What are some foods that start with k list @(2021)

Food games are amazing contest, and it helps to improve more foods name a lot. Plus you can impress your friends. If it is difficult for you to search for foods that start with K, do not bother. 

I arranged more than 90+ amazing foods that begin with K that will list below, like from KALE to KIWIKwāti, KBL, Khaman, Kulcha, Kemplang, etc. 

Before you start, let me tell you one thing. All the listed foods are either staples, beverages, fruits, and vegetables. So, I apart them into sections. 

I have already published the A to Z food series, so make sure you check them. 

I hope you like it. 

What are the foods that start with K?

Let’s start with some common foods name which we all know about, then gradually go for the unknown one.

Here our first food that begins with K is KALE.

1. Kale 

Kale mainly under vegetables and belongs to the cabbage family. Kale green and purple leaves are edible with a ton of antioxidant properties.

It is a superpower nutrition food that carries lots of vitamins, minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, and copper. Good for the heart and help to lowering cholesterol, the healthy vegetable can help in weight loss.

2. Kiwi

Kiwi is a superpower fruit that begins with K and native to China. Kiwi is also called Chinese gooseberry. 

Kiwi is the best source of antioxidants, vitamin C, K, and E also folate, and potassium. It has fuzzy brown skin with light green juicy flesh. The flesh is sweet, and the tangy flavor contains edible black seeds.

Kiwi helps in better vision, digestion, and asthma. 

3. Kwāti

Kwāti is a folksy mixed soup in Nepal. They use a total of nine types of bean sprouts. They especially address Guni Punhi ( a festival in Nepal that comes 10th month of the Lunar calendar each year) and pray for their good health and wealth.

The key components of Kwati are Chickpea, soybean, garden bean, cowpea, rice bean, field beans, black and green grams, field pea.

4. Kottsoppa 

Kottosoppa is a chunky meat soup mixed with veggies, and it is popular in Iceland, Sweden.

5. KBL

The full form of KBL is Kadyos, Baboy,kag Lanka; this one is very in vogue in Phillippines and makes from pork, pigeon peas, and jackfruit.

6. Kharcho 

Kharcho, or sometimes Harcho is the chief traditional highly spicy soup in Georgia make of beef, rice, walnut, and cherry plum puree. 

7. Kusksu

Kusksu is a locally Malta soup that makes from small pasta beans and broad beans. 

Malta/ Republic of Malta is a European island located in southern Europe in the Mediterranean sea.

8. Kawlata

Kawlata is another veggie soup that exotic among the Maltese.

9. Kesakeitto 

Kesakeitto is a pop summer soup in  Finland that makes with milk and butter. Then add greens like potatoes, carrots, beans, cauliflower, etc.

What breakfast food starts with K?

10. Khaman 

Khaman is a portion of very popular breakfast food in India, especially in Gujrat

It is sweet, Tangy, mixed up flavor and seasoning with a sprinkle of mustard seeds and green chili and coriander leaves.

11. Kulcha 

Kulcha is a staple breakfast food in Pakistan that starts with k. It is basically flatbread with a fluffy texture served with chole/ chana curry.

12. Kix

Kix is a famous breakfast cereal, the key ingredients of Kix are corn and puffed grain.

13. Kulich

Kulich is the staple breakfast food in Russia. It is mainly easter bread and largely prepares for festive and special occasions.

14. Katogo

Katogo is a regular breakfast in Uganda. It prepares with matooke and sauce. 

15. Kokosbrood

Kokosbrood is usually a Dutch recipe that makes with coconut pulp, and prepare with starch and glucose.

16. Kiribath

Kiribath is the chief breakfast in Sri Lanka cuisine. It prepares with cooking rice and coconut milk, or you can say it rice pudding.

Kiribath has its own belief that it makes the very first day of each month to celebrate a beautiful start.

Our last Breakfast food that begins with the letter K is Kolach.

17. Kolach 

Kolach is a breakfast recipe in London, central Europe, and somehow famous in the USA. It is a mainly festive breakfast in these regions makes from fruit jam, poppy seeds, and povidla.

Ethnic foods that begin with the letter K

Mexican foods that start with K

To start with Mexican foods that start with k before that know some other information about Mexican foods. 

