What are some Foods that Start with L@ 2021 Complete List

If, you are dying to look at foods that start with L and can’t gather all together. Then you come to the right place. 

I already prepare for you according to their names, where they are famous!

Let’s have a look and these all are famous foods that begin with the letter L, From Liver to LobsterLabnehLicuadoLardLassi and some unknown ones.

Perhaps, your interest in food name series, check our A TO Z foods list.

List of Popular Foods That Start With L

Let’s start with simple and known foods first.

Our first popular, as well as healthy food that starts with L, is the Liver.

1. Liver

The Liver, basically organ meat, and studies have found organ meat more nutritious than muscle meat. Particularly, liver meat mostly contains Good proteins, rich in iron, copper, and vitamin B complex.

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The liver is the organ where 90% of metabolism done by our system.

Usually, eats beef, chicken, goat, pig, goose, and codfish. These are delicious and healthy. But eating every day has its detrimental effects.

2. Lobster

Lobsters belong to the Nephropidea family. They are large crustaceans and dark in color.

Lobster is very tempting as food and very tasty with it. It is usually boiled or steamed with lemon and butter; So that the taste of lobster increases 2 times more.

Lobsters can also eat a variety of ways, such as rolls, soups, a side dish of rice.

3. Lamb

The baby sheep called a lamb, and its meat is worldwide popular. This soft, juicy meat is made in almost different ways. Most of the people enjoy Lamb.

The flesh of lamb obtain around 1 year old, and the meat is tender more than the old one. China is the worlds leading lamb consumption country, and it’s about X% of global consumption.

4. Labneh

Labneh is a Yogurt based dish and the most popular in Egypt and Africa. A simple full-fat yogurt is blended with salt and left for 12 to 24 hours, then it becomes creamy and dense.

5. Lassi

Lassi is the most popular Yogurt base drink in India. In the hot summer, Indians prefer this drink for their refreshment.

You want to make Lassi – You need yogurt, sugar, mint leaves, ice cubes. The method of making lassi is a little varied in different parts of India. Except for summer, they also like sweet Lassi with any Spicy hot food except summer.

6. Lasagna

Lasagna is a world-famous Italian pasta or world-famous food that starts with L. It looks like a sheet encloses with wavy edges. Since 1600, this pasta has been made during ceremonies in Toronto, Italy.

7. Lao

Another famous food from Thailand. Lao is the main salad of green papaya. Lao prepare and serve with peanuts, hot chillis, fish sauce, salt, and palm sugar.

8. Laksa

Laksa is the most in-vogue Malaysian soup-based meal. These include noodles, chicken, shrimp, fish. 

The soup is made with coconut milk or sour Asam broth. Laska has a rich, spicy, and great taste. I think you should try it once.

9. Lablabi

Lablabi is the best African chickpea soup, particularly in Tunisia. It is usually spicy, cheap, and aromatic savory.

10. Loubia

Loubia is a classical white beans casserole in Morocco. It serves Moroccon bread or uses as a garnish or serve during snack time.

These 10 food items are popular throughout the world and also stars with L.


Ethnic foods that begin with L

The ethnic foods include MEXICAN, ITALIAN, INDIAN, CHINESE, SPANISH, KOREAN, INDONESIAN, JAPANESE AND THAI foods and all are starting with L.

List of MEXICAN foods that start with the letter L 


11. Lengua- Lengua is a traditional Mexican dish that consists of Beef tongue. The tongue of beef is either fried or grilled and use to fill in tacos.

12. Lentil soup (lentil beans)- Lentil soup mostly common in Latin America and European countries. The soup makes from different types of lentils or sometimes add beef within.

13. Longaniza- Longaniza is a special Spanish sausage and popular in Mexican cuisine.

14. Licuado- Licuado is the most popular Mexican non-alcoholic beverage that includes chocolate, banana, and sugar.

These are some ingredients that use to make Mexican foods and also start with the letter L.

15. Lechuga- Lettuce

16. Leche de enco– Coconut milk

17. Langosta- Lobster

18. Leche- Milk

19. Leche Quemada- Burnt milk candy


What are some Italian foods that begin with L?

