60 Foods That Start With J | Know Starting J foods List

Have you ever wonder how many Foods that start with J out there? If yes. Then today, you are in the right place. I covered almost all foods that begin with the letter J and mention their origin places.


Some of them may be you native, or some of them too unique for you.


Trust me; you’re having fun with this list that I have done a lot of research and simplify for you.


You don’t need to accumulate all foods or spend time searching for those already listed here.


I covered normal to unique like Jujube; do you heard before? And covered Italian to Korean foods that start with J.

Do you interested in Foods that start with I? 

What are some Healthy Foods That Start With J?


Below listed foods that are staring with the letter J


1. Jidou Liangfen


Jidou Liangfen means cold noodles, and it is a Chinese legume dish makes from starch jelly and serve with a tasty sauce.


It is a traditional Chinese summer dish and popular among Tibet and Nepal.


2. Jaffa Cakes 


Jaffa cake mostly popular in Scotland. This is biscuit-sized and coated with chocolate. It has three different layers; the inner is a genoise sponge base coated with orange jam, then again coated with a chocolaty orange base.


3. Jajan Pasar


Jajan Pasar is a favorite traditional cake on the Java island of Indonesia. Another name of this food is Javanese Cakes. 


4. Jerky


Jerky is a meat food dish that starts J and most popular in the USA, Canada, and Mexico City.


The word Jerky means trimmed sliced cured dehydrated meat. Jerky obtains from Quechua, which means salted, dried meat.


5. Jemput- Jemput


Jemput is a traditional Malay snack that starts with J and makes from flour and filled with different stuff like- onion, banana, prawns, or corns.


It is prevalent among Brunei, Singapore, and Indonesia. 


6. Jalankote


Jalankote is an Indonesian fried dumpling and stuffed with different items like egg, veggies, potatoes and serve with spicy and sweet gravy.


7. Jagung Goreng


Jagung Goreng is another Indonesian food that begins with J. Though it is popular, Jagung Goreng is mostly eaten in East Nusa Tenggara.


Jagung Goreng is deep fried corns.


8. Jambalaya


Jambalaya is a rice dish from West Africa. The dish is influenced by French and Spanish cuisine. 


It is also well known as a Jumbled and mixed-up rice dish. The main key ingredients are Rice, meats, vegetable broth, and sausage. Some times use crawfish and shrimps or other reliable seafood.


9. Jiaozi


Jiaozi is the most popular Chinese dumpling and main dish in East Asia.


Jiaozi makes from flour dough and stuffed with ground meat or vegetables. It can eat boiled, steamed, deep fry, or stir pan fry and served with a mixture of black vinegar and sesame oil.


10. Jerk Chicken 


Jerk chicken is another most wanted food that starts with the letter J, and it is popular in Jamaica.


Jerk Chicken mainly comes under street food in Jamaica. The chicken is marinated in spicy hot peppers, ginger, thyme, scotch, smoked, or grilled at high heat.


11. Jerusalem Mixed grill


No obvious it is originated from Jerusalem. It is grilled organ meat like livers and hearts, marinated into spices and served with bread or pita or sometimes a sandwich.


12. Jackfruit


Jackfruit is a fruit starting with J. Jackfruit is a very sweet fruit, with a thorny green covering on the outside and a fleshy part on the inside, which is juicy and sweet. It contains many edible seeds that can be cooked or eaten separately, or burned.


The smell of jackfruit is very strong. It is very popular in Asian countries, especially in India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, etc.


Jackfruit trees are very large and woody. One jackfruit can weigh from 5 to 6 kg. It is a great source of vitamin C and B, high in potassium and magnesium.


13. Jujube


Jujube is another fruit that starting with J. Another name of Jujube is Chinese dates and originated from China.


Jujube can eat either raw or backed. Jujube is golden brown and helps to increase immunity.


Jujube has a soothing effect as it contains a sedative compound and helps in insomnia as a natural remedy.


14. Juniper 


Juniper belongs to Cupressaceae. It is widely spread in tropical Africa, Central America, and Pakistan. Juniper berries use as a spice in a variety of cuisine and use in flavoring agents.


