Name a Fruit that Starts with I | 19 I Fruits

Do you know that? Stock words are always a source of strength for our brains, and we enjoy memorizing all names in a specific order; this could be foods or fruits. Right?

If you are a regular visitor to our site, you are aware that we enjoy making lists, and the most recent one is the name of H fruits.

When I am ready to write the name of a fruit that starts with I, I am literally confused because there is no common name, and it is tough to find in comparison to fruits A and foods A.

However, at the end of the investigation, I come up with 19 unique names that start with the letter I, and most fruits are Indian.

If you are in a rush, then the below-mentioned table below helps you to know some names. Then we discuss important things about the fruits like the taste, health benefits, nutrients, and best eating options.

If you’re in a hurry, the table below will help you remember some names. 

The article highlights some fascinating aspects of fruits: taste, health benefits, nutrients, and the best ways to eat them.

Table Shows the list of fruits that start with I

NameTasteFamous In
1. Interdonato lemonAcidicNizza, Italy
2. Iiama FruitCentral AmericaCentral America
3. Imbe FruitSweet & AcidicTropical Africa
4. Illawarra plumSweet and juicyAustralia, Queensland
5. Ice cream beanSweetPeru, Colombia
6. Indian Gooseberry Sour & astringentIndia & Other Asian countries
7. IchigoAcidicJapan
8. Indian Fig Delicious sweetIndia
9. Indian MangoSweetIndia, Bangladesh
10. Indian PruneSour & AstringentIndia, Melanesia
11. Indian StrawberryTastelessSouthern Asia
12. Indian PersimmonSweet with a hint of tangIndia
13. Indonesian LimeTart, acidic and sweetIndonesia, China, India
14. Indian AlmondLittle tartAustralia, Asia
15. Indian sherbet berrySweet and sourIndia
16. Ice AppleJuicy sweetIndia & Southeast Asia
17. Icaco fruitSweetTropical Africa, America
18. Indian jujubeSweetIndo-Malaysian, China, Pacific Islands
19. Indian hog plumSour, sweet, and tangyTropical Americas and Westindies

Let’s talk about all the fruits facts step by step.

19 Unique Fruit that starts with I

I also mentioned my favorite name of fruits; if you don’t know the fruits, you can choose them depending on the test.

1. Interdonato lemon Fruits

Interdonato is a type of lemon that begins with the letter “I,” and it is edible.

Famous In: Nizza, Italy

Common Name: Sweet lemon

Color: Green to yellow

Taste: Highly acidic with a hint of bitterness

Nutrients: Vitamin C and fibers. (High amount)

Health Benefits: Prevent cardiovascular disease, Increases immunity in your body.

How to Eat: Lemon zest is used widely in various recipes like drinks, savory and sweet dishes, desserts, spicy foods, etc.

2. Iiama Fruit

Iiama is a smooth and heart-shaped fruit.

Famous In: Central America

Common Name: Soncoya

Color: Pink and green

Taste: Sweet to tart

Nutrients: Protein, fiber, calcium, iron

Health Benefits: Increases immunity power in your body and helps you to stay strong.

How to Eat: You can enjoy it raw; you only need to scoop up the flesh.

3. Imbe Fruit

If you are looking for high nutrient fruit, then Imbe is one of the best fruits starting with the I letter.

Famous In: Tropical Africa

Common Name: African mangosteen, Livingstone’s garcinia

Color: Orange

Taste: Sweet & Acidic

Nutrients: carbohydrates, dietary fiber, Vitamin C, thiamine, calcium, potassium, and many more.

Health Benefits: Imbe fruit bark and root are used to prevent cancer and tuberculosis and.

How to Eat: 

You can eat it fresh and also used it in drinks.

4. Illawarra plum fruit

Famous In: Australia, Queensland, New south wales

Common Name: Plum pine, brown pine

Color: Purple to Black

Taste: Sweet and juicy

Nutrients: Dietary fiber, protein, vitamin c

Health Benefits: Prevent cancer germs.

How to Eat: You can eat it raw and also preferred in jam and jellies.

5. Ice cream bean fruit

One of the most first growing trees is the ice cream bean, the other name of the fruit is Inga edulis that also start with the letter I.

Famous In: South America, Peru, Colombia

Common Name: Guaba, guama, 

Color: Purple black to the olive

Taste: Sweet

Nutrients: antioxidants, polyphenols, and dietary fiber

Health Benefits: 

They are used in the treatment of Diarrhea, arthritis, and many more.

How to Eat: You can eat the cotton white ice ball raw but make sure to pull out the large seed.

6. Indian Gooseberry Fruit

Famous In: India & Other Asian countries

indian gooseberry fruit that starts with i

Common Name: Emblic, Amla, Amalaki

Color: Greenish yellow

Taste: Sour & astringent

Nutrients: Vitamin C, protein, fiber

Health Benefits: Protect your liver, heart, maintain blood sugar levels, and many more.

How to Eat: The fruit is juicy; you can eat it raw with some salt and chili powder.

7. Ichigo fruit

Famous In: Japan

Common Name: Japanese strawberry

Color: Deep red to pink

Taste: Acidic

Nutrients: Vitamin C, Antioxidants

Health Benefits: Protect your heart and also maintain blood sugar levels.

How to Eat:  You can eat it raw. You can take it with any desserts.

