What Are Foods That Start With I(Check 63+ List)

Quoting foods that start with I can be a challenge, which is why we have assembled various foods spelled with I.

The first food that comes to our mind is ice cream, but I sure you can’t tell me more than 10 foods that begin with the letter I?

Surprisingly, most people can’t tell more than ten foods beginning with I. Still, after reading this full article, I guarantee that you can.

We started to make our list of foods as detailed as possible, beginning with I, hope this will help you.

Breakfast Foods that start with I 

The list represents all breakfast foods that begin with I and gathers from different countries and their cultural food meal. I hope this includes your country’s food as well.

Enjoy the breakfast foods that start with the letter I. 

1. Idli 

Idli is popular and healthy breakfast in the Southern part of India and Sri Lanka.

Idli makes from rice flour and black lentils. It is white and looks like round shape cakes.

2. Instant Breakfast

Instant breakfast comes powdered form and mixup with milk to eat.

3. Irish soda bread

Easy to make flatbread is very popular in North America. Irish soda bread’s main ingredient is baking soda and flour, buttermilk and salt.

4. Idiyappam

Idiyappam is a traditional south Indian breakfast food that is mainly vegetarian.

It makes from steamed rice noodles and sometimes vermicelli with grounded rice.

5. Indian Omelette

Indian omelet is nothing but an egg omelet that is popular in the southern part of India.

It makes with onion, tomatoes, and veggies.

6. Iced coffee

Iced coffee is a perfect breakfast beverage in hot summer. The drink can boost your hot morning and coffee energized all day long.

In Brazil, they combine extra ingredients like chocolate and soda for a more enhancing drive.

7. Iced Tea

There can be nothing more special than iced tea. Isn’t it! Iced tea is a great option instead of hot tea on a hot or spring morning or any other time.

Tea is usually served with a few ice cubes and chilled tea with cold honey, sugar syrup, etc.

So these are all breakfast foods that start with I. Let’s move to the next topic 

What are some healthy foods that begin with the letter I

There is a minimal number of foods that start with the letter I. I have tried to keep as many as possible here. Tell me which of your favorites is?

8. Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg lettuce mostly eats raw and eat with burgers and salads. Its taste is good, so kids also love it.

It is a crispy and leafy vegetable and loaded with irons and other nutritions. 

9. Ilama

Ilama is a tropical fruit in central America. They have usually seen two colors one is green, and another one is pink.

Green skin contains white juicy and sweet, while pink one has pinkish flesh with a tart taste.

10. Inca Berries

Inca berries are the variation of berries belonging to South America.

They are yellow to orange colors and very small in size. Inca berries contain a high amount of vitamins and nutrients.

They used to make candy, cakes topping and eat as raw.

11. Indian Mustard

Indian mustard has a lot of nutritional value. It is usually used more as a spice. Indian mustard is a sharp and salty taste.

Besides using India, it quite popular among Italian, Korean, African, American, and Chinese cuisine.

12. Irish Cream

Irish cream is a drink that makes from Irish whiskey, condensed milk, chocolate, coffee, butterfat, almond extract, and vanilla extract.

This serves as a dessert in Irish cuisine.

13. Illawarra Plum

Illawarra plum is a fruit and native to Australia. The fleshy part of it like a blend of grapes and blueberries that is sweet, juicy with a tangy aftertaste.

14. Icaco

Icaco, also known as Paradise plum and cocoplum, belongs to the Chrysobalanaceae family.

Mostly found in Africa, Bahamas, America, Caribbean.

The flowers are greenish-white and small. Icaco fruits are edible used to make jam. The seeds of icaco edible and taste like roasted almond.

15. Irish Stew

Irish Stew is a traditional soup in Irish name derived from Ireland.

The soup is consists of meat like beef, lamb, mutton, carrots, potatoes, and other veggies. 

Irish stew is the best alternative soup in winter and makes you cozy and warm.

16. Isidudu

South African classical course makes from organ meat, pumpkin, and curried cabbage.

17. Injera

The unique African texture of flatbread has a unique and spongy texture.

