19 Rare Fruit that starts with F in English

Finding tasty fruits is not easy, especially when looking for a specific series like fruit that starts with F.

I go through an embarrassing situation when my kids ask me a fruits name that starts with the F letter because she is stuck in a letter game.

In that situation, I only came with a name, Fig, and she told me it was already used. 

It can also happen to you in any other circumstances.

However, I jump into the internet and spend 20 hours making a list of 19 fruits that start with an F letter.

That’s why I started a series for you and listing all the A to Z names alphabetically. 

I already completed the A to Z food name series and now started the fruit series and have already done the previous letters; the last one is Fruits beginning with the E letter.

The article covered the names of the fruits and some crucial points like shape, smell, color, nutrition value, and health benefits. The end also mentioned some Spanish, French, and Philippines fruits names that start with F.

Let’s started with our delicious fruits that make your diet more healthy.

Table: What are fruits that start with an F in English?

NameTasteFamous In
1. Fuji FruitSweetJapan
2. Fazil Mango FruitsJuicy sugary and sourIndia & Bangladesh
3. Feijoa FruitsSweet & AromaticArgentina, Columbia
4. Fascell Mango FruitFiberless & SweetFlorida
5. Farkleberry FruitBitterUnited States
6. Finger lime FruitTartAustralia
7. Fig FruitSweet & SourWestern Asia & Mediterranean
8. Fiscus Aurea FruitSweetUnited States, Mexico
9. Fibrous Satinash FruitSourAustralia, Indonesia
10. Florentine CitronSweet & CrunchyItaly
11. Fukushu KumquatSweet & tartChina, India, Japan
12. Flatwoods PlumSweetness and bitternessFlorida, Virginia, and Texas
13. Forest Strawberriessweet and sourNorthern Hemisphere.
14. Fe’i Banana FruitSweet & tangyFrench Polynesia
15. Fox Grape FruitSourEurope and North America
16. Fairchild TangerlineSweetUnited States
17. Florida Cherry FruitTart to sweetSouth America, Argentina, Brazil
18. False Mastic FruitSour to sweetCentral America, Florida
19. Five Flavor BerrySour, sweet, savory, bitter, and salty.China, Russia, and Korea

19 fruit that starts with F

In the list, some fruits are juicy, and some are dried. So choose it according to your taste.

Fuji Fruit that starts with f

1. Fuji Fruit

Fuji is a variety of apples and the place of origin of the fruit in Japan.

Fuji has a dual-color it’s mixture of yellow and red; the shape is oval.

The fruit is popular because it’s too sweet. It is the perfect example of natural sugar.

The Fuji apple can be eaten as a snack or used in sauces, pies, baking, and other dishes.

This apple contains dietary fiber, protein, natural sugars and is totally free from cholesterol and saturated fat. That’s why you need to add fruits to your snack.

The research said the fuji apple improves liver function and increases insulin resistance.

2. Fazil Mango Fruits

One of the most well-known mango varieties begins with the letter F and is mainly found in India and Bangladesh.

Fazil Mango Fruits that start with f

The fruit is large in shape and greenish in color. The flavor is sugary and a little bit sour. The flesh of these fruits is juicy and has a pleasant smell.

You can eat it raw or may store it as jams and pickles.

The mango is high in antioxidants that increase immunity and also protect your heart, improve digestive metabolism.

3. Feijoa Fruits

Feijoa is one of the famous Brazilian fruit that begins with the letter F. It’s primarily found in Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, and Paraguay.

Feijoa Fruit that begins with f

The other common name of Feijoa is Pinapple guava and guavasteen.

Feijoa fruit looks like a chicken egg and is deep green in color. The flavor of the fruit is sweet and a little bit aromatic.

The fruit is edible raw. You can eat it with salads. It’s juicy; you can mix it with other fruits like strawberry, pineapple, and guava.

If you are confused about taste, I can say it’s a mixture of apple, pineapple, and mint.

The fruits contain Protein, Vitamin C, E, K, and other minerals like calcium, magnesium, etc. These help to boost your immunity and give you full energy for your works.