8. Indian fig fruit

Famous In: India

Common Name: Gular

Color: Inclining to yellow

Taste: Delicious sweet

Nutrients: Vitamin A, C, calcium, potassium, iron

Health Benefits: Regulate blood pressure and minimize hypertension

How to Eat: To eat Indian figs, simply peel off the tough skin and enjoy the fruit’s flesh on its own, or include them in smoothies.

9. Indian Mango Fruit

Do you know? The national fruit in India is Mango. There are various types of mango available like Badami mentioned in the B fruit list, Alphanso, etc.

Famous In: India, Bangladesh

Common Name: Mangoes

Color: Green, reddish-yellow, orange-yellow

Taste: Sweet

Nutrients: Vitamin C, dietary fiber, folate, protein

Health Benefits: Best for skin, eye, hair, improve digestive health, and many more.

How to Eat:

I love to eat it raw; it’s juicy and fresh. They are also used in jam, jellies, ice cream.

10. Indian Prune fruit

The other popular name that also starts with I is Indian Plum.

Famous In: India, Melanesia

Common Name: Rukam, Governor’s plum

Color: Red, green, purple

Taste: Sour & Astringent

Nutrients: Protein, phosphorous, calcium, iron

Health Benefits:  The fruit helps to cure digestive problems, constipation and also protect your heart.

How to Eat: You can take it fresh as well as dry. If you take it with oats meal in snacks, your kid will love it.

11. Indian Strawberry

Famous In: Southern Asia

Common Name: Mock Strawberry, False Strawberry

Color: Deep red

Taste: Tasteless

Nutrients: Protein, iron, vitamin C

Health Benefits: Boils, traumatic injuries, and many more.

How to Eat: Raw fruit is not preferable. Most people preferred dry and blend.

12. Indian Persimmon Fruit

Famous In: India

Common Name: Japani Phal

Color: Yellow-orange to red-orange

Taste: Sweet with a hint of tang

Nutrients: sweet with a hint of tang

Health Benefits: Carbs, vitamin A, C, E, fiber, protein

How to Eat: Edible part is the peel. Just cut it in half and use a spoon to eat the custard-like flesh.

13. Indonesian Lime Fruit

Famous In: Indonesia, China, India

Common Name: Citrus fruit

Color: Deep green

Taste: Tart, acidic and sweet

Nutrients: Fiber, vitamin C, iron, calcium

Health Benefits: Good for your skin and also detoxify the blood.

How to Eat: You can eat it raw, also used in jam and jellies.

14. Indian Almond Fruit

Famous: Australia, Asia

Common Name: Malabar almond, Sea almond

Color: Brown, yellow, green to red

Taste: Sophisticated and little tart

Nutrients: Fat, carbohydrate, fiber, protein

Health Benefits: Helps in weight loss, maintains blood pressure, improves heart health, and many more.

How to Eat: They are frequently served sitting in water on a small dish in India. You can eat it raw.

15. Indian sherbet berry Fruit

Famous In: India

Common Name: Phalsa

Color: Durk purple

Taste: Sweet and sour

Nutrients: Vitamin C, potassium, calcium, magnesium

Health Benefits: You will get benefits if you have hypertension or any joint pain.

How to Eat: Mostly preferred in sherbets.

16. Ice Apple Fruit

Ice apple is a natural coolant, and this one is the most unique and all-time favorite fruit that starts with “I.”

Famous In: India & Southeast Asia

Common Name: Nungu, Taal

Color: Outside part is dark purple

Taste: Juicy sweet

Nutrients: Calcium, Vitamin A, C, E, K, Carbohydrates

Health Benefits: Helps in loose weight, supports immunity system, minimize digestive issues.

How to Eat: Fresh fruits are more tasty compare to a served dish. However, you can mix them and take them as desserts.

17. Icaco fruit

Famous In: Tropical Africa, America & The Caribbean

Common Name: Cocoplum, paradise plum

Color: Light green, whitish-purple

Taste: Sweet

Nutrients: Calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium

Health Benefits: Reduce your chances of having a heart attack. Also, improve skin health and vision.

How to Eat: Mostly preferred in jellies, jam, syrups.

18. Indian jujube fruit

Famous In: Indo-Malaysian, China, Pacific Islands

Common Name: Chinese date, dunks

Color: Green to red

Taste: Sweet

Nutrients: Protein, fiber, vitamin c, carbs

Health Benefits: Sleep and brain function may be improved. Also, protect you from cancer germs.

How to Eat: You can take it as a raw snack but must remove the seed.

19. Indian hog plum fruit

Famous In: Tropical Americas and Westindies

Common Name: Yellow mombin

Color: Yellow

Taste: Sour, sweet and tangy

Nutrients: Protein, Calcium, Vitamin C, B1, B2.

Health Benefits: 

Reduced bad cholesterol levels in your body and protect your heart.

How to Eat: You can take it raw, mainly preferred as whole snacks—also used in jam, jellies, and ice creams.

A final thought on fruit that begins with I

As we all know, fruits are always a healthy option rather than other foods but never overeat.

However, I think this impressive list of I fruits helps you to remember all names. If you want to try it, go for it and choose it according to your taste.

Remember that you cannot get all of your nutrition from a single fruit; instead, a combination of fruits is always preferable for a healthy lifestyle.


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