Best Foods That Start With H For Thanksgiving Food (2021)

Do you want to know what foods that start with H and no more accurate information?


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Foods that begin with the letter H


1. Honey


Honey is a naturally sweet, dense food by honey bees. It is widely used for cooking and sweetening purposes.


Facts about Honey- 


The largest microorganisms do not grow in honey, so real and sealed honey never decays even after years.


Honey is used mainly to add various drinks, such as tea, and sweeteners to some commercial beverages, cooking, baking, desserts, and bread.


Do you know per 100 grams, honey contains 304 kcal energy?


Honey is a powerful remedy for skin problems like burning, rashes.


Honey is used since the traditional time for cough treatment, topical antibiotics, etc.


2. Hare


Hare is rabbit-like meat or wild meat, or farmed meat.


Hair meats are also delightful, or even deep-frying certain portions of it.


The meat quality depends on Hare’s diet and living nature.



3. Honey and whole-grain mustard Chicken


One of my most favorite and mouth-watering recipes is Honey mustard chicken.


Chicken marinated with honey and whole grain mustard then backed with some spice, make this dish tastier.


You can use this recipe as thanksgiving food. 


Am sure they would love it.


4. Honey Loaf


Honey Loaf is a classic delicious meal option provided in Sliced Honey Loaf and ready for fast, comfortable meals or food. 


Honey has a richly sweet and distinct taste for this sliced meat, making your packed and fresh, enjoyable lunch.


5. Honey Kix


Honey Kix is a breakfast cereals food that starts with H and Sweeter than the original one.


It tastes like chocolate free crispy cookies. Added whole grains, natural fructose, corn syrup, present dietary fiber, and no added preservatives.


6. Hakka noodles


The origin of Hakka noodles in China, but it famous throughout Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malasia, Singapore, and Thailand.


But it most popular in Hakka Han people that Chinese cuisine.


Hakka noodles are large and make with stir-fried veggies and meatballs.


7. Hard Cheese


Hard Cheese is aged and lower content of moisture.


Examples of Hard Cheese are Parmesan, Vintage Gouda, Romano, etc.


Are you enjoying our foods that start with h!


8. Honey Roast Chicken


Honey roast chicken is another mouth-watering food that begins with the letter H.


If you till not try, then try it once Honey Roast Chicken.


In a bowl, combine the honey, olive oil, cinnamon, prepared paprika, salt, and black pepper. Add salt and pepper to the chicken. Put the chicken in the heated oven.


It is a fascinating process as we eat and gain new knowledge.


Is it not?


9. Herring


Herring is a fish name start with H. Herring belong to the Clupeidae family and mostly seen in the Pacific and Atlantic northerly waters.


Herring eat in various ways like Smoked, pickled and salted forms.


They are a rich source of vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids.


10. Halibut


Halibut is another fish name start with the letter H, and the common name is flatfish.


Halibut is deliciously tasty but carries a high amount of mercury, so that regular consumption can cause health hazards.


Otherwise, it is an excellent source of minerals, vitamins, and protein.


11. Hazelnut


Hazelnut is a fruit. Another name of Hazelnut is Filberts and cobnuts.


Hazelnut is used in various ways, like making desserts and baking cakes and pastries.


It is a perfect combination of chocolate.


Do you know Turkey is the largest production of Hazelnuts? Total 69 % amount produce in Turkey. 


12. Ham pot pie


Ham pot pie originated in Ancient Greece.


Then popular in Middle east countries.


Ham pot cake is a savory sauce to use for Christmas or Thanksgiving remaining ham.


So you can use it as Thanksgiving food.


13. Halloumi Cheese


Halloumi cheese is semi-hard cheese mainly made from sheep and goat’s milk.


The origin of this cheese is in Cyprus.


It is an unpasteurized milk cheese.


14. Habanero Pepper


Habanero Pepper is the hottest pepper variety, which Scoville scale is about 100,000 to 350,000 SHU unit.


The immature pepper is green in color and becomes red or orange when it turns mature.


The popular name comes from the city La Habana.


15. Ham


Ham is pork’s leg part meat.


Ham seasoned with either wet or dry curing.


Ham comes under processed meat.


Ham can eat in several ways like a cheese sandwich, hamburger, ham sandwich, and topping in pizza.


16. Hake


Hake is another fish starting with H. It is about 1 meter long and is found in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.


Hake is whitefish and contains low fat. It is a numerous source of vitamin B and minerals.



17. Haleem


Haleem is popular Mediterranean food include Europe, North Africa, and some Middle East countries.


Haleem mainly soups with nutritious lentils, meat, and cereals.


