seeds.

21. Leucaena Fruit

Famous In: United States

Common Name: White lead tree, Jumbay

Color: Green to deep brown

Taste:  Near about coffee taste (It’s difficult to explain)

Nutrients:  Fiber, niacin, protein

Health Benefits:  The fruit powder is used as a binder in medicine preparation and is also used to treat stomach disease and diabetes.

How to Eat: Leucaena Fruit can be eaten raw as well as cooked. Most of the people cooked one with rice and soups. Dry fruit powder is a substitute for coffee.

22. Laranja Fruit (Snacks fruit starting with L)

Laranja is a Portuguese term in English it means Orange. I am not cheating with you; just find some unique languages that start with the letter L.

Famous In: India

Common Name: Sweet orange

Color:  Orange(Between red and yellow color)

Taste: Sweet-tart

Nutrients: Vitamin C, A, protein, fiber, sodium

Health Benefits:  Orange has many benefits like, boost immunity power, helps in wound healing, strengtheneth your bone, etc.

How to Eat:  You can eat the fruit raw only need to remove the skin.

23. Liberty Apple Fruit

Liberty is a type of apple that is most popular in new york city. The fruit is deep dark in color and crispy and sweet, famous as a dessert apple.

24. Lemon Aspen Fruit

Famous In: Australia

Common Name:  Lemon Wood

Color:  Greenish Yellow

Taste:  Strong Acidic

Nutrients:  Potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin C, etc.

Health Benefits: The fruit helps to protect your skin from free radicals.

How to Eat:  Lemon aspen can be eaten both ways raw as well as cooked. Fresh lemon aspen is also added to chutneys.

25. Le conta pear Fruit

Famous In: Georgia

Color: Reddish yellow, reddish-green, green, yellow

Taste:  Juicy sweet

Nutrients:  Dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin C

Health Benefits:  The fruits help you to boost up your immunity and maintaining weight.

How to Eat: The fruit is safe, fresh, or cooked.

26. Lady Apples Fruit

Famous In: United States of America

Color: Green-red to yellow

Taste: Sweet

How to Eat: You can take lady apple-like other apples. 

27. Lord Lambourne Apple Fruit

Lord Lambourne Apple is another variety of apple name that starts with L and is famous in England.

The fruit is greenish-yellow in color but sharp sweet. You can enjoy it with your snacks.

28. Louise Bonne of Jersey Pear

Louise Bonne of Jersey Pear is a famous fruit in France. The fruit is very juicy and tangy-sweet in taste.

29. Langley Bullace Damson Fruit

Langley Bullace Damson is one of the famous L fruits found in the United Kingdom.

The tiny-shaped purple color fruit that acidic in taste and is mainly used to make jams.

A final word on Fruits that start with L

Have you enjoyed the reading?

As I promised, do you find some unique names that start with the letter L?

If yes, then don’t forget to comment what that was.

However, the mentioned fruits are healthy, and you must try to taste some new fruits. Remember never to overeat any fruits because excessive consumption of fruits may show some side effects.

So, add all fruits to your diet and enjoy your healthy life.


Name of vegetables that start with the letter L?

List of vegetables are-
Lagos Bologi
Land Cress

What are Fruits that start with the letter F in French?

Below right-handed names are in french, and left-handed are in English.
Lemon = Limon
Lime = Lima
Lychee = Lichi

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