That is Mexican dishes have some key ingredients on their foods; such as beans, chili peppers, corn and squash, and various herbs.

The most Authenticate Mexican food is Tacos and salsa.

Spanish foods that start with K

18. Kalimotxo 

Kalimotxo is not a food but a Special beverage in Basque cuisine

The drink blends with 50 percent red wine and 50 percent cola-based soft drink and serves with grilled meat and fish or sometimes stew of cod, lamb, and Tolosa bean.

19. Kapusniak or Kapustnica

It is a vegetable soup the main key ingredient is cabbage. The cabbage soak with mushroom stock.

Kapusniak or Kapustnica both are famous in Ukraine, Poland, Russia, and Slovakia. Though the base ingredient is cabbage but additionally uses meat.

Italian foods that start with K

The most common ingredients in northern Italy are panfish, tubers, rice, corn, sausages, pork, and various types of cheese. Pasta dishes with tomatoes are popular throughout Italy. 

20. Kipfel – a small fried crescent made from a potato dumpling dough.

21. Kaiserfleisch- Kaiserfleisch is smoked pork served with sauerkraut and sprinkled with grated horseradish.

French foods that start with the letter K

22. Kig ha farz- Kig ha farz basically a stew that noted in french cuisine particularly in Brittany. It makes from a different kind of meat like beef, hock, lamb, and stewed in vegetable broth.

Japanese foods that begin with K

The following is a list of Japanese foods that begin with the letter k. Aside from rice, noodles such as soba and udon are staples in Japanese cuisine.

There are many seethed dishes in Japan, such as fish in broth called oden or beef in sukiyaki and nikujaga.

23. Kamameshi- Kamameshi is a classical Japanese rice dish. Also known as kettle rice, the rice cook in an iron pot and top with chicken, vegetables, and popular plates of seafood.

24. Katemeshi– Peasant food

25. Komatsuna- Mustard Spinach

26. Kombu- Kombu is edible large brown algae. In Japan, kombu takes as a dried, pickle. And kombu plays important role in Japanese cuisine to make Dashi. 

Kombu is a great root of iodine, dietary fiber, amino acid, and glutamic acid.

27. Katsudon- Katsudon is the most popular rice dish in Japan. Steam rice topping with pork cutlet, vegetable, green onion, chicken, egg and make as bread shape.

28. Katsu-Sando- Katsu-Sando is a well-known sandwich filled with a pork cutlet.

29. Karaage- Karaage is nothing but deep-fried chicken or fish, the octopus that mainly use as side dishes.

30. Korokke- Korokke is a popular side dish, makes with smashed-boiled potatoes, finely chopped meat, seafood, and vegetables. It is a flatbread shape deep-fried dish.

31. Kushikatsu- Kushikatsu or kushiage popular Japanese dish deep-fried skew meat, seafood, and vegetable, or you can say deep-fried cutlet.

32. Kiritanpo- Kiritanpo is another traditional rice food in japan. The boiled rice is smashed and shaped to cylindrical; then roast and served with miso or dumpling.

33. Kakuni- Kakuni is open pot cooking in Japanese Cuisine.

Indonesian Foods that start with the letter K 

In Indonesian cuisine, a variety of legendary soup bases use to make Kuah (soup or stock). Such as vegetables, spices, meat, or bones. 

34. Kuah Asam- Kuah Asam is a thin, bright, sour soup made from fresh tamarind juice. 

35. Kaldu- In Indonesian cuisine, kaldu refers to broth or stock made from boiling meat /or bones. The broth can make from chicken, beef, or mutton. 

36. Kuah cuka- Another sour soup famous in Indonesian cuisine where The tangy taste comes with vinegar.

Korean Dishes that start with The letter K

37. Kimchi Guk- Kimchi Guk is very popular in Korea. This is a kind of soup that makes from kimchi. Guk is sometimes known as tang. 

38. Kongnamul Guk- Kongnamul Guk is nothing but soybean sprout soup, this one also popular in Korean cuisine. Kongnamul is another preferred side dish widely adopted in Korean cooking.