18. Hoisin sauce


Hoisin Sauce is popular in Chinese cuisine. It best dipping sauce for meat snacks.


Hoisin sauce makes from fermented soybean paste with other spices.


The taste is tangy for fermented soybean and spicy for present other spice and sweet.



19. Haricot Beans


Haricot beans also call Navy Beans, Boston beans, and white pea beans.


It has a light flavor with a smooth texture. 


Haricot Beans are commonly found in Australia, the USA, and Southern Italy.



20. Haneeth


Haneeth is a traditional Mediterranean meal that starts with H and famous in Yemen.



21. Heart Cherry


Heart Cherry looks like a heart and brilliant red.


Heart cherry popular for shape and taste. It has a sweet juicy flavor.


22. Halvah


Halvah or Halva/ Halwa is a sweet dessert popular in Indian cuisine.


Halwa comes in different forms like gajar ka halwa, suji ka halwa.


It is a sweet and present lot of roasted nuts.


Our next food is a mouth-watering yummy Hamburger.

23. Hamburger


Hamburger is a popular snack that is mainly a sandwich and filled with ground meat, either beef or ham, and grilled and smoked. 


It serves with salad.


Do you know a hamburger known as a hamburger?


Hamberger’s origin is the German city, Hamburg. They have a meat-filled food which popular throughout the germen and the around countries since then Hamberger become famous as hamburger.



24. Harissa


Harissa is spale food in North Africa and Middle Eastern cuisine.


Harissa is a hot red pepper paste used in various recipes and enhances the spicy flavors.



25. Himbasha


Himbasha is a traditional Ethiopian flattened bread.


The bread includes black sesame seeds, Milk, raisin, and olive oil.


Himbasha makes in Ethiopia for celebrating a special event.


26. Hardo Bread


Hardo Bread is popular in Jamaika.


They include sugar, egg white and yeast, and a special Jamaican recipe.


27. Hollandaise Sauce


Hollandaise Sauce is the most top sauce in French cuisine. It is made from butter, lemon juice, and egg yolk.


The batter mix until a thick paste is formed. Hollandaise sauce best combination for egg benedict.


28. Huckleberries


Huckleberries native to North America and belongs to the Ericaceae family.


Its use as traditional medicine and versatile ways like candy, ice cream, tea, pancakes, and soups.



29. Herb


Plants used to flavor food, healthcare, or fragrance with leaves, seeds, or flowers are Herb.



30. Horseradish Sauce


Horseradish sauce is a creamy, delicious sour sauce for beef, burgers, and pork items.


This sauce originated in central Europe and is popular as “Meerrettich” in German.


31. Haddock


Haddock is another fish name beginning with H. Haddock belongs to the Gadidae family.


It is mostly seen in North Atlantic Ocean and surrounding parts.


Haddock is a member of the cod family and wedge-shaped.


It is a prevalent food among Middle east countries. The flesh is white and delicious.


32. Hot Dog


We all know about the Hot dog, grilled sausage put in a slice cut bun.


The origin of Hotdog is German; then its variation originated in the USA. 


33. Hawawshi


Hawawshi is widespread in Egypt. It a street food, you can say a snack that so much admired Cairo and Alexandria.


In Alexandria, it calls Baladi. 


The pita is filled with earthly beef, served with tasty warm spices, onions, garlic, herbs, and red peppers.


34. Havarti Cheese


Havarti Cheese originated in Denmark. It is Semisoft cheese made from Danish cow’s Milk.


35. Haggis


Haggis is nothing but a variation of pudding. It is native and most prominent in Scotland’s national cuisine.


Haggis is made from sheep’s organ meat and minced with salt, onion, hard fat of beef, oatmeal, and stock.


It has a nutty with savory flavor.


36. Hawaij


Hawaij is a legendary spice blend of Yemen, including black pepper, cumin seeds, coriander, cardamom, cloves, and turmeric.


37. Honeydew Melon


Honeydew Melon native to Algeria and belongs to the melon family.

It is oval in shape and a minimum of 15 cm long.


The outer part is green to yellowish color, and the flesh is pale green and soft with juicy.


Honeydew melon is usually used for making desserts or raw.




38. Hake


Hake is a fish that belongs to the cod family. The fish turn up to 1 meter long. 


Hake’s shelf-life is 14 years and is mostly seen in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.


Hake fish is a food popular in Europe.


39. Hilbeh


Hilbeh is a traditional dip made from fenugreek in Yemen.


Hilbeh includes caraway seed, tomato paste, ripe tomatoes, garlic, hot chili flakes, and, most essential fenugreek seeds.