18. Iron Goddess tea

Iron Goddess tea represents oriental food, which implies the food traditionally brew in Asia, including Korea, Thailand, Japan, and China. 

So Iron Goddess tea is very much popular and holds some medicinal traits in China. 

The tea is the variation of Oolong tea, and the tea is the most expensive in the world. 

19. Imbe

Imbe is a fruit that native to tropical Africa. It is a short evergreen tree, and the leaves are bluish-green with 6 to 11 cm long. 

The main fruit is orange in tone and carries a large single seed inside it. The fruit is edible and sweet in the aftertaste.

20. Ice Cream

Ice cream, no need for any introduction. But here are about known facts about ice cream that I am sure you don’t know about.

Do you know 

About 10 in 50 people are craving ice cream at night, and they like to eat stolen ice cream. 

About 50 licks to take complete a one scoop ice cream cone.

1st ice cream cone was invented in 1904.

According to Nasa, ice cream is the third most wanted food that an astronaut miss when they go to space. 

And last but not least, China is the country that first invented ice cream.

21. Iru

Iru is widespread in western Nigeria. Iru is fermented beetle beans, which are used often in Egusi stew. 

22. Indian Curry

The name India curry implies that it is prevalent in India. It is usually of different varieties. So is this curry with particular spices for special dishes, such as chicken Curry, Egg Curry, Vegetable Curry, Sambar Curry, etc.

23. Inga Edulis

Inga Edulis is a fruit belonging to South America, also known as ice cream bean fruit. It’s a popular local name in South America. If you visit this country, you know as well. 

Am I right?

Inga Edulis belongs to the Fabaceae family.

24. Indian Almond Fruit

Indian almonds are the seedlings of the broad tropical tree renowned as Terminalia Catappa. 

They contain essential minerals that are involved in the body’s metabolic processes. They taste like hazelnuts.

25. Indian Squash 

Indian squash is popular as Tinda.

Another name of Indian squash is Indian baby pumpkin, apple gourd, melon, etc.

Indian squash or Tinda belongs to the pumpkin family and thin green skin with yellow juicy sweet flesh. It can cook in a variety of ways.

26. Ilish

One of my favorite fish dishes is Ilish. 

Ilish another famous name is Hilsa. It’s a fish that belongs to the herring family fish. 

Ilish is most popular among Bengali people in Indian, and they have this fish-like icon of Bengali cuisine.

The fish basically eat either deep-fried or marinated with mustard powder and steam. 

Ilish fish dish has lots of various recipes. If you ever come to India, try this recipe. You love this one, just make a shortlist and include this name if you are going to visit India.

27. Ikarimame

Ikarimame traditional in Japanese cuisine; it mainly eats as snacks that are fried broad-sized beans.

28. Ishiyakiimo

Famous Japanese roasted sweet potatoes.

29. Ital

Ital is a classical Jamaican stew. The main key ingredient is coconut milk, including potatoes, okra, peas, carrots, squash, etc.

30. Isi ewu 

Isi ewu is a soup makes from goat head and prevalent in Nigeria.

31. Idaho potatoes

Idaho’s large white potatoes.

32. Inebriant 

A liqueur or brew utilizing alcohol key ingredient.

33. Indian Gooseberry 

Indian gooseberry is also known for its various names like Amla, Amlaki ( you can see more in Letter A foods), Emblic, etc.

Indian gooseberries are mostly found in India, the southeast part of Asia, and middle east countries.

It is used as a medicine from ancient times and great for hair, skin, and blood-related problems.

34. Ilama Fruit

Another name of a fruit that begins with the letter I, that is Ilama. It is native to Central America’s warm climates.

If you are wondering about some vegetable name that starts with I, it was not easy to find out the vegetable name.

so we get this one 

35. Indian Pea

Indian pea is a legume and green in color. It contains numerous nutrients like a great source of protein, promotes weight loss, helps to increase immunity. 

The fresh Indian pea is a sweet and soft texture. You can eat either raw or cooked with other vegetables, rice, etc.

36. Isaw

Isaw is a meat food that starts with I, and it is a grilled recipe of the chicken intestine.