39.Kong-Guksu- This one is another popular food in Korea that starting with the letter k. Kong-guksu generally cold soybean soup where noodles dip into the soup. A great combination of noodles and soybean soup


Q1. What snacks start with the letter K?

These are all Indonesian snacks come fast foods that start with k.

40. Kemplang– Fish cracker snacks

41. Keripik– Sweet delicious snacks

42. Keripik Pisang– snacks make with banana, you can say banana chips.

43. Keripik teripang– sea cucumber chips

44. Kerupuk– Deep fried crispy snacks

45. Kerupuk kulit babi- Chips that makes from pork skin

46. Kerupuk Ikan– Crackers of deep-fried fish and starch

47. Kerupuk udang– Chips makes from prown and starch.

48. Kroket– deep-fried mashed potato stuffed with finely chopped meat

49. Klepon– One type of rice cake prepare with filled coconut, sugar, pandan leaves, and rolled over with coconut.

50. Kue bugis- Glutinous rice cake.

51. Kue cucur- Rice cake with coconut sugar

52. Kue talam- Bilayer soft cake makes from pure and fresh coconut milk.

53. Kaasstengels– Indonesian cookies/bisciut.

54. Karipap– Snaks loaded with chicken, potato.

55. Kue Bulan- Traditional mooncake

56. Kacang disko or kacang Bali– Famous indonesian snaks that deep fried peanut.

These are all Indian snacks that start the letter K.

57. Karela sabji– Bitter gourd curry

58. Kachori– Most authentic Indian snacks make from flour and moong dal and staffed with several ingredients like a green pea.

59. Kadhai pakora– Deep-fried snacks that usually stuffed with meat, cabbage, pumpkin, Brinjal, etc.

60. Kheer– Kheer is so popular throughout the country and basically makes from milk and rice and seasoning with dry fruit and nuts.

61. Khichdi– Rice poddrige

62. Kulfi– Indian traditional ice cream makes from condensed milk.

63. Kabab– Kabab is barbecue zest with lemon juice, spice, and butter.

Q2. What are the fruits that start with K?

When someone asks; about fruits that begin with the letter k.Then the first fruit that comes to mind is Kiwi. But what about others?

 Here is the list

64. Kenponashi- Japanese fruit

65. Kepele– Native to Java and inonesia.

66. Kumquat – Native to China

67. Kei Apple– Native to Africa and known as African apricot

68. Kiwi- Native to China

69. Kundang– Native to Malaysia and Indonesia, known as plum mango

70. Kwaimuk- Kwaimuk fruit native to China, similar to strawberry and jakfruit mixup breed.

71. Karonda– Commonly find in Indian and use in making jam and pickle. Karonda belongs to the berry family.

72. Kaffir lime– Citrus fruit that Native to Southeast Asia and China.

73. Korlan– Native to southeast Asia and light pink in color.

74. Kapok– Mostly seen in the tropical region.

75. Kabosu- Japanese citrus fruit

76. Kakadu Plum– Native to Australia uses for medicinal purposes.

77. Kahikatea- Native to New Zealand, it belongs to the berry family.

Q3. Name some party food that starts with K:

78. Kabab– Indian

79. Kadhai pakora– Indian

80. Karipap– Indonesian

81. Kue cucur– Indonesian

82. Kerupuk Ikan-  Indonesian

83. Kemplang– Indonesian

84. Kouglof– European 

85. Kiszczonka– Polish

86. Keshiyena– Caribbean

Q5. What vegetable starts with the letter K?

More than 7 Vegetables are starting with the letter K.

87. Kale– Leafy cabbage

88. Komatsuna- Japanese mustard spinach

89. Kalette– Hybrid of Kale Sprouts.

90. Kai-lan- Chinese broccoli

91. Kohlrabi- German turnip/ Wild cabbage

92. Kurrat- Wild leek

93. Kencur– Aromatic ginger native to Indonesia, south China.

94. Kombu- Sea vegetable or edible kelp.

That’s all for food items that start with k. Comment me if I missed any known food. 

My all-time favorite top 5 Foods that start with K are – KaleKadhai pakora, Kabab, Kiwi, Khaman, etc. What’s yours! Comment me below.

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