27 Exotic Fruit that starts with O in English

Finding a list of fruits with names that begin with O is difficult, but I came up with a list that not only includes the names, but also their taste, health benefits, and other information.

We already completed the N fruit list, and then we are ready to share other alphabetical series and today I going to share some exotic and famous name of the fruit that starts with O.

I know it’s not easy to remember all the names that are why we made a table that helps you a lot.

table: Fruits that Start with The Letter O

NameTasteFamous In
Olivier Olive fruitGrassy tasteFrance, Italy
Oso granda strawberrySweetUnited States
Oil palm fruitOlives likesWest and Central Africa
Orient Pear fruitSweetChina, Japan
Otaheite LemonVery sweetIndia
Oroblanco fruitSweetJapan, United States
Oullins Gage plumSweetFrance, Coligny
Otaheite gooseberry Sour and tartAsia, South America, Caribbean
Orlando tangeloSweetFlorida
Ogeechee limeSubacid flavorGeorgia
Olallieberry Sweet/tart United state
Okra fruitGrassy flavorSouth Asian, Ethiopian

As you can see, there are only 12 O fruits names. The rest of the fruit’s names are listed below.

Okay, let’s jump into our most exciting part.

27 Famous Fruit that starts with O

1. Olives fruit

Famous in: Syria, Iran, Palestine.

Common Name: Olea europaea.

Color: Black.

Taste: sweet

Nutrients: Calcium, Vitamin E, Iron.

Health Benefits: Olives help to improve the immune system, protect against osteoporosis.

How to Eat: It is not eaten freshly. olive oil is used for cooking.

2. Opal apple fruit

Famous in: Europe, America

Common Name: Malus domestica.

Color: Yellow.

Taste: sweet.

Nutrients: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium

Health benefits: lowering the risk for diabetes, Weight loss, heart protection.

How to Eat: It Can eat freshly.

3. Oranges fruit

Famous in: Asia

Common Name: Citrus sinensis

Color: Yellow and red.

Taste: Sweet-tart.

Nutrients: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Fiber, Sugar.

Health benefits: Boosts immune system. It protects against cell damage. Help to heal the wounded.

How to Eat: It can be eaten directly or in orange juice.

4. Osteen mango fruits

Famous in: Florida, Merritt Island.

Common Name:Osteen(mango).

osteen mango fruits that start with o

Color: Yellow/orange.

Taste: Sweet.

Nutrients: Zinc,Calcium,Magnesium

Health benefits: Help to improve the digestive system. It can boost the immune system.

How to Eat: It is eaten fresh and is also used for juice and jellies.

5. Orangelo fruit

Famous in: Puerto Rican highland.

Common Name: Chironja.

orangelo fruit that starts with the letter o

Color: Bright yellow.

Taste: Sweet.

Nutrients: Water, protein, carbohydrate.

Health benefits: Maintain weight, Helps to lower cholesterol also aid lower the risk of kidney stones.

How to Eat: It is eaten fresh and also use for juice.

6. Ozark gold apple fruit

Famous in: Missouri, Kazakhstan

Common Name:Malus Pumila.

Color: Pale green to golden yellow

Taste: Sweet/Little acidity.

Nutrients: Fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6

Health benefits: Help to digestion, Improve immunity power

How to eat: It is best to eat raw. This fruit is also eaten by cooked

7. Oval kumquat fruit

Famous in: India, Japan, China

Common Name: Fortunella margarita.

oval kumquat fruits beginning with o letter

Color: Yellowish orange.

Taste: Sour/slightly sweet.

Nutrients:Vitamin C,Vitamin A,Fiber,Potassium

Health benefits: Improve from heart disease and cancer, also protect from cell damage.

How to eat: It can eat freshly whole also in salads.

8. Okra fruit

Famous in: South Asian, Ethiopian

Common Name: Abelmoschus esculentus (Lady’s –Finger)

Color: Green

Taste: Grassy flavor

Nutrient: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Magnesium

Health benefits: Help for improvement from heart problems, cancer. Also, prevent diabetes. 

How to eat: It can be eaten by boiled, roasted, fried

9. Ogallala strawberry fruit

Famous in: USDA

Common Name: Fragaria

Color: Drak red.

Taste: sweet

Nutrient: Calcium,Magnesium,Phosphorus

Health benefits: Help to control blood pressure. It helps for muscles relaxation.

How to eat: It is best to eat raw also use to jam.

10. Olallieberry fruit

Famous in: United state

Common Name: Olalliberry

Color: Dark red

Taste: Sweet/tart

Nutrient: Potassium, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Fiber

Health benefits: Help to prevent Alzheimer’s, It helps to prevent Parkinson’s disease.

How to eat: It is best in jam .also eaten by cooking.

11. Ozark beauty strawberry Fruit

Famous in: Arkabsas.

Common Name: Fragaria

Color: Dark red

Taste: Honey-sweet.


Health benefits: Help for low blood pressure. Protect from Cancer.

How to eat: It is best to eat raw also use to jam, jellies.

12. Ogeechee lime fruits

Famous in: Georgia

Common Name:Nyssa Ogeche.