Isaw serves with barbecue sauce and other spicy dipping sauce.

37. Ikizukuri

This is a dish of raw sea fish, one of the directions of Japanese food.

Very nicely decorated shrimp, octopus, and some other marine animals are served raw form. 

38. Iodized salt

Iodized salt is very beneficial for those who cannot take iodine properly. Iodine is a vital mineral for our thyroid gland’s proper functioning. So it’s essential to iodine properly.

39. Israeli Falafel 

Israeli Falafel or Falafel ( Want to know more F related foods words)  is traditional Israel food which deep-fried ball and serve with pita or flatbread filled with grounded fava beans and chickpea.

40. Icelandic Shark

Icelandic Shark is the traditional food in Iceland, and they are eaten in a very interesting way. The Shark is cured and hangs upon it over time; then, it becomes fermented. The Shark is then ready to eat.

Italian foods that begin with I

42. Imbottito– stuffed

43. Impanata di Pesce Spada- Breaded swordfish

44. Involtini di Pesce – Fish rolls

45. Istrian stew-

Istrian stew is a sour turnip and beans soup that includes potatoes, bacon.

This soup is popular in Istria and the surrounding area.

46. Italian bread

They are long twisted of unsweetened bread.

47. Spanish foods are that starting with I is Idiazabal cheese, which is most famous in Basque cuisine cheese made from unpasteurized sheep milk.

48. Irouleguy AOC and Izarra are both popular Spanish beverages.

Snacks that start with I

49. Imarti

Imarti is a sweet snack that starts with I, and most famous in India.

It is deep-fried and dipped into the sugar syrup, and looks like a flower.

50. Indian Mix

Indian Mix also popular as Bombay mix. It is a mixture of deep-fried lentils, spice, peanuts, chickpea, corn, curry leaves, and green lentils.

51. Imagawayaki

Imagawayaki is the most popular dessert in Japan, and they mostly make it in their special festivals.

It is a kind of pancake that stuff with vanilla, fruit, or chocolate custard.

52. Ice Pops

Ice pops are a kind of snack that makes from frozen milk cream. 

53. Ice cream soda

Ice cream soda nothing but a fusion of ice cream and carbonated water. It is a beverage that starts with I and famous in the US, UK, Canada, India, and so on.

54. Imqaret

Imqaret is a deep-fried pastry that popular among Caribbean people. They make it with dates, and the bay leaf gives aniseeds flavor.

So these all snacks that start with I. Do you know before?

Name some Christmas foods that start with I

These are some Christmas foods that start with I, and they are celebrated their Christmas eve by making fantastic and amazing foods.

55. Isterband

Isterband is famous Christmas food in Sweden, and the dish makes from smoked fresh pork sausage.

56. Inlagd sill 

Inlagd sill is another Christmas food that starts with I and belongs to Sweden, and it is a pickle of herring fish. 

FAQs on Foods that begin with I 

Q1. Foods that start with I one word

  •  Isterband
  •  Icaco
  •  Idli
  •  Idiyappam
  •  Inebriant
  •  Ice
  •  Iodine

Q2. What are some Food brands beginning with I

  •  Iran Dairy industries co.- Iran dairy food brand
  •  I can’t believe it’s not butter– US company brand for Margarine product
  •  Imperial
  •  I- shakti –Indian brand for salt
  •  Idun– a Norwegian food brand, makes mustard, ketchup, and various food products.
  •  Inter snack-Jerman, snack food company
  •  Indomie- Indonesian brand for instant noodles
  •  Intermi – Indonesian food brand for instant noodles

Q3. Name some Recipes Starting with I

  •  Israeli Falafel
  •  Irish coffee
  •  Indian Mix
  •  Idaho potatoes
  •  Idiyappam
  •  Idli
  •  Ice cream
  •  Italian kisses
  •  Irish Stew
  •  Irish coffee
  •  Irish cream
  •  Indian curry

That’s all for today. These are all list of foods that start with I and hope these all interesting foods you may try once. 

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Written By- Riya Paul

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