4. Fascell Mango Fruit

Fascell is another variety of mango that also starts with the letter F and is native to Florida.

Michael Fascell, the man who first cultivated the tree, inspired the name.

The fruit is oval, and the color varies from red-green to yellow. The flesh of the fruit is fiberless and sweet.

Mango is one of the most famous superfoods, and it contains around 20 different minerals. It’s full of Vitamin C, A, and B6. Also, have folate and copper.

Fascell mango has some health benefits. It minimized the high cholesterol level, improves your skin glow from the inside, and many more.

Hey, one more thing if you are a food lover and also want a list of foods that starts with F. Then don’t forget to check the list.

5. Farkleberry Fruit

Frakleberry is well-known fruit in the United States that also starts with F.

Another popular name is Sparkleberry.

The fruit is bitter, and you can’t eat it raw. The cooked version of the fruit is less bitter and edible.

When the fruit is growing, it is green, but when it is ripe, it turns black.

Diarrhea can be treated with Frakleberry.

6. Finger lime Fruit

Finger lime is an Australian fruit that is cylindrical in shape and comes in various colors, such as green and pink.

Finger lime Fruit starting with f

The other famous name of the Finger lime is Caviar lime.

The fruit taste is similar to lemon, which is tart.

You consume them by slicing off one end and pressing the bottom to release a slew of little, jelly-like ball chunks that look like caviar.

Finger lime is mainly used in Salads, jams, sauces, and cocktails.

Finger lime is high in potassium, folate Vitamin C, and E.

The fruits help to strengthen your teeth and cure gum problems. Also boosted eye health and minimize age-related disease.

7. Fig Fruit

Fig is one of the most popular edible fruit that begins with F, native to western Asia and the Mediterranean.


Fig is tear-shaped, with a green exterior that can turn purple or coffee-colored as it ripens, and pleasant soft scarlet flesh with countless crunchy seeds.

The fruit can be served fresh or dried, also turned into jam, biscuits, and other desserts.

Fig fruit is high in calcium and potassium. So always add in your desserts.

If you and your family members want to gain weight, Fig is an excellent option to take two or three fruits per day.

The fruit has numerous health benefits, such as increasing sperm count in men and helping with hormonal imbalances in women.

8. Fiscus Aurea Fruit

Fiscus Aurea is the scientific name of Florida Strangler Fig. It is found chiefly in the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Another famous name is Golden Fig.

Stangler fruit is edible that is sweet in taste and nutty in flavor.

The fruit is high in fiber and also contains iron, potassium, and calcium.

Strangler fruit is mainly used in the treatment of respiratory conditions.

So, you can eat it with salads or may add in deserts. It depends on your preferences.

9. Fibrous Satinash Fruit

The pink or gorgeous red fruit also starts with F and is native to Australia, Indonesia.

The familiar name of the Fibrous Satinash is apricot satinash, fibrous satinash, and a small red apple.

It’s sour, but you can eat it like jam and jellies.

10. Florentine Citron Fruit

Florentine citron is similar to citrus fruits and is mostly found in Italy.

The fruit is famous for its pleasant aroma flavor. The taste is refreshing that is sweet and crunchy.

The fruit’s skin can be candied, which is delicious. Still, it can also be zested to prepare cakes, pastries, ice creams, or simply give your recipes a unique aroma.

The fruit has excellent cold resistance properties.

11. Fukushu Kumquat Fruit

Fukushu Kumquat is a famous Chinese fruit native to China but is also found in India, Japan, and the Philippians.

The fruit’s color and taste are almost the same as orange, but it is smaller compared to orange.

The edible part of the fruit is flesh, and it is acidic and contains few seeds.

The fruit is high in Vitamin A and C. It also contains fiber and antioxidants that protect your cell from various diseases.

12. Flatwoods Plum Fruit

Flatwoods Plum fruit is a most confusing fruit that starts with the letter F because it’s edible and toxic.

The fruit is native to the United States and is mainly found in Florida, Virginia, and Texas.

The famous names of the Flatwoods plum are hog plum and sloe plum.

The fruit is small and round, with a purple color. Jellies and jams are made from fruits.