These foods are available and favorable in Italian cuisine; Each food carries a unique taste. Also, solve your answer of Italian foods that beginning with L. 

20. Latte Fritto- Special fried Italian Dessert custard.

21. Lasagne– Famous Italian layer pasta topping with cheese, meats, veggies.

22. Linguine with Clam sauce- It is a spicy dish only makes at events (like Christmas) in Italy. Linguine is pasta, clam sauce, and tomato sauce. You can also say it is a thanksgiving food that starts with L.

23. Lumache- It is an Italian dish that main ingredient is a snail and slowly cook in tomato sauce.

24. Lonza– Cured pork fat, back, bacon.

25. Lesso e pearà – Most common L food in Province of Verona. The meat boils with pepper sauce.

26. Lacryma Christi- Neapolitan type wine makes from Verdeca and Coda di Volpe grapes.

27. Latteria and Liptauer- Thses are italian cheese.

28. Latte macchiato- Compare to use less coffee than caffelatte.

29. Lenticchie di Castelluccio con salsicce – Sausage lentil soup famous in Umbra.

These are some Italian ingredients that start with the letter L.

30. Limone– lemon

31. Lupo di mare- Lobster

32. Limoncello- Liquer of lemon

33. Lauro- bay leaf

34. Lepre- Hare

35. Lamponi– Raspberries

36. Lenticchie- lentils

37. Lardo- Lard


French foods that begin with the letter L

Below all foods are starting with L & Each food taste has unique.

38. Lamb chops with a Cognac Dijon cream sauce-  This one makes it when going for a romantic dinner. Then serve with roasted lamb chops with rich Cognac Dijon Cream sauce.

39. Lyonnaise Salad- Lyonnaise Salad is the traditional french salad that includes some delicious ingredients such as poached egg, bacon, vinaigrette.

40. Lièvre – Hare meat

41. Lait Ribot – Famous fermented milk from Brittany.

42. Laurier– Bay leaf

43. Lentilles – Lentils

44. Lotte – Monkfish

45. Laitue – Lettuce

46. Lisette– Mackerel

47. Lait – Milk

48. These are some French cheese that starts with the letter L- Laguiole, Langres, Livarot.

If you are willing to know more about Ethnic/ Mexican/ French foods, then you follow all the A to Z foods series.

FAMOUS Asian Foods that beginning with The letter L

All these Indian food items are from somewhere all over India and carry some tradition. If you like Indian food, then these will be there. And let me know which of these foods you do not know!

All these dishes are starting with the letter L. 

49. Litti Chokha- Litti chokha is traditional North Indian cuisine, especially In Bihar, Jharkhand, and UP regions. It originated In India and Nepal. The main key ingredients are wheat flour, gram flour, veggies, spice, and ghee. 

Litti is filled with gram flour and makes from wheat flour. Chokha has several recipes like mashed spices tomatoes / mashed potatoes with spice and veggies etc.

50. LochaGujrati special spicy chana dal masala.

51. Lauki Ke Kofta- Kofta is like deep-fried balls, and lauki ke kofta is deep-fried bitter gourd balls that include some spices.

52. Laapsi- Laapsi special sweet dish from Rajasthan. It makes from lots of ghee, dried fruits, jaggery, wheat, and raisins.

53. Laddu – Laddu is one of my all-time favorite sweet dishes. Round shape sweets make from flour and homemade ghee. Garnish with chopped dried fruits.

There are different types of laddu – Motichur laddu, Mihidana laddu, Besan laddu, Til laddu. The main ingredients and sweetness of each laddu are varied.

54. Lassi

Lassi is the most popular Yogurt base drink in India. In the hot summer, Indians prefer this drink for their refreshment.

55. Lemonade– Refreshing drink, Simple lemon water with added sugar. 

56. Luchi– Luchi is famous Indian deep-fried bread makes from maida ( white flour). Especially eat Bengalis. Luchi serves with some potato curry, chicken curry, chickpea curry.

57. Lukhmi– Lukhmi is a snack from the Indian subcontinent. It is savory or eats as the starter of Hyderabadi Cuisine

58. Lukhmi is a non-vegetarian snack item and stuffed with finely chopped mutton keema, and gives a smooth square shape. 

That’s all for Indian foods name that begins with L. 