It is used as a dipping sauce for freshly baked bread.


40. Horlicks


Horlicks is sugary malted Milk and consume as a nutritional supplement. 


Horlicks is produced by GSK and famous in UK, India, Australia, New Zealand, and every other country.


41. Hari Mutter Ka Nimona


Hari Mutter ka Nimona is a standard North Indian Recipe made from green peas and some spice.


It is mainly a vegetarian Food that starts with H.


42. Harira


Harira is a classic and fabulous Moroccan soup made from vegetables and lentils, and fresh herbs.



43. Hininy


Hininy is the traditional food in Saudi Arabia and is made from brown bread, melted butter, saffron, cardamom, and date.


Hininy mainly cooks in the winter season.


44. Haq Mass


Haq Mass is a famous Indian Fish curry with leafy vegetables.


45. Hakusai Cabbage


Hakusai cabbage, also known as Napa cabbage. Native to China. That’s why also known as Chinese cabbage.


But the name Hakusai cabbage is derived from Japan. 


This is the third most vegetable demand in Japan, Korea, and Chinese food.


46. Horioh Mass


Horioh Mass is a famous Eastern part of Indian Cuisine.


This is a fish curry seasoning with white or golden Mustard.


47. Hedgehog Mushroom


Hedgehog/ Hydnum repandum/ wood hedgehog belongs to the Hydnaceae family.


They appear yellow, orange, or tan color and seventeen cm wide. Hedgehog mushrooms are edible with rich, nutty, and crunchy flavor.



48. Hando Guri 


Hando Guri is a breakfast meal popular in the Eastern part of India.


It is a roasted rice flour porridge.

Snacks That Start With H 


49. Hors d’oeuvre


Hors d’oeuvre is a European snack that starts with H make from meat, fish, and caviar.


50. Hero Sandwich


Hero Sandwich is a famous Italian snack filled with mayonnaise, salad, and meat.


51. Hertzoggie


Hertzoggie is a Dutch puff pastry snack makes from jam and coconut.



52. Homity Pie


Homity Pie is a British cheesy potato leek pie.


53. Hot Chocolate


First, Dutch transported hot chocolate to North America in the 17th century.


Hot chocolate is a dessert specially made in the US and Canada in winter.


54. Halvasan


Halvasan is an Indian popular sweet made from crushed wheat and sugar.


55. Handwo


Handwo is an Indian snack that starts with H, and It is a steamed dish of rice and lentils.


56. Hotteok


Korean best street food snack is Hotteok.


It is a sweet pancake filling with sugar/honey, chopped peanuts, and cinnamon.

More snacks that start with E-list here.

Mexican Foods that start with H


57. Huitlacoche


Huitlacoche is known as corn mushroom. The mushroom grew in corn.


58. Huauzontles


Huauzontles is a popular Mexican vegetable meal. 


59. Huarache

Mexican meal makes from pinto beans, salsa, and masa dough.


60. Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros is a Mexican egg meal that starts with H and makes from the egg, cheese, and black beans.


61. Huachinango a la Veracruzana


It is a typical Mexican Fish dish.


62. Horchata

Horchata is a typical Mexican drink that makes from Milk.


63. Huevos Motulenos


Traditional Mexican breakfast meal makes from an egg.


ThanksGiving Foods that begin with The letter H


64. Holiday Roasted Vegetables


Holiday Roasted Vegetables are the best meal for thanksgiving food. It is easy to make.


The dish is an oven-roasted vegetable with maple syrup and balsamic vinegar, a perfect nutrition combination.


65. Healthy Green Bean Casserole


Healthy Green Bean Casserole is another best thanksgiving food that starts with H and great for vegans.


Crispy onion topping and healthy creamy green bean filling make fantastic food.



Spicy Foods that start with H


66. Haejangguk ( Hangover Stew)


Haejangguk is a typical South Korean spicy food that begins with H.


Another name of Haejangguk is Hangover stew. It serves with earthen pot, thus increases its taste more.


The soup comes with a variety of flavors and ingredients. The most popular among them is Pork spine bones stew.


67. Hotpot Mixed Rice ( Dolsot Bibimbap)


Hotpot Mixed rice is similar to bibimbap. 


Hotpot Mixed Rice serves in an earthen pot for its better taste and temperature.


This dish is made from the base of rice, several types of veggies, an egg, and toasted flakes of algae and sesame seeds. You can add extra gochujang to make it more savory. 


What do you think about my list of foods that start with H? Is this helpful comment me below. If you miss our foods that start with G, A Foods List. 


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