15. Janssons frestelse


Janssons frestelse is a traditional casserole potato recipe in Sweden.

It is specially made for the Christmas celebration. The dish includes potatoes, onions, bread crumbs, pickled sprats, etc. 


Do you ever try this food dish that starts with J? 


16. Jewish Apple cake


Jewish apple cake is made from pure apple flesh and originated in Poland. Now spread almost all over in the United States.


This cake makes on special occasions, holiday parties, and picnic food.


17. Joffre Cake


The Joffre cake makes from frosted chocolate buttermilk and famous in French cuisine.


18. Jelly Bean


Jelly bean is a bean shape sugar candy and loaded with jelly. It comes in different colors and flavors.


19. Jusselle


Jusselle is an ancient soup whose main ingredient is broth and sage, saffron, grated bread, eggs. 


It is a biblical popular Roman soup. 


20. Jordan Almonds


Jordan almonds are another confectionery food that begins with the letter J. Other names of Jordan almonds are confetto,mlabas, etc.


21. Jodenkoek 


Jodenkoek is the flatbread cookie, also known as a Jew cookie. It is first backed in the seventeenth century.


22. Jumble 


Jumble is mainly a butter cookie whose basic ingredients are flour, sugar, egg, and butter.


Jumble comes with different flavors like vanilla, caraway, anise, almonds, coconut, nutmeg, and so on.


So what do you think about the cookies starting with J? 


23. Junket


A dessert/pudding that begins with J is Junket. It is a milk-based dessert and mixed with the digestive enzyme.


24. Jelly Slice 


Another dessert food item that starts with J is jelly Slice. It is more popular in Australia and New Zealand.


Jelly slice has three layers; each layer contains different flavors like filling with condensed milk and topping with crushed Arnott’s biscuits.


25. Jian Dui


Jian Dui is most popular in China. It is a deep-fried pastry makes from glutinous rice flour and coated sesame seeds.


26. Jachnun


Jachnun is a traditional Yemen food dish that beginning with J. It is a puff pastry which makes from rolled dough and seasoning with grated tomato sauce and skhug ( hot green pepper paste).


27. Jesuite


Jesuite is another triangular sheet pastry stuffed with cream and added sugar and almonds.


It is popular in France.


28. Joulutorttu


Traditional Christmas food that starts with J in Finland. This is a pastry which makes into a star and different shape.


The pastry packed with prune jam and dusted sugar.


29. Jell- O


Jell-O or jelly is a gelatin pudding, Cakes popular food brand in Chicago.


30. Jameed


Jameed eats mainly as Mediterranean food meal. It makes from goat’s milk which grips in a precise woven cheesecloth and tenders a thick yogurt.

Breakfast foods that start with J


31. Jianbing Guozi


Jianbing Guozi is a popular dish in China. Deep-fried dough sticks flattened in a thin pancake. It is originated in Tianjin. 


Jianbing is the most popular breakfast food in China also starts with j.


Want some snacks name start with J, then here you go,


32. Jelly Doughnut


Jelly doughnut or jam doughnut, which is stuffed with jam. Different names vary in countries like Italy known as Bomboloni, In Australia known as Krapfen, etc.


33. Jook


Jook is Chinese breakfast food makes from short Rice, chicken stock, and add some spices.


34. Johnnycake


Johnnycake is a popular breakfast meal in early America. It is mainly flatbread that makes from cornmeal and still a common breakfast in West Indies.


35. Juice


The juice is a very common ingredient as a breakfast food, and it makes from several fruits, vegetables. Like orange juice is a very familiar breakfast drink in North America.


36. Just Right


Just right is a breakfast cereal manufactured by Kellogg’s. It is a quite popular US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, so on.


So after this, let’s go to some regional Foods that begin with the letter J and explore it more.

Italian foods that start with J


37. Jota


Jota is an Italian soup makes from sauerkraut, beans, and potatoes with light spices.


Mexican foods that start with j


We have described some spicy, sweet, popular, legendary Mexican food starting with J in this list. 


38. Jalapeño


Jalapeño is a medium-sized pepper. A mature jalapeño is five to ten centimeter long and belongs to Capsicum Family.