59. Lahana Sarmasi 

In the Turkish language, Lahana signifies Cabbage. So Lahana Sarmasi is a very much popular snack in Turkish Cuisine

The cabbage is filled with yummy ingredients and makes it as a roll.

60. Latke 

Latke is a pancake of potatoes. This well known Jewish dish, most of the time cook the Hanukkah Festival.

61. Lahmacun

Another, Turkish meal that starts with L is Lahmacun. There are plenty of L foods available in Turkish cuisine. 

Lahmacun is a famous Turkish pizza; before eating, sprinkle it with lemon juice. This enhances the flavor of the pizza.


FAQs on Foods Names starting with L:

Q1. What is a fruit that starts with L?

A fruit that starts with L is Lychee/Litchi. Lychee is tropical fruit mostly found in the Asian country. The outside of the litchi has a coating of thorns that are green when raw and red when ripe.

The shell has a soft white portion that is edible and sweet. It also has a deep brown hard seed.

Other fruits name that also begins with the letter L.

2. Lemon– Lemon belongs to the citrus family and is mostly seen in Asia. The lemon tree gives fruits calls Lemon all over the year. 

Lemon is oval and light yellow. Lemon is sour, use to making the drink, serves with some spicy grilled foods.

3. Lime– Lime also belongs to the Citrus family, lime is green, small, and round.

Do you know; what is the difference between Lemon And Lime?

Both belong to the Citrus family but lime contains more vitamin C than lemon and sourer.  Other hand, lemons tend to slightly sweeter than lime and big.

4. Loganberry– Loganberry belongs to the Rosaceae family. It is a deep red hybrid of raspberry and blackberry. Loganberry originated in California accidentally.

The fifth fruit that starts with L is Longan.

5. Longan– Longan originated in South Asia and similar to Lychee.

But it is white, pure round, and seems like an eyeball. Longan has another name that is “Dragon eye ( In Chinese).”

6. Loquat– Loquat belongs to the Rosaceae family, the largest family of the plant. It grows in sunny and humid weather. It has a big brown seed and orange to yellowish appearance.

Our last fruit is Lulo

7. Lulo– Lulo name as Solanum quitoense, belongs to the Solanaceae family. It has several names such as Naranjilla in Ecuador, Lulo in Colombia. 

Lulo looks like an orange; but different from the inside, it has many seeds, which have a bluish cover.

These are the top fruit list that beginning with the letter L.

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Q2. What is a vegetable that starts with L?

1. Leek– Leek is a stem vegetable mild onion-like flavor. The stems or stalks are edible. Universal name is Allium ampeloprasum L.

2. LandangPhilipino Palm variety.

3. Lagos Bologi- Lagos bologi is a perennial plant, a Broadly grown tropical zone, native to the Caribbean, South & Central America, and west Africa.

Scientific name- Talinum fruticosum

4. Lettuce– Lettuce is Lactuca sativa, widely used as a leafy vegetable.

5. Lizard’s tail- Houttuynia cordata native to southeast Asia. Similar name Chinese lizard tail, fish leaf.

Lizard’stail use as leaf vegetable as herbal garnish.

6. Laver– seaweed eat as a vegetable in Japan.

7. Lengkuas– Root vegetable mostly uses in Unani therapy, belongs to the ginger family.

These are the most common vegetable that starts with L. But there few vegetables available like-

8. Lotus root- Nelumbo nucifera

9. Lemongrass-  Cymbopogon citratus ( Check Our 200+Breakfast Foods That Start With C- Snacks, Meals)

10. Lima beans- Phaseolus lunatus

11. Lentils- Lens culinaris


Q3. What are some breakfasts that start with L?

There is plenty of breakfast meal that starts with L, such as Lox ( Yiddish breakfast), Loco moco (United state, Hawai cuisine), Livermush ( Western North Carolina), Leben( Arabic) and Lefse ( Norway).


Last not least, I countered maximum L foods names and solve some FAQs as well.

Here I have done today. Let me know how is the experience of these foods that start with L, give me a comment.

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