Color: Vivid yellow.

Taste: Subacid flavor.

How to use: It is used as a preserver. Also, use as suitable for lime juice.

13. Opal Plum fruit

Famous in: UK, Northern Europe

Common Name: Prunus domestica.

Color: Yellow mottled.

Taste: Sweet.

Nutrient: Viamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin k,Fibers

Health benefits: Help to lower blood sugar, also help to prevent heart disease, and improve immunity.

How to eat: It is best to eat raw. This fruit is also eaten cooked.

14. Orin apple fruit

Famous in: Japan, Aomori

Common Name:Malus Domestica

Color: Yellow

Taste: Sweet.

Nutrient: B-complex, Boron, Vitamin C, Sugar.

Health benefits: Help to lower blood sugar, also help to prevent Diabetes.

How to eat: It is best to eat raw.

15.Orlando tangelo fruit

Famous in: Florida.

Common Name: Tangelo

Color: Light orange

Taste: Sweet.

Nutrient: Vitamin C, Dietary fiber.

Health benefits: Help to repaired tissues. It improves immunity.

How to eat: It is best to eat raw.

16. O’henry Peach fruit

Famous in: California.

Common Name: Prunus Persica

Color: Dark red /Yellow.

Taste: Sweet

Nutrient: Antioxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Fiber.

Health benefits: Help reduce inflammation, Maintain healthy organ functionally.

How to eat: It is best to eat raw.

17. Otaheite gooseberry fruit

Famous in: Asia, South America, Caribbean.

Common Name: Phyllanthus acidus.

Color: Pale yellow

Taste: Sour/tart.

Nutrient: Vitamin, Minerals.

Health benefits: Its leaves are used to treat Sciatica,lambgo. Also, the seed is used as Cathartic.

How to eat: Fruit is eaten fresh. Leaves can be eaten by cooking.

18. Oullins gage plum fruit

Famous in: France, Coligny

Common Name: Prunus domestica ‘ oullins

Color: Yellow

Taste: Sweet

Nutrient: Vitamin A, Sugar, Vitamin C, Vitamin K

Health benefits: Help for preventing high blood pressure, also help for control blood sugar.

How to eat: Fruit is eaten freshly.

19. Oroblanco fruit

Famous in: Japan, United States

Color: Yellow

Taste: Sweet

Nutrient:Vitamin C,Antioxidant,Potassium,Fibre

Health benefits: Help for fluid level balance in the body, Anti-inflammation 

How to eat: Fruit is eaten freshly.

20. Otaheite Lemon fruit

Famous in: India

Common Name:Acidless-orange

Color: Orange.

Taste: Very sweet.

Nutrient:Vitamin C,fiber.

Health benefits: Help to prevent cancer. Improve immunity system.

How to eat: It can eat directly or in lemon juice.

21. Orient Pear fruit

Famous in: China, Japan.

Common Name:Pyrus Pyrifolia.

Color: Yellow.

Taste: Sweet.

Nutrient: Protein, Fiber, Carbohydrate.

Health benefits: Help to regulate cholesterol. Also, help the digestive system.

How to eat: Bite into the skin and eat around the core.

22. Oil palm tropical fruit that starts with O

Famous in: West and Central Africa.

Common Name:Elaeis guineensis.

Color: Orange.

Taste: Olives likes

Nutrient: Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Fat, Vitamin C

Health benefits: Help for preventing brain disease.Maintenance of vitamin A deficiency.

How to use: Oil used for frying.

Also, this oil is used for manufacturing soap, toothpaste.

23.Oelillade noire fruit

Oelillade Noire is one of the famous O fruit found in French.

The black color fruit is used for wine.

24. Oso granda strawberry

Famous in: US

Common Name: Fragaria ananassa.

Color: Dark red.

Taste: sweet.

Nutrient: Calcium,Magnesium,Posphorus.

Health benefits: Help to control blood pressure. It helps for muscles relaxation.

How to eat: It is best to eat raw also use to jam.

25. Oliviere Olive fruit

Famous in: France, Italy

Common Name: Olea Europea

Color: Black

Taste: Grassy taste

Nutrient: Vitamin E, Fiber, Carbs

Health benefits: Help for preventing heart attack, prevent from osteoporosis, Cancer.

How to eat: oil is used for cooking and also use as salad oil.

26. Oregon grapefruit 

It is found in Western North America. the common name is Mahonia aquifolium.

It is purplish-blue and use for the treatment of stomach ulcers, Gastroesophageal reflux.

27. Okuzgozu grapefruit

Okuzgozu grapefruit is one of the famous O fruit found in Turkey.

It is The black color fruit that is used for wine.

Wrap up on The fruit that starts with O

I think in this list you must find some unique names that extend your word stock. If you want more names then we also have food lists that begin with O.

I will suggest that oranges, opala apples, Osteen mango, and so on. These are the most nutritious fruits. Never skip these foods.

As you know, we also mentioned which fruits are beneficial in which condition. So you can choose according to your need.

If you have any severe issues always consult with your doctor before eating.


What are vegetables that start with O?

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Oil Palm

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