It is originated from Mexico and used in a variety of Mexican cuisine. Apart from Mexico, jalapeño uses worldwide dishes.


Jalapeño comes with some sweet hybridized variation but the fragrance and flavor still the same.


Jalapeño can make various ways like pickle, stuffed with meat, seafood, cheese, grilled or smoked with bbq, etc.


39. Jicama


Jicama or Pachyrhizus erosus is a Mexican yam bean. Pronounced should Hee-Kah-Ma. The bean has either a white or blue flower and the pod of Jicama, the same as lima beans.


Another popular name of Jicama is Ahipa, Saa Got, Sweet turnip, Mexican potatoes, and Chinese Potato. Jicama contains rich dietary fiber and a great source of vitamin C.


40. Jacoque


Jacoque is fermented milk that famous in Mexico.


Korean foods that start with J


41. Jeon


Jeon means a variety of Korean pancakes. It is very common in Korean food. For example,

    • Hwajeon (flower pancake), 
    • Kimchijeon( kimchi pancake), 
    • Memiljeon( buckwheat pancake),
    • Pajeon( scallion pancake with eggs),
    • Gamja- Jeon( potatoes pancake).


42. Jeonbokjjim 


Jeonbokjjim pronounced JHON-BOG-JHIM is a popular but luxury Korean meal, which is made from Abalone Porridge and the Abalone marinated with rice wine and Korean soy sauce.


43. Jjim


Jjim means steaming/boiling any meat products and marinated with Korean gravy/soup.


44. Japchae


Japchae is noodle food, including stir-fried veggies and beef mixed with soy sauce.


45. Jjigae


Jjigae is also known as Jochi, is a stew that makes especially in the Joseon period. The main key ingredients are meat, broth, seafood, and vegetables.


46. Jangajji


Korean vegetable pickle in soy sauce and serve with sesame seeds.


47. Jeotgal


Jeotgal/ jeot is cured( salted ) seafood. 


48. Jeongol


Jeongol is a native Korean hotpot meal loaded with meat, mushroom, seafood, etc.


49. Jokpyeon


Jokpyeon is high collagen carries meat and cow’s trotters then boil then set for cool, so it becomes jelly-like consistency.


50. Jorim


Korean simmer food from boiling meat, seafood, tofu, fish, and vegetables adds broth, so it becomes soft and moist.


51. Jeonggwa


Jeonggwa one type of sweet food produced from different fruits, seeds and dip into honey or sugar.


52. Jajangmyeon


Jajangmyeon is a mixture of Chinese noodles, which is more popular in Korea. The noodles make with black bean soy sauce and added lots of veggies, zucchini. It is also known as black bean noodles.


53. Janchi guksu


Janchi guksu is another popular Korean noodle soup makes from seaweed broth and serve with kimchi, sliced egg, etc.


54. Jjapaguri


Jjapaguri or Chapaguri, its English name is ram-don. It is also a Korean noodle. The noodle is made with a blend of two instant noodles, Chapagetti ( second highest selling brand) and another one is Neoguri ( fourth highest-selling brand, thick noodles).


55. Jokbal


Popular Korean dish makes from pig’s trotters ( Petti -toe). The pig feet heat with soy sauce and other hot spices.


Indian foods that start with J


Indian foods vary its different parts like south, north, east, and west. India consists of different religions, so it holds various food items that popular throughout the country or specific region. 


So, below the list of Indian foods that start with J and where those are familiar.


56. Jalebi 


Jalebi is most popular throughout India as a sweet. Not only in India, Jalebi popular among Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.


It is a deep-fried flour batter in puzzle shape and form into a circle then dip into sugar syrup, so it soaked sugar’s sweetness.


Jalebi not only famous in Asian Countries also a favorite in Middle Eastern countries like Morocco, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, etc.


Do you ever try Jalebi? Ping me in the comment box.


57. Jhal Muri


Jhal means spicy, and Muri means Puffed Rice. Jhal Muri is famous and beloved street food in West Bengal, India.