You get a combination taste from this fruit that is sweetness and bitterness.

If consumed in small amounts, the fruit is safe and edible; however, avoid the fruit’s leaves and pits. These two components are poisonous.

Also, have health benefits like cure digestive and respiratory problems.

13. Forest Strawberries Fruit

Forest Strawberries are also tasty and edible fruits beginning with a F letter.

The fruit is mostly found in Northern Hemisphere. The common name of the fruits is Wild Strawberry, Alpino Strawberry, Woodland Strawberry.

The fruit is reddish; when it’s ripe, the taste is sweet and sour. The flavor is also rich compare to regular strawberries.

However, the fruit is high in water that helps your body to be hydrated.

14. Fe’i Banana Fruit

Fe’i Banana is also a healthy breakfast fruit starting with F. Mostly found in French Polynesia.

The look of this banana is also the same as the regular banana, but the color is orange to red instead of yellow.

The fruit flesh is edible that also yellow and orange but tasty.

Fei’s banana is also high in calcium, potassium, and Vitamin E.

The banana goes with chicken, pork, and beef dishes. It is also suited in cooking like boiling, baking, etc.

15. Fox Grape Fruit

Fox grape is popular in Europe and North America areas.

The edible part of the fruit is the flesh which is high in water.

The fruit shape is small and round; most of them are brown and red when ripe.

They are sour; that’s why people love to use them as jam and jellies.

16. Fairchild Tangerline Fruit

Fairchild Tangerine is widely available in the united states. It’s a cross between Clementine and Orlando tangelo.

The fruit is oval, and orange in color contains seed. These juicy fruits are sweet in flavor.

This F fruit has many health benefits like enhancing digestion, protect your heart, regulate blood pressure, etc.

17. Florida Cherry Fruit

Florida Cherry is the tinny shape F fruit native to South America, Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay.

The other popular name of the Florida cherry is Brazilian cherry, Suriname cherry, Cayenne cherry, etc.

The fruit looks like a small pumpkin which is dark red or orange in color.

The taste of the fruit varies from tart to sweet. If you eat it in the unripe condition, the flavor will be sour, and the fruit color will be green to red.

If the fruit turned purple, it means now it’s edible, and you get sweet textures.

Florida cherry is mainly used in jam and jellies as a flavoring agent.

The fruit also has some nutritional value because it’s full of Vitamin C and provitamin A.

18. False Mastic Fruit

Frankly speak before the research, I also don’t know about this F fruits name.

The F fruit is native to Central America, the Caribbean, and Florida.

Another famous name of this fruit is yellow mastic.

This is an edible fruit that is small and pinkish, but the flavor is unique; I can’t explain it in words.

19. Five Flavor Berry

Five flavor berry is the last fruits of my list of fruits name that begins with letter f and is native to China, Russia, and Korea.

The popular name of this fruit is Mongolia berry.

I know you are thinking about the name, Right?

The fruit has this unique name because of its taste. It has a mixture of five flavors Sour, sweet, savory, bitter, and salty.

The fruit also has numerous health benefits, such as lowering blood sugar and blood pressure, preventing premature aging, hastening recovery after surgery, and so on.

Wrap on fruits that begin with letter F

Fruits are always a great option when you think about weight loss or trying to maintain a diet.

I try to make a list of all edible fruit that starts with the letter F and makes your life healthier.

Remember, fruits also have bad reactions if you overeat. That’s why take it according to your need.

I think this list solves all your doubts. Still, if you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section.

If you have any other names that start with F, tell me I add that name to this list.

FAQs on Fruits that start with F

What are fruits that start with F in Spanish?

I found two famous Spanish F fruits for you-
Fresa = strawberry
Frutilla = strawberry

What are fruits that start with F in French?

After so much research, I found some French F fruits listed below-
Fraise = Strawberry
Framboise = Raspberry

Fruit that starts with the letter F in the Philippines?

After much research, I discovered that no popular Philipiens fruits begin with the letter F, but Filipinos adore Fascell and Fazil Mango.

Vegetables that start with F

The most popular vegetable that starts with f is fluted pumpkin which is tasty, and you can add it to your diet.

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