Jhal Muri a good mixture of spicy, fried lentils, boiled potatoes( cut into small square shape), some vegetables, finely chopped onions, some mustard oil, chilies, and other spices.


58. Jamun


Jamun is Indian fruit known as black plum, or java plum, belongs to the Myrtaceae family.


59. Jigarthanda


Jigarthanda is well known cold beverage in South India. The drink used as a refreshment drink in summer makes from milk, sarsaparilla syrup, sugar, ice cream, and almond gum.


60. Jal- Jeera


Jal jeera is another refreshing drink famous in India, especially in the North and western parts. The drink makes with Jal jeera powder and adds lemon juice.


61. Jeera Aloo


Jeera Aloo is native to west India. The main ingredients are Potato and cumin paste. Jeera means cumin, and Aloo means potatoes. It is a potato curry.


Japanese foods that start with J


  • Japanese Bun filled with Red Bean Paste
  • Japanese Horseradish
  • Jagabataa – boiled Potato with skin
  • Jubako -tiered lacquered boxes
  • Jagaimo – Potato
  • Jingisukan – Mutton bbq
  • Joshinko – Glutinous rice flour
  • Jujube- One type of dark red edible fruit

What do you think about our list of foods and drinks that start with J?


 Do you know all of them? Tell me in the comment section.




Q1. Thanksgiving foods that start with j


  • Jellied Cranberry Sauce 

As a thanksgiving side dish, we eat it on our own. I cut it in slices by my family and love eating 2-3 cubes each.


Compared with a marinara sauce or a soup, Jellied cranberry sauce does not go to every item.


Q2. Grocery foods that start with j


  • French grocery foods that start with J – Jambon– Ham
  • Joue– cheek
  • Jus– Juice
  • Jacques– Apple pancakes
  • Jaune d’ oeuf – egg yolk
  • Spanish grocery foods that begin with the letter J=Judías – dry beans
  • Jugo– Juice


Q3. Cookout foods that start with j


# Jalapeño-Spiked Bourbon Julep


A homemade jalapeño simple syrup in festive mint julep cups serves the refreshing drink.


Q4. Drink that starts with j


Are you looking for a drink that starts with j? here you are 

  • Java- coffee
  • Jasmine tea
  • Julep
  • Juice
  • Jello-O shorts


Q5. Foods that Start with jo


Here your all foods list that starts with Jo. I believe you are also enjoying this list.


  • Joue
  • Joshinko
  • Joffre Cake
  • Jodenkoek
  • Joulutorttu
  • Jook
  • Jota
  • Jokpyeon
  • Jorim
  • Jokbal



Q6. Foods that Start with Je


  • Jerky
  • Jemput- Jemput
  • Jerk Chicken
  • Jelly Slice
  • Jellied Cranberry Sauce
  • Jeera Aloo
  • Jalebi
  • Jeonggwa
  • Jeongol
  • Jeotgal
  • Jeonbokjjim
  • Jeon
  • Jelly Doughnut
  • Jesuite
  • Jell- O
  • Jelly Bean
  • Jewish Apple cake
  • Jerusalem Mixed grill

These are all foods that start with Je.


Q7. Words that start with j and end with n

These are all foods word that starts with and end with N and maybe you looking for.

  • Jeon
  • Jelly Bean
  • Jidou Liangfen
  • Jachnun
  • Jokpyeon
  • Jerk Chicken 
  • Jajangmyeon
  • Jingisukan
  • Jamun
  • Jambon

 These are all foods word that starts with and end with N.


Q8. Foods that start with j and end with e


  • Jalankote
  • Joue
  • Jacoque
  • Jjigae
  • Japchae
  • Jujube
  • Janssons frestelse
  • Jewish Apple cake
  • Joffre Cake
  • Jesuite
  • Johnnycake
  • Juice
  • Jusselle
  • Jelly Slice 
  • Jumble 

For more information, make sure you read the whole article.


Exploring lists of food words is an excellent way to try something new in life, and it is great. Now that you have found all these great foods that start with J, go on and discover even more interesting food courses through the alphabet. 


This is a list of different foods beginning with the J letter, commenting below any others we missed and sure to add.

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